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Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advance on the Wii U Virtual Console

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Business needs trump the natural order

When the Virtual Console was an innovative new platform on Wii, it excited gamers and followed some relatively simple rules. Any consoles that hooked up to TVs or even arcade cabinets in the past were fair game, as owners of the diminutive little system could enjoy access to a broad range of iconic classics. As the years passed the diversity of that platform became truly impressive, not only incorporating NES and Super NES, but adding the likes of Nintendo 64 and non-Ninty hardware; that latter category was hugely exciting, with Sega's Mega Drive / Genesis and the Neo Geo being stand-outs.

It was a heck of a platform and a wonderful opportunity for gamers of all types and ages. For those old enough to remember when these systems were battling it out in stores it was a chance to fill up a back-catalogue that simply wasn't possible at the time; gaming was an expensive hobby, so it was entirely possible that some of the import gems that arrived were out of reach back in the day, and it was a chance to catch up on systems that couldn't be afforded at the time. This humble writer was a Sega kid until the Nintendo 64; while having a Mega Drive, a decent PC and plenty of great games was fantastic — so many parents are more generous than their kids ever understand — that was the scope of the gaming horizon in the household, and owning the rival SNES in addition to a load of games was never possible. We suspect similar scenarios applied for a number of gamers of the period.

Once you add to that group younger gamers with a desire to learn more about the earlier days of gaming, and the Virtual Console provided extraordinary depth in its library and variety of systems. We'd bet that many — including this scribe — actually surpassed the value of the actual Wii with VC purchases: it was a legal way to enjoy the best that past generations could offer, with bells and whistles such as official manuals and full controller support.

Then the 3DS arrived, and Nintendo made the next natural progression with a portable Virtual Console. Early titles in the Game Boy library arrived as expected, and then we crept into Game Boy Color territory; additional weird-and-wonderful systems haven't really emerged, though Sega has pitched in with some Game Gear titles. With weeks, months and years passing the arrival of Game Boy Advance seemed inevitable. Wii went up to the N64, two generations prior, so likewise it was expected that the GBA would arrive on 3DS. Though Nintendo was refusing to comment on when / if it would happen — the normal practice for the company's perma-teasing approach — the arrival of 10 basic GBA ROMs on the systems of 3DS Ambassadors as part of the post-price-drop compensation suggested that work was underway.

This is where the peculiarity starts — as time passed, Nintendo distanced itself from the whole idea of GBA on 3DS, and then it was announced for the Wii U Virtual Console, with the line-up now kicking off this week. The reveal and marketing in recent months has been played with such a straight bat that it's tempting to shrug the shoulders and accept that's the way it is, but looking at those trends above highlights how odd this scenario is. So, let's consider why this has happened.

We doubt the issue is technical, as we've already had the aforementioned GBA games running on the 3DS — there are no Super FX chip-type issues here, which famously held iconic games back from the Wii. It's only logical, as Nintendo has been clever in maintaining architectural similarities between generations to support backward compatibility — the DS phat could play GBA carts, the 3DS can play DS games and so on. These facts alone point to this being a strategic business decision, as we doubt adding features like restore points has stopped the GBA arriving on the 3DS Virtual Console.

To consider this, then, we need to look at what's been happening on the Wii U's retro service, or more specifically what's not been happening. We've complained about this before, in that the Wii U's service has coasted through its first year-and-a-half with recycled NES and Super NES content that Wii owners have seen before. A notable exception is EarthBound, which caused temporary internet meltdown when announced, while European gamers are basking in the glory of 60Hz full speed US versions of some games. These are pleasing tweaks to the formula, undoubtedly, though it's surprising how slowly things are moving, and it seems that some third-parties happy to pitch in with their diverse games and systems in the Wii era are less inclined to do so now — perhaps the numbers and sales just don't add up.

With that in mind Nintendo is perhaps in a tricky spot to boost the service on its own, and is looking at ways to do that while producing something 'new'. In that respect it's perhaps to be commended that the Game Boy Advance and, eventually, DS are coming to a home console — it's different, and gives the Wii U Virtual Console something that its Wii and 3DS predecessors have lacked.

Then there's the GamePad. We asked you how much you use the GamePad for Virtual Console games, and the results aren't terribly surprising. In all three polls the two answers most in favour of using the controller for playing retro games enjoyed solid majorities. It's interesting that, when Wii U launched, we banned the 'T' word here on Nintendo Life when writing about the controller — it's not a tablet, we decided, it's a GamePad. It's rather like the slightly humorous state of affairs that says Yoshi isn't a dinosaur, he's a "Yoshi". We may think of him as a dino, and refer to him as such, but he's still a Yoshi when all is said and done.

Yet the GamePad's role with the Wii U, due to big games so often under-utilising its tool-set, is becoming increasingly tablet-like. You can mess around and browse the web and Miiverse, and playing a Virtual Console is like playing a proper version of those retro ROMs that some secretly enjoy on their Android and iOS slates and gizmos. As well as a decent-sized screen you have sticks and buttons to fulfil every need; it's an awesome gaming tablet. Ahem, GamePad.

Nintendo is clearly thinking this way to a degree, with portable games on the way and an upcoming update that'll activate a quick-start GamePad-only mode. If the controller's other unique features aren't grabbing the public, showing how that screen can free up the TV could be a key point of separation, unless you're a consumer that splashes out on a PS4 and PS Vita. The GamePad throws up no compatibility or button support issues, either, so it's useful as a neat portable within the home, taking your range of HD and retro games with you as long as you're within range. It's telling how Nintendo's Virtual Console trailers — including those for the Game Boy Advance — show the action on the controller, with a TV fading to obscurity in the background.

So why not have Game Boy Advance on both Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console platforms? Why not indeed, and we must consider that it may still technically happen. Yet as Nintendo strives to add more selling-points to Wii U it would be an act of sabotage to have dual releases at present. The promise of the GBA on the system may not shift millions of units, but it adds another neat twist to the Wii U's feature list, and also having that option on the 40 million+ 3DS systems in the wild would damage its relevance. For those that don't own a Game Boy Advance or don't fancy collecting the games and picking up a retro system on eBay, it's undoubtedly attractive, not to mention the convenience of firing up a shiny new-ish console and having the best of the system right there and ready to play. Even when blown up on the 6.2 inch GamePad screen, meanwhile, these titles will still likely look fairly attractive on the controller.

It's a selling-point, enough of one to generate buzz among fans on sites such as this, anyway, and directs attention to the Wii U. It also adds meat to an April with no big-name retail releases, but now has eight GBA games and a handful of promising eShop-only games on the way. That anticipation is focused squarely on the Wii U, while the 3DS Virtual Console drifts along with its own long-running, trend-busting releases — NES games on a handheld.

Nintendo is bypassing potential distinctions between its Virtual Consoles, with the sight of NES games on our handhelds and portable games on our home consoles. It's not quite cats and dogs playing poker, especially as Nintendo has done its share of porting home console games to portables in the past — hello, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island. In some ways it's a treat, an evolution of the intoxicating mix of system on the original Wii service.

Yet the 3DS missing out on Game Boy Advance games does seem like a pity. The GBA is arguably a better fit for the smaller screens of the latest portable, and its arrival on Wii U is exciting and also slightly saddening. Business needs and a desire to promote the Wii U and its GamePad have trumped the natural order, and non-ambassadors still won't be able to play Metroid Fusion on their 3DS while on the bus.

For now, anyway.

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Kaboom said:

What SHOULD be happening with GBA Virtual Console games is that Nintendo should be bringing them to both the Wii U AND the 3DS simultaneously as part of introducing a proper cross-buy system.

But that would make too much sense and make too many people happy. So obviously Nintendo's not going to realize they should be doing it.

Nintendo, you make AWESOME games, but really awful decisions sometimes.



Action51 said:

It's a nice little move by Nintendo to generate positive buzz for the Wii U while the big triple A releases are few and far between.

Releasing them on Wii U and 3DS simultaneously would take the buzz away from the Wii U (this is the argument used to attack Nintendo for it's simultaneous Smash Bros releases, remember?), which is a system that needs more buzz then the 3DS, so it makes perfect sense to release them on Wii U first, and then release them on 3DS later.

It's basic marketing. GBA on 3DS is the "expected" why not mix things up a little? The gamepad will be the perfect way to enjoy them, and still there is no reason why you can't play them on your TV.

The people getting all bent out of shape over this are generally the people who get all bent out of shape over everything, and would have gotten all bent out of shape and accused Nintendo of Ignoring the Wii U if they released on 3DS first or both platforms like they did with Smash bros.

We are talking about gamers, the internet, and Nintendo in 2014...You will never please everyone.



DreamOn said:

Everyone always wanted potable games on the TV for as long as ive been gaming so now that the Wii U does it some people are saying its terrible? Get outta town!



LostHeaven said:

I guarantee that if GBA games were to be released simultaneously on both the Wii U and the 3DS, the former would barely sell. If this is to happen, releasing it first on the Wii U is the wisest decision.



BinaryFragger said:

I know they're trying to make the Wii U more appealing but I won't be buying a new console just to play GBA games, especially with Nintendo's poor track record with the Virtual Console.
The April GBA VC release schedule looks great but if they want this plan to succeed, they need to release great GBA games on a regular basis. None of this "one good game every six months" nonsense as with the 3DS Virtual Console.



Superiorspider said:

I'll never buy GBA games on Wii U. They will inevitably come to the 3DS. It's just a matter of time until Nintendo realizes their actions are putting them in the hole.



bofis said:

the VC system is a disaster until they introduce cross-buying between WiiU and 3DS VC, in that I'm never buying the same game on both systems at this point, and would be way more likely to buy more games if I then got them on each of my systems....



LostHeaven said:

@BinaryFragger Spot on. Consistency with their VC releases is all they need. And there really isn't any reason for them not to be able to do it: they have a library of tenths of top titles spanning more than three decades, they could easily release two "must-have" VC games every month over the Wii U's entire lifespan...



Action51 said:

@BinaryFragger - "but I won't be buying a new console just to play GBA games"

I don't think anyone is going to buy a new $300 console for virtual console games.

Can we get away from the mentality that every move, every action, and every decision happens in a vacuum with the express purpose of creating a singular reason for people to buy a console? Please?

Is it possible the purpose of releasing these games on Wii U first if to create buzz and ...make money through sales?

Sounds like people who own the console are interested in picking up a few classics.

That being said, it's one of many reasons that might compel someone to buy a console. Obviously the primary reason to buy a Wii U is for the big new Nintendo releases like Smash, Mario kart, Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

(oh, and can we stop judging every game on every platform based on whether or not it's a "system seller" lol)

@Superiorspider said:

"I'll never buy GBA games on Wii U. They will inevitably come to the 3DS. It's just a matter of time until Nintendo realizes their actions are putting them in the hole."

I have no idea how releasing these on Wii U puts them in the hole. We all know Nintendo makes some bad decisions sometimes, but this is not one of them.

As a Wii U owner...why shouldn't we be "rewarded" with first releases for buying the more expensive hardware platform?

@desgraciado79 - thanks! The internet tends to bring out the negative in everyone at times, even in me sometimes.



DreamOn said:

Very excited to have a GBA library of games playable on the game pad or if I like on the TV. I've waited long for this day!



unrandomsam said:

@BinaryFragger I just bought 2 (A brand new DSi XL to play the DS games I bought but cannot tolerate with the scaling on the 3DS XL and a cheap half decent condition DS Lite and the GBA games I want to play (Warioware Twisted / Mario VS Donkey Kong / Warioware Inc). Cost a reasonable quantity of money and none of it has gone to Nintendo. So I am willing to buy new consoles just not the Wii U. (I really disliked paying the scalper so much for the DSi XL).



Dreamcaster-X said:

I posted this in another article but it bears repeating for those that might have missed out on the GBA library. : )

The GBA is home to the second best library of games behind the SNES & if you count ports it would even beat the SNES. I've been playing them for about 2 years now & it seriously has one super deep library of games.
It's home to an original Zelda game, an original Metroid game as well as a hell of a remake of the first Metroid, the Advance War series, 3 of the best Castlevania games ever made, Golden Sun series, some of the best Pokemons in the series, Sonic Advance trilogy, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Mario Golf Advance, Mario Tennis Power Tour, Drill Dozer, Astro Boy, Gunstar Heroes Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Tactics Ogre, 2 Fire Emblems, Super Robot Taisen series, Ninja Five-O, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Wario Land 4, Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man Battle Network series, both Klonoa games, a great Lunar remake, Mother 3, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, I could go on & on. Hopefully Nintendo mines their super deep catalog on the GBA platform because it truly is home to some of the best games ever made.



notchucknorris said:

it IS technical issues.
GBA ambassador games run horribly. native resolution is GBA Micro sized, and stretched looks aweful. yoshi has so much motion blur it makes you sick every time the character moves. and then theres the issue of no Multiplayer. which i suspect is the reason they wont release Pokemon Red blue on the eShop.



HAL9000 said:

Impression 1 - I am glad Nintendo is giving the Wii U some love. This GBA only line on Wii U makes it special, and it lets them keep their promise to 3DS ambassadors.

Impression 2 - Please Nintendo, give us a folder update for Wii U! It is getting crowded on the screen!



BinaryFragger said:

"Can we get away from the mentality that every move, every action, and every decision happens in a vacuum with the express purpose of creating a singular reason for people to buy a console? Please?"

But Nintendo's decisions DO have the purpose of trying to get people to buy a Wii U. Isn't the whole point of creating buzz is to entice people to buy your product?



DreamOn said:

I can't imagine how many GBA titles have been played on larger screens or monitors through illegal software. Now it's officially available in such a format for the first time.



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 The Wii U is about the same price as I paid for the 3DS XL when it came out but it comes with a Game. (And the good games are new (Even retail) at the same price that a used copy of a mediocre 3DS game costs).



unrandomsam said:

@WiiULoveGBA GBA Player was as official as it gets.

Unless they perform some real magic. (i.e making Warioware INC look as nice as say the Gamecube version of it).

Even then it wouldn't have multiplayer.



Grumblevolcano said:

I'm fine with GBA only coming to Wii U VC (I'm a non-ambassador 3DS user btw) as it keeps Nintendo's promise to early 3DS users and promotes the Wii U more. My only concern is something that has already been mentioned, that the GBA lineup only lasts a few months if that long and then the return of what VC has been like over the past year and a half.



gojiguy said:

Geez that top image shows just how awful the GBA VC looks... What's up with that gamma???



Sidewaydriver said:

Ok, so all we have to do is wait for the Wii U to fail and then they'll put the GBA games on the 3DS Virtual Console. Crossing my fingers for the end of the year!



Action51 said:

@BinaryFragger said "But Nintendo's decisions DO have the purpose of trying to get people to buy a Wii U. Isn't the whole point of creating buzz is to entice people to buy your product?"

This is the very first line of my very first post:

@Action51 said "It's a nice little move by Nintendo to generate positive buzz for the Wii U while the big triple A releases are few and far between."

You have to support the people that already bought the console, and I think thats clearly who this is aimed at...Nintendo wants to sell VC games to it's userbase, and releasing them on Wii U first has the side benefit of creating that extra little bit of buzz and incentive to buy for those sitting on the fence.



DreamOn said:

@unrandomsam I'm aware. Let me clarify that I mean as digital format as opposed to owning 2 pieces of hardware and then also the physical game which doesn't match the convenience of a digital game.



GalacticMario28 said:

I never considered the business side of this matter before. Personally, I'm fine with having GBA VC games on either Wii U or 3DS, but if putting them on Wii U can help it out, then I'm definitely in support of that.



gojiguy said:

Also, the fact is that most of the people who own a Wii U are the same huge Nintendo fans that bought an early 3DS. This means that they are ambassadors.

This means they ALREADY HAVE most of the GBA games coming to VC.



brooks83 said:

Did Nintendo say DS games would come to the Wii U? The article says so, but I don't recall hearing that anywhere else.



supremii said:

To make Wii U stand out from the rest Gamecube games could have been released for virtual console.



BestBuck15 said:

This decision by Nintendo is not about selling Wii U consoles. Its about finding uses for the gamepad and giving Wii U owners some games. Nobody is going to buy a Wii U because of GBA games.
I think Nintendo are skipping generations with certain VC games. This will give them something 'new' to sell the next generation. I don't expect to see N64 or Gamecube on Wii U.
3ds is 3 years old and coming near the end of its natural life so I wouldn't hold my breath for GBA games.



Bizzyb said:

@Falco That doesn't make any sense at all. These are old games holding them hostage for an entire generation bc of "new" sales they MIGHT get is incredibly stupid.



BinaryFragger said:


I do understand your point but Nintendo could potentially make a lot of money by releasing the GBA games on the 3DS too.

Again, I know Nintendo is trying to create buzz for the Wii U by giving it unique features. I get that. But like all companies, Nintendo's goal is to generate profits, and releasing GBA games on both systems would be more profitable than releasing them on the Wii U only.



BestBuck15 said:

Makes perfect sence to me. I'd put any money we will not see N64 on Wii U. Nintendo are looking at the big picture. Why have you got 'might' in capitals?



Kid_A said:

"It's rather like the slightly humorous state of affairs that says Yoshi isn't a dinosaur, he's a "Yoshi". We may think of him as a dino, and refer to him as such, but he's still a Yoshi when all is said and done."
Was this article written by a British robot?



Tops said:

@Falco said "3ds is 3 years old and coming near the end of its natural life so I wouldn't hold my breath for GBA games"

Even if 2013 ended up being the 3DS's peak year, I have a feeling it'll be around for a while yet. I hope we do get GBA games on the 3DS as well and it could be a great way to reinvigorate it down the road



Caryslan said:

I have a gut feeling that GBA and DS games is Nintendo's saving throw after N64 and Gamecube games did not work out as they had hoped. A year and a half into the Wii U's lifespan, and there are no N64 games. Not to mention, the Gamecube has all but vanished from discussion for the Wii U's Virtual Console.

I think the issue is that Nintendo is having trouble with the emulation of N64 and Gamecube games on the Wii U, and is likely having trouble getting them to work with off-TV play or with restore points.

The N64 and Gamecube would have been a bigger deal than GBA and DS games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. But because of unforeseen issues, Nintendo needed something to feel the gap that those two consoles left. They had GBA games ready to go for the 3DS, so it was easy to re-purpose them for the Wii U's Virtual Console. The DS was likely easy to work with as well.

Let's be honest here, as popular as the GBA is, the Gamecube would have created more buzz and made more sense being on the Wii U.

I still think the 3DS will get either GBA or SNES games down the line. The Gameboy and NES well is almost dry in terms of major games, and there is a market for games like Super Metroid and Earthbound on portables.

I think Nintendo will do something major with the 3DS's Virtual Console. Their main focus is just on the Wii U right now.



unrandomsam said:

@WiiULoveGBA There is positives and negatives to both. Having a stack of carts is less of a problem when you don't need to carry them around. They are also hard wearing and can be used portably without so much risk.

What they tried actively failed on me (Ending up with me giving more than it would have cost in total to get a Wii U to 3rd parties). Nintendo is pretty stubborn but so am I. (I will never buy a GBA game on the Wii U as long as I live).



shigulicious said:

I want the GBA port of Super Mario Bros. 3! I know we just received word that the NES version is finally arriving but the upgraded visuals on the Advance series is so nice!



Miss_Dark said:

nintendo should totally keep this wii u exclusive, how do you want wii u to perform well if everything should be 3DS too? they're different consoles, stop moaning about it



Barely_Able said:

@Miss_Dark simple. Sell GBA games to 6 million users or 44 million. Not to mention the 3ds will likely continually outsell wiiU for the rest of their lives. It is a no brainier to sell them on both systems if possible because they will make more money. Exclusivity of VC between systems is a money loser in the long run.



Geonjaha said:

The big problem with this decision, as well as many others is that Nintendo simultaneously treats the Virtual Console service with little effort, while still acting like it has great importance with sales.

We don't get a guarantee of one title a week on the VC, even on the Wii U, where there are hundreds of games from the Wii VC waiting to make the jump. The Game Boy titles on the 3DS VC don't have colour palettes like they would on a GBC, and none of them have multiplayer enabled. While this may seem unimportant, the people buying these games primarily will be people who played them in the past - those who'd enjoy those options (Hell, just look at how well SEGA give options to the player on their VC games). If the VC service cant come close to competing with a GBC for features on playing a GB game then Nintendo is doing something wrong.

When people defend how Nintendo treats their VC service the same arguments seem to come up "If they released this game now then these other VC games wouldn't sell" or "If they put these games on this system they wouldn't sell as well on the first". We're talking about decade old games here, at least. People who own a Nintendo system generally either buy a lot from the VC service, or close to nothing. Deliberately slowing down releases to promote worse games that came out 25 years ago isn't how a service based around retro games should be run.

You know what probably would encourage more people to buy a Wii U though who already have a 3DS? Besides generally putting more effort into the service? Making game purchases buy the game for both systems. Anyone with a significant interest in the VC would suddenly have the ability to play maybe dozens of games on their new Wii U system of they bought one on either the TV or the gamepad. But hey - that would be a step in the right direction, and we haven't seen a lot of those in a long time with the Virtual Console.



Mr-X9000 said:

just put gba games on 3DS virtual console you lazy nintendo ecxes you did it for 3DS ambassadors now let the other 98% of 3DS owners have them yoh lazy nintendo executives!!!!!!



Donutman said:

I love Nintendo. I was bored with gaming during the GameCube era...and took a break. But the idea that was the wii, motion controls, vc, 1 purchase.I'm now 32 married/kids and more a gamer today then back in the pc/Nintendo of my past. I have over 100 wiiware/vc games in my new wii u, with like 30 of its own disc and eshop games in about 9 months. My ps3 is a great system, that I play 2x a week. But I can't put my wii u gamepad down. I've playing splinter cell for some shooter fix, and it's a great game. With all the expected Nintendo games coming, I'm looking forward to hd Zelda in my hand.



unrandomsam said:

@SahashraLA I can name 5 people who will buy one for a new main series Zelda. (They won't buy any other game though at least 3 of them).

@Geonjaha I think it is to promote the sale of inferior indie games that wouldn't hold up otherwise. (There are some that would and those are the only ones worth having).



Doma said:

@Sidewaydriver It has already failed. All Nintendo are focused on doing now is milking its tiny userbase with old and cheap (to produce) games. I think this E3 will finally drive home to everybody just how dead the system is.



Geonjaha said:

@unrandomsam - I doubt Nintendo delays its own games just so specific indie titles will sell better though (ones that get them less to no revenue compared to the Virtual Console). Even if they did - if an indie game is losing all of its sales because a 20 year old game just got re-released then one really needs to ask if it was a game worth supporting in the first place.



vattodev said:

I think people missed a point here. Iwata said in the board meeting that he wants the Wii U's OS to be compatible with future Nintendo hardware. That makes sense, because the 3DS OS is barely multithreaded. So porting virtual console games to the Wii U is the ONLY logic option for Nintendo in the long term. If this really happens as planned, they are going to release the new consoles with a full library of backwards compatible VC.



64supermario said:

Mother 3 would be amazing, all my money at the screen! That's my favorite in the series, even though it is very different story wise from the first two.



bouncer0304 said:

While putting them on the Wii U is nice it's a little silly that GBA games won't be on the 3ds anytime soon. Nintendo should be focusing to get Gamecube and N64 games on the Wii U- that would be better for sales than handheld games. So many people have complained to Nintendo about this (including many ambassadors aswell) saying how daft the whole idea is. Surely the idea was the Wii U would get ds games while the 3ds would get GBA games in the end? The 3ds's virtual console is dying at the moment with no real titles on the horizon. Sony shames Nintendo in that respect- while the Playstation's virtual console is full, Nintendo's is barren which isn't right.
Like many others, if GBA games were announced on the 3ds, then i'd be broke but very happy. I missed that era and would rather give Nintendo money for a download on a console where it's suited best than pay way over the odds for a cartridge which could be fake and faulty. It's a nice perk for Wii U owners but it won't shift any extra units, where as the 3ds could sell more- maybe it's a reason why they want the Wii U to have these games? I only hope that with enough time and noise, Nintendo will listen. Wii U owners, enjoy them and i hope i can join in the fun soon



iphys said:

I don't think anyone is going to run out to buy a Wii U to play GBA games that will probably just look terribly pixelated. Gamecube games would make more sense.



Flugen said:

If Nintendo continues this overpriced policy for Virtual Console games, i dont think there is a chance in a billion that this will succeed.

You cannot charge people 7+ euros for games 15-20 years old!!!! I can find retail games for Wii in those prices!!!!



brooks83 said:

@geonhaja - You hit the nail on the head. I remember how awful it was back on the original Wii for VC games to slowly trickle in, and now the same thing is happening on Wii U. By the time a decent VC library gets built up, it will be time for Nintendo's next console to come out. It seems to me that the sooner Nintendo gets these VC games out, the sooner they can make money off of them, but what do I know.



Barely_Able said:

@brooks83 the first few months of wii had a good release schedule of 3 or so games. Currently it is terrible. Bad games and two or so a month. This has to be more apathy than technical or ratings issues.

@Flugen these prices are still cheaper than the secondary market (at least GBA).



DerpSandwich said:

I would think the point about trying to make the Wii U more appealing made more sense if they didn't announce GBA games before the sales really started to look bad.

I think it's cool that a lot of people will be able to enjoy these games on this platform, but I'm just not doing it. It's completely ridiculous, even if there are a couple semi-understandable reasons.



LztheQuack said:

@BinaryFragger You completely missed his point though. He said that everyone should stop thinking that every decision Nintendo makes is a singular, lone reason for consumers to buy a system. Rather, we should consider what else the Wii U has to offer (Super Mario 3D World to name one) ON TOP OF this reason.

In other words, we need to stop saying "I ain't gonna buy this system just for this sole, lone, and only reason"

Anywho, I think gamers have become too demanding lately. It seems to become rarer to find gamers who are simply gonna be surprised by announcements and instead only buzz about announcements that they predicted or wanted. Using this as an example, many Nintendo fans of course took this buzz in the wrong direction and mostly complained about a lack of these games on 3DS.



UnseatingKDawg said:

While I do feel that GBA games would make more sense on 3DS (and I'm still holding out some small shred of hope that they'll give us Restore Points and Miiverse on the Ambassador games), I'm perfectly content with buying GBA games on my Wii U. One of the reasons being the Game Boy Player. When my friend showed me that on his GameCube, I thought it was pretty dang awesome to play my GBA games on a TV. Another reason being that since I can't upgrade all of my imported Wii VC games (about 30 of them, and I don't think I even have half of them upgraded), I can at least flesh out my library with games that are either new to me or that I fondly remember playing. So, come Thursday, I will happily download Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and enjoy it. And even though I have Yoshi's Island on my 3DS because of the Ambassador Program, I might even use my extra eShop money and download it on my Wii U so I can play it on my TV as well.



Ark said:

I think you've just inadvertently proven Barely_Able's point. Most of the cheap games in that link that are below the Wii U VC's cost are licensed titles that most likely won't be released anyway. The ones that are official Nintendo far surpass what you'll be paying for the digital equivalents. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, for instance, is a whopping 69,90 €. Even many of the licensed games and eligible third party titles there noticeably surpass 20 €.



ikki5 said:


ok, have fun waiting, while you're here begging nintendo to bring them to 3DS, I'll be happily playing them.


curious, your logic here is flawed, you are saying the system has failed and that they are releasing the GBA games on the Wii U only to milk the user base it has. Now, if releasing these were to milk the userbase, wouldn't it be the same if they released these on the 3DS? Because with your logic now, they are releasing these to "milk" the userbase.


There is really only two good titles there that is less than 10 Euros and that is the Pokemon mystery dungeon and mega man battle network. The rest are all crap up until you get to the 20 Euro range. Also, one of the games that is being released on the VC next week is 29.90 Euros (Advanced Wars)... that is not cheaper than what Nintendo is offering which makes your argument even MORE flawed as you said Nintendo cannot charge 7+ euros for games 15-20 years old yes... the people on this website you provided are doing the exact same except charging even MORE than 7+ Euros. Nice way to contradict yourself.



Senario said:

So let's remove all NES or console games from the 3ds virtual console. That is what people want right? For the equivalent modern platform to have the previous games. I don't see the big deal, I have both a Wii U and 3ds so it is a non issue.



Bizzyb said:

@Falco Well it doesn't make sense to me, at all. So many people are looking forward to playing N64 games on the gamepad. How is holding that back helping Wii U/Nintendo?
Btw I use caps when I can't italicize.



unrandomsam said:

@vattodev Cycle Accurate is cycle accurate that is it you do it once - you have one emulator you can use forever. (e.g Transistive managed to do any system to any system with about 5% overhead).



unrandomsam said:

@Senario Not much would be lost presuming consoles that have a portable version are excluded. (PC Engine LT and Sega Nomad are both portables).



BinaryFragger said:


I'm fully aware that Nintendo is trying to give people numerous reasons to buy a Wii U. But my point was that by making the GBA games available to the 40+ million 3DS owners, Nintendo can make more money. GBA games are now a potential Wii U selling point, but they can also become a 3DS selling point. Either way, it means more money for Nintendo.

If that makes me "demanding," so be it. The feedback from "demanding gamers" is what got Microsoft to change its mind about the Xbox One's ridiculous DRM. Nintendo also had no plans in releasing Xenoblade in North America until we made our voices heard.



kereke12 said:

I'm sorry but, the idea of Gameboy Advance being on Wii U is stupid. What they should of done is put Nintendo Gamecube on Wii U. Not Gameboy and put Gameboy on 3DS.



LinkJr_Rezende said:

Virtual Console is hardly a selling point for any 200+ dollars machine, and I believe Nintendo is well aware of it. It is an added extra and very cool, but hardly a "game changer".

The fact Wii U is receiving both GBA and DS Virtual Consoles is linked way more to the next portable than sales of the current console. And while you deny it, there are technical limitations that would either make it too costly to create a functional emulator on 3DS or create one at all, ambassador games run in DS mode and would not be able to access Miiverse or create Save States, both are features Nintendo probably really wants to make possible for all future releases.

As for "portable being on portable" and "console being on console" this isn't true ever since NES games were released on 3DS, it isn't a point for a long time.



Jazzer94 said:

@Unca_Lz The problem with people being to demanding I think is due to the fact information is so readily available so for gaming people no longer have to wait a month to get their game related news from a magazine like they did in the 80s and 90s.



Obito_Sigma said:

If Nintendo wants to mix it up a little and put GBA and DS on the Wii U, then why not give the 3DS N64 and GameCube? Please? No? Well, I tried...



MikeLove said:


Exactly. No one is buying (or will buy) a Wii-U just to play GBA games, so I can't understand why so many people view this is a 'selling point" for the system. If someone hasn't bought one already even though it has a good library of Wii-U software, they won't do it just because they can play 12 year old handheld games on it.

That said, unless there are valid technical limitations that prevent the 3DS from emulating GBA games (there shouldn't be), Nintendo is flushing a lot of potential sales down the toilet by just limiting their release (so far) to the Wii-U.



Realgamer4life said:

People online fail to ever think of the bigger picture and it's what's good for Nintendo and the company.

The same people online whining about what they should or should not do with the Wii U are the ones who don't own one. Instead of going online to websites Nintendo doesn't visit to take comments how about buying a Wii U go to Mii Verse and complain there at least that way they value your opinion.

With that being said what if it were easier to get games up and running smoother and faster on the WIi U than the 3DS?
There are a ton of emulators out there which allow people to steal Nintendo software and since the Wii U has the same CPU as a computer it surely couldn't be this hard for them to get this feature working.
Someone said that the games they played through the ambassador plan just didn't look good but looking at the video of the Wii U on and off screen it looks amazing.

As far as the N64 and Gamecube. i would love the N64 games on virtual console and we may hear about it at E3 but instead of Gamecube games on the VC wouldn't everyone rather have them announce or show that 20 of the best selling games will be given the Wind Waker treatment?

Lets face it the Gamecube was home to some classics but if I could get these in HD I would feel complete. If they got Windwaker up in 6 months they could have increased in size to get more games out in a shorter span. Imagine

Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, Anmal Crossing, Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4,Geist and the list can go on. So I will support no Game Cube games if they give us a good amount of HD remakes to tide us actual owners over.



moomoo said:

No one is going to buy a Wii U to play GBA games. It does not make business sense to not also have these on 3DS, period. Nintendo needs to do what Sony does with their older library of games; make it integrated with one another and simultaneous.



shredmeister said:

Is it still too early for the 3DS to get some SNES games? We got some Genesis games, in 3D mind you, and I don't see why not. (Unless they had some super FX chips)



Dezsi said:

I'm glad that handlehld games are being released on the Wii U, since that way I can play the games on the tv. I never play on the go, so I'm totally disinterested in handheld gaming. Of course, there are a lot of GREAT games on handhelds, so I now have a 3DS, but play on the couch, as if I were playing a home console. I really liked the GameBoy Player for the Gamecube, and that's how I played Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, for instance, on the TV — without ever owning a handheld console.

So I think it's better to release the games you've only been able to formerly play on tiny screens for the Wii U, to play in the tv, since it gives a sort of a new type of experience with the game. Also, as others mentioned before, it's likely that if there was a simultaneous release for both platforms, the Wii U versions wouldn't sell as well, so, as far as I'm concerned, it's all good!



unrandomsam said:

@LinkJr_Rezende It could be. There is a point where they can make it the obvious thing to do for anybody who cares about old games. Loads of games that sell for more than $200 on their own.



FluttershyGuy said:

As I mentioned in another thread, I wouldn't have so much of a problem with this if the 3DS VC received a new system, like SNES, or more varied weekly releases (though as a console/handheld purist, I'd prefer GBA on 3DS VC). However, as it is, Wii U VC will be seeing GBA AND DS games, and 95% of the time, 3DS VC only sees one repeat NES game (by that, I mean a game already available on Wii and, often, Wii U VC). That is if 3DS VC gets a release AT ALL, which it often doesn't! These moves to bring more systems to Wii U VC are the first signs of life for the VC service in a while, and I'm happy about that, as someone who reveres the good old days of Nintendo gaming! And, I have been curious about the potential for DS on Wii U since hearing the announcement of the GamePad! Yet, it appears 3DS VC will be left to continue languishing, while Wii U VC broadly expands. As a Wii U AND 3DS owner, I'd like to see more balance than this. At least give us more Game Boy and GBC games!

Actually, this Wii U/3DS divide brings up another concern: That in its bid to make Wii U more appealing to consumers, Nintendo will fail to give adequate attention to 3DS and its owners. Last I saw, aside from eShop releases, the future 3DS release schedule is pretty thin! I'm not sure if thinner than Wii U's, since 3rd party support is dead, but after Yoshi, Mario Golf, and Smash, there's not much coming from Nintendo for 3DS (of course more may be announced at E3). So, I have a great concern that 3DS is going to suffer for Nintendo's efforts to salvage the Wii U.



Skeet102 said:

How about they bring back the ambassadors program for all 3DS' for one week sometime in April. Kind of like how they brought back four swords on the DSi/eshop for a couple of days.



BinaryFragger said:


Would it really matter that much which version would sell better though? A sale is a sale, whether it's on the 3DS or the Wii U.
It's nice that Wii U owners will soon have more games to choose from, and it's certainly some much-needed positive news for the console, but it would be even better for Nintendo's bank account to offer these games to the 40+ million 3DS owners too.

It the long run, they would most likely make more money in the end by offering these games to 46 million people instead of just 6 million.



unrandomsam said:

The stand outs for me on the PAL Wii were TG16. (I got most of the SNES 60hz ones as well and the Lost Levels). Neo Geo was annoying to force into 60hz all the time. (I find it hard to believe anybody ever played Neo Geo at 50hz).

I got a USA Wii as well with the intention of getting all the old stuff I was bothered about but I found most of the stuff I cared most about is not acceptable quality. So I have stopped temporarily. (Maybe I will get more if it is announced the wii shop is closing or I finish some of the ones I already have).



Doma said:

@ikki5 By Nintendo releasing them on the lesser system first, fanboys are more likely to buy the same games again once they do come to the desired platform. This wouldn't happen if they were released on the WiiU/3DS simultaneously. How's that for milking?



shaneoh said:

Only people who are going to be on the forum this weekend are GBA on 3DS users. The rest of us are going to be playing GBA games on our Wii Ues.



TwilightAngel said:

But guys don't worrie the wiiu has the gameboys games, but the 3ds will have the gamecube games. So were even now everyone happy?



Doma said:

It's laughable that WiiU owners are so starved for games they think having GBA games are a huge undertaking/reward.



Ephidel said:

I like the idea IMHO.
While not THE reason to purchase a Wii U, it certainly adds to its value. I also think that it's a sign of things to come.

Nintendo tends to be slow at accepting new technologies because it spends its time mastering what it currently has, limitation can bring creativity; they are content creators, entertainers, not necessarily a technology company such as Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo survives out of selling its content, with that said, as technology gets cheaper and more efficient they will inevitably gravitate towards a unified console/portable platform, and some sort of unified account system, given the rich videogame history.
Isn't the Wii U essentially a home DS?
What about its move to unify the portable and console divisions?
By esentially having portable titles in a home console, it sets the foundation for a central hub.

I also enjoyed the last attempt to play GBA games on my TV (Gameboy Player.)
Besides, as a gamer with multiple platforms, I'm always happy when the games come.



MikeLove said:


It's like Iwata is dangling car keys in front of the face of Wii-U owners to distract them from the fact that (as of now) only MK8 has a guaranteed release date for the Wii-U this year.




Superryanworld said:

@Doma It's still a nice service to have.Look at all the goods on wii vc you can't get on x-box or playstaion.Vc is one of the reasons i bought a wii,3ds,and wii u.



ecco6t9 said:

I would be less "upset" if the 3DS Virtual Console had a Game Boy or Game Boy Color game at least once a month. Now it is nothing more than a dumping ground for the NES Virtual Console.

Even then I see no Blades of Steel, Guardian Legend, Star Tropics, and many others.



unrandomsam said:

@Jazzer94 There was other things that were better about that though. If you felt burnt by a review there was a chance you would stop buying the magazine which meant instead of the average being 7/10 like it is these days (Also given to games where the reviewer doesn't like the genre) it worked much better. More transparent as well. None of the wait until the English version comes out and accept terms that say you cannot say anything about it. The Japanese version was imported as soon as possible and reviewed.



schizor said:

@Kaboom I agree. This idea is horrible. And how exactly is this going to boost wii u sales. The cross platform 3ds and wii u virtual console thing would generate way more attention knowing that the 3ds has sold well. So that would give all 3ds owners a little reason to buy a wii u. But even so I don't see Nintendo moving any mountains with ANY virtual console release. Nintendo needs to appeal to either hardcore or the casual gaming community. And right now it seems that they are only appealing to already dedicated Nintendo fans such as myself.



Henmii said:

Nintendo just thought: Shall we give the gba games to a device that sells pretty well or to a device that is struggling? So, they gave it to the Wii u!

Of course that won't help them much, but let we all be happy that at least they are coming! And at a price that isn't that bad!



Jazzer94 said:

@Unca_Lz I agree about Nintendo Directs starting to become a problem as soon as one is announced people hype themselves up to unrealistic expectations complain then starting complaining almost straight away that the next ND hasn't been announced yet.



ikki5 said:


um... how will cross platform give reason for 3DS owners to buy a Wii U? If you can get it all on your 3DS, what incentive is there to buy the other console?



King_Johobo said:

I didn't even realise I was an ambassador till it was too late lol :/ and hey nintendo maybe you should consider throwing some n64/gamecube games onto the Wii u VC, that's a sales booster!



Barely_Able said:

@ikki5 might help them not be worried about having something to play if they do take the plunge? Certainly wouldn't make me but one but would be nice.



Superiorspider said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, are there not any other ways of playing these GBA games that we have all come to love by other means which require no money and only a computer or a smartphone? Anybody? Anybody?



Senario said:

@Superiorspider Supporting piracy when you have a legitimate means to get something in your area is not cool. Also, Superior Spiderman sucks so much. I heard it is over now which is great.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I wish Nintendo would just give us what we all f***ing want!

Cross platform purchases, if I buy Super Mario bros 2 on my 3DS then I should also have it downloaded and ready to go on my Wii U, I would also spend a buck or two more if there was an option for cross platform purchases for 3DS & Wii U owners.

Second we need a better online account system on the Wii u and 3DS

Third Nintendo really really needs to improve their online multiplayer games, like by having player click on their friends and be able to instantly join them in Call of Duty or Mario Kart matchs, plus cross game chat would be nice. I feel some times that the Original XBOX had a better online system than Wii U.

Nintendo used to be very completive back in the (NES SNES N64) days but now they don’t seem to care what Sony or Microsoft has to offer for their customers, the causal market that Nintendo supported on the Wii abandoned them for iPads and other trendy fad crap. The only customers Nintendo has left is the loyal and hardcore Nintendo fans, yet they want to screw us over with high prices for VC games and not allowing cross platform purchases for 3DS and Wii U.

I want Nintendo to continue making hardware and software, but I do believe Nintendo needs new management that’s not stuck in the past or single minded.



Murduskull said:

@Action51 I totally see ur point but the truth is there are way better ways to attract people to the Wii U then limiting the 3DS. Nintendo says it wants to build this ecosystem yet they don't do cross buy. If they just implemented cross buy through your Nintendo network ID then the people who have a big library of classics on their 3DS might be enticed to get a Wii U knowing their giant library will transfer and they'll also have access to all the awesome Wii u games that are out already. Only releasing GBA games for Wii U is working against them cuz its just making the majority of people mad and turn to piracy to acquire all those games on their 3DS instead.



MikeLove said:


"If you can get it all on your 3DS, what incentive is there to buy the other console?"

A 3DS and a Wii-U are two completely different devices that provide completely different experiences and software. No one is going to pick one over the other just because of different VC offerings.



shaneoh said:


Who's starved for games? Got about 20, non VC, games that I want to complete, add the VC and these gameboy advance games and I'm very full. Very full and extremely satisfied.
(I won't even go into X, MK8, SSB, and Armikrog).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I originally considered it to be pointless to release GBA games on the WiiU instead of 3DS, but considering how well the 3DS is doing, the WiiU defintely needs some interesting stuff for owners.
HOWEVER! GBA games still don't strike me as fitting. Why not N64 games instead? The porting time for the VC Framework might take a bit longer, but many classics from that console (of which a good deal exist on Wii) would serve better than GBA games, so it'd be worth the effort.

But leaving the general idea behind, Nintendo did everything well. The release wave for April is stunning, the pricings are fair (stop being so stingy, guys!), and the chosen titles also are well met, since many are part of a series with releases in the near future/past (Mario & Luigi, Yoshi, Kirby), or with a questionable future (Metroid, F-Zero), so it will work out well to regenerate interest in these series and show how they started.



Superiorspider said:

@JohnRedcorn "A 3DS and a Wii-U are two completely different devices that provide completely different experiences and software."

Looks at Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World
Looks at New Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros. U

What in the world are you talking about.



taffy said:

I got a better idea, instead of GBA games why not put Gamecube games on the Wii U VC like alot of people wanted in the first place. Or atleast SOME N64 games, am I really being unreasonable in my expectations/wants?



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Compared to the M2 3DS stuff they cost more and have far less effort put in.

Nintendo's quality of emulation is on par with the massive collections from e.g Sega / Capcom / SNK (The D4 Enterprise Wii VC Neo Geo is far superior).



suburban_sensei said:

I don't care where we see them, i'm just glad some of my favorite GBA titles are now available. I feel like more times than not, I will just be playing them on the gamepad, since it actually looked like an oversized GBA. The titles they are launching the first month are amazing, I can think of 2-3 I know I will be buying.



fmfsony said:

Meeeh... Big deal...
As many have expressed on this topic, it would make some sense to release on both 3DS and WiiU and finally adopt a one transaction for both systems.
I still have a micro gba, If I feel the need to play GBA I can, on the original hardware, and guess what, I can take it with me to work, or during commute.
Another half baked idea from Nintendo which is not doing much for the system or users.



JaxonH said:

People love hating.

I can't for the life of me understand why someone would be AGAINST playing certain games on Wii U. Pretend the games came out on SNES, then it's ok? But because they came out on GBA, you have no interest in playing them on Wii U. You think it's a horrible, half baked idea. You think it does nothing for Nintendo or users. Not every waking release has to "do something for Nintendo". The point of a gaming console is to provide games for people to play. THAT'S what this is doing for users. Giving them MORE GAMES TO PLAY. How is this a bad thing?

If you want to play Metroid Fusion, or Advance Wars, or whatever else, why does it HAVE to be on 3DS? Why is playing those games on Wii U a horrible thing? Why? It's not! In fact, it's the superior platform for GBA! Not only do you have the choice of playing on TV or Gamepad, but you also have Virtual Restore Points (something NOT AVAILABLE for GBA on 3DS- I know, I own Ambassador Program games), multiple controller options, and customizable buttons! You can't do that on 3DS!

This is not a half baked idea just because YOU want the games on 3DS. If you don't want to play these games on Wii U, I've got an idea... DON'T BUY THEM! But to sit here and whine and complain like Nintendo has lost their mind for actually putting games on a gaming console is utter bs. You want the games on 3DS, fine! But what does that have to do with them coming to Wii U? Nothing. These games coming to Wii U has NOTHING TO DO with you getting them on 3DS. Just be happy for those who are actually excited to get these games on Wii U, instead of flipping out any time a game doesn't come to the system you want when you want it.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH No reason in this day and age that the best version shouldn't be available. (i.e SNES Yoshi's Island). I suspect they won't even fix the contrast. I am not against the pricing if everything is perfect. (i.e All emulation better than any amateur efforts made without any hardware docs).



Znerd said:

Ok I'm i the only one after seeing wind waker hd thinks putting Gamecube games on virtual consle is a bad idea. I see your point but Wind Waker HD shows that if they put the orginal on VC it would not sell well.
3DS same thing why put N64 Games on VC if they proven everytime they remake it on 3ds it's better.



JaxonH said:


Fortunately, there aren't that many GBA games in the Advance series. And for some, like Super Mario World, we have the SNES version. I'm sure the SNES versions will come at some point too. Mostly, I don't care. I mean for a game like Yoshi's Island the GBA is fine for me. BUT, when it comes to Donkey Kong Country, I want the SNES versions. I'll happily take GBA trilogy in the meantime, just so long as we get the SNES games at some point down the line. Pretty sure by the end of the gen, we'll have every VC game that was on Wii, plus additional games from the GBA, DS, and possibly even GC libraries.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH No one is "Hating" It's just a dumb business move by Nintendo to limit VC games from a previous Handheld console to home consoles only. If they really wanted to get some attention on the Wii U they would just implement cross buy between both systems and allow ur huge library of VC games u've already purchased (multiple times probably) to transfer to the Wii U and vice versa.
Almost everyone who likes Nintendo games has a 3DS, and what better way to attract them to purchasing a Wii U than this? Its just a huge missed opportunity, in a very stupid way too. And that mentality of : "If you don't want to play these games on Wii U, I've got an idea... DON'T BUY THEM! " Is pretty naive cuz they're trying to make money out of this, and they're only limiting themselves.



tysonfury said:

I still think that before it can be of any practical use for 2nd screen play, the Wii U gamepad needs some kind of range extender add-on to allow it to be played truly anywhere in the house. At the moment, the signal can't travel through walls, making it pretty useless unless you live in an open plan apartment. I'd love to be able to take the pad to another room to play but it just doesn't work. Better still, how about a battery/ROM pack that allows you to take the gamepad out of the house and play VC games? Perfect for long car journeys with kids in the back seat.



shaneoh said:

" It's just a dumb business move by Nintendo to limit VC games from a previous Handheld console to home consoles only."

I see what you're saying: We NEED GB/GBC games on the Wii U!

Nintendo! Make it happen



JaxonH said:


Cross buy is a separate issue entirely. If you want to complain about cross-buy, there's a time and place for that. But this has nothing to do with it. This is just games being released for Wii U owners to buy. That's all. I'm pretty sure everyone nowadays THINKS they know the right "business" move for Nintendo, but they don't. You're just a dude behind a computer. Same for me. We don't know squat about what the right "business" move is. All you know is what YOU want. All I know is what I want. Besides, forget the right "business" move. Are we gamers or investors? Me? I'm a gamer. I like to play games. And GBA games on Wii U is a good thing to me, because I like to play GBA games. And the Wii U is a viable platform to play them on.

And your very first sentence was "stupid to limit to home consoles only". But they're not limiting GBA to home consoles only. They're not. I keep repeating this to people- Idk if everyone missed the memo or if they just have selective hearing, but GBA games are confirmed heading to 3DS. Confirmed 100%. They're coming. Proof? Right here...

Also, reports of GBA title screens for being loaded onto Nintendo's 3DS servers have been sighted. The thing is, Nintendo is having issues running GBA games on 3DS. The titles they brought for Ambassador Program were a test run, so to speak, and had a lot of problems. They were more of a ROM dump than anything. You couldn't customize buttons, no virtual save states, none of that. Nintendo, among other developers, have repeatedly stated that they're facing complications getting GBA games to run properly on 3DS as VC titles. You have to keep in mind, it's similar to emulation. Even though 3DS is powerful enough to run 3DS games, running GBA is difficult because it's not coded the same. It's like when a PC that can run modern games struggles to run Gamecube games in Dolphin. Same concept here. They'll get the GBA situation sorted sooner or later for 3DS, but that's pushing the limits there. In no way will we see N64 titles on 3DS. If they can barely get GBA to run properly, you can forget N64 cause it ain't gonna happen.

GBA games coming to Wii U does not affect 3DS owners in any way, shape or form. This is really, tbh, none of their business. This is for Wii U owners. Life for 3DS owners goes on as normal. Nothing has changed for them. This in no way hurts 3DS owners. I'm a 3DS owner, and believe me, I'll buy all these GBA games again when they come to 3DS (the ones I don't already own from Ambassador program). But for now, this does not affect me as a 3DS owner.

I really don't know where you're going with the whole "naive" thing and limiting themselves. In no way does bringing MORE games to sell to gamers limit themselves. Limiting themselves would be NOT bringing GBA games to Wii U. Wii U has VC. Nintendo is releasing more games on VC. What's the problem? Other than you want the games on 3DS and are mad they're not releasing them on the console YOU prefer to play them on?



Murduskull said:

@shaneoh As long as they are being transferred from my list of already purchased GB/GBC library on my 3DS, sure!



JaxonH said:


And on the topic of crossbuy, allow me to share some perspective. I hear a lot of people say they're entitled to get a game they bought on Wii U for free on 3DS, or visa versa, even though Nintendo had to spend money to develop the games separately. Ok, well let me ask you this... Since Nintendo allows your digital games to transfer to the next generation of systems now, that would mean you buy a game one time, and Nintendo has to keep re-developing the game for every new console and handheld, forever, just so you can keep it for free. That would mean Nintendo would never make another dollar off that game again, but they would have to keep spending money every time they release a new console to re-develop the game for the new console.

So basically they'd just be developing VC games for the rest of eternity and never make a dollar off it. Does that sound right to you? I think it should be one or the other. Either we're allowed to transfer our games to the next system but don't get crossbuy, or we get crossbuy but can't transfer our games to the next system. Cause if we have both, Nintendo becomes a slave, forever re-developing the same game for the rest of eternity and never seeing a dime for the millions of dollars they spend doing it. That's a quick way to go bankrupt. Just sayin.



Muzikant said:

I will buy them on the Wii U, and when they come out on the 3DS, I will buy them on all 4 of my 3ds XL systems. Just as I did with NES titles on my Wii, Wii U, and 4 3DS XLs, the latest being Lost Levels. Every single survey for VC games, i write that it sucks cause its still missing Mario 3.



enderboy221 said:

I really don't understand the complaining. I'd MUCH rather play GBA games on the Wii U, especially when it comes to rpgs.
@Znerd You do know that Wind Waker HD sole 1.13 million copies right? That's insane considering the game had a 6 month development cycle, then it was released.



Kirk said:

Yeah because it's clearly been so detrimental for Apple and Google to allow you to buy a game once, play it across both it's phones and tablets and also allow you to still play it on any new phones and tablets that come out too.

I mean it's not like those companies created a simple and convenient way of making it so that one copy of the games is basically all they need to bother with and just make sure you can access it and download it to your system, either system, as and when you need it.

Yup, there's just no way Nintendo could possibly have made this work that's both good for them and good for us.

I mean it's not as if that simple solution and general model has been around since 2007, long before the Wii U came out never mind over a full year into its lifespan and STILL counting...

Nope, no way at all Nintendo could have done things any better than they are now.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH Cross buy is NOT a separate issue since it pertains to the VC directly, so this is the perfect time and place to say my opinion. I own both 3DS (yes I'm an ambassador too) and Wii U and it bugs me how the Nintendo ecosystem isn't compatible with itself. As a consumer it bother me when Nintendo makes a dumb decision like this because I expect much better from them. Just because I'm a "dude behind a computer" doesn't mean i can't have an opinion about a company's policies. Especially when they affect me directly, so if Nintendo or any company I like does something like this I can't help but feel disappointed. I never said they shouldn't release GBA games for Wii U, just that they should just adopt more user friendly policies.

If they don't give the fans what they want, they will only push them more and more towards piracy. Also it doesn't cost millions of dollars to port super Mario bros to a console that's way more powerful than the NES. If u know anything about coding you'd know that. That's why Nintendo said they want to build an ecosystem like Apple did where it doesn't cost ANYTHING to port games from your iPhone to ur iPad. You're confusing remakes with VC releases, the VC is basically an emulator on your console. They don't have to redevelop each game for each system when it comes to the VC. So ur "cross buy perspective" is very naive indeed.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH If they do it right they can use one emulator. Any improvements they make to its accuracy just saves them work down the line for new games. If it is accurate then its accurate it cannot be any better. (Well for a start anyway. Some things are not acceptable even on the SNES like Super Ghouls n Ghosts but fixed on the later versions).



JaxonH said:


No, it doesn't cost millions to develop SMB3. But that's not the only game they re-develop, is it? They re-develop hundreds of games, and they do it for both handheld and console, and they do THAT every 6 years when new consoles come out. Total cost IS in the millions when you're talking about that many games being re-developed that many times.

And yes, Nintendo DOES have to remake every VC game for Wii U, and for 3DS. They're not ROM dumping here. The games are re-developed for the new systems. You can ask anyone about that, they'll tell you. Until a system is in place where they can run one game on any OS environment, the have to re-develop.



JaxonH said:


Apple and Google aren't making their own games. They're just allowing others' games to be sold on their devices. And when a new device comes out, it's not a different OS and architecture and environment. It's the same Android or iOS every time. So the games can run on any device. Dedicated gaming devices do not work that way. With every new generation, new architecture is developed for the new systems. New everything. It's why PS4 can't run PS3 games. It's why Wii U has to boot up Wii environment to play Wii games. It's why VC games have to be RE-developed every time a new system releases.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH since u can't read:
"... You're confusing remakes with VC releases, the VC is basically an emulator on your console. They don't have to redevelop each game for each system when it comes to the VC. So ur "cross buy perspective" is very naive indeed."

They already have the software (basically the emulator) that runs GBA and NES games on BOTH systems. They don't have to develop ANYTHING (with a few exceptions like LoZ: Minish cap for the 3DS which was basically a remake using the 3DS buttons), they literally grab the rom and run it!



JaxonH said:


Dude, you're wrong. And insulting me for being right (because I AM right) makes you look ignorant. VC games on Wii U ARE NOT ROM DUMPS. How do you think the virtual saves, button configurations, Miiverse integration and controller options came to exist? Why do you think they're WORKING ON DEVELOPING GBA games to run properly on 3DS? If VC was just ROM dumps, why hasn't every 3rd party from here to Timbuktu dumped their games on the service to sell already? Seriously dude...



EdwardCORE said:


It's nice to see someone reasoning.

Still, Nintendo today is a mess. What was somewhat cohesive and innovative on the Wii, the VCs have become a travesty of what they once were, as a promising and exciting library. I don't think Nintendo will ever deliver a great VC library as they did on the Wii, prove is this ridiculous GBA VC on the Wii U to make use of the Gamepad, and hoping it will improve sales. It won't. Nintendo is ruining their ecosystem in favor of a poorly conceived concept that is the Gamepad. They are so lost and confused, the Wii U has drove Nintendo off a bridge. I really have no hope when it comes to VC anymore. They are simply throwing some random titles on the eshop with no title or system categories, mostly because they seem to know the system won't take any longer, and the GBA VC is the last stretch, if it wasn't, we'd be seeing GameCube VC in HD now on the Wii U and the GBA VC would be on the 3DS. I think Nintendo knows the Wii U won't be around this time in the next year, and we can only hope for a new system to emerge soon and they know better how to handle it.



GamerZack87 said:

I'm all for being able to play GBA games on Wii U, but since I can't currently afford a Wii U...well, let's just say I'm a little upset.



JaxonH said:


Well, you're entitled to your own opinions. But while you're waiting to see a new system next year, I'll be over here playing all the best Wii U games and enjoying the system to the fullest, especially the gamepad which I have become pampered and accustomed to. Played Infamous Second Son and MGSV GZ today, was so pissed I had to pause the game and go into menus just to see the dang map. Ah, the pleasures of the Gamepad. Hope they keep it forever in every new system they ever make. Hate playing with controllers that don't have a screen on them now. And GBA doesn't make use of the gampad btw. DS games will. Not that I need proof of concept. I was sold a long time ago. Ever since MH3U, Zelda Windwaker and Splinter Cell.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH Lol ur dreaming u think its that huge of a hassle to get those old games that ran on such inferior hardware to run on these much more powerful consoles. Even so, they should at least let me pay the money it cost to port the game and not REPURCHASING EACH GAME OVER AND OVER. Any difficulties Nintendo has porting those games over is their own fault too. They should make their hardware easier to develop for and compatible with their previous hardware if they're planning to sell the old games. So REGARDLESS, Nintendo needs to step up their game and start pleasing the long time fans and adopt some USER FRIENDLY POLICIES because its obviously NOT WORKING out for them currently.



Senario said:

@JaxonH Just to say, I think it would be highly beneficial to simply read the articles that interest you and make generic non argumentative comments. I've already lost hope for this site's community since it has gotten so bad. By not commenting much I save hours of time lol. There is no point in arguing with a community that is volatile.

Not saying you are wrong. I generally either have no strong feelings one way or the other or I agree generally with what you say.



JaxonH said:


That article is for their next gen hardware, which will probably release in November 2018. Yes, I know the ultimate goal is to have an OS that doesn't require re-development. But as of right now, that's not the case. As of right now, that's not the reality of the situation. Now, if that changes, then of course so should their policies. But not beforehand. As for VC being a hassle, I'll say this: it's a big enough hassle that many 3rd parties have not yet released their retro games yet. So take that for what it's worth.

As for your post, that I wholeheartedly agree with. Some sort of discount for having already bought the game. That way they can recoup costs, but not penalize consumers full price. Sure, I can agree with that. In fact, the program they have in place for transferred Wii VC games would be perfect.



EdwardCORE said:


As you also are entitled to your own opinions, I respect them. And I'm not seated waiting for a new system, I play the Wii U whenever it gets a decent game, the last was DKCTF, and still working on completing it. You may really love the Gamepad, but it won't change the fact it is making a hard time for Nintendo to truly figure out what to do with it, and their best guess now is to throw GBA games on Wii U to "take advantage" of the Gamepad. As for playing on a real controller like the Pro or PS4’s and X1's, I find really bothersome looking at a second screen, for me it is way worse than hitting a button to show the map on the screen, since you can really play and look at the TV screen and the Gamepad at the same time, it is too fragmented to consider a real convenience. Anyway, if you find it to be a great feature, enjoy it. Most Wii U owners seem to be crazy in love with it. Shame those who haven't bought the system yet doesn't seem to be so sure. But if Nintendo ever release a system like the a Wii U again, I simply won't bother to go for it. I've been a fan of Nintendo games since the NES early days, but I won't support any new wacky bets from Nintendo. Fool me once, fool me twice, you know the drill. But give me a real videogame such as the Super NES or the GameCube again (or the PS4 and the X1, for that matter), with real games to play in a real way, and I'll throw my money at them.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH Yeah i know the article is about their future hardware, just making the point that they recognize where they messed up. I LOVE Nintendo and their recent games haven't disappointed one bit, but man they need to get with it!!! I also don't think people should be paying the price for the decisions they made to not have an OS that doesn't require re-development when its been the norm for a good while now, Android and iOS have existed for 7+ years and people have compared them to Nintendo ever since it came out. Even Sony has been doing cross buy with the PS3 for a long time now... They should have payed attention to these kinds of details sooner.



BinaryFragger said:


I just hope Nintendo learns from their mistakes. Considering the company's been around for over a century, I have a feeling that they will.
Although they've made some mistakes this generation, it does give me hope that Nintendo will "wow" us in a few years, like they did in 2006.

Nintendo has been toying with console/handheld integration since the GBA/GameCube era, so it'll be interesting to see if they take that idea to the next level (crossplay/crossbuy, for example). I think it would be great if both handheld and console shared the same Virtual Console.



JaxonH said:


Thing is, an OS that doesn't require re-development is not the norm for gaming devices. Sony platforms may have cross-buy, but each game has to be separately developed for Vita, PS3 and PS4. Which is why only some games have crossbuy, not even close to all of them. And Sony does not allow transfers from one generation to the next- neither does MS, while Nintendo does. And that's the thing, Google and Apple may do it, but they don't make dedicated gaming devices with specific architecture. Neither Nintendo, Sony, or MS have an OS that can play games across the board. I'm all for it, I'm with you- it'd be great if they did do that, but it is important to understand that not one of the big 3 have that in place at the moment. Therefore it is not reasonable to single Nintendo out.

Nintendo allows transfer across generations but has no crossbuy, while Sony has crossbuy for SOME games (games that are developed for both platforms, and even then only some of them), but you can't transfer across generations. Which means when I bought my PS4, I had to rebuy all my games over again, and the games I did re-buy I got no discount for owning the version on PS3 (unlike Wii U, where I not only got to transfer my Wii games but also get discounts if I buy the Wii U version). But yes, it would be great if we saw a feature like this in the future. For sure.



JaxonH said:


If I may ask, what exactly do you find so horrible about the gamepad? What I mean to say is, to me it only seems to add, not take away. If you don't like the second screen, the Pro Controller is compatible with pretty much every game on the Wii U (there are a few exceptions of course). So it's not required if you don't want to use it. But even if you do use it, it's got the same button layout and analogues as the Pro Controller, so it's not exactly changing your experience for the worst.

That's why I never understood people so adamantly against it. Because even if you don't find it beneficial, it certainly doesn't seem to take away from the experience. Does that make sense?



Superiorspider said:

@JaxonH Well maybe because it's a useless excuse for a tablet/controller that basically has not been implemented correctly so far. That and nobody wants to drop 40 bucks on another controller. It's just inconvenient to spend money on the Pro controller just because the gamepad is a piece of trash.



JaxonH said:


Piece of trash? How so? It does everything a Pro Controller does, and then some. Same buttons as Pro Contoller, same analogues, same layout. Don't wanna buy a Pro Controller? Then just use the Gamepad and don't look at the screen> How a controller with the ADDED benefit of a screen is somehow trash is beyond any logic I will ever comprehend. But you believe what you want.



shaneoh said:

@Superiorspider if that's the case you've not played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with the TV clear of all HUD elements. Many games implement the controller correctly, they just aren't overbearing about it.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH True, but the industry has clearly been headed that way for almost a decade. Nintendo is a company with ALOT of money, even if the Wii U fails super hard it wont even phase them. So if Sony (a company that has been losing money for several years now) can do cross buy with different OS on their home console and and their handhelds i don't see why Nintendo has to be so greedy as to make us pay for the games over and over again. Sony also had a feature that lets u purchase games for ur PS3 and u can get the PS4 version of the same game for just $10. The PS4 and Vita are already there by the way, a huge chunk of the games coming out now have cross buy between Vita and PS4, so Nintendo with the Wii U (Which is viewed as the much inferior console right now) needs to stay ahead of the curb to stay relevant or next thing you know everyone is gonna be emulating their stuff and stop paying attention to the legitimate ways of playing their games.



JaxonH said:


All good points, but, here's the thing- just because Sony went above and beyond, does not mean Nintendo is being greedy. Nintendo's not being greedy, Sony's just going above and beyond. And you can't ignore the fact that Nintendo allowed transfer of games from 7th gen, and offered discounts to those who upgrade to the version on Wii U. Neither of those benefits were available to those who bought a PS4. So in the end, Nintendo is no worse than Sony. Their cross-buy is just cross-generational instead of from home console to handheld. And with Nintendo, ALL the games transferred, while only a small portion of games on Sony have the feature.

I'm not saying it's not a feature I want. I'm a consumer. OF COURSE I'm all for this kind of thing. That'd be awesome! And while I do agree that it could prove to be a wise move, I also understand there are limitations preventing it as of right now. And personally, I think cross-generational crossbuy is better than crossbuy from home console to handheld. Because Sony's crossbuy is irrelevant as soon as new consoles came out- all those games on PS3 didn't transfer. But with Nintendo, all those games you bought get transferred to the new system so you can sell your old one. To me, that sounds like the better deal out of the two. But that's just me...



FineLerv said:

It would be a potential selling point, except that we all know it'll scale back to one generic release a month after the initial launch.



Murduskull said:

@JaxonH Yeah but that's just because the Wii U has a Wii mode. Weather its above and beyond or just the right thing, Nintendo should follow suit. I'm glad they're trying a lot of this stuff on their future hardware, or at least they've said so only time will tell.



SparkOfSpirit said:

If they don't get more third party games and systems on board it will flat-line as quickly as the normal VC is currently flat-lining.

However they got everybody on board before the Wii launched is a tactic they need to follow again. At this rate the entire lifespan of the Wii-U will be VC re-releases and that's simply absurd.



GamerJunkie said:

Sony actually gives its customers tons of FREE games. I paid $60 for 2 years of PS Plus and each month I receive over 12 free games for PS4, PS3 and Vita. The games they gave me in 1 month paid for the 2 years of service.

The games Nintendo releases each month are a joke, same old games we bought 2-3-4 times now and they want us to pay again $5-10.... they are so out of touch and way behind in everything compared to the competitors.



DreamOn said:

If you want to play GBA games on virtual console the gamepad welcomes you! Earthlings: go, buy Wii Us and partake!



EdwardCORE said:


It is valid question, thank you.

The reason I don't like it is the same reason I don't like the Kinect as a primary controller. It simply is an alternative, and for that alternative to be valid, it shouldn't be mandatory. For me, the Gamepad is clunky, big and uncomfortable, and I have big hands. It is in no way as practical as a "ordinary" controller. I haven't played a fighting game on the Gamepad yet, but from my experience with less demanding games, I'm going to guess it won't be as good as Pro controller. Also, it fragments the experience. With the 3DS you have both screens in the same field of view, what doesn't happen when you play on the Gamepad and on the TV.

Again, as an alternative, as an interesting complement and peripheral, the Gamepad would have worked wonders. But Nintendo built the entire Wii U concept around it and they don't seem to realize what to do with it apart the obvious, to put a map on it, for off-screen play of old games, or to replicate 3DS-like experiences that once felt right into fragmented and awkward asynchronous play. The "icing on the cake" is to make it obligatory to use it for some basic functions that could be easily done with any controller, the Pro or the Remote, like settings or the eshop. The entire concept is so misleading that it drove away third party devs, who saw themselves puzzled with a feature which implementation is hard to justify, and not because the Wii U is weaker than the new gen machines. The Wii was way more underpowered than both Xbox 360 and PS3 and that didn't stop devs from developing games and exclusive titles for it.

For me, the Gamepad is what holding back the Wii U, which I think it should be independent of the Gamepad features at both system and game level and ship with a additional Pro controller, pretty much like the Xbox One, which ships with the Kinect but it also comes with a controller. The Gamepad may work for some off-screen play sessions, but that's it. As long the Wii U is bound to the Gamepad as its only strength, the Wii U will struggle to sell and to convince people why an alternative control method is the primary and only way to play on a system that desperately needs real control of itself.



JaxonH said:


Well, the thing is, the Gamepad isn't what's holding 3rd parties back though. 3rd parties haven't supported Nintendo in 20 years. We got a trial run in 2013 with over 2 dozen ports, but as expected not a single multiplat sold over a quarter million copies. Believe me, the gamepad isn't the issue. It's the fact that not enough people buy the games. Even without a gamepad, we still wouldn't have 3rd party support. Look no further than Gamecube to see that more power and traditional controls don't do anything to bring devs to the table when the games don't sell. If the games would sell, they'd bring them. Gamepad or no gamepad, they're not gonna turn down sure-fire money.

As far as certain system features requiring the Gamepad, yes, I agree, it'd be nice if the Pro Controller or Wiimote could be used to navigate system settings or the eShop (they DID patch Miiverse so you can use any controller now, which is awesome).

But as for fragmenting the experience, I don't think so. Pausing the game and diving into menus just to see a map fragments the experience much more for me than glancing down at the gamepad screen. And I know you say that maps, off-screen play and asymmetrical multiplayer are "all they use it for", but um, that's all it's supposed to be used for. It's not meant to be a game-changing revelation, it's just an added tool for developers to use, which brings more options to the table when designing a game.

It's the little things that streamline the experience that make all the difference to me. Again, I was playing MGS GZ today, and there is no map on screen. You have to pause the game just to see where you're at. It's not a big thing, but it's a hassle when I'm used to just glancing down as I go. Same for Infamous. There's a mini-map on screen, but it's so small I can't see anything I'm looking for. I have to pause it, switch menus to the map screen, press A to select it, then use right analogue to zoom out. Then I have to back out of all of that to start playing again. It's a huge pain.

Take Zelda Link Between Worlds for example. So useful being able to switch your weapons on the fly. Windwaker HD, because of the gamepad, allows that same streamlined inventory to be utilized by the gamer, rather than assigning items to button shortcuts and swapping the top 3 out in a menu. It's a small thing, but so appreciated. Games like Wii Sports Golf, my goodness. It just makes the experience a full one. It's a small thing, but changes everything. I LOVE that game so much- by using the second screen and motion, they've created a truly unique experience you just won't find anywhere other than Wii U.

I mean, I just enjoy it. All the games that use the gamepad are better for it, imo. I tried playing MH3U with the Pro Controller, and it's night and day. I couldn't imagine putting 600 hours into that game without a second screen- it just feels so limited without it.

But the thing is, it's not really an alternative control method. It's just a normal controller like every other system has- it just happens to also have a screen on it. It's not like motion where the fundamental controls had changed. The gamepad changes nothing when it comes to input. It just adds a second screen for you to use if you so desire. Which I, and many others, find to be greatly beneficial in the majority of titles on Wii U.

I think we disagree because I know that the gamepad isn't what's stopping 3rd parties from developing on Wii U, but you think it is. In fact, I think we've seen more AAA ports on Wii U already than the N64, Gamecube or Wii got their entire lifespans. It all boils down to the fact that over 20 3rd party AAA multiplats have been brought to Wii U, and not one of them has mustered over 250k in units sold. THAT'S the problem. It's the same problem Nintendo consoles have always had. It's not a viable platform for those types of games because they can't profit from such low sales numbers.



EdwardCORE said:


I think it is healthy to disagree, as long respect can be sustained between different opinions, since they are just what they are, just opinions. But through them we can relate an still defend our points of view, which sometimes can lead to new and different ways to see a same subject, and reach consensus and information. This is why care put my opinions here, because yet passionate, Nintendo fans are friendly and respectful. Thank you.

When I say that the Gamepad drove away devs, it's because Nintendo is so self centered. They haven't implemented a primary controller concept to work universally with games on a multiplatform basis (which is the gross income to most game companies), but to work towards itself. That drove devs away. Because Nintendo thinks basically only on what will make their games work, and if it also works for others, fine; if it doesn't, their loss. But this time, this strategy didn't work very well. Because this time even Nintendo themselves could save their beloved egotistical machine. Why do you think we don't have SF4 on the Wii U, for example? My bet is that the Gamepad doesn't fit well for demanding and frantic gameplay such as professional-level fighting games like SF4.

But returning to devs, if they don't publish, people won't buy a system on which they can't play the more prominent games. In the end of the day, people just want to play the games that others are all talking about. I see, the Nintendo community is a very close one and full of very fond people, and I can relate to that. But it is hard to ignore what they would miss if they stay only on a Nintendo machine and I assume many fans have another system apart from a Wii U.

Nintendo have been selfish and in the last few years, they have ignored the consumer and the market extensively, trapping themselves in their own world. They have to offer options, not a middle finger for everybody else just because they feel like doing it. The Gamepad is being taken like that middle finger because they keep pushing it instead of showing they are opened to changes, but thing is, everybody is middle-fingering Nintendo back at the Wii U, by not supporting it and by not buying it. Nintendo is on their own now. I hope they are enough themselves, if not, they will inevitably end up like Sega. And I was (and still am) a Sega die-hard fan. And not all the love in the world was enough to save Sega from themselves. Nintendo is heading the same way.



Nomad said:

What? GBA games coming to Wi U? I'm definitely getting a Wii U now! ; )



Fandabidozi said:

There's no way I'm going to purchase Golden Sun on the Wii U, when it may arrive on the 3DS (by far my preferred option) at some point in the future.
So Nintendo get no money from me. I'll bet many of us are in this situation, I don't see how this makes sense to Nintendo.



Action51 said:

@JaxonH - yeah, good post.

Part of the problem with AAA developers leaving is that they were banking on instant, immediate market saturation, and were very eager to pull out when the Wii U wasn't a runaway hit like the Wii. The Wii wasn't a runaway hit in it's first few months...but the market has changed, and the big third party developers are down to a handful of mega-publishers. Microsoft and Sony go into debt paying off and promoting these few big publishers that are releasing low effort annualized sequels and banking on hype to pay for bloated executive salaries. (not all of them, but I think we all know who I mean!)

Didn't Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate sell okay?

Anyway, I can think of several examples of games where the interface would be improved using the game pad. Witcher II has really clunky menus, but putting them on the secnd screen and using touch controls would make using them less cumbersome, especially mixing the potions.

How freakin' cool would DIablo style action RPGs be if you had your inventory or a set of spells and skills ready to swap and customize on that second screen?

Well that's about what I have to say. Totally agree that the gamepad is a cool thing and it's not the reason the system isn't selling or that third parties are leaving. It's the new face of the market, and all the console manufacturers are likely going to have a rough couple of years ahead until this "gen" is firmly underway...if we don't see some kind of limited crash of the video games market in some form. Although that scenario seems less likely now, we'll see.



Christoff said:

Put the effort in, add multiplayer and launch Fire Red and Leafgreen on Wii U VC and I will buy it.

As a 3ds Ambassador interest is very low for GBA on Wii U.



Luffymcduck said:

They should be on both systems. I still don't think that old GBA games are going to make people buy Wii U.



AlexSora89 said:

An apology for the "business needs" doesn't change anything - making home console games portable makes sense, not the other way around.

Hopefully, this winter we'll see GBA games on 3DS as well.



AlexSora89 said:

To clarify: my problem with this decision isn't about the GBA games coming to WiiU, nor it is with them not coming to 3DS. It's about them coming to WiiU instead of the 3DS.



electrolite77 said:

The logic is all on Nintendo's side, not necessarily the consumers. This is happening too often. I've finally had enough of their incompetence regarding an online Account system, the VC, and Crossbuy and will be re-directing my money towards a retro collection rather than the VC. Well played, Big N.



Flash-Jordan said:

agreed ,its a complete no brainer,3ds momentum could also be affected negatively , as anintendo is holding back virtual console releases



Flash-Jordan said:

agreed ,its a complete no brainer,3ds momentum could also be affected negatively , as as ndo is holding back virtual console releases



Flash-Jordan said:

agreed ,its a complete no brainer,3ds momentum could also be affected negatively , do is holding back virtual console releases



SpaceKappa said:

I'm calling it right now: GBA games are on Wii U because we're going to see an official release of Mother 3 in the west. You heard it here first.



Flash-Jordan said:

agreed ,its a complete no brainer,3ds momentum could also be affected negatively , do is holding back virtual console releases



FantasiaWHT said:

I'm a typically gamer and Nintendo fan. I haven't bought a Wii U yet because I see nothing really interesting, and I don't think they've made clever use of the gamepad like they did the wiimote. Putting GBA games on the gamepad will not change that. Putting GBA games on the 3DS would have resulted in me buying several of them.



Cesco said:

> [...] gaming was an expensive hobby [...]

gaming STILL IS an expensive hobby ^____^



Chunky_Droid said:

I think what needs to be taken into account is that the basic GBA ROMs used in the Ambassador Program strip away all functionality of the 3DS, no Miiverse, no streetpass, heck, GBA games don't even sleep when you close the 3DS, that's because they have to play in DS mode, something Nintendo is trying to stay away from with their VC releases.

I think if you want to know why GBA isn't on 3DS then you need not look any further than that simple explanation.



MikeLove said:


Then what is the simple explanation for why NES, Genesis, Game Gear and Gameboy games run fine on the 3DS? All Nintendo needs to do is make an emulator for the 3DS that plays GBA games, and the problem is resolved.

The only reason GBA games ran in DS mode was because they were rushed out in a hurry for the Ambassador program. It doesn't mean that that's the only method to play GBA games on the 3DS. It was just the quickest and easiest way.

Also, before 3DS Miiverse integration a couple months ago, all VC titles on the 3DS were bare bones, so you can't use those 'added features' as an excuse for why GBA games can't be ported.



Kirk said:


You're just making excuses for Nintendo here.

My PC can run all Nintendo's games from all their old platforms from the SNES to the GC and that was achieved by a few hackers in the rooms.

IF Nintendo was forward thinking at all it could have implemented a simple cross-compatible universal digital store on Wii U and a simple "emulator" type system that allows it to simply load and run all old Nintendo games as basically ROMS just like a PC can do. That would take only the effort of creating the "emulator" in the system and uploading all the old files to an online store to be downloaded and as when people saw fit. After that Nintendo could just watch the money role in.

Then, as a nice addition to that simple implementation they could do what they are doing now and slowly add little extra features and options to some of these games and when they are ready charge users a small upgrade fee to get the updated version if they want it.

Once again though, if the "emulator" was done right in the first place most of that extra stuff they are offering, like direct play on the GamePad, should be pretty a much default feature of the emulator, in the same way you can universally apply filters to any game running on a PC emulator, rather than something they have to code individually for each game or whatever.

We can make excuses all day but I'm not arguing about what they actually have but instead what they totally failed to do in the first place and are still failing to even get any way toward. None of it is rocket science either and none of it is so new that it's not like there's no examples to use to know how to do it properly and effectively.

They STILL have the option on making all these slightly "tweaked" versions play across both 3DS and Wii on a single unified account system for example, with a few changes to their basic service, and yet they aren't even doing that.

Excuses do not change the fact there are a LOT of people disappointed and frustrated with what Nintendo is offering because they know for a fact it could be done much better and in Nintendo's case it really should have been given the unbelievable potential and appeal such a service and setup could have offered. Basically, no one in the world has a better back catalog of truly classic games imo and yet the huge potential of taking advantage of all those games in a truly meaningful and beneficial way, for everyone involved, is totally being squandered.

It also doesn't change the fact that what they are doing CLEARLY isn't good enough to entice anyone new towards buying the system that wasn't a total and utter FAN in the first place and that's something additional they desperately need to do and with a store with so many universally acclaimed games accessible so easily and in a way that is just great for consumers they could have certainly increased the likelihood of people at least seriously considering buying the console, me included.

What we have however is just not good enough, a perfect example of far too little far too late (and STILL continues to be so...), and that's the simple cold hard truth here.



Ralizah said:

I don't see how this is going to motivate people to buy a Wii U. People are going to buy Wii U for Wii U games. Sure, people with the console might buy the games, but the same applies to 3DS owners. All Nintendo is doing here is telling a huge portion of their audience (3DS owners without Wii Us): "We don't want your money."

Which is fine. I can buy second-hand copies of all those games for GBA SP, if I want. Nintendo unfortunately won't see a dime, but I'm not about to buy older handheld games on a home console, much less buy a home console to play older handheld games.



Kirk said:


But I bet you'd seriously consider buying a Wii U if you could buy and play digital versions of games from every single one of Nintendo's home consoles AND every single one of it's handhelds AND all of your purchases were cross-play too (where possible)...

Which is basically entirely possible, not unreasonable to expect, and could and should have been the reality right now, especially given the original sales pitch of the VC service back in 2005.

Pity Nintendo and unfortunately most of it's "FANS", it seems, can't see or understand that.

I know I'd more than likely have a Wii U sitting under my TV right now if that was the case AND I'd have downloaded quite a few games for the system too at this point AS WELL AS been telling people how awesome it was rather than how totally and utterly disappointing and frustrating it was.

There's multiple relatively easy to see rungs that can be joined together to form a ladder leading out of this massive dark hole that Nintendo is in but Nintendo's just doesn't seem to want to put all the rungs together and then simply climb up to the light.



FJOJR said:

If they made it where I paid for the game once and could play it on either Wii U or 3DS then they would see me buying these games. At the moment they won't see my money from this GBA and DS push until that happens. I don't get why they are so tentative to do this when other companies have done this for years already.



Rect_Pola said:

Well, the bigger question of why no simul-release on WiiU and 3DS is: does the process help Sony with Vita? They give the option away for free and if it's not really helping then why should Nintendo even try (since this is Nintendo and they would force you to pay something for both versions, because Nintendo)?



Yorumi said:

If the best solution for the gamepad nintendo themselves can come up with is some VC games, then frankly I'd rather they just focus 100% on the 3ds, dump the entire wii's VC to it and let me play all the past nintendo games on one system and completely portable.

My problem is right now it seems like nintendo doesn't know how to sell the system or the gamepad, and to some extent doesn't even care about the wiiU. Right now everything nintendo has been doing on the wiiU is possible on the 3ds just at lower resolutions. I believe the first, nintendo first party wiiU game that won't realistically be possible on the 3ds is going to be X and we don't even have a tentative release date.

Here's what I mean, mario kart 8 for example, I'm certainly looking forward to it but it's just upscaled mario kart 7. There's still going to be 32 tracks, 16 of them retro and probably half of them we've seen as retro tracks in other MK games. 3d world -> 3d land, nsmbU -> nsmb2, dkctf -> dkcr, smash bros. -> smash bros 3ds. My point is in the past you couldn't get luigi's mansion, or smash melee, or wind waker or any of those on a gba. No amount of downscaling would accomplish that.

They're not using the advanced features of the wii for anything but upscaling. They're not selling the game pad with unique ideas beyond minigame collections. Forget trying to sell the wiiU with a gba library(and I'll believe it when I see them doing regular good releases after the initial pitch), innovate gameplay and use the gamepad is creative and fun ways that work within a game in a fluid manner and give people a reason to buy the system. I love the concept of the wiiU, but a year and a half in and nintendo seems as risk averse as all the 3rd parties that are being completely destroyed by stagnant releases.



FJOJR said:

@Yorumi I still think their weak marketing strategy is to blame. The Wii U is invisible in the eyes of the public when every other commercial break on every TV channel I flip through has a PS4 or XB1 ad. Also to your point, the Wii U's lineup are games the 3DS or Wii could have done or had similar games. SM3DW was fun but it didn't wow me like SMG did. Pikmin 3 was great but the Gamepad only saw use as a map and commanding the other people as the Wiimote and Nunchuk are still the superior control method. Retro didn''t want to use the Gamepad in DKCTF and I commend them for not shoehorning something useless in what is basically a borderline useless controller. Hope E3 changes things but man they better start doing the things they say they're going to do.



MikeLove said:


"Here's what I mean, mario kart 8 for example, I'm certainly looking forward to it but it's just upscaled mario kart 7"








FJOJR said:

@Kirk Of course. Heck my VC library rivals that of my current gen library. It still doesn't mean the public are going to go absolutely crazy for the Wii U just because the GBA and DS were added. Also Nintendo is still a step behind other digital download services in terms of handling accounts.



Yorumi said:

@FJOJR I absolutely agree with you on not shoehorning things in, certainly not every game needs the gamepad. In dkctf they could at least mirrored the output to both sources. E3 might change things but as for what we know now, none of their major releases are going to show off the gamepad in any significant way now 2 years into the console's life. They have a couple minigame collections that put it to use and that's it. It makes me wonder why they made it if they had no idea how to use it.

Your point of SMG is spot on and exactly what I was talking about. They need games where you look at them, beyond purely graphical details you say "there is absolutely no way this could be done on nintendo's current portable."

@JohnRedcorn You're not using upscaled in the same way I'm defining it. I'm not saying that only the resolution has been upscaled. Yes they've certainly added some polygons, and they're using better shaders for sure. My point is if you scaled back MK8, to MK7's graphics you could have all the exact same gameplay, the same tracks, same weapons, and the new magnetic/gravity stuff they're doing. Essentially nothing about the game would change except the graphical quality.

Contrast other generations of MK. MK64 can't be put on even a gba(gbc would have been it's same gen portable). Double dash isn't going on a gba, you could maybe manage it on a ds but ds tracks tended to be a good bit shorter. Things could change since I havn't seen the final version obviously, but I'm expecting we'll see 32 tracks, all with roughly the same complexity and total length as the tracks we've been seeing since really mk64.

If they added, more tracks, longer tracks, and more complex tracks it'd be clear the game couldn't be easily downported to the 3ds.

To say it another way, speaking strictly of the wiIU's first party library, if the wiiU didn't exist and all we had was the 3ds is there any game that couldn't exist with it's gameplay intact? WW wouldn't be HD of course, but a port of WW isn't a problem, 3d world, pikmin, nsmb, smash, mk, dkctf all could be done on a 3ds using slightly lower graphics.

Every game doesn't have to be impossible on the 3ds, but couldn't one?



MikeLove said:


"MK64 can't be put on even a gba(gbc would have been it's same gen portable). Double dash isn't going on a gba, you could maybe manage it on a ds but ds tracks tended to be a good bit shorter"

All you are doing is comparing 2D sprite based versions of MK to the 3D versions of MK. Of course the 3D versions couldn't run on the sprite based GBA. Is that supposed to be some profound observation?

We have been playing 3D versions of MK since the N64, and an argument could be made that all subsequent releases in the series since then have been just "upscaled" versions of the previous title. So why are you now pointing out that MK8 is "just" an upscaled verson of MK7, when using your logic, MK7 is just an upscaled Double Dash, and MK8 is just an upscaled MK Wii?

The game is Mario Kart. You play as Mario characters and race go-karts. There is not much room for innovation, as there is a basic core the game must stick to. Aside from a graphical overhaul every few years and a few new bells and whistles, what could be done to make the next MK game more than a simple "upscale"?

"if the wiiU didn't exist and all we had was the 3ds is there any game that couldn't exist with it's gameplay intact? WW wouldn't be HD of course, but a port of WW isn't a problem, 3d world, pikmin, nsmb, smash, mk, dkctf all could be done on a 3ds using slightly lower graphics."

And The Avengers, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Lord of the Rings movies could all have been produced using special effects consisting of paper cut outs and claymation and the movies would have all existed with the stories intact too.

Sometimes better graphics are beneficial and enhance the experience, even though the gameplay/storyline remains the same.

"Every game doesn't have to be impossible on the 3ds, but couldn't one?"

Describe how you would design a Mario Kart game for the Wii-U that contains the required core game design (Mario + racing go-karts + behind the kart view) that would be unplayable on a 3DS in a downscaled form, but wouldn't alienate the fanbase and still sell millions of copies.



Yorumi said:

@JohnRedcorn you're being obnoxious because you're trying to nitpick one single thing, which is kind of funny cause I did provide an example, as well as mentioning the ds being unable to run the counterpart console MK games, but I'll go into more detail.

First of all the problem with pointing to graphics is they've both already lost the graphics war, and conceded defeat. If the only thing the wiiU is good for, and all nintendo is going to do going forward is increase graphics, then every complaint about the power of the wiiU is perfectly valid and nintendo were a bunch of idiots for making it. I am a firm believer that graphics do not make a game, simply increasing a game's graphics doesn't make it better. This is why I've been and remain a firm supporter of nintendo, they're one of few companies that seemed to understand this, at least until the last year anyway.

Now granted yes MK isn't the easiest franchies to innovate, and I suspect that's why you're nitpicking this point, but there's still things they could do. Throughout the years games like dkr, snowboard kids, and sonic all-stars racing, to name a few have all innovated in the genre. Don't respond with the straw man that so many like saying I'm asking for clones, these are mere examples of where innovation is possible.

Imagine the mayhem of large, long courses designed for say 32 player races. Sure the whole game shouldn't be designed that way but a mode or some tracks designed for it would be a start. Or consider a track where parts of the track are randomly generated in front of you and it's unique to each racer. There would be some segments were you're all on the same track and some where you're all on your own tracks.

They could up the complexity of the tracks, don't make just pure shortcuts but actual risk/reward calculations into the paths through a track. You could even tune paths to help better balance the different racers. You could have a path with more sharp turns so a light weight can get a lot of drift boosts and cut corners, but another path is more straight and allows a heavy to stay at top speed longer. There's still risk reward there the lightweight could be slowed down by bananas, shells, etc and make his path longer, so the straighter path is safer and could end up being faster in the end. The heavy could try to take it a tad bit slower but cut some overall time in the winding path.

Even within one of the weakest games for innovation there's still a lot they could be doing. Every game doesn't need to innovate all the time, and I'm not even all that upset about mk8, it's just the one thing you've decided to nitpick out of a larger list.

As I said, not every game needs to be impossible to downscale to the 3ds, but couldn't one?



flightsaber said:

I'm not the target audience for this (I don't own a Wii-U, and an HD Zelda wouldn't sell me on it atm), but I'll admit - GBA on Wii-U is attractive. I've started collecting the old GBA games I missed and repurchased a GBA a few months ago to play with the 'snes-style' controller I prefer over my DS Phat, but some games might prove cost prohibitive.

Of course, if Gamefreak and Nintendo announced tomorrow that a T-rated Pokemon MMO in the vein of Colosseum was coming on Wii-U, or Disney and EA launch the next Rogue Squadron and include Nintendo's console, I'd pick up a system and probably a GBA game or two to tie me over.

I'll keep dreaming, then.



MitchVogel said:

The way I see it, this is a precursor to Nintendo unifying the eShops. Whenever they decide to roll out the unified accounts, an eShop won't be far behind, if not released simultaneously. Then all virtual console games and certain indie games will be available for both platforms.



AshFoxX said:

I still don't like GBA being on Wii U instead of 3DS, but I can definitely get behind the idea for WHY this decision was made. All I would have to hear is 'Game is linked to your Nintendo ID across all platforms' and I will feel more incentive to buy some of these games.



JaxonH said:


With all due respect, because you did a fine job elaborating your points, but with all due respect, that's just not the reason. It's sales. It's always sales. Devs don't care about having to use the gamepad or not- it's not that hard to throw a map or something on there, or if nothing else just do offscreen play... that's not the reason. You have to have some perspective of history here.

I could see how someone just jumping into Nintendo gaming could think "oh, they drove 3rd parties away'' but anyone who's been gaming Nintendo for decades knows that 3rd parties left a LONG time ago. The games don't sell. Trust me, developers don't care about what we care about. They care about money. 20+ AAA multiplats on Wii U. Not one over 250k. Most averaged 150k. That's the reason we'll never see any more support. I'm surprised we got what we did, cause the Wii sure never saw that many quality AAA ports.

Trust me, if so and so developer knew they could sell a million+ copies porting to Wii U, they're gonna do it. Over two dozen multiplats already on the system and used the gamepad just fine. And like I said, that's not gonna stop them from bringing a game they know they can make money on. They'll just leave a blank screen or mirror the image if nothing else. But the bottom line is, the gamepad has nothing to do with lack of support. It's not like motion where controls have to be re-developed. It's the exact same controls as PS4 and X1. Just an extra screen that they can mirror the image on if nothing else. No one wants to bring AAA games because no one buys them. They lose money every time. That's the reason.

We don't have SF4 because Capcom's broke, and the last AAA game they brought to Wii U flopped like a fish out of water. Resident Evil Revelations barely topped 100k on Wii U, while selling millions on the other consoles. And with their poor financial status, that's a pretty risky thing to do. In fact, it's almost a guaranteed failure at this point. All AAA games on Wii U are. No one, not one developer, has had a successful AAA multiplat on Wii U. Not even ONE. So why would Capcom bring SF4 when the last 24 AAA multiplats on Wii U flopped? Is the 25th the lucky number that's gonna sell millions all of a sudden? Probably not.

I know you say Nintendo is self-centered and hasn't developed a controller compatible with other consoles, but, that's just not true. The gamepad has all the same buttons as the X1 and PS4 controller. To the tee. So does the Pro Controller, which 90% of the Wii U library is compatible with. Just because it has a screen, doesn't mean it's not compatible. Wiimote, that's an example of not being compatible. Gamepad, on the other hand, the buttons can be mapped perfectly from any other system's controller. The screen? If they don't wanna throw a map on it or do something unique, they can mirror the image effortlessly.

But yes, Nintendo IS self-centered. They have to be. Because their fans do not buy AAA games. There hasn't been a market for AAA games on Nintendo consoles for decades. Since the 90's, Nintendo consoles sell based on Nintendo software. Nintendo platforms are alternative gaming. They are not meant to have the same offerings as Sony and MS. There are two perfectly fine systems that play AAA games. And one that offers something different- Nintendo.

There is a market for everything. Sure, there's a large demand for AAA games, and if AAA games is what you want, there are 4 consoles that offer them (PS3, 360, PS4, X1). But that's not Nintendo's forte. That's not their market. Even if they wanted to, their customers aren't interested in those games (hence why the trial run of AAA on Wii U last year utterly failed- no one bought the games). No, not everyone just wants AAA games. Many do, but there IS a demand for exclusives on Nintendo platforms as well. And that's what Nintendo has been making money doing for decades now- selling DIFFERENT games than everyone else.



xxAcesHighxx said:

As a forty-something that's been around gaming from 'the beginning', the frankly wonderful Gameboy Advance (the SP if we're being specific) is probably my favourite system ever, ever, ever — pipping the DS in the process. Just.

It's worth mentioning though that I've always favoured handheld systems over their home console counterparts. I'm not sure why my affinity with portables runs quite so deep - maybe it's down to the close proximity with which we use them, maybe it's the independence factor of not needing the TV. Then again, perhaps it's the metric tonne of single-game handheld LCD's that my brother and I devoured growing up. Eitherway, I love me some handheld pleasu... No, not like that..!!

And it's very much with this in mind that the oft-underrated/underappreciated Wii U — and it's fabulous handheld-centric GamePad — has drawn me in and made me fall hook, line and sinker for a home console for the first time since the mighty SNES. Indeed, the GamePad was my sole motivation for chopping in my Vita and grabbing a Wii U in the first place.

So what of the news that I can soon play some of my favourite GBA (and later, DS) titles on my GamePad? Well that's some particularly fancy icing on an already utterly sublime layer-cake. And in the form of Advance Wars, Metroid Fusion and Superstar Saga, I absolutely cannot wait to take an obscenely large mouthful come update time on Thursday. You know, while the good lady wife isn't looking..

Mmmmmmm, Niiiintendo — drools uncontrollably, Homer style!



xxAcesHighxx said:

Oh and by the way, if Nintendo fancy slipping The Minish Cap onto the VC sometime real soon, that'd be just peachy — for me, it's right up there with the very best of The Legend of Zelda's utterly heroic lineage.



HylianSane said:

I'm not going to complain one single bit about GBA being on Wii U and not 3DS right now, regardless of how much sense it makes. However, the subheading for this article really got my attention: "Business needs trump the natural order".

In my opinion, a good way to include both of these would be to have by now introduced GameCube titles into the Virtual Console. The "natural order" would expect Wii U to be able to handle these games as those systems which closely resemble the Wii U's power (Xbox 360 and Ps3) both had original Xbox games and Ps2 games added to their library. Hell even N64 games have yet to make an appearance on the Wii U VC, although it is almost a foregone conclusion that they will be added at "some point". That point should have been about six months ago in my honest opinion, and by this point we should be seeing GC games being introduced.



defrb said:

I agree with HylianSane, this aint the time for gba games on a home console, it should have been gamecube games, and gba games on the 3ds, logical sinds were talk about handhelds and homeconsoles.

People that modified there wii allready have complete libraries with gba nes snes n64 megadrive/genesis games.

No, this aint the future, it's the past. We need triple A+ titles and not some cheap gba ports to the wiiu -.-

Also the wii could run gamecube games, why did nintendo not sell us gc tiltles in the wii shop, missed opertunity?



MundaneName said:

Yeah, Nintendo are right.
I can see all of the potential customers now, standing outside of the Game shop and thinking 'I have to get a Wii U! Only Nintendo could take a 10 year old portable gaming device and make it so that those transportable games are only available in my home for £5 a pop!'
Seriously, shafting a fairly successful gaming handheld for its unsuccessful home console counterpart when tablets and mobile phones are already gaining market share for portable games is a new level of silly.



andreoni79 said:

"It's a selling-point, enough of one to generate buzz among fans on sites such as this, anyway, and directs attention to the Wii U."
UJTI: unintentional joke of the year



Neko_Ichigofan said:

@Doma You do realize that the reason why SEGA failed was because they kept having 1-2 year console generations after the Genesis which alienated their userbase and caused their demise. Even though the Wii U is a sinking ship it'd be suicide to end the generation so soon. The Wii U will last until at least holiday 2015 at the absolute least unless sales pick up in-which-case the console could last through holiday 2016 or longer "doubtful, but not impossible" , there's no way Nintendo would pull a Sega Saturn on us because it would destroy consumer confidence in the company since they usually consider a gaming console a long-term investment that they won't have to replace for several years.



BaffleBlend said:

As much as I disagree with the decision, I at least see where they're coming from with it. That said, I won't be buying any of them because I own the original cartridges already.

3DS GBA VC will come eventually. But hey, Wii U owners like me need SOMETHING besides Super Mario Bros.: Slightly Different Brick Positions Ultra Turbo Edition #78 to tide us over until Super Smash Bros. comes out. I basically have a $300 brick right now.



Chunky_Droid said:


Sorry for the late reply

Simply because the consoles you have listed aren't as power intensive as the GBA?

You speak of making a GBA emulator for the 3DS as if it's a simple task. It's not on 3DS yet, so clearly it's not as simple as you make it out to be.

And no, the other emulators weren't 'bare bones' as you make them out to be either, other games had save states, and actually went into sleep mode when you closed the 3DS. Do your research before you attempt to come up with a rebuttle to someone who's clearly done some.

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