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Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Applies Fixes and Tweaks to Online Play

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Less waiting around in the lobby

As the first full free-to-play experiment from Nintendo, Steel Diver: Sub Wars can be considered a reasonable success. We certainly feel that it shows that Nintendo can make free-to-play work, and it provides some competitive online play at a fairly relaxed pace, emphasizing strategy over an itchy trigger finger.

Although it has a single player campaign the focus for many is likely to be with online play, so it's natural that Nintendo will make adjustments to improve balancing and performance. That's certainly the purpose of the latest update, which tackles some reliability issues and seeks to improve balancing. Gamers in Europe and North America should be prompted to visit the eShop for the update while trying to load the game, with the European version requiring just 82 blocks of space. Below is the change log from Nintendo of America, which covers the same tweaks as those in Europe.

  • Morse-code chat has been closed under Internet Mode. Users can continue to enjoy lobbies and Morse-code chat during Random Battles and Matched-Skills Battles.
  • Minor changes to Morse-code chat functionality have been made:
    The duration of chat in a lobby has been cut from two minutes to one minute
    A three second time interval has been set for Morse-code signals
  • Overall stability improvements to the online modes have been made to minimize communication errors during online play
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s sequential wins were interrupted due to communication errors during online play
  • Adjustments have been made to the specs of some submarines to further improve the game’s balance

The download's available now — let us know what you think of the shortened lobby wait times and loss of the morse code chat room (not the in-battle morse code as we originally stated).

Thanks to Mark for the heads up.

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Aqueous said:

For me I had to go to the eshop, the game would not send me to it.
So into the eshop, over to options (or is it settings), then scroll down to upadtes to find it.
A little more complicated then what you said @Thomas



Mk_II said:

A three second time interval has been set for Morse-code signals

No more E E E E E E!!!!

I also really like the shortened waiting time.. all in all a great and welcome update



Shiryu said:

Hope this fixes the troubles with my ISP Thompson Gateway routers, but I'm not holding my breath... oh, there is definitely a submarine pun in there.



Aqueous said:

Only sub I noticed changed was the Garfish, it gained an extra surface speed and dive/surface point. There might have been others I missed for now.



nprtmn4evr said:

"Fixed an issue where a user’s sequential wins were interrupted due to communication errors during online play"

Thank you!!! This annoyed me to death. The highest win streak I have is 3 because of these communication errors



Sionyn said:

Shiryu its not a zyxel based gateway by chance ? there's nasty bug discovered that exposes it configuration files on WAN side that allows anyone to tinker with the settings of the gateway.



Warbeard said:

Game is a little too slow for my tastes - if you're attack from behind, or by two subs, you're practically dead meat



garfreek said:

I thought this would be an awfull and boring game. But I love it! Really tempted to go for the full version!



WYLD-WOO said:

The update has made such a difference... Still getting a few error messages but it`s keeping my winning streak going, I`ve gone from level 46 to 48 in just a few hours.



Mk_II said:

yep, it really works. i still get some errors but very few and far between. the winning streak retention feature is really nice



Dark-Link73 said:

Oh man, I keep forgetting to DL this game! I gotta do that tonight! Also:

"Morse-code chat has been closed under Internet Mode." What? Were kids sending inappropriate Morse-code selfies in the game? LOL



Rezalack said:

Wait.. so now you don't lose a win streak because of an error? That is awesome. They must have listened to our feedback. Going to have to start playing this again. I had to quit because I couldn't tolerate losing a good streak because of an error.



MetaRyan said:

Hopefully this update fixes the college Wifi error issue. Unless practically no one else in my hall was using Wifi, I'd get error messages and couldn't keep a streak going.



Lunapplebloom said:

@Aqueous Thanks for your investigative work. Well sounds like they tried a bit of balancing I guess. We'll find out soon enough how affected everything is I suppose.

To bad they didn't tweak the online for finding friends first before going random... Oh well, these improvements are nice to see, especially that winning streak modification. Never could get to high with all those errors I kept getting.



Obito_Sigma said:

Finally! Now I won't seem like such a noob with my x7 win streak! I could finally become a lv32!!

However, I really hope that they haven't nerfed my wrecking machine that constantly gives me 2:1 kills to lv20 opponents.



iphys said:

@Aqueous For the Sea Hound they also increased surface speed a notch, decreased submerged speed a notch, and decreased the torpedoes by 2 I believe. For the Neptune they added 2 torpedoes, decreased the reload by 1 second, decreased the surface speed a notch, and increased the dive speed a notch. All the other subs seem identical, including the ones in the shop (which they really should have improved if they expected to sell them, lol).



ICHIkatakuri said:

I have had less connection errors since the update, previously I could only play one game then get kicked from online for about half an hour.



Aqueous said:

@iphys - I think you are right, the Sea Hound I think did have 8 before and less surface speed but I wasn't sure on that, the dive drop would not surprise me. Yeah neptune is up 2 torpedoes, I wonder if I no longer need my guy for +2 of them now. Surface speed seems dropped, dive speed I don't know but the hp I thought was 6, now it is 7, might be up too then. Reload on it seems to defiantly be down 1 second as you said too.

@Lunapplebloom - You are welcome, I see Iphys found more I missed in my rush.



3MonthBeef said:

Anyone experience people shooting their own teammates? Guys for the love of win streaks.....check your team colors before firing.

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