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Super Mario 3D World Picks Up SXSW 2014 Best Multiplayer Game Award

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Quite right, too

Super Mario 3D World has done rather well for itself, shifting a respectable number of copies, earning critical acclaim and picking up a host of award nominations and wins. We now have another to add to the list, with the delightful platformer picking up the Best Multiplayer Game award at the SXSW event this past weekend.

Nintendo had a decent presence at the SXSW expo in Texas, showing plenty of Wii U and 3DS games as well as collaborating with Pennzoil to recreate 'real life' Mario Kart. The award for the outstanding Wii U title surely wrapped up the weekend rather nicely.

Some more success for the Wii U exclusive. Have you enjoyed playing this one with others?

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Rafie said:

Well deserved. Also, if there was an artistically most beautiful award....they should win that too. Yes I have a bias with SMB3DW. I'll gladly admit. It was easily one of the best games (top 3) that I've played last year. Heck I will extend that notion to say it's one of the best games I've ever played. Period! Congrats Nintendo!



Blast said:

What a great game... what's ironic (to me, at least) is that I played Super Mario 3D World all by myself. I didn't do multiplayer.



Goginho said:

haha I remember e3 last year, everybody was like o_O wut?? ..and then -_- lol at all these early presumptions, thinking this game was a huge step backward from Galaxy



XXIV said:

Anthony must have been delighted to do that, since he's such a huge Nintendo fan and he loves this game. Good on 3D World for winning.



Dark-Link73 said:

I never thought I'd see a mainstream Mario game get an award for "Best Multiplayer" game. Also, it shows that local multi player mode is still more relevant than online multi player.



MJKOP said:

I have a file to play it properly myself, and one for playing multiplayer with my kids! Great stuff very well deserved



DreamOn said:

Very nice. Now if only the world would buy a Wii U so they can see what all the fuss is about.



Shambo said:

@Daemonite local couch multiplayer is always more fun, and in this game it truely shines! Online would miss the charming fun point entirely.
Yesterday I played some 3 player local single card MK7, Luigi's Mansion 2, Tertis, and Starfox 64 3d, but I can barely recall my last online session. MH3U Wii U, RE Revelations, or RE Mercenaries 3d, definitely... But about a month ago, I guess.



AdanVC said:

Well done! It really is one of the most satisfying multiplayer games I've experienced in years. It must have won GoTY, but you know, it's not gray and it has no guns so no way this game would won that category...



K-Gamer said:

This game also has some really good music, nothing like DKC TF's but worth pointing out. Way to go on another great 3d mario game.



idork99 said:

@Blast Nothing odd about that. It's a great game. Period. Whether one wants to enjoy the game solo or with multiplayer just know that it will be good fun. I have had the pleasure of enjoying this game with all 1,2,3, and 4 player action. And depending on who plays with you, the experience is always going to be different every time. That's the beauty of this game.

I like to think of SM3DW as the 2013 Super Mario version of TMNT: Turtles in Time the arcade game. To me, it's the same game with the added character abilities. With a whole lot of more levels of course



aaronsullivan said:

Love the game and glad to see Nintendo get recognition. However, Rayman Legends is a bit more fun with multiplayer for our family. There's far less down time, for instance and the camera pulling away from you is more difficult to follow in the 3D game. Still a HUGE improvement over the "nsmb" games. As far as multiplayer games go Nintendo Land trumps both of the games easily, though — yes, I know that was last year.

All that said, I want a Zelda Four Swords with the SM3DW-style set up.



Alshain01 said:

They must give that award to anything. Super Mario World took everything that was just freaking annoying in New Super Mario Brothers series multiplayer... and put it in 3D. One of the worst multiplayer titles I've ever done. You get 4 people who are attached by leashes (or bubbles) in a 3D area, it was impossible to keep track of. I'd rather play almost anything than play that game with more than 1 player.



vattodev said:

The last time I pulled Mario 3D World with some friends that only play on the PS3 I had a hard time to convince them to play anything else. "Hey, wanna play something else?" "No! Let's finish another world!"



JaxonH said:

Ya know, I feel this game should have won a category NOT related to "best multiplayer experience". That was the main category the game won its awards in, but I feel the game was just plain good for ANY category, not just multiplayer. It's almost as if these people hosting awards don't want to recognize Nintendo games as being legitimately great games for single player too. Forget all that multiplayer nonsense, Super Mario 3D World was a great SINGLE PLAYER GAME, and GoTY at that as well. Imo anyways.



unrandomsam said:

@Blast I played it entirely multiplayer (As fast as possible). The multiplayer ended up with the children I was playing with being like Tales on Sonic 2.



aaronsullivan said:

@Alshain01 Who are you playing with that makes it so hard? I play with my wife, a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old and we do great. You just have to talk and cooperate.



Action51 said:

Well deserved award, 3D World was fun solo, but a chaotic blast in multiplayer!



defrb said:

To be honest, tried it a few times multiplayer but from my point of view it sucked monkeyballs, so we decided to go single. Good game none the less, but even tic tac toe got better multiplayer.

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