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Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wii U Virtual Console Line-up

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Play it on the GamePad is the message

Time flies, and after a busy week in which Nintendo firmed up its Game Boy Advance plans for the Wii U Virtual Console, we're now just days away from the first arrivals. It's certainly an attractive line-up in its early days, filling April with eight releases in total.

Some of these titles will be familiar to 3DS owners that benefited from the Ambassador promotion of 2011, as well as veterans that enjoyed these games when they were shiny and new, but there may also be plenty of Wii U gamers that'll have the chance to enjoy them for the first time. It's undoubtedly promising that the early line-up includes some absolute beauties, so it should be a month of retro delights all around.

In any case, Nintendo of America has now released new trailers for the first five titles to arrive, landing on 3rd and 10th April. Check them out below, and let us know which ones you're planning to pick up.

Advance Wars

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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

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Metroid Fusion

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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

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User Comments (121)



Jazzer94 said:

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Advance Wars are potential purchases but I'll probably just get Advance Wars to start with.



Geonjaha said:

All great games. I'll be waiting to buy those that weren't Ambassador titles on my 3DS, because my Wii U is no place for them.



evildevil97 said:

Kirby and Metroid are the only two I'm interested in that I never played. Might grab Superstar Saga too, though I still have the cartridge, and a working Gameboy Player on my Gamecube.



FriedSquid said:

No video for Golden Sun? Otherwise Superstar Saga and Advance Wars look great. I'll consider my other options but I may just get one or the other for Wii U VC.

Metroid Fusion and WarioWare look nice, too, but I've already got those from the Ambassador program.
amazing mirror is one the worst kirbys ever if you ask me personally



komodo182 said:

Advance Wars will be bought first day that I can.
Probably will pick up Mario and Luigi Superstars too and the kirby game.

And definitively getting Golden Sun when that comes out.



rjejr said:

Anybody play both Advance Wars and Mecho Wars on the PSN? I've never played any of the Advance Wars but Mecho Wars was really addictive for a game that had nothing to it.



ikki5 said:

after watching that Advanced wars game, it does interest me, I may end up picking it up with the others. though my priorities will be Metroid Fusion, Golden Sun and Mario and Luigi.



AdanVC said:

"Play it on the Gamepad is the message" So that means it would look blurry and bad on the TV? Let's hope not... But either way, doesn't matter since I've always play VC games on the Gamepad just to imagine I'm playing on a huge GBA haha.

Excellent launch lineup of GBA games! I would download all of them!



divinelite said:

Golden sun is quite good. Beware that events are very slow and quite boring but overall is great



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm torn getting GBA games for Wii U. I'm a purist, who wishes to play console games on a console, and handheld games on a handheld. Yet, there a couple of games coming that I don't have for GBA and want, like Golden Sun. Amazon can be unreliable in terms of used games, so Wii U is an appealing alternative. I suppose I need to relax my standards on handhelds & consoles. With things like this, Nintendo is forcing me to, lest I take my chances with Amazon.

I don't understand why Ninty can't give us a choice, putting GBA games on Wii U AND 3DS. I realize the Wii U is the squeakiest wheel getting the grease, but that doesn't mean the 3DS VC should be ignored. The thing that gets me about the GBA/DS coming to Wii U is that meanwhile, almost all 3DS is getting lately is NES games that are already on Wii VC. It would be nice to see some variety on 3DS VC, like the Mega Man Game Boy/GBC games announced LONG AGO. Some weeks don't even see a 3DS VC release in North America. Just because Wii U needs sales doesn't mean 3DS should be ignored. But, enough complaining. That's for Club Nintendo surveys (and I encourage those who agree to add their 2 cents on their surveys).

I am going to get Golden Sun, and give GBA on Wii U a chance! I need a Final Fantasy-like RPG fix.



Xaessya said:

Hopefully this won't be all we will be seeing and more will come next month



ungibbed said:

These games would look much better on the Game Pad. If you still have a GameCube with the Game Boy Player, I'm sure it would look pretty awful on a large HD screen.

I still love the GBA as it proved time and time again that 2D isn't dead when home console fans were still fighting over best looking games of that generation and beyond.

I was hoping to see some F-Zero in the GBA mix but it's all good. Some day it will happen.



Luna-Harmony said:

wow advance wars looks like a snk game from 90's amazing music and gameplay. About time all we need now is Gamecube games as well.



Aerona said:

I think it's awesome having GBA games be available on Wii U. I just don't see why the 3DS can't have them too.



aaronsullivan said:

For those who haven't played the mobile Metroid games: Metroid Fusion is a fun Metroid variant made for mobile gaming in small sections (which makes it a little less Metroidy in my book) but is still pretty great and I'll buy it as soon as it shows up, but Metroid Zero Mission is much closer to Super Metroid in gameplay and a genuine replacement for those who can't quite get into the unforgiving NES original (as it covers the same event).



aaronsullivan said:

I know some people are bothered by it but I don't mind giant square pixels, even on my HD screen. Now, when something is 3D and the resolution is low it bothers me more because I'm so used to that type of thing easily scaling up with new hardware, but Pixel art is still an abstract representation of something whether the pixels are giant or small, and if it's done well tiny, it will look good large. To me, at least.



bizcuthammer said:

I still own the cartridges for Metroid Fusion and Kirby's Amazing Mirror. Lost my copy of Mario & Luigi, though. I just have no GBA that works anymore. I'll definitely end up downloading Mario & Luigi and Fusion. Not Kirby or WarioWare, though. Amazing Mirror isnt that good and WarioWare is not woth $7-8 for me. Might try Advance Wars, though. Looks interesting. I've never played that series.



smikey said:

I'm planning on getting them all but golden sun & advance wars are the two I most want While Metroid is my least wanted not much of a metroid guy but i'm hoping they show off a wii u version at e3 otherwise internet will be full of rants again.
Also looking forward to yoshi at the end of the month.



faint said:

All of them day one if I can. I would like to show that a more robust weekly vc release is a good thing. The only one I'm not interested in so far is yoshis island



IceClimbers said:

I won't be picking any up right away because I don't have the money for it. Once I get some more money for games I will pick up some indies, Battle Trozei, and SuperStar Saga.



kingston589 said:

Ill wait for golden sun and if they release it, minish cap, but i have or am getting everything else physical



Sean_Aaron said:

Advance Wars and Warioware for me. I play NES games in the Virtual Console on my 42" plasma so I have to think these will look just fine.



gojiguy said:

I wonder if the gamecube virtual console is still a thing that's gonna happen...



hcfwesker said:

Fusion for me, and hopefully before 2022 they will put zero mission on VC as well.



Whopper744 said:

I understand wanting the GBA comes on the 3DS instead, but refusing to buy them on the Wii U because they were originally on a handheld.... Not being mean but it kind of makes one look stubborn. Though some games truly do play better on the go.



Azikira said:

I don't know why they keep pushing the multiplayer-focused Kirby game on there. You can't play multiplayer, and it's more shallow in content then Nightmare in Dreamland.



FriedSquid said:

@Player4: Well for one I think the four-Kirby idea was terrible (not to mention their bad AI), the huge map was a pain and not very fun to explore, and the controls were a little bit slow... The review here on NL sums up my feelings of the game. Overall it just left a bad taste in my mouth for a Kirby game, and I love Kirby games.

@Lz Gotcha, thanks for letting me know.



Uberchu said:

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror !!! I'm a 3DS ambassador, and it was one of the few non pokemon GBA games I played back in the day! I love it so much! lost my physical cart eons ago though... D:

Might pick it up or the M&L game, and kirby in the future though.

@CaptainSquid, I loved that game but not the AI, AI sucked or team work on some stuff, I think their was an area or two where you needed team work too. boo!



shaneoh said:

Advance Wars, Super Star Saga, and Fusion (despite being a 3ds Ambassador).

To begin with



deKay said:

Already got all those on the GBA, no need to buy them again to play them on the big screen - I can use my Game Boy Player or the Retron 5.



t3g said:

Its tough, considering that I have a DS Lite next to me and can play all these games on their original hardware.

On another note, does this mean we will finally get Mother 3 on the Virtual Console? We got Earthbound (Mother 2), so why not the excellent sequel?



Action51 said:

As a huge fan of Advance Wars, let me just say this: If you like strategy games like Fire Emblem, Jagged Alliance, Civilization, and Final Fantasy will probably love this game.

If you don't like any of the above games I listed, you should probably avoid it.

If you have never played any of the games I listed, why are you not running out and buying Fire Emblem: Awakening right now? What's wrong with you!



Giygas_95 said:

Metroid Fusion, Superstar Saga, F-zero MV, and possibly Golden Sun for me.

I've been playing through the Metroid series recently starting with Prime, and I'm almost to Fusion. I can't wait to play it on the TV!



Spideron said:

@Action51 I don't like ANY of the strategy games you listed, but I LOVE Advance Wars so there's no reason for ANYONE to avoid it!

I'll get five of the eight first GBA games. I'll skip Golden Sun, F-Zero and WarioWare.



JoeyZXD said:

I've owned most of these games in the past but sold them all... can't wait to play them again on the Wii U!



YoshiTails said:

Still got GBA copies of Advance Wars, Fusion and superstar saga... But advance wars is soooo good I might just have to double buy.



EdwardCORE said:

They should be on the 3DS, period. I'd pay full price for these classics on the 3DS. On the Wii U, I won't. Maybe if they turn that piece of crap Gamepad into something useful and release an Wifi connector and we can play it remotely like the Vita does with the PS4, then maybe. Otherwise, it is just another bad idea from Nintendo, and they are having a lot of those lately.



StephenYap3 said:

I'm only getting Mario & Luigi. I'm still thinking about Golden Sun and Advance Wars. The rest I still have on my 3DS.



OptometristLime said:

Advance Wars (or Advanced Wars, colloquially ) is insanely good.

But that Metroid Fusion trailer... all my terror.



RevolverLink said:

Even all these years later, Metroid Fusion still creeps me out. Such an atmospheric little game.

And Advance Wars is one of those games that I almost immediately regretted trading in. I'll definitely download that at some point.



Morpheel said:

Oh my gawd the Metroid trailer, seriously.

Other than that, I already own all the listed games (that I'm interested in) in a way or another, but I may get Mario and Luigi again, playing it in the Micro is not exactly optimal.



Senario said:

I might pick up Advance wars since I don't use my gba or ds much anymore. That and I want them to make a new version of the game that isn't days of ruin style. I don't care handheld or console. They just need a new advance wars game.



HawkeyeWii said:

I want Zero Mission over Fusion. I already have Fusion as an Ambassador game and it seems impossible to get Zero Mission as a hard copy now unless you want to shell out $100's.



Emblem said:

@EdwardCORE Its not possible to send gamepad data via wifi, its like trying to watch a bluray in a dvd player, it may look like similar technology but its a total different process. Remote play with my PS4 is just that, playing remotely just like when i use my Nexus to control my PC. The gamepad is not remote play but can provide off screen play that looks like the image on the tv, sounds confusing but its really not.

The VITA streams from the PS4 via wifi replicating the action sent via the HDMI lead into the tv, this is why it can have lag, drop outs etc. The Gamepad processes and edits unique data coming from the Wii U to display information different from the data sent via the HDMI cable. This is why the Gamepad doesn't ever lag and can display a different screen than the tv and have asynchronous multiplier or HUDs like MH3U or Dues Ex.

That said they could boost the range with an accessory but there is not much value in such a device yet seeing as Nintendo is still trying to convince people of the gamepads actual value.




Looking forward to replaying Advance Wars and experiencing Superstar Saga and Golden Sun for the first time!



Dpishere said:

If I had a Wii U I would definitely pick up Golden Sun, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, and possibly Advance Wars. Already have most of the choices thanks to being an ambassador. Metroid Zero Mission would be great, not sure if I need it though since I loved the original on NES. I would actually prefer the GBA release of Super Mario World at some point.



evildevil97 said:

Forgot about Golden Sun. May pick it up down the line. Got too many other RPGs I wanna try first.



Dreamz said:

If my avatar wasn't a giveaway, I'm looking forward to Metroid Fusion the most by far.



Tony_342 said:

I've owned Metroid Fusion since the day it came out. I play through it once or twice a year. I bought a brand new Game Boy Micro in October 2012 mainly just to play through Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission every now and then. I have the Ambassador version on my 3DS.

I will be buying it on Wii U the day it comes out. It's just a fantastically fun game. Fusion and Zero Mission are probably the only GBA games I'll bother to buy for Wii U's Virtual Console service. Well, if they ever release Drill Dozer, WarioWare Twisted, or Rhythm Tengoku, I will definitely get them - but that's probably not likely.



JaxonH said:

They will. Nintendo announced they already contracted the developer to bring GBA games to 3DS. I don't understand why nobody knows this? They just announced this a month or two ago.



ianmage1 said:

If Nintendo thinks it's a good idea to put handheld games on a home console's virtual console, then it should also be a good idea to put retro console games (N64) on a handheld's virtual console. That's what I would much rather see.

Honestly, I'd rather have the GBA games on the 3DS virtual console.



ACK said:

Advance Wars and WarioWare, inc.: Mega Microgame$ are two of the greatest handheld games that will ever be produced. Mark my words.



RevolverLink said:

The two GBA WarioWare games are masterpieces. As far I'm concerned, Twisted! is still the greatest motion control game ever made, by a fairly wide margin.



Sleepy_JL said:

I like how the nintendolife community is calm and never frantic and saying names like the nintendo community on ign.
On another note! I hope they add drill dozer on the gba virtual on wii u!! It's my fav game by game freak I would like a 2ND part to that game



Manaphy2007 said:

i think for now i will get metroid fusion and nintendo is focusing on wii u and yes it does make sense to add gba for 3ds but wii u need some TLC (not tables, ladders, and chairs)



Manaphy2007 said:

thinking about it, i may end uo buying all of them, like how i said im only buying f-zero and super metroid when it was $0.30 ea. on that special promotion, i ended up all of them



DreamOn said:

In the case of GBA on Wii U, I'm glad Nintendo didnt ask anyone's opinion before they did it.

Not all of us want these games only for 3DS and no other place. I've played these games portably once in life, I'm ready to play them again in a different way.



Capt_N said:

Great for those that own a WU, & either have never played some, or all of these, or have owned them previously/still own them, & wants to play them on their WU. I don't own a WU, & I really feel the 3DS should get these games, in addition to the WU. Speaking for myself, these games don't make me want a WU. I have a still functioning Limited Edition Nes GBA SP. I still play it, too. So, while Fusion is the only one out of this bunch that I own, I can play it any time I wish, & I can also do so, thank God, on my still-functioning, years old GBA SP, & GCN GB player hardware. That all said, I'm glad these are here, for the enjoyment of those that have never enjoyed them before. Metroid Fusion is an awesome game, in my opinion.

Edit: @FluttershyGuy: The thing is, if Nintendo doesn't keep up their game on the 3DS, then it will be the new squeaky wheel.



May_Nyan said:

The only reason they put these on wii u when they really should be on 3DS is because they wanted to make it look like the wii u has more exclusive stuff. It's also why they won't put SNES VC on 3DS even though it would be capable.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Advance Wars and Metroid for me, it's been good I have had the chance to beat metroid and super metroid again on the gamepad and now metroid fusion, I would love metroid hunters to be released on DS virtual console.



Senate_Guard said:

I own Superstar Saga (my favorite Mario spin-off title) and Metroid Fusion (the better of Sakamoto's work with a narrative-heavy Metroid, IMO) in their original cartridge forms.

I don't really see any reason to buy them again.



Gameday said:

Im really glad they are doing this ~
Now i get to play through a few titles i may have missed out on due to not owning the hand held.



Poki said:

If they only were cross platform purchases between 3DS and Wii U ...



baconcow said:

Very annoyed these will not be coming to 3DS. I want to play GBA games on my 3DS.



Anguspuss said:

best thing would by wii u version and get a free 3ds version. You know maybee just to reward loyal customers. Or just screw us over



pukka-pie said:

Shame about the price, as good as these games are nearly £7 is extortionate. Having said that, if you're a Metroid fan that missed Fusion you're in for a real treat.



Geonjaha said:

@Jazzer94, @Melkac - You have no idea what Nintendo's plan is regarding GBA game release, so how can you say that with confidence? Regardless, I can easily buy the games on eBay for my GBA anyway, and I'd much prefer to do that that get them on the Wii U.



Sean_Aaron said:

Okay, we all get 3DS owners want these games on 3DS; I don't see how appearing on Wii U has anything to do with that.

@SahashraLA: thanks for the reality cheque, I'm happy to have these and I think they'll look great. Looking forward to DS on Wii U as well!



IronMan28 said:

Can't wait to play GBA games on my Wii U, I missed out on a lot of them and lost the few I owned (including Zero Mission and Fusion). I hope Nintendo never releases these games to non-ambassadors, just so you people complaining will have to buy a Wii U to play them.



Pod said:

I only ever played Wario Ware Touched and Smooth Moves so I might get hold of the original for Wii U. If it's popular enough in this form, they'll probably bring out Wario Ware: Twisted as well. The machine can run its gyro features, and it's supposedly still the best Wario Ware game.



SetupDisk said:

Never got to play advance wars. Something like this is the main reason I enjoy VC.



Player4 said:

@CaptainSquid Ah, I see. I loved the fact that there were four Kirby's and thought the huge maps were great! Never noticed anything about the controls tho.. But I haven't played this for a long time and this may be my Nostalgia speaking.

I guess opinions do differ.



Daemonite said:

Yes i sooooo want to play GBA games i played a thousand times before, but this time on a non-portable device! I'll even pay a higher price than a physical copy! i mean, who wouldn't, right?!? Nintendo, you sure know what fans want!



Retro_on_theGo said:

Awesome! The colors don't look as dull and washed out as the first time eh showed them off. Can't wait to pick up Advance Wars and Superstar Saga.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I wonder what that little question mark icon is for in all the videos.

That, and I'm buying Superstar Saga day one. Might even get Yoshi's Island just to play it on the TV.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

@Daemonite They might have dropped to $7-$8 at some point in the past, but right now you'd be lucky to get any of these games besides Warioware under $15 and that's not including shipping or taxes.



64supermario said:

Advance Wars for me, never got to play it when it was out, and its too pricey for me in hard copy at least at my local store. Its also BS we get Advance Wars, but Japan gets Advance Wars 1 + 2 :I



pukka-pie said:

@Daemonite But a lot of people haven't played these before and unless you have an original DS or a GBA you can't play it. People complain no matter what Nintendo do, if you don't like it don't buy them, it isn't difficult.



DrJoson said:

That Metroid Fushion video gives me shivers...can't wait to play again. Looking forward to playing Golden Sun, Advance Wars and F-Zero Maximum Velocity for the first time too~



Shambo said:

@divinelite The events indeed go on forever, but I spent ages with both games, getting my entire party to lv 99, getting the best possible gear, all Djinns, all secrets, everything... And STILL the later bosses were quite challenging! Best looking GBA games as well!

Still have most of those announced for VC on cartridges, and then there's ambassador's program on 3ds. But I might get some in time nevertheless.



suburban_sensei said:

Can't wait to play through Metroid Fusion again, it was one of my favorite GBA titles. Golden Sun is another I may pick up, since I enjoyed it alot.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Any chance to find out why Nintendo seems determined to bury the SNES version of Yoshi's Island? That's the version I want to play.



GamerJunkie said:

Meanwhile free from SONY for Month of April PS Plus:

Mercenary Kings, Batman Arkham City, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, Castle of Illusions Starring Mickey Mouse, Velocity Ultra, Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD,

Nintendo is a joke. Sony gives away high quality new games and Nintendo sells its customers same old games and overpriced at that................



sotoam said:

While some of these are great games, I'm not going to buy them for the WiiU. There are boatloads of NES, SNES and N64 games that are MULTIPLAYER that they could have done. Why are they putting single-player handheld games on their home console? I have 2 boys that love to play, but there are just a handful of games that they can play together because so many games are for just 1 person.

I've passed on a lot of eShop games for the WiiU for this very reason as well. I'd like my fmaily to be able to play the family home console. Not, 1 person play while everyone else watches. Kind of boring that way.



GamerJunkie said:

@WaveBoy except gba games are not better than new AAA and indie high quality games, but go ahead, keep buying gba games in 2014 lmao u are the reason nintendo has fallen to this level and will continue to.



WaveBoy said:

Who said i was buying any VC GBA game? I'd rather fork over the cash for the actual cart and play them on my DS lite. I'm not interested in regurgitated offerings, just like the pathetic state of the Wii U's VC, with earthbound being the only new release.



tanookisuit said:

I'm not certain I'd buy any GBA games on the WiiU just because I really don't touch the freebies I got grandfathered into on the 3DS, but if the price and game were right it would be fantastic. I still keep a GB Micro around so it's just hard to take digital over reality, but to save a little pocket space if they put more to the 3DS in time I'd be happy.



MitchVogel said:

All these games I used to play as a kid are now OLD! This scares me. Twenty bucks says they're going to include some sort of throwback screen to play it in original resolution like they do with the game boy on 3DS!



Superryanworld said:

@GamerJunkie I think it comes down to personal preference.Zelda the minish cap was one of the best games I ever played.I no longer own my gba system or games,so vc regardless of what system it's available for gba games are something I don't mind spending money on.And seven dollars compared to a wii u or 3ds game is not that steep to me.I do agree Nintendo needs to get it together with their online.People thought psn was a joke at first,and look how great the service is now.

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