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Strategic Card Battler Gundam: Try Age SP Announced For The Nintendo 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Suit up, soldier

It's no secret that we love Gundam here at Nintendo Life — our resident import expert Kerry has a collection of scale-model Mobile Suits that would make even the most seasoned Otaku green with envy. Taking this into account, you can imagine how excited we are by reports that the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu carries an announcement that Gundam: Try Age SP is coming to the 3DS.

Based on the card-battling strategy arcade machine of the same name — which features mecha from the entire history of the long-running anime and manga series — details on Try Age SP are thin on the ground at present, but it would be reasonable to assume that the 3DS camera is used to scan cards for use in the game. Bandai produced the coin-op back in 2011, and is presumably behind this portable edition. We'll be sure to update this post the more we know.

Chances of this seeing a release outside of Japan are sadly slim, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. Would you like to see it reach the west? Let us know with a comment. In the meantime, you can check out some footage of the arcade edition in action below.

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FriedSquid said:

This looks really cool! I guess it's just too bad th-... that it's... never... coming here...



Hy8ogen said:

DAMN. I am almost certain this will not leave Japan just like any other gundam related stuff (gundam battle assault doesn't count). Stupid region lock.....

Someone please come up with a mod to bypass region lock already.



AVahne said:

I find these types of games pointless. Obviously the 3DS version will omit any kind of eye candy; they'll likely just have 2 static images of different mobile suits bumping into each other each round and call it a battle.
I'd rather have Vita's Gundam Breaker localized, but then again I can just utilize the ancient ultimate technique sadly forgotten by Nintendites: importing.



CanisWolfred said:

@Kerry - I demand to see this collection!

I'm not sure how a game like this will translate to the is it going to use those cards?



lamco said:

I hate how many good games may never go beyond Japan

(I also want the trading cards)



Damo said:

@AVahne Actually, the visuals in the arcade version of this are actually pretty basic, so there's no reason why the 3DS can't handle them - the 3D effect could actually make it more impressive in that respect.



Emblem said:

This isn't leaving Japan, Gundam games don't generally leave Japan on any console, i import most of the action games for my PS3 and have for years.



DanteSolablood said:

Dangit!! We don't even get the Gundam animé in England... how about we make a deal Bandai? Keep this game for Japan & let us have Super Robot Taisen instead? :3



AVahne said:

Though, wasn't there also that one Pokemon arcade game that was ported to 3DS with an included peripheral? In all the footage I saw of the arcade version there were 3D models, but in the 3DS version there were only static 2D images.



danieldc said:

@DanteSolablood look on the internet yoiu can watch every gundam anime there you know ,plus i have almost every game of gundam ... import is easy you know have a contactperson like me in japan and you can have everything ^^

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