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Site News: Tom Has Evolved Into A New Form: Editor Tom!

Posted by Damien McFerran

Our erstwhile Features Editor goes up a level

Those of you that are long-time followers of this site will have witnessed Thomas Whitehead's inexorable rise from the status of mere reader to the position he has, until today, occupied with assured brilliance: Features Editor.

Tom has been a hugely passionate and incredibly dedicated member of the Nintendo Life team ever since his first review way back in 2011 (it was WiiWare puzzler Spot the Differences, in case you were wondering — everyone has to start somewhere). It didn't take him long to work his way up to AAA status — he reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D just five months after his official debut — and since then he has contributed some amazing content, such as his detailed report on the pitfalls of global age ratings for download titles, his comprehensive guide for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate newcomers and the seemingly endless selection of excellent and thought-provoking Talking Point pieces he tirelessly comes up with on a weekly basis. The man is a machine.

It therefore fills me with great pride and pleasure to today announce that we're hacking away the "Features" part of Tom's job title and making Mr. Whitehead the de facto Editor of Nintendo Life. As I'm sure you'll agree, Tom's hard work and dedication over the past few years has been fantastic and he has consistently gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that you — our dear, dear readers — have the very best Nintendo-related content presented to you on a daily basis.

When I took over from James Newton back in 2012, I was effectively serving as "acting" Editor until we could find a suitable replacement. Tom is most certainly the man for the role. Anthony, Darren and myself have found it a great comfort to have someone like Tom on the team who is a safe pair of hands and can be trusted implicitly to assist when required, keep things ticking over and — quite simply — get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

I'm sure you'll all want to share your thanks and congratulations with him, so I'll shut up now and let you get on with it.

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bezerker99 said:

Congratulations to you, Tom!!! NL benefits from you at the helm (not to demean our past leaders,...James and Damien).



BakaKnight said:

Hard to not notice how hard Thomas work around here, so congrats for the deserved level up/evolution Mr. Whitehead! ^^
(But don't relax now, us readers will keep watching and judging your work without mercy!!! >:U )



DreamOn said:

Thomas is the definition of indispensable around here. Congratulations!! Clone yourself and then take the day off!



XCWarrior said:


Sorry, I stopped the evolution. No editor position for you!

Just kidding, congrats.



NImH said:

Wow! Congrats Tom! I love your articles and I'm really looking forward to seeing where the site will go with you at the helm. Cheers!



Zach said:

Congrats Tom! Crazy to think that I was there to read your sample review from when you first applied for the job way back in the day. You've come very far and deserve all the accolades you get! An extremely well-deserved promotion indeed.



sinalefa said:

I guess there were some Rare Candies on those Happy Meals.

Congratulations, Tom. You are my favourite writer here, so it is nice to see you evolving. Keep up the great work!!



ekreig said:

You do good work here, sir. Congratulations and best of luck with the new position.



FritzFrapp said:

Nothing says promotion better than a photoshoot with the subtle product placement of carbonated soft drinks and potato snacks. He'll be getting his own televised awards show next...
Well done, that man!



ThomasBW84 said:

@CaviarMeths That was the only face I could think of pulling when holding a bottle of coke with my name on it...

In my defence, that was two years ago and one of those images I thought I'd never see again. With this and the McDonald's Happy Meal vid (with Damien) I'm becoming adept at promoting unhealthy snacks. Watch your back, Keighley.

Thanks for all of the messages, everyone



Mowzle said:

Great News, Tom.
Just don't do a "James" in the near future and disappear forever into the maw of the big N. Create more landmarks here first.
Congratulations BTW.



Spoony_Tech said:

you know I can always tell when Tom's on a vacation because the site seems to be on stand still till he gets back. My favorite person here on the staff and looking forward to hopefully great thanks from him and Nintendo. Mostly Nintendo since I know he will be fine. It's Nintendo I'm more worried about!



Porky said:

I enjoy reading his articles he posts on a daily basis. Congratulations, Tom.
By the way, what ever happened to Corbie?



marck13 said:

I always enjoy reading your articles Tom.
And I admire your work in the comments section, when picky readers dangle around every tiny detail of a review and one gets cornered in a slight defending position referencing that also the best review wont entail everybody's opinion and everybody's taste.. Duh!/citing Captain Obvious/"AAAaarrgh"
In short: Great Job and Congratulations and THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH US! ;-D



Tasuki said:

Definitely deserved, congratulations Tom, I still remember your first post on the forums. It was in the Goldeneye Wii FC exchange thread. Lol In fact I believe I played a few matches with you back then.



Squidzilla said:

The site really wouldn't be be the achievement it is without Tom's constant input! Been an absolute joy working together, and this is enormously deserved. Congrats!



AVahne said:

Congrats Tom!
Is this your first evolution or your second? Also, what are your max stats? My brain isn't working right now, so I can't process anything I read in the article.



Freeon-Leon said:

You know what would've been funny? That Thom himself had written this article... No, seriously, you're on everything man, congrats for your very well deserved evolution. Now I wonder what Mega Thomas would look like...

PS. Your OoT 3D review was superb.



TingLz said:

Tom is evolving. Congratulations! Tom has evolved into the Great Goddess Tomsody



MJKOP said:

I haven't been here that long but I've very much enjoyed Tom's work, congratulations and keep it up!



larry_koopa said:

Congrats, Tom. This is much deserved. Your reviews and various features are always fair, well argued, and just generally spot on and enjoyable to read. All the best to you.



DrMonk said:

Many a time have I been surprised by the insightfulness of an article and looked up to see Thomas Whitehead's name there. Congrats on the promotion and keep up the great work on this site!



Dazza said:

@ThomasBW84 That photo was taken Sept 2013, I have the EXIF data to prove it

Congrats sir, despite your frequent endorsements of sugary drinks and junk food... we couldn't ask for a better Editor.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Dazza D'oh. I thought that was from the EG expo 2012, but I'm sure I hadn't aged quite as terribly before that one, looking at it again



Razzle said:

Big congratulations. This site has become my go-to site for Nintendo news and original articles and I credit Tom for being a huge influence. Well done Mr Whitehead!



MegaWatts said:

I'm shamefully late to the party, but nevertheless congratulations, Tom - you deserve this more than anyone!



Hunter-D said:

I love Nintendolife & all its great members of staff, and Tom is a HUGE part of that.




Hunter-D said:

Oh yeah, you remind me of Obi-Wan from the Star Wars prequel films (especially the hair). So that's a major win as well!



ThomasBW84 said:

@Aqueous Perfectly happy at Nintendo Life, thanks!

I appreciate all of the kind messages, they mean a lot. Much will remain the same, as I'll continue working with the Triforce of directors — particularly Damien on the editorial side, naturally — as we'll do everything we can to give you the best site possible. We also have an amazing team of contributors as everyone surely knows, and the work everyone does with news, features and reviews is fantastic — NL simply wouldn't be what it is without the whole team.

And then there's you guys, the coolest and most generous community out there

So here's to another awesome year!



JamieO said:

Most excellent news, very well done Tom, I’m really pleased for you. This new position is massively deserved, clearly for your work, passion towards gaming and talent, but also because you’re such a proper gent.

For example, you were one of the first gamers to share my introduction hands-on time with Wii U, and although I lost most of the lives during our early play of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at Eurogamer Expo 2013, you were too humble to mention that you didn’t suffer a single hit.

Nice one and big-time congratulations, Mr Whitehead!



SuperCharlie78 said:

"The man is a machine."
You're right man.
And guys you all are so awesome, thank you very much for your hard work, you really are present in my life every day, keep on forever!
Congratulations Tom, I appreciate so much what you've done so far, you are a super talented writer and I enjoy your articles every day.
Charlie, from Italy!
Mamma mia bro!



Taceus said:

Many congratulations to you Mr. Whitehead and a big thanks for all your work. Love the shirt, so jealous.



ToonLink795 said:

This is pretty awesome Tom has done a lout for this site over the past few years. From what I've seen in the past months this site and the people who work hard like Tom to try and bring us the best news possible is the reason why I come back here pretty much every single day. With that said I think the people here at Nintendo Life seem like they would be a great team to work with. Cheers to Tom and the Nintendo Life Team - keep up the great work.



andrea987 said:

Congrats, Whitehead-san, most deserved.
I'd limit the caffeine intake for now, though, judging by your eyes in the picture...just kidding. One simply can't ever have enough caffeine.



Dpishere said:

I always enjoy reading the weekly talking points, keep up the great work Thomas!



Meaty-cheeky said:

Since Nintendo Power is gone I have turned to Nintendo Life for my Gaming news, thank you Thomas and all of the writers here in NL for all of your great work.



zipmon said:

Congrats Tom!!! Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained with all the fantastic Talking Points, reviews, and news, and for hosting and editing all our unruly Roundtables (exclamation point)(exclamation point) =) Woohoo!!



arrmixer said:

Congrats brother!! Well deserve...honestly I thought you were the new editor after James left... either way that's just me not paying attention....



theblackdragon said:

haha, you deserve every inch of that fancy title, bro! you've been taking names and kicking donkey since day one. congratulations, Tom! :3



Liam_Doolan said:

@ThomasBW84 Congrats, Tom! I'm only 20 days late - but better late than never.

Your efforts on Nintendo Life are outstanding! Although I'm still a relatively new face around here, I just want to say how much I appreciate the support you provide the team, and also thank you for the fantastic content you provide the NLife community with!



Sherman said:

Congrats, @ThomasBW84. Very late but congrats, my man. It was very clear this was coming sooner or later.

Awesome pic, specially the "Walker" chips. I find it curious how some brands change their name in different regions. Like in North America:
And my country, México:
Or that "Thomas". Here in México is:

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