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Nintendo Force Magazine Secures Second Year With Kickstarter Success

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nearly 2000 backers supported the cause

Last year brought the launch of Nintendo Force magazine (update: now simply known as NF Magazine), a publication with the goal of keeping the Nintendo Power spirit alive and kicking following the latter's closure. Contributors were found from across the web, including our own Corbie Dillard, and it completed a début year of sending out new issues — physical and digital — on a bi-monthly basis.

In order to guarantee another year of the magazine a second Kickstarter campaign was launched to secure the necessary funds. It has achieved just that, comfortably passing its $49,000 goal to reach $69,491 at the close, coming from a little under 2000 backers.That meant a few stretch goals were passed, including free desktop wallpaper for all backers, a re-run of issue 1 for subscribers, and a fold-out poster for the next issue; in addition, the previously unpaid team will get now get some pay for their efforts, too.

The loss of Nintendo Power was clearly a major disappointment, so it's terrific to see magazines such as Nintendo Force keeping the flame alive for magazine and Nintendo enthusiasts.


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Jazzer94 said:

I would get this but its just so expensive compared to other magazines.



Lunapplebloom said:

Backed this a little while after I saw it. Had some good specials towards the end of it's Kickstarter run as well. I personally got the package with Shovel Knight, and digital and physical subscription.

They've done an awesome job so far, and can't wait to see what they do next.



Prof_Clayton said:

@Jazzer94 Honestly, the magazine I find to be worth what I paid ($25 for a year's worth of issues, with bonus Issue 1 and poster... and either more posters/cardstock/84 page minimum. (Last 3 choices still need to be voted on).
It really is a great magazine though; and I always skim it first to see what @Corbs wrote.
To NF!
@ThomasBW84 Due to Nintendo's interferrence, NF has to be called NF now; so it isn't legally Nintendo Force (and NF doesn't "legally" stand for that as well.)



Jazzer94 said:

@Prof_Clayton I don't live in the USA so it costs another $20 I could send it to my Nans but then I'd have to wait till I go over to get my copies and the actual content is a bit light still very good just light.



DreamOn said:

In the 90s I read nintendo magazines. But then internet happened. It's been nice but it did ruin some parts of gaming life I feel.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Prof_Clayton Thanks, I've added a note. I've kept the Nintendo Force references in general (aside from the update) as that's how we know it. I'd forgotten about the naming malarkey.



Socar said:

Why can't Nintendo revive Nintendo Power and just publish them through digital since the idea of cancelling the series was so to save resources and get everything known through the internet?



ikki5 said:

if i had know, i would have supported. Is there a way to subscribe to it?


I found the link on their KS page, little pricy though, usually it is like $9.99 a month

Edit again

or is it really that much? is that $15 a month or $15 a year (or $29.99 for me because of my location)?



mcusc5435 said:

I subscribed to NF Magazine for their first run of issues right when subscriptions were opened up and I love the content and layout of the magazine... It is a really good magazine so I backed NF's Kick starter for the second year of issues and think it is worth every dollar that I pledged



Captain_Gonru said:

@Artwark I had a similar thought. Frankly, why not put it on the Wii U? The Gamepad screen could sub for a tablet screen. Given the timing of NP's closure, I had assumed something like this was already in the works.



unrandomsam said:

I would buy it but only if it was mainly import focused.

(That one of the best things about Super Play the other way the way they worked it is the scores were consistent as much as possible across the publication and potentially revised if necessary). If somebody totally disagreed it had an aside on the review. (Or more than one if it was particularly polarising)).



noctowl said:

My picture is in one of the issues! The one with the big group from best buy during E3.

I subscribed just to get that issue. It was cheaper to subscribe for the year than buy the single issue I wanted. That's kinda crazy to me.

I thought about getting year two, but by the time I get the magazine, it's all news I've already heard online.



unrandomsam said:

@WiiULoveGBA It changed the dynamics of the whole thing for the worst I think. Instead of the important thing being trying to be a trustworthy magazine (So people keep buying it).

The goal has changed to showing as much advertising as possible that is paid for by the publishers.

It is also why the average has risen to 70% across all sites collectively. (No point in paying to advertise your game somewhere it is reviewed badly).

Also means any genre that isn't the flavour of the month regardless of how good it is gets lumped together with the genuinely average stuff).



ueI said:

It's ironic that you reported on their success before they did.



Dauntless said:

With Nintendo not doing so well, little game news to report because of a lack of third & first parties titles, and how printed game magazines become irrelevant with game web sites like this one, I don't think there is a bright future for this magazine. But, I wish the backers the best.



Zobocop said:

@Jazzer94 As pointed out, the mag isn't expensive at all (unless you're looking for past issues). $25 for a 7 issue subscription is actually pretty good.



Alpha2797 said:

Anyone know how long it takes for a digital version of issue #1 to arrive in my email? I'm curious.

Will be subscribing for year 2 once I get more money. I'm so glad that Nintendo Force is here to keep the spirit of Nintendo Power alive!



Tasuki said:

As much as I would enjoy this is hard to justify paying for the news and reviews that one would get in a magazine when they could find all that out for free on the net. Also by the time you get the magazine the news would be old due to the net.

As great as magazines where back in the days especially game magazines, in this day and age they are just obsolete.



sinalefa said:

I wish NL would have made an article before the Kickstarter ended, so I could have backed this. I will check those subscriptions.



Slapshot said:

Loved it last year and looking forward to another year reading the NF team's awesome work!



Slapshot said:

Loved it last year and looking forward to another year reading the NF team's awesome work!



Luke8400 said:

I backed it. I still subscribe to several magazines. Although many of them were deeply discounted and I wouldn't have subscribed to them at full price, this mag is an exception. True you can now get everything on the internet, but there's still something special about a print publication that you can hold in your hands/display/archive. Same reason I buy vinyl records instead of downloading all of my music for free.

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