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Play: Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time for pure racing...

Earlier this year we had our first Mario Kart 7 community event of 2014, and unsurprisingly it was a lot of fun. Since that time the release date for Mario Kart 8 has been confirmed, and we've realised that we need a lot more practice before the new Wii U title rolls around. Besides, the 3DS game is still a blast to play over two years after its release.

So, as promised, the fun will start today at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 7pm UK time / 8pm Central European time. The 'NLife All Items' community room will be in action as always, but by popular demand we'll have a second Grand Prix room open. That was your choice in the community vote, and you chose NL Pure Racing, a no-items room. While most are likely to focus on those two rooms, the Battle Room is also an option.

NLife All Items (150cc races) — 00-2104-5343-9763
NL Pure Racing (150cc no items) — 24-7218-5610-6691
NLife Battles — 63-1489-1510-4932

If you want to know how to get into these Community rooms, check out our usual official and oh-so-serious guide below.

In order to get started with some Mario Kart 7 awesomeness with fellow Nintendo Lifers, simply open the game, select Online Multiplayer and then Communities. If you've played with us before you may have 'NLife All Items' in your list of favourites. If not, select Enter Code and input 00-2104-5343-9763. This is a 150cc all items room, so it may get chaotic. You'll all need to enter code 24-7218-5610-6691 for the brand new no items "pure racing" room. For Battles follow the same steps as above, but input code 63-1489-1510-4932.

Now, it's common to experience connection problems with Mario Kart 7 communities, and if you don't then we can only imagine that you're hard-wired directly into Nintendo's servers. If you do have problems connecting or receive an error message, make sure your wireless is on and position yourself as close as possible to your internet router. Please be patient and keep trying, because more often than not you will eventually get in.

There may be more than one room open at once, so remember the basic rules. Play nice, and if someone annoys you settle it like grown-ups... out on the track. Please be considerate to others in the lobby area, and only start the race when there are enough racers and everyone's ready.

So here we go again, more Mario Kart mayhem; we'll be checking the comments below, tweeting on our Twitter page and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans in the game itself. If you are tweeting, be sure to stick #NLracing in your messages.

See you on the track.

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User Comments (230)



Klimbatize said:

I haven't played Mario Kart 7 much at all the last two years, but I think I'll have to drop in for a few races since I have the time this afternoon.



DRL said:

Last time I got involved in one of these you guys kicked my butt up and down the track. I've been forever scarred by those events.



Guovssohas said:

Sorry for this but i have to say it and use caps; DON'T START THE RACE WITH 3 OR 4 PLAYERS, it's annoying. Wait for at least 6 players.. Peace.



LunarHalo24 said:

Something came up and I won't be able to join right away. I'll definitely join in as soon as I can!



Gioku said:

Oh, nice! I had tons of fun last time; I'll be joining in for sure! ...maybe in an hour or two.



BenAV said:

It's been a while since I've played MK7 much, but I'll be sure to jump on and see how I go.



Jmvars said:

Here we get a possibility to play with up to 8 players and you decide to start with 4 - 5. It's like Mario Kart DS.

I will leave if we are not 6 players. I'm sorry, but it is really boring.



Inkling said:

I didn't play last time, this'll be interesting. I haven't played MK7 in a while!



WiiLovePeace said:

Not much notice for such an event! But I'm really tired so I'm going to bed, you'll have to have the fun without me



Jazzem said:

Argh, I had a communication error in the last race! ;_; I was about to win too!



BenAV said:

I should have gone to the no items room....
Just one of those days where I'm being hit by literally everything.



Klimbatize said:

All right. Got 3 sets of races in, but unfortunately I have stuff to do. I'll leave while on top on the group standings (which will hold up for about 30 more seconds).

Great races, everyone.



Jmvars said:

Got f'ed by that blue shell, while my brother takes first...

I could have been 2nd, but ended up in 7th.



mystman12 said:

Has anyone seen me? I have the same username and use play as the mii in my profile pic.



Jmvars said:

Try giving your 3DS a static IP if you are getting communication error. Worked for both me and Guovssohas.



Bulbousaur said:

Oh yeah I see you Guovssohas, its a ghost town here, and I just got disconnected... Typical...



Bulbousaur said:

Oh I'm James as well, sorry if it confused you! Did you get disconnected as well a minute ago Guovssohas?



Jazzer94 said:

@Dragonxflame323 Yeah it said I removed the game card must have been wobbling it to frantically can you tell me when the races are over so I can join again.



Black_psu said:

Hey, guys. I was in a couple set of races early on. I've browsed the site for a while but decided to pop in today as well as register. Good races. They were fun.



BenAV said:

Even when coming second, those blue shells sure know how to find me.
Fifth place from that, thanks game.



Bulbousaur said:

Pretty bad lag in the last race, might move closer to the router if it contimues, Got 2nd somehow though!



Dark-Luigi said:

Well, I'm done. Good games everyone who raced me. MK8 will be epic racing! Until then, green thunder out!



Bulbousaur said:

Thinks it was just a temporary thing, the last race was ok as far as I could tell. Fourth, not terrible I guess...



Bulbousaur said:

Fifth in the last race, and third overall, not too bad for my first game since the last NL tourney



DreamyViridi said:

Throughout those races, I've ended up rivaling against a Koopa racer. I'm stopping now before I let my vengeance out! Two 2nd places overall and two 1st places overall. Great races, guys!



Bulbousaur said:

In a room with three Toads, with only three players! First on Kalamari Desret, I am the greatest Toad!



BenAV said:

Aww I can't get back into a group.
Well, nice being on top while it lasted I guess.



NintyMan said:

I'm joining after completely forgetting about this event for an hour. Look out for a mustached guy named Devin who plays Donkey Kong!



JaxonH said:

Wow, I keep losing in last place! I'm a great MK player, I even beat 4 world records posted in GamePro magazine back on MK64... but I just can't seem to race well in MK7. Probably the fact I haven't played in 2 years is a small factor, but also the handling and speed is off. Need to find the right cart/wheel combo to get Stella her groove back. This is embarrassing!



BenAV said:

I think I die a little inside when Daisy Cruiser gets picked.
And why am I such an item magnet today? D:



BenAV said:

It's been like that for me all morning, everything that could hit me has hit me, haha.
Just one of those days I guess.
Good races though.
My connection's hating me now.



BenAV said:

Arghhhh, got stuck at the please wait screen for a few minutes so gave up and closed the game, but then got stuck at the game closing messages for ages so had to just reset my 3DS.
Just not my day.



idork99 said:

I couldn't get in for a while! Phew!! Almost had a panic attack. Lol. Now for more fun!



BenAV said:

I reset my modem, and looks like I'm back in now.
Please behave Internet, I could still be sleeping right now so I want to be able to actually play considering I'm up for this.



Brown77 said:

Someone just started the game with 4 players, made me have to reset the game =/



Dragonxflame323 said:

I had a blast racing, guys. Nice games all around, can't wait to play again next time! Perhaps that'll be in Mario Kart 8!



LunarHalo24 said:

Man, I might be too late. I'll be home pretty soon so maybe I can get a race or two in. If not, I'll join in next time!



BenAV said:

I actually don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said today has been the worst luck I've ever had in Mario Kart in my life, haha.
Still been fun for the most part though.



BenAV said:

I think I'm done for the day... the game hates me today and I've seen enough Blue Shells.
Thanks for the fun races everyone.



Raylax said:

Well, I'm done for tonight. Had some great races, it was a lot of fun! Got to love Mario Kart, and these tourneys are awesome. Thanks for arranging them again, folks. I may have lost this time, but I'll returň͍̗̥̬͓̬͎̚̕͡! I'll be back some d̨̦͔̮͊ͤ̏͆͜ͅà͙̠͕̞̰̻͕ͨͬ́͝ͅy better than ev̵̸̰̭̋̚ͅe ̸̾ͣr̵̰̺͚̬͛ͧ͐̎̽͑́̓! The racetrack w̾ͧ͐͆̀҉̴̨̯̜̮̹i̙̻͍̓̈́͑̈́̂ͦͮ́͢ͅl̑͐͑ͧ̐͏̖͕͖̲̭͢l̵̒͒̈ͣͦ̉ͧͣ͏̟̩̻̭̫͍̰̀ ̴͕̬͕͎̘̻̺̲ͣͮ́ͮͩb̧̛̫̘̘̤̰̜̬͋̓̆̃̾̏̋͘e̘͆ͥ̈͌̎ͥ ̛͙͑̀͑́͝mͯ̌ͥ̋͐ͭͭ̔҉̵͓͎̞͔̟̙̪̹͞i̙̖̣͔̯̋̎̊͝͡͝n̡̦̜̱̬̯̞̅eͪͮ͛҉̰͉͘ I swear it! Those who face me will ş͙̮ͣ̍̈ͣ̏ͪ̕ụ̖̘̱͙̭̤̍̓ͧ̉ͥ͛͆̋͌f͔̼͇̠̳̙͎ͥͤ̀̅͡f̨̻̞̫̩̠͓̲͇̪́̑̎̈e̅̽҉̞̦͈͖r̵̺͉̟̭̩̺ͥͨ̑̅̃̄ͅ ̜͖̲̱ͦ̓͊̽̃̀̚͡f̵͎̭̫͈̬̠ͣ̌ͬ̚͘ĕ̬͙͔͚͈̾͒͒̀̿̍ͮ͝ͅa̸͔̖͖̼̪̪̬͓͛̌͆ͦ́͢r̷̰͉̣̬̫̺̈́ͫ̓ͭ̊̈́̿͞ and defeat THE TRUE VICTOR W̴͕͚̪̲̦͚̬͖ͨ͊Ì̑̈҉̨̠̲L̨͇͓̲̦̰̐ͨ͘L̖̩͚̰̜͚̪ͩͤͨ̅̑̆̕ ̥̲̩̟̩̱̹͓͗͛͒̚͝ͅR̢̯͚̳̰ͫ̊͛ͫͧ͢Îͤ͆͑͑̍ͧ̊̀͏̖̱S͒͌̾͏̞̺͔͚͖͙͓͇É̍͌͗̃̌̚҉̠͍̺̱͢ B͖̳ͤ̔̓͆̏͛̽̚Ë́̆̈͊̾ͩ͑҉͎̜̜W̡̤͖͚͇̣̹͍̖̉ͣ̍ͥ̀̎̐̍A̐͛̈̚͏̵̷̦̗̦͙Ŕ̢̝̪͓̗͉̰ͩ̽ͦ̂̊̈Ė̷̹̞͇̼̝͍̘̆̍ͣ



Squashy said:

That was a lot of fun thanks for the races everybody and thanks Tom for organising it!

@Knuckles Hi there we had a couple of good races!

@BenAV You and Peach make a fearsome team haha



Black_psu said:

Anyone want to exchange friend codes? Mine is 1349-4916-2054. Just asking, since I play Mario Kart 7 most nights and had fun today.



Webby-sama said:

I'm pretty sad cause I ended up getting sick this week and let NyQuil take out my entire Saturday. Just woke up, not fun.

No Mario Kart shenanigans for me.



Jmvars said:

I had a lot of fun. Ended up playing for over 3 hours with my brother. In the end my brother was leading in the entire community with 218 points, while I was 3rd, right behind BenAV

I'm JM and my brother is Guovssohas, in case anyone is wondering.



idork99 said:

@Jmvars You and your brother are great racers. Mario Kart Bros.? Lol. I raced both you and your brother for two sets and was impressed! Thanks again NL!




GGs to all the NL Mario Kart 7 racers I raced with earlier. I go by the name: [GB*LUIGI] . The * is a Dark Star symbol.



Knuckles said:

@3DSLuigi I've raced against you online more than once. I've seen your Orange MK7 mii in my plaza for over a year now. Nice to finally put a user to the Mii.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

90’s Nintendo will always be better.
Mario 64 is better looking than any new Super Mario game.
Mario use to look cool. Not so obviously aimed at toddlers.
"Wall kick will work” it was challenging. There were elements of creepiness. Like the Thwomps mean face and the fiery painting you jumped through.
Now the Bosses all look adorable like Plessy … The textures looked more tone down and as if they could continue they would strive to continue to look more realistic but instead they look super bright and reflectively shiny.
The music even seemed better in Mario 64 to me. though the music is the only thing that still remains just as good if not better. Better in sound quality obviously but the songs like the one you heard throughout Basement in Mario 64 or that awesome japanese instrument in Shifting Sand Land.
I’m just asking… what happened Nintendo?...

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