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Steampunk Shooter Steel Empire Hits The Japanese 3DS eShop Later This Month

Posted by Damien McFerran

The 16-bit Sega release is getting a new lease of life

We first told you about the 3DS eShop conversion of the cult Mega Drive / Genesis shooter Steel Empire in August last year, but things have been pretty quiet since then. Thankfully, we can now update you with some more info — the game hits Japan later this month and will retail for 2940 yen.

The 16-bit original was released in 1992 and was loosely inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's 1986 anime Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Its unique steampunk look and engaging gameplay have ensured that it has become something of a cult classic with Sega fans, and the Japanese version of the Mega Drive original now changes hands for incredible sums on the second hand market (the western localisation is worth relatively little in comparison). A Game Boy Advance port was released in Japan in 2004, with a European release following a year later.

The 3DS version will feature upgraded visuals which take advantage of the console's 3D screen, as well as the ability to save a replay of your performance in each level. There's no word of a western release as yet, but is this something you'd invest in? Let us know with a comment.

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chiptoon said:

I always wanted to like this game, but somehow never found it much fun to play. But maybe the updated visuals will make a difference.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I was a big fan of laputa when I was little and got my auntie (who lived in Japan) to import me this and robo aleste as well as a dragon Ball z barcode battler, my god that was a great summer! Was good to find out I could get round the region lock of my Megadrive by shaving the cart slots hard edges off and making the Japanese cart fit. Needless to say I'm looking forward to having this on the 3DS



FX102A said:

Obviously there's region specific licensing issues as well as perceived market, yet I really hope this makes it West (specifically Europe).



3dcaleb said:

ok, that was the stupidest preview/video whatever ive ever seen. 3 minutes long and zero gameplay? and it actually looks like it might be an awesome game from the 1 screenshot but who knows.



Humphries90 said:

EU please! This remake has been on my radar since it was first announced. Never played the original, but it looks brilliant.



Ralek85 said:

Looks decent gameplay wise. As a big steampunk fan I'd certainly be more than willing to drop a couple of bucks on something like this (or a Club Nintendo reward ? ). Wish there were more games in that setting, not everything has to be WW2/Zombies/Medieval Fantasy ... Pretty much the main reason I am excited for The Order later this year!



unrandomsam said:

I want this (And some more Sega 3D Classics).

Even though normally I prefer vertical I don't mind horizontal when it is PC Engine / Megadrive quality or better.



unrandomsam said:

It is not Sega and it costs about £20. Looks more like a remake than what Sega did with the 3D classics so I dunno I might get it.



SirQuincealot said:

"something you would invest in?"

judging by that zero seconds of gameplay in the trailer its hards to say ethier way really



Tsuchinoko said:

Yeah this isnt part of the Sega Classics, but a big e-shop release. Its a bit expensive. If it were just another of the lesser classics releases I'd get it

Just checked, yeah Sega is not involved with the release. The file size is fairly small too



unrandomsam said:

All depends how much if any TG16 the UK has if this comes over. Part of me wants to support it regardless but it is not a new game like Kokuga was.



Gen0neD said:

That was the worst "trailer..?" for a video game I ever, actually, didn't see. Three minutes of exactly nothing. Man, I'm hyped! I think...



Damo said:

Just to clarify, this isn't anything to do with Sega — the reason Sega is mentioned in the news post is because it was exclusive to the Genesis / Mega Drive when it came out in 1992. However, it wasn't published or developed by Sega (Hot B handled the original game, and I believe Acclaim's Flying Edge label handled the western release).



Melkac said:

I gotta admit, that name ("Laputa") made me chuckle. It's strangely funny if you know spanish...



Tsusasi said:

I really loved this game... it was a unique take on the shmup and the art style was something fresh for the genre... especially with all of the painfully similar games released at the time. I think I need to dig the cartridge out and see if it's still as fun to play. If it is and it comes west, I'll definitely pick it up.

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