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Nintendo Confirms a Mickey Edition 3DS XL For North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Aw shucks gosh etc...


Nintendo of America has issued a correction to these images to clarify Walmart as the only confirmed retailer for this 3DS XL model, removing Nintendo World Store.

Original article:

Disney Magical World, the Mii-sim experience that allows you to interact with various characters from the Disney universe — mainly Mickey Mouse and his chums — isn't far away from its 11th April arrival in North America. As it's a big-brand release it's getting the special hardware treatment, with Gamestop already grabbing exclusivity of a "Peach Pink" 2DS.

Walmart and the Nintendo World Store will get in on the act, however, with a "Mickey Edition Nintendo 3DS XL" also on the way. Somewhat oddly Nintendo of America has confirmed its arrival in some press shots, minus details such as price — previous systems of this nature have cost $199.99, but we'll need to wait to find out for sure, whether the game will be bundled and so on.

The press pictures in question are of young actors G Hannelius (Dog With A Blog on the Disney Channel) and Cole Pendery, posing with the system while looking happy and photogenic. The images, including a blown up version to show the system, are below.

Are you interested in grabbing this Mickey 3DS XL? There are so many hardware choices...

All images via Nintendo of America.

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tchaten said:

Wow - here comes my 9th 3DS system! - I thought April was going to be a safe month - fully expecting a Kirby system in May!! - "gotta catch em' all ... 3DS!"



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

I'm gonna scoop this one up quick. I regret not getting the Pickachu LE when I saw the last one sitting in the game case at the store.



Megapokepaul said:

In the 1st pic. you can see that the 3ds XL is actually a 3ds LL from japan ( even for a blown up system )and they are playing a ds game on it...... so this advertisement is not really good since they are not showing US merchandise ( excluding maybe the game card) but ill maybe pick up the 3ds XL since it s nice !



ikki5 said:

I already got enough 3Ds;s.... I cannot for myself to go more than 3. lol



ThomasBW84 said:

@INFERCLAW My eyes are too old...

It's possible it's just the same design (wouldn't be the first time), but if the stock hasn't arrived of the NA ones that may explain the absence of proper packaging and hardware pics.



ekreig said:

@WiiULoveGBA Ditto! I was hesitant to buy an XL back when the only colors they had in NA were red and blue; I ended up settling for the all black one when it came out, but I still really want them to bring the white one over!



MamaLuigi said:

Undoubtedly a cash-in to sell even more 3DS's and keep Nintendo hardware afloat. And yes, Disney's Magical World is inevitable but I'll stick with Animal Crossing for all my virtual social life needs.



Action51 said:

In the pictures above, those are the whitest, happiest, best hair having, golly gosh darn kids I've ever seen.



AyeHaley said:

Um it doesn't even hold a 3DS game! Ha you can see that little gap when you insert DS games. FAIL.



Jampie said:

Not really a fan of it. Seeing as I already own a 3DS and 2 3DS XL's, I would much rather add that Peach Pink 2DS to my collection. +_+ If it was the Persona Q, Curtain Call, or white MH4 3DS LL on the other hand... I would get those immediately! <3 _ <3



Pokefanmum82 said:

@INFERCLAW it's the same design, i think. they have the same picture on their twitter page....i really want it but my hubby would kill me lol maybe i can save up for it in secret lol



Senario said:

It looks nice. Although I am holding off on getting a 3ds XL until they release a limited edition goa magara monster hunter one like in japan. They probably won't, but I can dream right?

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