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Record Attendance At GDC 2014 With More Than 24,000 Visitors

Posted by Conor McMahon

Next year's event scheduled for 2nd-6th March

UBM Tech Game Network, the organizers behind the Game Developers Conference, announced today that a record-breaking 24,000 attendees visited the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week for one of the industry's biggest events. The figure represents steady growth from last year's event, which could boast 23,000 in attendance.

Nintendo had a strong presence during the conference, and over the week we've reported on a range of its announcements from growing partnerships with Unity to the success of diversity in development teams. The big N even managed to come away with an award for Best Handheld/Mobile Game with A Link Between Worlds, and honorable mentions for some of the year's other biggest titles including Pokémon X & Y and The Wonderful 101.

A fascinating look back on some retro delights helped top off a very positive few days, leaving visitors and fans alike to eagerly anticipate the arrival of E3 in June.

Click here for a full list of Nintendo news from this Year's GDC, and share your thoughts on the company's presence overall with a comment below.


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SecondServing said:

I think the Oculus and Morpheus will flop. Nintendo is smart for not jumping on that bandwagon.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

nintendo is smart... its not about who is the fastest its who will last the longest and they have prooved that since 1889



jdarrell said:

Re: Flop
VR headsets are optional add-ons, what one person calls a flop can still be a success. Especially for Sony who cares more about being competitive than selling VR headsets. And I doubt there's anything stopping a USB PC headset from being able to support Wii U.



Chubblings said:

@Ryo_Hazuki-san Almost like the tortoise and hare story. This new "Next Gen" dudebro things are like the hare, who everybody is always praising. Nintendo is like the tortoise, who takes their time, and despite having suffered criticism, is still in the race.



Chubblings said:

@jdarrell One of the reasons why I think that VR headsets don't work, is because they are nauseating. I know someone who owns the Occulus Rift Dev Kit, and he's tried out a game on it, and says it can be nauseating after 15-20 minutes. He told me that he couldn't imagine doing it for an hour. Because of this, I believe that VR won't work, but I wouldn't call them a flop.



jdarrell said:

@Chubblings: That's true, but in the Oculus Rift case, I think they're targeting late-2015 / early 2016 because of that. There's also even a 2nd version of the dev kit recently released that I assume somewhat reduces those problems.

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