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These Sega 3D Classics T-Shirts Will Be Perfect For The Summer

Posted by Damien McFerran

To be this good takes ages

3DS owners will be aware that Sega is giving the console some retro love at the moment with its superb range of 3D Classics. We've seen the likes of Space Harrier, Shinobi III and Galaxy Force II so far (along with the guilty pleasure that is Altered Beast), and we've got OutRun and After Burner II to look forward to as well.

If you've been enjoying these slices of vintage entertainment then you'll no doubt be interested to hear that Japanese store Geek Life has a range of Sega T-Shirts up for pre-order which showcase some of the titles in this series.

In April, you'll be able to clad yourself in Space Harrier's iconic coin-op artwork, or opt for the silhouette of the wolf transformation from Altered Beast. These shirts are already cool enough, but also come with additional detail, such as tags stitched on the back and images on the sleeves.

The Geek Life store appears to offer international shipping, so if you fancy grabbing one — or more — of these shirts, you know what to do.


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Technosphile said:

That first one should fit nicely in between my red dragon battling a wizard tshirt and my flaming dice button-up



accc said:

I'd buy that Galaxy Force shirt if the price was reasonable, but 6300 yen for a t-shirt is out of my price range



TheRealThanos said:

@Damo I also seem to remember seeing that, but I don't know for sure, since you say it was a UK ad and I was already living in the Netherlands back then. Maybe I saw it when I visited the UK. The whole Sega Ages thing brings back memories, though...
By the way, are you guys up to speed on the latest Pachter quote? Seems like another article waiting for a huge number of comments...

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