Sff Fortress Rescue

Not too long ago we told you about Strike Force Foxx, a new title coming to the 3DS eShop from Big John Games that brings back memories of 1982 title Choplifter. Big John Games president Ken Patterson promised "over the top" 2D action, and the company has now revealed more details and some visuals to pique our interest.

Below is the initial description of the game, first of all, which is promising a decent amount of content.

Strike Force Foxx is a side-scrolling, 3D retro chopper attack-and-rescue game with a modern feel. You are Captain Raymond Foxx, guiding your Razor-One helicopter through intense missions, battling the enemy and saving your citizens from terror.

The mission is in: you’ve been ordered to destroy the terrorist organization, Grid, who is taking over your country. You also need to rescue all of your civilians that have been taken hostage by Grid, while you pursue the elusive Dr. Synchros, the mastermind behind the hostile takeover.

Players will take to the air in their helicopter in more than 35 missions to eliminate the numerous hazardous obstacles, including gunmen, tanks, helicopters, planes, machine-gunning jeeps, heat-seeking missiles, gunboats, battleships, submarines, and more. Along the way, players can upgrade their chopper with new, more powerful weapons to eradicate the enemy more efficiently. Players will be able to unleash a troop of mercenaries into a battle zone to help beat back the enemy, so the player can focus on rescuing civilians.

Above and below are a host of screenshots, meanwhile, with Big John Games telling us that it'll be polishing the title throughout March before progressing towards submission and approval in April; we may not have too long to wait before we can give this a whirl.

Sff Enemy Chopper
Sff Enemy Jet Fires Missile
Sff Missile Attack
Sff Strafe the Enemy
Sff Take Out Ammo Dump
Sff Tower Rocket Launch

Are you interested in this one?