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Tomodachi Collection: New Life Tests Western Waters with Survey

Posted by Jowi Meli

English images of the game make their début

According to multiple reports spotted by Tiny Cartridge, the waters are officially being tested by Nintendo of Europe for a Western version of Tomodachi Collection: New Life. This comes following last month's disclosure by Satoru Iwata that the game was being localized. Most significant about this is the fact that along with the survey come the first English screenshots of the game which, up until this point, has been largely difficult to understand because of the language barrier.

With the images now given an official translation, it's much easier to grasp the delightfully bizarre nature of the Mii-centric life simulation. Pictures of the editors, which allow for Mii creation inside the game itself, now also offer text that illuminates the interesting personality and voice options given to players. In one image, a Mii called Sofia is deemed a "Perfectionist" after using the editor to determine where she fits between two extremes on five different traits, including "Energy" and "Mood." Another image details a Mii's overall profile, including favourite foods, happiness level, and relationships (this particular Mii has a husband, but no best friend — aww).

Many of the images, of course, reveal what's already well-known about the game — that it's a way to insert friends, family, characters and celebrities into a zany mishmash of epic proportions. That's hardly a drawback, though, as it displays a welcome commitment to the same zippy style of humour found in many Nintendo localizations. For example, take the cheeky item descriptions, gems like "An anarchistic outfit. Don't believe us? Check out the skull on the back!" and "A free spirit doesn't need possessions. Your possessions should reflect that." If the quirky quips of the Animal Crossing villagers were any indication, you can put a safe bet on the fact that the Miis' dialogue will be just as funny.

Does seeing these new images of Tomodachi Collection hype you up even more for its genre-defying potential? Let us know if you've gotten your hands on the European survey for Nintendo's quirky life simulation.


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NintyMan said:

This looks pretty interesting and big. Has this been confirmed for North America too? I just want to make sure.



Technosphile said:

Is this the place where we take bets on whether or not the gay marriage aspect makes it into the western version?

I'm putting $1000 on "lol no".



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Technosphile I'll take that action. I fully believe that all marriage choice'll make it through the Western version.

Ah so finally the infamous game rears itself. So much I don't know about this title yet know I love the inclusion to Smash 4 and eagerly await this title.



HylianJowi said:

@Technosphile I totally believe that it has a chance with the widening acceptance of same-sex marriage in both the states and Europe. Nintendo might upset people if they include it, but there's going to be a huge backlash if they exclude it. I hope they stand on the right side of history with this one.



epicdude12302 said:

I highly doubt that Nintendo would include same-sex marriage. I mean, look how hard they're trying to avoid offending anyone in any way with religion! Like how they call Christmas in Animal Crossing "Toy Day"! But, it would make it more realistic if they did include it.



Phantom_R said:

Fox News would flip over including same-sex marriage, and also anything else... not that Fox News has a sane audience to corrupt. Or an audience that'll still be alive in ten years.

Wacko conservative parents might speak out against Nintendo if they catch their children playing with this. Although it'd be a big wake-up call to them, that society is changing and they need to either accept it or stay a bunch of miserable grumps, Nintendo may not feel like they should be the ones making such a move, even if it's the right thing to do.



TruenoGT said:

This could be a great drought filler for 3DS this summer! Let's hope we see some more unexpected localizations (hint DQVII hint)...



Melkac said:

@epicdude12302 Some people don't celebrate christmas, why would they name it like that when they can create a religion-neutral festivity?

AFAIK, the gay marriage option was a glitch, guys. It wasn't included in the japanese version of the game, in fact, it was removed from it.

Including that in a (E? E10+?) game would give the game some much needed publicity, though



JCnator said:

As someone who already played Tomodachi Collection: New Life from a Japanese 3DS, I'd definitely say that this game is worth playing even if it feels a bit shallow in terms of content. This game's humor also draws some inspiration from the WarioWare series, such as seeing one of my male Miis dreaming about becoming a magical girl. What a fun little game!

Interesting to see that they went with robot heads to replace the black-veiled cashiers from the Japanese version. I don't remember what were the name for that headgear and the meaning behind it, but that's a part of Japanese's culture that oversea players probably won't perceive the same way the developers originally intended.



HandheldGuru97 said:

JUST CONFIRM THE DAMN GAME ALREADY DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Need. This. In My. Life. NOW NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gorlokk said:

You know, I never really liked Miis that much, but creating a fictional life full of real or fake people sounds like a lot of fun to me, and I'm actually kind of excited for this.



Action51 said:

@Phantom_R isn't it sad that generally socially conservative Japan is willing to accept alternate lifestyles into their games and media, but America the land of liberty and all that is still terrified of their religious extremists telling everyone what is and isn't acceptable?



LexKitteh said:

As someone else mentioned, the "gay marriage" option was a glitch, and it was never intended to allow same sex couples in the game. I would welcome the option in the English version, but with how much Nintendo censors relating to gender/sexuality (changing Vivian to a girl in Paper Mario TYD, etc) I don't think they'd put the option in.



IKAY said:

OMG, I hope so much this comes to all western regions! I downloaded the game on my jp 3DS a month ago and fell in love with it!

Btw: There is a simple way to make same gender couples marry: Just make one in the Mii creation the opposite gender.



Turnip said:

@Technosphile: That was supposedly a "glitch," and was patched even in the Japanese version.

Just putting this out there: I, myself, am gay, and if some of you guys are seriously not going to buy this because of the lack of a gay marriage option, you're just being plain stupid.



TheAdza said:

Can't wait for this game. I'm a bit over the argument for same sex coupling for this game, because as much as I am all for gay marriage, the reality is Nintendo don't need any more negative press against them, which is exactly what they will get from conservative news outlets.

My opinion is it should be included and that children should be exposed to as many different family types as possible and it should all be a non event, just a normal thing. It would help stop bullying and help create a more tolerant society. Sadly, Nintendo aren't there yet. But it won't stop me enjoying the game for what it is. Hope it's released soon.



Lalivero said:

@RaReRuX ...and that makes you smarter for making such a comment just because someone may not be interested now how? >_> -smh-

I'm not gonna be starting some riot but, should the option not be there, I too will have less of an interest in getting this.



element187 said:

@FernandoMachado @Phantom_R @epicdude12302 @HylianJowi @PrincessEevee9 @Technosphile

The gay marriage thing was a glitch and it was patched in Japan already. That's why it will not be in the NA or EU version, so you can shutdown the foxnews and conservative witch hunt now.

Why does everything have to be twisted into politics with progressives, especially over something when it has nothing to do with politics! It's like you all have hard ons for taking political snipes even when it doesn't make any sense to do so. (Full disclosure I'm a libertarian)



Starwolf_UK said:

@LexKitteh The Vivian thing It is weird when you consider Birdo (though that being kept might have been a consequences of "you can't fight women"in these seal of quality" games). Also Vivian retained his gender in some European languages (as they were translated from the Japanese script).



Barbiegurl777 said:

I can't wait to play Tomodachi Collection: New Life - 3DS over here in North America.

Even though I don't own the japanese version I'm still glad Nintendo fixed that glitch in the japanese version of the game. Which assures me that it probably will not be in the (NA Version) game. Personally I don't want that glitch in my game. I'm straight.

I have nothing against anyone but I believe marriage is between a man & woman.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Turnip said:

@Chriiis: You're right, I should have stated my opinion better, rather than making such a flippant statement.

It's silly not to support this title (which will no doubt determine future localizations) simply because it doesn't contain the option of gay marriage. To me it sounds like "if your game is contradicting my personal beliefs, then I won't support your game!" it's childish and stupid. If you don't want to buy the game because you don't like the game itself, then of course you shouldn't buy it. Not buying a game simply because the developers aren't adding in a feature that would, I'm sure, drastically reduce sales, then you're being silly.



Lalivero said:

@RaReRuX Hmm...I guess it depends on why they really aren't buying it. They could be lacking interest now for personal reasons(like obviously not being able to marry, for one, haha).

On the other hand, considering the situation that surrounded this, I don't think it was something to like raise hell over ya know, so I wish the game well in that sense. I'll at least be checking some reviews out.

No hard feelings.



ryanator008 said:

@Phantom_R So you are trying demonstrate that you beliefs are better than someone else's by name-calling? That's just plain immature. Anyway, I doubt that Nintendo of all companies would want to pull a big publicity-stunt and potentially upset their customers.

@FernandoMachado So you wanted to buy the game just so it could be your gay-marriage simulator? I'm pretty sure if that was the case you would want an actual relationship simulator, or better yet, an actual relationship.



Phantom_R said:

@ryanator008 When did I resort to name-calling? It's rather well known that most of Fox News's audience consists of older, far-right conservatives known for misunderstanding and aggressively rejecting inevitable changes in culture.

Nor did I ever state whether I personally support same-sex marriage--simply that it's becoming more and more acceptable in our society, and it's just plain illogical to fight it.



Arcamenel said:

The best way to stay out of the debate is to just not have the feature in the game. By having it be one-sided they are going to get criticized regardless. Anyway I'm sure it won't be there which sucks but I'm not all that interested in the game anyway so there is that. I can't stand Miis.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Last time I saw, the gay marriage was actually a game-breaking glitch. I'm pretty sure they fixed, but I'm not sure if it's still there. If so, I'd love to have it in the game. If it was removed with the update, I'd be okay, but a bit disappointed.

(And to @Phantom_R
As a conservative myself (and a 9th Grader), I can say, not every conservative is a racist, homophobe, or sexist. And Fox News isn't bad either; take a look at other networks. You should also realize that there are plenty of those people on the left as well.
If you're going to insult somebody, at least get your facts straight.
If you want to continue this fight, please, go to my Tumblr of the same name (and please, don't be anonymous).
You should also realize that a good portion of the users on Nintendo Life aren't from the States, so why would you even bring US politics into this?)



ryanator008 said:

@Phantom_R You were very clearly name-calling. To be specific "not that Fox News has a sane audience", "Wacko conservative parents", and "miserable grumps".



faint said:

@Barbiegurl777 marriage is for two people who want to spend their lives together. thats it. love goes beyond religion and gender. it's a shame so many
marry because they think it's what they are supposed to do and not because it's what they truely want. you find this alot in straight couples but before we fight lets just keep it to gaming and not morality or religious belief k.



mullen said:

I can see something different from Japanese version according to these screenshots: BBQ is something new, as well as one new spot on the map (the ship or island southeast to the main island), the salesperson has a totally different hat (or mask? head?). Also, I didn't see any Asia food or cloth from these screenshots, which is very common in Japanese version. I'd say this localization is really a localization than a translation.



MikuMiku5 said:


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