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Super Metroid is 20 Years Old Today

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

One of the all time greats

Super Metroid is 20 years old today, having been released in Japan on 19th March 1994. It's a title that would go on to be one of a number of iconic, memorable experiences on the 16-bit machine, and is still revered to this day.

Alternatively called Metroid 3, this title — like others in the series that would follow — would prove to have a greater impact in the West than Nintendo's homeland. It touched a nerve in a period when many action games were intense gun fights, in that it dialled back action in favour of exploration and, of course, tension. The size of the world, the lack of guidance, and the cleverly constructed upgrade mechanic serve multiple game styles; it can be an epic adventure over a number of hours, while others pride themselves on speed-running it in under an hour.

While Metroid on the NES started many of these ideas, it was on the more powerful Super NES that the series' true potential was delivered. When you combine gorgeous visuals with a haunting soundtrack that has led to countless tribute albums and groups, you have something special; that's before we even mention the boss fights.

So raise your glass to Super Metroid, one of the greats to this day.

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Ony said:

Let's celebrate this with a Retro Studios announcement ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Smitherenez said:

My favorite game of them all! I wish I had the time to do another speedrun today to celebrate.



Blister said:

Really enjoying this game. I have meant to complete it for years after I played the fantastic GBA metroid games. It really does suit different play-styles. There are so many secrets to discover that I find myself hunting every room for them. I think it provides a sterner challenge than I recall from Fusion or Zero Mission - even with the use of restore points. I think I've got 2 bosses left to go so perhaps foiling them would be the best way to celebrate this anniversary!



BigH88 said:

Remember me and my cousin playing this back in the day and stuck for days until I decided to place a bomb in a certain glass tube. One of my favorite gaming memories. Happy birthday Super Metroid!



AirElephant said:

Easily one of my favorite games of all time. I'm an older gamer, but I sure do miss the 16-bit era. There's something about pixel-drawn graphics that gives games a handcrafted feel that, while not realistic, lends it a fantasy element that is wholly missing from the vast majority of current-gen games. As others have said, though, we NEED a Metroid for Wii-U!



Alshain01 said:

I know I'm strange but I liked Other M more than any of the FPS games because it felt more like Super Metroid.



Bliquid said:

Oh, Nintendo...
Samus Aran is one of the best characters in the entire entertainment history, from the looks to the skills to the backstory (i'm sorry, i won't count Other M. I didn't dislike the game, nor the intention to give Samus a more human side. I just think it didn't come out of the overly seen clichès, plotholes and forced stereotyped jap drama).
She deserves more.
Like a 3D classics Super Metroid.
Or, you know, a new game.



Qn1f3 said:

That is a fantastic game, even if I came in contact with it for real via the eShop on Wii U(I had a vast collection, Super Metroid being one of them, unfortunately not discovered by me at that time).

As many other games that released during the 16-bit era, a lot of them released for the SNES are considered being the best in their respective series by many. The SNES is still my personal favourite when it comes to consoles released to this day!



Brown77 said:

I'm currently playing Metroid Prime 3, another great game!! Who thinks Retros next game will be a Metroid??



DESS-M-8 said:

Year of Luigi ends the day before the 20th anniversary of metroid???
We've had no eshop announcement that was due over 2 days ago?
eShop update within 24 hours?
Nintendo direct due tomorrow????

Does anyone else sense a pending "year of....." Announcement in a nintendo direct at 12pm UK tomorrow? Followed by a reveal of retro studios team b project?
My suspicions is Metroid Prime HD due within the year, which is a project within the realms of a new smaller retro studios team, supervised by the team that made the original, followed by a reveal of what the main retro team have been working on for the last 6 months?
New metroid due within 12 months?
Metroid fusion as the first GBA eshop title available tomorrow's update.

This all sounds amazing but not impossible



Assassinated said:

I played this game for the first time last year, and it instantly became one of my favorite games of all time.



MetalKingShield said:

Got to agree with those who say the 2D pixel/sprites ones are the best. Metroid V, please, in this style!



bezerker99 said:

"The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace."
The first voice acting in the Metroid franchise!^^
Cheers to Super Metroid~ one of the greatest games everrrr!!!



Dark-Link73 said:

Could this milestone being the possibility of "The Year of Metroid"? It'd be awesome. Have a couple of eShop re-releases, maybe a compilation alas SMB/Kirby, or even an HD remake of the Prime Saga (Hunters included)! But let's be realistic, even if Nintendo were to announce "The Year of Metroid", I seriously doubt a brand new Metroid game would be released this year. If anything it'd be a compilation title.



Ryno said:

Hard to believe that my favorite game of all time is 20 years old!



Tasuki said:

I just discovered this game recently when they had it on sale for $.30 on the Wii U VC. Best 30 cents I ever spent. While I did try this game on the SNES back when I was a kid I just couldn't get into it then. I guess the whole open map thing overwhelmed me. I decided to try it again when it was on sale cause the Metroidvania style is one of my favorite game styles so I figure I might as well try the first, that and I had to see what all the hype was about.

One of the best games ever. Happy Birthday Super Metroid.



Giygas_95 said:

My favorite game of all time (Yes, I know my avatar and name would suggest my favorite game is from the Mother series, BUT!). This couldn't have come along at a better time. I've been playing through the Metroid series starting with the Primes on Metroid Prime Trilogy, and since I've just finished Metroid II, it's time to start Super Metroid! Happy birthday, best game ever!

@Alshain01 That's not strange at all! I loved Other M too!



aaronsullivan said:

Metroid Other M was almost great. Perhaps a little too radical on the controller methods (would it have been so bad to use a nunchuk?) and that one-two combo of internal-extra-emotional-dialogue for Samus and the clunky implementation of activating your suit-powers pushed it over.

In the end the game design was pretty solid and there were some pretty awesome moments and a good environment. Also it had a return to the style of Super Metroid as far as graphics go. Oh well.

We need some good new Metroid games.



I-U said:

This year, thanks to being able to take screenshots for Miiverse discussion, I've been taking more note of Super Metroid's story than ever before. I love interpreting what all may have been experienced in an environment, and I really love Ceres for providing those three researcher corpses: one beheaded, one face down and one on their back. All of them are bloody. It was a scene in the environment that to me is the only time in the series where Ridley's brutality really got showcased. There are other scenes like that over the course of the game, and as I replay Super Metroid I hope to discover more to interpret.



Moviefan2k4 said:

This is definitely still a classic; I bought my current copy for $20, from a retro-themed store about 5 years ago. The shell had dirt and stickers all over it, but the label was nice and clean. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned the circuit board, scrubbed the case parts with Comet and water, then reassembled everything. Its run perfectly ever since.

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