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Park Cars Like You’ve Never Parked Cars Before, In Parking Star 3D

Posted by Liam Doolan

40 levels of parking madness

Whether it’s navigating the tight corners of underground car parks, or dealing with the complexities and pressures of parking meters, there’s always fun to be had when it comes to parking an automobile.

Chinese eShop developer and publisher CIRCLE Entertainment has obviously caught onto this with the upcoming Parking Star 3D for the 3DS eShop, pointing us to details on its official Twitter page.

With release details yet to be revealed, it's a title that is likely to bring out the best - and worst - of players, featuring 40 levels of car park madness; as one would expect, this title simulates the experience of parking a car. Players will have to use their accomplished driving skills to park in specific locations as quickly as possible whilst avoiding pedestrians, other vehicles and road obstacles; this isn't a first for this genre, with Valet Parking 1989 from Zordix AB previously released as DSiWare.

So, are you keen on testing your parking abilities in this upcoming title for the 3DS eShop?


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DreamOn said:

Parking is the least exciting operation of driving a vehicle, and they made a game about it? Unless it's demo-derby parking somehow, that'd be fun..maybe.



mystman12 said:

I was pretty much laughing throughout this entire article. It's just like... "C'mon guys! We need to make this sound as exciting as possible!" but they're just failing. I'm assuming that's the point, though.



sillygostly said:

I loved Zordix's Valet Parking 1989. Loved the nods to 80s celebrities and the barely legal imitations of classic 80s tunes. I doubt that this will be anywhere near as charming… it probably won't be released in Australia anyway given that Circle Entertainment hardly releases any of their games here.

And it seems that they've cancelled Sweet Memories: Poker Night.



XXIV said:

Yeah, no. I'll never be able to play this
1.) I'm Asian, so inherently, I'll be bad at anything behind the wheel
2.) I can't drive period



XFsWorld said:

I use to love playing online flash parking games on my computer when I was little, if reviews are good, I'll try it out.



LJay said:

This could be fun! Hope theres smashable cars and do the most damage mode!lol lets av' some screens!



Smitherenez said:

Well, after 70 hours of driving lessons I really started to hate parking. So this isn't for me!



Obito_Sigma said:

Crap, I was hoping that a Call Center Simulator 2014 3D would come before this. Hopefully it would come out by the beginning of April.

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