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Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer for Yoshi's New Island

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Eggs-actly what you were looking for (we're so sorry...)

Yoshi's New Island is just days away, and Nintendo is releasing more footage and generating extra publicity before the final game hatches. We'd expect more egg puns as bad as ours to be poached, too, so we'll be sure not to let our heads get too scrambled.

OK. We'll stop the terrible, terrible wordplay. In any case, the new trailer from Nintendo UK is certainly worth a watch for those considering this one, as it's two and a half minutes of gameplay footage showing different environments, power-ups and, yes, egg types.

Check it out and let us know whether you're planning to pick this up when it arrives; we'll be sharing our views in our review, soon.

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Swiket said:

I think they keep using the same few songs in every trailer because they don't want to show you how bad the rest of the soundtrack is.



Dark-Luigi said:

No matter how many times I watch these videos, it's just not interesting to me. It doesn't really show off new things but the giant egg and multiplayer. And the music is just the main theme remixed in different forms. Nothing original, chachy, or memorable. This game is definetly gonna have some mixed reviews...Guess I'll be saving my money for KTD or MGIT.



Boxmonkey said:

It looks like everything else nintendo have been churning out recently, I'm sur there's a market for it especially on the 3ds but something other than a 2d platformer would be nice once in a while.



DerpSandwich said:

They've yet to provide any reason why I should play this instead of the original. It's just the same thing again with muddier visuals and big eggs. And is the story seriously just a carbon copy? I know the story's not incredibly important, but you could at least put literally any thought into it at all.



MAN1AC said:

I'm trying to stay positive but man I did not expect a follow up to such a classic game to turn out like this

I'll check it out eventually but I'm not in a rush.



KnightOfNothing said:

I hate the fact that this game is getting so much hate. It looks promising enough, to me at least, to be a pretty fun experience. In most cases people would wait for the reviews to come through, but this is generally annoying, seeing the same things being slewed in the comments over and over. I get that opinions are opinions, but the pessimistic attitudes are taking over, and I feel it's idiotic to just bash a game without giving it a fair chance. Ever since it was announced all people have said is "This looks horrible..." or "When are we gonna see something new!?" sigh...But whatever, I'm probably not changing anything anyways.



luke88 said:

@Boxmonkey Come on, I agree that Nintendo perhaps put out an occasionally somewhat unnecessary 2d platformer and maybe this, though obviously we haven't seen reviews, is one example. I don't think any such complaint can be levelled at the 3ds though.



JadedGamer said:

Still a day one buy for me. The more I see the more simplistic the gameplay seems. Nintendo wants to replicate 3d lands success. That's fine, even if the game is easy my son could enjoy it too. I have professor Layton puzzles keeping me busy..



JaxonH said:

Wow, this game looks so fun in every way!

I love the color-themed levels- the blue, the orange, the green/white... very artistic design. Idk, this game just seems like a great time. My copy should be shipping out Thursday and arriving Saturday or Monday. Can't wait! Yet another win for 3DS!



Goginho said:

@ShanaUnite lol I take it you're not looking forward to this game, as I've seen the same comment and display pic on a YouTube video previously haha

Anywhoo, I'm hyped and excited for some new Yoshi



meltendo said:

Getting this game but this is a perfect example of my belief of why Nintendo refuses to release any SNES games on the 3DS--they're retooling them as new games to resell to us. Look at the brilliant Zelda game they made from a Link to the Past. Hopefully they're thinking about redoing Super Metroid for us because I need to play that game again--preferably on my 3DS.



MuchoMochi said:

I don't really think people are giving this enough credit. There is a sizable amount of younger kids with a 3DS, I don't think they are trying to add to much to the old, I think they are trying to build nostalgia within the next generation.



Warbeard said:

Let's hope for a surprise, although I'm not expecting it - tried the original a year ago and didnt like it.
Imagine if they one day released a Mario or Yoshi game with an extremely deep complex story, just do a complete 180 on it and surprise everyone?



Meuz said:

I don't get why this game has been getting so much hate. I admit, I wasn't too excited for it when they first revealed it, but now I think it looks superb! Oh, and those graphics are great too. Much more interesting than Tropical Freeze, for example.



Dr_Corndog said:

I'm a huge fan of the original Yoshi's Island, and I just can't get excited for this. For one, "New" seems to be Nintendo's code word for "derivative and bland" (based on the NSMB series), and these trailers aren't doing anything to dissuade me from that idea. But also, the original Yoshi's island had some of the most endearing graphics of any game out there; New Island's graphics are just hideous.



NintyMan said:

I still think this game could be a simple, relaxing platformer to play with after an intense playthrough of Tropical Freeze. I'll be waiting for reviews, but I won't condemn it before it even gets reviewed or before I even play it.



sinalefa said:

I normally don't join the hate bandwagon, but this game is an eggs-ception to that rule.

I can't deny it may be fun, but that would be because it seems to be aping the original game instead of going for new things, as the subtitle implies. The comparisons with NSMB do not seem that unfair, just that instead of a giant Mario, we get a giant egg.



Toodles said:

This game, to me, looks like the Nintendo equivalent of all those direct-to-DVD sequels that Disney used to churn out for their classic animated films. It's colorful, fun, and relatively harmless. But it also greatly falls short of the ambition and creativity of the original. It just seems like a year from now, no one will even remember this game.



Barbiegurl777 said:

It's great that nintendo is showing more footage for the game but what about the block size for the game for those planning on downloading this title.

I don't mind waiting until friday but still very curious. The block size will determine if I have to buy this game in cartridge or not. Planning on downloading it as long as the block size isn't as big as style savvy 3ds was. (Cough... 10,000)

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Captain_Toad said:

Sorry for jumping on the hate bandwagon. I wonder how good nostalgia will take those who already played yoshi's island (mainly me) will takes em according to the trailers.
Edit: Heh, again those are just trailers. We have been decieved by trailers before (coughlostworldcough)



Doma said:

My advice for everyone is to just play the original instead. Don't waste the money on this imitation garbage...



TeeJay said:

...I just can't get over the sheer size of Yoshi's feet here. It really is bothering me.

I honestly hope the gameplay is more interesting than what is shown here. I love the original and even the much-hated DS sequel, but all the gameplay I've seen of this just isn't catching my interest, no matter how much I try to love it.



DreamOn said:

When I was 10 years old in the 90s the games targeted at my demographic then were not even this dumbed down



ToxieDogg said:

I don't understand why many people hated the DS sequel...I loved it, and even it's soundtrack. It wasn't quite as good as the SNES original but it was a very good second's only big failing to me was that it played out across both screens and sometimes that could get a little too tricky given the gap inbetween the screens sometimes helped to hide enemies. This already looks like it addresses that by keeping the action on the top screen only, and I'm expecting it to be a lot of fun.



Ichiban said:

I forgot this was coming this week! Between South Park, Dark Souls 2, MGS V Ground Zeroes, and Infamous Second Son, I don't think Im gonna have the time (or funds!) for this one just yet.



ledreppe said:

I've pre-ordered it, only cost me £23.92, I really wouldn't want to pay any more than that. Will play as soon as I'm finished LEGO Movie or when I'm next away from home.



Gamer83 said:


Finally somebody else looking forward to this game. Every website I visit, even this one, it's all just hate, hate and more hate. I'm not expecting anything award winning, but it looks like it'll be another fun pick-up-and-play platformer to take on the go.



Zup said:

Meh, I'm not big on platformers in the first place. I'll pass.



FabioSMASH said:

It just doesn't have that look and sparkle of an in-house Nintendo game.

...because it isn't.



unrandomsam said:

One entry every 8 years is about right. (Kirby / NSMB / Zelda should do the same thing). Kirby I have played recently enough to notice that it is just not smooth. I get the most out of games when I have forgotten as much as possible about the game first.



Inev said:

@ZephyrTortera Don't worry about it. In general, gaming website commenters don't know what they want and are impossible to please.

Deviating, gameplay-wise, from previous entries in a franchise elicits feelings of betrayal from the...uh, not-smart, who will then claim the new entry can't possibly live up to what the old titles accomplished (an example would be people belittling 3D World, saying they wanted another SM64). These people don't actually want the old gameplay, but rather they want to return to how THEY were when they played that old game (the simpler, happier time of childhood).

You also can't make a game that refines old gameplay, adds QOL improvements, and incorporates new ideas that mesh well with the original gameplay. Internet peoplez will call this a blatant cash-in on nostalgia, and/or claim the developers are creatively bankrupt (recent examples would be Yoshi's New Island, NSMB2 & U, and Zelda:ALBW).

Had to trim this comment down for brevity's sake, but just understand that it really doesn't matter what people you don't know think about a video game.



Giygas_95 said:

I like the overall look, and honestly, I like the art style. I think it's a good progression of the original game's are style. I'm just concerned that the gameplay looks almost like a close remake of the original with a few little extras thrown in. Sometimes it almost looks like some of the levels are the same as some in the SNES game. I'll wait for some reviews first, but I'm not going to judge it before I read reviews or even play it...I wish people wouldn't do that. I'm looking forward to this even if I'm looking forward somewhat cautiously. Like others here though, I'm also getting tired of the negativity over a game we haven't played or read any reviews about.



allav866 said:

I'm not eggs-cited for it, but I registered my new XL on Club Nintendo, so if I'm going to get PokéMon X for my brother, I may as well get something out of it. And who knows? Maybe this game will be awesome... Hurry up and bring us a review, NL!



Bolt_Strike said:

Were there ever Pokeys in Yoshi's Island? I don't remember seeing them before.

In regards to the "game is too similar to previous ones" argument, I actually think there's an acceptable amount of changes in this one. Between the Egg Dozers, Super Yoshi, and the new transformations, there's just enough to keep things fresh. Sure, it might not be the most revolutionary game out there, but I would say it's just barely out of "boring rehash" range.



StarDust4Ever said:

Meh. Anyone remember the DS version? Gameplay used up two whole screens plus you could play as Mario, Peach, DK, Wario, and I think Bowser as well. Yoshi's New Island seems like a step back.



Ralizah said:

Resisting the negativity as much as possible, but I wasn't a big fan of the one on the DS, and despite liking the visuals, I've not been impressed with much else that I've seen thus far.

If there were no other big platformers on the horizon, I might give this a go, but with an utterly incredible looking Kirby game coming out in a couple of months, I think I'll just hold off on this.



Lalivero said:

I don't get the hate either. Looks pretty charming to me and I'll be getting it this weekend.



Banker-Style said:

Still unsure bout this, I'm kinda growing to the graphics, but I'll wait for teh reviews.I'm expecting 6-8 scores.



Yoshis95 said:

Its annoying how much hate this is getting. As you can see from my name im a yoshi fan. Its also anoying how much people are dissing the graphics, the graphics are part of what yoshi's island is, and the graphics are sweet! Dont get this game if your looking for another FPS or graphic intense game, get this because you want yoshi island, cuz thats what this is, Yoshi's island.



ToniK said:

I'm not thrilled about this and I wouldn't pay full price for this. As a budget item or download only this would be just fine.

To me it seems they are targeting the younger demographic and people shouldn't be so harsh and needy



Romeo said:


looks so bland, lifeless and ultimately extremely boring
and the music is bad

a damn shame.. i like yoshi :/



Danielp152 said:

Wait... Can you ONLY play with Mario on yoshi? No other babies? I thought the ds version was a improvement, if they are removing it, isn't it removing a great game mechanic?



jreed3842 said:

Ya know... I would probably get this game if I had the money... But I can really only afford a few games a year. I'm saving up for Mario Kart, and Smash Bros...
Then any extra money is going to Wind Waker HD (Can you believe I've never played Wind Waker)
Then if I have any after that... Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is next... Then I'd probably get this game.



Sir_Deadly said:

Umm i wanna know why the heck there hasnt' been anything said about Yarn Yoshi (which i believe got more hype) yet this game that seems like nobody wants gets more attention.



Romeo said:

because this game will be released in a few days?
and Yarn Yoshi won't be out for a few more months

simple as that



Webby-sama said:

Is it weird that I like Yoshi (probs top three Marioverse character) but dislike all Yoshi games?



boynerdrambling said:

It seems nintendo fans are starting to jump on the its cool to hate nintedo bandwagon any chance they get. First 3D World when it was announced, then Tropical freeze and now this. Maybe some of you need a generic fps to play

Looking forward to yoshi. I personally enjoyed the DS sequal, even though that was torn to shreds as well and will happily buy it when it comes to the virtual console, since i never actually owned the game



Kirk said:

I'm just not feeling this game at all.

The artwork and characters around the video is more like how the actual frikin game should have looked. It's so frustrating that clearly they could do the original art style justice if they wanted to and yet in the actual game they went for a really cheap, plasticky and rendered, thrown together look for most of the art.

It's like they're shoving in your face just how much this game falls short of what it really should have been.

I wish this had been made by one of the teams that gave us Kirby's Epic Yarn or Kirby Tripe Deluxe or something like that because I think they could have actually done this first true sequel to the seminal original full justice.

So annoying and disappointing.



defrb said:

I've never been a fan of this version, where a baby mario cry out loud when you get hit.
This game looks like it should have been released like 10 years ago, it surely fit into the series but its the same of the same,.

Webby-sama said:
Is it weird that I like Yoshi (probs top three Marioverse character) but dislike all Yoshi games?

@ Webby-sama: "No not at all, yoshi is also one of my favorite characters but never liked the main games from my hero ^^"



Geonjaha said:

@ZephyrTortera - Yea, because it looks worse than the game that came 20 years before it. If it looks like a cheap (and inferior) copy of a 20 year old game then most people are going to speak out and not buy it. Voting with your wallet is the only way to stop these games being made.

What tends to confuse me is people who will buy this game just because it's a Yoshi game, despite it adding next to nothing to the source material. These also tend to be the ones who 'don't get the hate' whenever a company tries to make more money by replicating an earlier game and not improving it in any substantial way (ie. laziness). People don't like to be taken advantage of. If you're the kind of person who wants a copy of a 20 year old game for a new console with next to nothing different for a full £30 then go ahead, but stop being surprised when others don't. It's more than a little ironic the defence this game is getting, since so many people here tend to bash the 'generic repetitive FPS' series like COD, when that's pretty much exactly what Nintendo is doing with this title.

Also - why is it so common for people to claim that we cant dislike the look of the game without playing it? No one ever says we cant think a game looks good without playing it. The solution to all of life's problems is not to buy every game just in case its good - that's what discretion is for. I will wait for reviews, as I always do - but when this game turns out to be what I think it is, I'll pass on it, and wait for Nintendo's next game - one that some effort was put into.

@Captain_Toad - Don't bother apologising for disliking the look of a game. If some fanboys get upset because other people don't like a Nintendo game then that's their own problem.

This post ended up much longer than I'd anticipated, so...
TLDR: This is why we cant have nice things.



Geonjaha said:

Apparently disliking a game from Nintendo just means you're trying to be cool and jump on a bandwagon, not because you have genuine problems with the game. sigh Only on a Nintendo site.



Shadowflash said:

I'm looking forward to this. I'm not egg-static about it, but I'll stay hopeful for good reviews.



Monsti said:

So much hate here. 0o
I'm really looking forward to this. Been waiting for a while to play a new Yoshi game and it looks cute.



Doma said:

@Bolt_Strike All that stuff you mention existed in the original...

@sinalefa Drill transformation was in the original.

Lol see, this is why i said people should just play the original instead. There's literally nothing new to experience in this failed clone of a game.

Oh look, it's starting to get abysmal review scores already. Cue surprise!



felix330 said:

I'm sure it will be a good game, but I have to say it also looks pretty unremarkable. It's also baffling how they managed to make it look worse than the original. Something I might buy for 10€ or less.



andreoni79 said:

@Geonjaha said: "It's more than a little ironic the defence this game is getting, since so many people here tend to bash the 'generic repetitive FPS' series like COD, when that's pretty much exactly what Nintendo is doing with this title" and he is 100% right.
Meanwhile, many unsold copies of Wonderful 101 are sadly collecting dust in stores...



Peach64 said:

@barnetbee1 That's what I was worried about. I love Yoshi's Island so much, but the series seems to be just a long list of disappointments ever since. I do have high hopes for Yarn Yoshi however, as I loved that studios previous work.



khululy said:

@Toodles That's the problem I have with most games, they lack anything to remember sure they look play and sound great but after a while... you forget it.
Everyone is playing it safe now(yes also M$ and Sony are.) and risks are not taken. It seems like games nowadays need to be for everyone and it makes them lose a bit of edge and personality.

the reason why they created this more real look, I think, is to make the 3D pop out better rather then looking like SNES 3Dremake. I think this game will look a lot better on an actual 3DS screen same was the case with link between worlds for me.

Edit: Yoshi's Island Redux would be a better title.



MikeLove said:


Nintendo first-party games usually have reviews posted several days, if not a week, in advance.

The fact that this game doesn't have any official reviews posted online and its just hours away from releasing, tells you that Nintendo doesn't have much faith in it either.



Bolt_Strike said:

@Doma Not all of the transformations did, nor did the Egg Dozers or Super Yoshi (Baby Mario could go Super, but that was slightly different).



hopfolla said:

I really want this game to be good as loved Yoshi's Island on the SNES.
I am starting to wonder if the lack of a review this close to release date is because Nintendo have not give out review copies? Maybe they know the game is not up to scratch? I want to pre-order but the fact that there is no review yet is stopping me. There must be a reason there are no reviews anywhere yet.



Bass_X0 said:

Edge is elitist though and always has been.

I hate the fact that this game is getting so much hate.

There's nothing really new about the game. Its just the SNES original with different stages, big eggs and new transformations. Even all the New Super Mario Bros. games have actual new content than this.



Bolt_Strike said:

@Bass_X0 At least in this game, those minor changes actually do something in the gameplay. Most of the powerups in the NSMB games have virtual no effect on the gameplay. And in Tropical Freeze, most of the changes either have no effect or were game mechanics brought back from the original trilogy.



andreoni79 said:

@Bass_X0 Edge is so elitist that rated 9 or 10 most of the Mario and Zelda games in the last 10 years... If they just gave a 4 to this, maybe it's simply because they think it's a bad game.

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