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Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance Wii U Releases and Pricing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

GBA for everyone!

Yesterday brought the happy news of the opening Wii U Virtual Console Game Boy Advance line-up, which includes some enjoyable titles to grace the latest system and its GamePad.

Happily, Nintendo Australia has now confirmed details for its region, providing prices as well — all titles will be AU$9.10 – NZ$11.90.

3rd April

10th April

17th April

24th April

So there you have it, line-ups and prices secured for the major Western territories. It all starts next week.

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Geonjaha said:

Hey that's good news for Australia! Usually they get a horribly high price to pay.



MAB said:

I have zero nostalgic points for GBA and DS so my cash will be going towards indies instead



BestBuck15 said:

I can only guess that the SNES emu Nintendo have on Wii U and Wii can not run Yoshi's Island. The SNES version is superior.



Geonjaha said:

@ferthepoet - Of course, but with Australia sometimes a little too high is all you can hope for unfortunately. I agree on the 3DS point - that's why I wont be buying any GBA games on my Wii U.



FantasiaWHT said:

Handheld games.... WHY not on 3DS? I'm not buying a Wii U, and this doesn't make me want to either.



sillygostly said:

This is so monumentally stupid. I want handheld VC on 3DS and home console VC on Wii U. Putting horribly low res handheld GBA games on an HD console without split screen multiplayer doesn't make an ounce of sense to me.

Unless they plan to integrate the 3DS and Wii U VC in the near future, there is no reason why this should be happening. I want Nintendo to prioritise releasing more GB games on 3DS, including the good, the bad and the ugly. The GB library at present is beyond pathetic.



ikki5 said:

I always laugh at all these people that whine and cry about how the GBA games are not on the 3DS... Seriously, Why should EVERYTHING that the Wii U gets go to the 3DS as well? Why? And if you tell me "oh, well, the um... you know, the GBA is a handheld so they uh.... should only be on handheld systems." then why don't they go, remove and delete all your NES games off your 3DS because those were never a handheld system either. But seriously, just because the Wii u gets it, doesn't mean the 3DS should because if that were the case, the point of buying a Wii U would be ZERO.

Then there is the people that argue about Resolution. Well here is a reality check, the Resolution of an NES game is 256x240. the Resolution of a GBA game is 240 × 160. There is not much difference there and they could easily fix the screen so it fits and looks just as good as the NES games. Plus, there are people that go and emulate these on their own computers fine at the same resolution with monitors the size of most bedroom TV's anyway... and oh would you look at that?? The games look fine so this is a weak and shallow argument on why they should not go to Wii U but 3DS.

If you cannot come up with any better arguments than that "oh, I don't want to have to buy a Wii U just for these! or the ones I mention above, well, then too bad.

The same thing happened when Earthbound was released. People cried and made petition after petition because of "oh how unfair it was" Well, sorry to say, but I disagree with you guys. If you want them, go support Nintendo and buy a Wii U and quit crying about how the 3DS doesn't get what the Wii U does.
Tone it back, please — the insults aren't necessary — TBD



RedYoshi999 said:

Woah, these are cheaper than the SNES games! How did that happen? Bring it on, I thought they would be close to $15!



rjejr said:

Seeing people say how cheap these prices are makes me feel better about the US prices,even if we do seem to be the only region w/ 2 separate price points, I'm ok w/ that as the better rated games seem to cost more so it makes sense even if it does appear greedy.



fluggy said:

I don't know why Nintendo aren't giving these games away for free or charging £1 for them. No third party support, a slow trickle of 1st party games - after Mario Kart when's the next big release??!! They've really not done enough to reward the people who are sticking by the most under supported console in years. Yes.... It won't make as much money for Ninty but giving Nintendo diehards a console with only a handful of good games is completely unacceptable!!!! I had a look on eShop yesterday and some of the Wii U launch games are still full retail price?!!???!!! £40 for a 16 month old game!!!!! Scandalous!!!!



SebCroc said:

@ikki5 Your post is just hilarious. Absolutely stupid. Maybe you should think about others before making absent-minded rants about things like this.
Maybe it's just me, but you seem to be the one crying. I simply don't understand your anger over this.



ikki5 said:


Absent minded? All people ever do is cry and complain when Nintendo does something these days, especially when it is about the Wii U or a service the Wii U is getting. It seems like most people are never happy when something new comes. It is either too pricy, or they were lazy and didn't provide enough, or that it should not be on Wii u or exclusive to just Wii U. I honestly do not understand how you don't understand when the posts about this are littered through out the posts abut GBA games.... they are not hard to miss and any intelligent person should be able to find at least one especially when there is one in the first few comments on this very page. I don't know if you have looked at the comments of the last few posts about the GBA games but it is filled with people complaining on how these games are not coming to the 3DS and that they should being coming to the 3DS and other shallow arguments to support what they say when over all, it is just pathetic whining and crying about how they do not get a certain game because they refuse to buy a Wii U. People need to learn that they don't get everything and if they have a problem with that, then they need to deal with it and get over it. I am just glad there are some people who actually appreciate the work that is done but... like most people it seems here, they can't be satisfied.



JustinH said:

@ikki5 Harsh words but I agree with you. The counterargument is that 99 per cent of the 3DS library could easily come to the Wii U as well.

Port-begging is crass, and if a different platform is getting games you want, save your complaints and consider a purchase.



Action51 said:

@Unca_Lz I agree to a small extent...but on the other hand it would make for a nice word of mouth and goodwill promotion for Nintendo to have those super sales where virtual console games were $0.30 or free.

At the very least it creates buzz and might make people on the fence or waiting for MK8 and Smash Bros. to go out and buy a Wii U.

On the other hand, it's all up to Nintendo and you don't have a right to free stuff when Nintendo knows there is a market for their classic games. That's part of the benefit of being the best developer and having a decades long history of making top quality games. - people still want to buy and play them.



JosieC84 said:

No matter how hard Nintendo tries to please their audience, there will always be whiners. Same goes with Sony and Microsoft.



fluggy said:

No.... I'm saying they owe us stuff for unfulfilling THEIR promise of 3rd party support! I'm not asking for new free games..... I think as a token of appreciation for OUR SUPPORT (I know many Wii U owners who wouldn't have bought one if they knew about the games drought), a few free 12yr old games wouldn't be too much to ask.



whodatninja said:

3DS peeps: You can have our GB games for all i care. Just give me some SNES, NES, GC or N64 games instead!



Ristar42 said:

I think Nintendo need to grow the Wii U audience, improve their services so more people want to buy their console with better incentives for multi platform ownership (like cross buy, which as someone mentioned in another thread, GBA would be a good opportunity to implement).



Starwolf_UK said:

@RedYoshi999 They are cheaper than SNES games everywhere but the UK (who still uses the Wii shop prices for SNES games which makes them cheaper, the Wii shop was €10=£7 while since the DSi Shop it has been €10=£9, financial crisis and stuff*).

*-It is kind of like how the DSiWare games are €1=$1.5 AUD while more recent eShop games (such as these) are €1=$1.3AUD



faint said:

@fluggy they are setting up a program for good coustomers btw. i dont know when it's going into affect. i assume after e3. iwata hasn't said much more than that.



Blue_Yoshi said:


They're not whining or complaining, they have a right to be mad. What Nintendo is doing is the exact kind of behavior that made me ultimately lose interest in them. Ya see the fact is, is that being loyal to Nintendo is almost like a punishment at this point. They constantly are making horrible moves and decisions. They sold Rareware because they were jealous that they designed better games than they did. They made the Wii which when hacked was found about to be more of a media device than it was sold as, it could play DVD's in HD, could stream music, could do all these amazing things that would have greatly worked out and make it a must have towards its own demographic, which is the average person but they hid it all away for whatever reason and never once decided to capitalized on making an HD system with better online capabilities for the hardcore gamer but didn't. Do we DESERVE that awesome version of the console? No. But imagine how good it would have done to Nintendo to do those tasks like keep Rareware an exclusive, turn the original Wii into a multi-media box, make an HD Wii with better free online play? It would have been freaking amazing wouldn't it? What if Nintendo franchised all their games and came out with yearly editions? That would be great too? But no they won't do it and the fact that WAY more people have a 3DS than Wii U and some of their best games to date have been GBA games you'd think that they would give 3DS gamers the option to download their favorite titles in case you know they don't want to invest in a Wii U with less than really 5 good games like the rest of us suckers? Well no this great opportunity was missed and if they're porting 32 bit pixelated games to an HD console they can at least take advantage of the extra space and make split screen multiplayer on games that are practically crying for it like Mario Kart Super Circuit? Well no any feature not pertaining to single player is just unavailable. As a regular Nintendo consumer I am insulted that they won't go that extra mile not to please only me as a fan, but everyone else as a fan.



dwuuuu said:

Would rather the gba games were a little bit cheaper and it sucks that gba had limited controls instead of four buttons.



ikki5 said:

Punishment? Please. Them providing a service to you is some how like punishing you? That's pathetic and a ridiculous statement considering how they provide you with a platform for you to have entertainment. That is like saying you went to a restaurant and you ordered something new that you might not like and there for they punished you because you never liked it when tried.

Also, What is such a horrible move for them to provide something of interest to people? You guys are obviously mad so you're interested. If you weren't then you wouldn't be complaining. Like you said, WAY more people have a 3DS than a Wii U. But because of that, does that mean everything the Wii U has should go to the 3DS because there is more people with a 3DS? Hell no. Nintendo Needs/ wants people to want a Wii U because they want to increase the user base of it. SO how do you do that? Well, you provide something that people want. GBA games are something people want obviously. But instead of people cheering for them, you get people whining and complaining because they don't want to support the console that Nintendo is trying to sell which in my mind, is completely stupid. If you don't want to support it, then do bad, get over it. You are not special, you don't deserve special treatment because you have the more popular console and you are not entitled to anything. If you don't like it, then see ya later. Go play something else and don't start complaining because something you want is not on your preferred choice. I am actually glad you are insulted because right now, you and anyone else complaining that Nintendo is trying to help sell their home console is acting pretty pathetic. You want to play the games, then create the means to do so. If you are too lazy, cheap, poor, or greedy to do that, then have fun, sucks to be you. If anyone should be insulted, it should be Nintendo for the bunch of brats who own a strictly a 3DS and refuse to accept anything unless it is for 3DS either exclusive or not. If you were truly a fan, you'd support Nintendo for this great opportunity to bring great games to a console where it is needed. Not yell to crucify them because they want to help their other hardware.

Another thing about the multiplayer. Now answer me this, how often are you really going to play GBA games online or in local multiplayer if it had that option when you got a title like Mario Kart 8 just around the corner? Seriously? how much? you might play it a bunch in the gap between the two but once the two come out, you'll be playing Mario Kart 8. people can deny it but lets face it. 98%, if not more, of people will probably never touch the multiplayer of Mario Kart for the GBA again except of the rare once in a blue moon.

Also, some information for you, Nintendo never owned Rare, Nintendo only had Shares in Rare but it was never enough for Rare to belong to them meaning more than 50%. Microsoft bought Rare from Rare and Nintendo sold Microsoft the shares it had along with the deal Microsoft made to Rare.



unrandomsam said:

@ikki5 Well until Nintendo comes up with a way for me to use the Wii U with 2 frames of input lag or less I am not interested. (TV on its own does 30ms over HDMI). I just bought a DS Lite anyway with Warioware Twisted. (I have a whole stack of DS games I haven't really touched due to how awful they look on the 3DS XL). I wanted to buy Nintendo didn't want me to simple as. (So instead of them getting the money it went to a 3rd party and they got nothing).



Pod said:

Woah, all three of the first batch are games that are LONG overdue for me to play. If the pricing is right, I may get to do something about that!



shaneoh said:

"People need to learn that they don't get everything and if they have a problem with that, then they need to deal with it and get over it."
Unfortunately people these days are used to getting what they want and not being told "No you can't have it!" The behaviour is childish.



ogo79 said:

yep, im glad i was raised and brought up in the manly vampire hunting days. im a manly gamer. ill take you all on!



Chunky_Droid said:

You all need to realise that the GBA games from the ambassador program ran in DS mode, meaning no save-states, no Miiverse, no wireless functionality, no streetpass.

The reason GBA VC isn't coming to the 3DS is because Nintendo would rather have full 3DS functionality like with all their other VC games, and it doesn't look like they can do it, otherwise they would have announced it by now.



Funny_Moblin said:

Thomas and crew, you guys gotta fix the 3DS e-shop release dates of this games. On the page, it shows they were released in 2003. On the 3DS e-shop.



Blue_Yoshi said:


Clearly you don't know how economics works, I have a Wii U, I'm even an ambassador for the 3DS and I have to say its pretty pathetic for Nintendo to churn out a new console and try and sell it by releasing 32 bit exclusives on it. This isn't about an issue of entitlement its an issue of what a dumb move it is to try to sell a console by releasing handheld games from over a decade ago rather than you know an actual handheld itself. I mean whats the worse that could happen by releasing GBA VC games on the 3DS, they end up making more money because the amount of 3DS's out in the wild compared to Wii U are staggering? We're justified to be pissed since we bought a "next gen" console and all they have to release for it are classic games and while GBA do have some of the best games in Nintendo history, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube games are much better. Did we get any of those? We were promised Gamecube games and N64 is a given since Wii had N64 games on day 1 but no we get one NES ROM a week thats what we get for investing in there console.



Olmectron said:

@unrandomsam Is that because of the bigger resolution and scaling problems? (The fact DS games look awful on a 3DS XL). If so, then you could do as Nintendo says for Nintendo DS and DSi games: "Press and hold START or SELECT when loading the game from the HOME Menu. This will cause the game to display in a lower resolution."

Here, "lower resolution" means the original DS/DSi resolution.



shaneoh said:

"but no we get one NES ROM a week thats what we get for investing in their console."

And now we get GBA games!!!! YAY!!! (I'm genuinely happy)



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think people are really overestimating how big a deal these games being exclusive is. Not even indie games are considered a system seller, much less 10-15+ year old console games. If someone doesn't see the value in games like SM3DW or Pikmin 3 they certainly won't see any in investing $300+ just to play 8, 16, or even 32-bit games.



ikki5 said:


So wait, let me get this strait. People have been asking for GBA games for a while so Nintendo FINALLY starts to put them on the VC and yet you are pissed off because Nintendo is putting them on the Wii U when you bought a Wii U, don't want a new services for the console you bought, instead, you want it on the 3DS to make the console that you are claiming is pretty pathetic because it has no support or service but when it does... you complain? Sorry for the run on sentence but you just completely lost me here. Especially when you are complaining that it is one NES title a week and now, it is more than that. At least for the month of April. So over all, you complain because you bought a system that Nintendo isn't supporting enough and when they start to release more content on it, you complain because they are releasing more for it and putting it on the Wii U instead of the 3DS

Also, I don't understand why you are so concerned about the economics of them especially when they can take the hit if the need to to help provide just that bit more incentive to buy it... If it helps, Great. it will give more incentive for. If you were going to be concerned about the economics then you should be very receptive of this move because it could help promote the system more meaning that Nintendo may do more for the system which you are now complaining about because there isn't enough for it.

Also, another correction that you REALLY need to get drilled into your head.


Got it? Let me say that again just to make sure you got it.


Yes, that is right. Nintendo never once said that it was going to bring gamecube games to the Wii U. All that crap of people saying that was because of a question that was asked to Reggie where he responded saying that he would love to see gamecube games on the Wii U. Then other people went and took that as "Gamecube games have been announced for Wii U." So stop making this claim saying Nintendo broke their promise that was never a promise.



boynerdrambling said:

Gotta love how this like all the other GBA news thread is hijacked by the "boo hoo, i want GBA games on my 3DS" crowd. Sorry to say fellas, you wont always get what you want in life, even if you whine on a internet site.

Looking forward to the GBA games next week. Never had one so missed out on a lot. And at under 10 bucks Australian, i'm a happy camper



Blue_Yoshi said:


Did I ever say I DIDN'T want new games for my Wii U? No I said that I have a Wii U and a 3DS and I'm defending the 3DS only people who are pissed because handheld VC games aren't coming to Nintendo's handheld. I don't even care if Nintendo never promised Gamecube games either, we know they can do them so they should give them to us. We're asking to throw our money at them and do they listen? Do they EVER listen? No. They're not obligated to listen to us but not listening to us, the fans, is very stupid on their part. Ultimately we're the ones at this point who decide as to whether or not they make a profit. Basically saying "people should go out and spend $300 on a Wii U to play Advance Wars is absurd. Generally speaking a lot of consoles can play emulators if you hack them. You don't even need to hack a console to play emulators I can download one on my PC right now. We're doing THEM a favor by buying their old content some of which is well over 20 years old. That's what your not getting is that its not about what Nintendo wants, its about what we, the consumers, want. That's how the gaming industry works nowadays that's why we used to have so many 3D platforming knockoffs, now its evolved to FPS CoD knockoffs. Its like Christ, why are you even getting all upset and butthurt over a stupid internet debate. Don't be that guy. Trust me.



ikki5 said:


Well, you did have in there about how Nintendo was only releasing 1 VC game a week which is what the bulk of my argument above was about. We got one a week, now we are getting more than one a week and game that are NOT NES games. Also, you claim that you don't care that they didn't promise them yet... you claimed that they did promise them.... So which one is it? If you didn't care, why would you mention it and even go out believe that they promised do you care and not care? And of course you can play emulators on a hacked console.... that's why they hack them. Each console is like a small PC so of course you can do that. What I find funny though is you are talking about them listening. Well, we asked for GBA games and guess what, GBA games are here and what are people doing? Complaining and you are here saying they don't listen. yes there is a lot more than we have asked for but here, this one thing that we asked for is here. Maybe this means more of what we asked for will come such as a metroid game, even more VC titles that are hopefully better. Personally, I would like that and I hope that it happens once this NES remix 2 is done and they can finally stop releasing the one game that is on it and we can hopefully get more titles. But for me, right here, the fact that we are getting GBA games means that something new is happening. Something that people have wished for has arrived but like everything Nintendo does, they complain... still.




$9.10 is pretty good. Looks like I won't have to spend that much to get the games I want.



KingGanny said:

Wow...Personally I see several games there I plan to get when I can. Possibly all besides Advance Wars. I don't know about that one and all the others I never got the chance to play. I didn't have a handheld until junior high. First a Gameboy Micro and then a DS a year later. My first Pokemon games was Pearl Version! So I am happy to be able to finally play these games. I won't buy them all immediately when they become availible, but probably either Superstar Saga or Fusion as the biggest priorities.

Also as for everyone complaining here in the comments? Hey. Guess what? If you want a Wii U. In Below here I will leave a nice little link for you. It leads you to Nintendo's Refurbished products. You can, temporarily, buy a Wii U Deluxe with accessories and Nintendoland...for $200. Go ahead. A full $100 cheaper. Not going to do it are you? That is because you don't intend on buying the system. So everything you want that goes to the system you want for your 3DS instead. Want to know what that sounds like? The droves of people who will flat out admit to wanting Nintendo to go third party like Sega just so they can buy their games without buying their system(s). You sound just as self-entitled and overall selfish as they are. Good work.

As I promised:



Kolzig said:

I think it's because of the Super FX chip that was in SNES version and Nintendo doesn't have the license to it anymore.



retro_player_22 said:

Kinda sad there's no 3rd party GBA games up there, would had been nice to see some Castlevania, Mega Man Battle Network, and Bomberman Tournament up there.



Ristar42 said:

I find it quite odd to take issue with genuine and well founded complaints from other long term fans. They just want better services from a company they have invested a lot of their money and time engaging with.

I'm not very technical, but I doubt putting GBA on 3DS is impossible, it would just take time and investment to implement, which I suppose they have made a decision against at present. Certainly I think its a missed oppertunity for cross buy.



Blue_Yoshi said:


Actually thats not quite completely true. You said that they are running in "DS Mode" I'll admit that when I had someone hack my DS Lite I asked if it could play GBA emulators. He told me that the DS hardware itself isn't powerful enough to emulate GBA games on its own, that's why it needs the cartridges, because its not strong enough for the ROM by itself to play. So saying that the Ambassador games are in "DS Mode" is a false statement. The reality is that Nintendo never planned out Miiverse functionality at that point(remember this was like two years before the Wii U was released) so rather than them being lazy they were going by standard VC protocol at the time which are essentially the uncut games that only allowed single player. The thing is Nintendo could change that if they wanted to. Or they could hire/contract someone talented enough to do so.



Action51 said:

@retro_player_22 said: "Kinda sad there's no 3rd party GBA games up there, would had been nice to see some Castlevania, Mega Man Battle Network, and Bomberman Tournament up there."

Yeah, but let's see what comes up in future releases. Capcom, Tecmo/Koei, Sega, and Konami games all come up for sale from NES, GAMEBOY, SNES, Master System, and Game Gear on Wii U and 3DS e-shop.

I'm curious to see if they do Aria of Sorrow, that's my all time favorite Castlevania game!

@KingGanny Advance Wars is a fun tactical modern warfare game. It's from Intelligent Systems, the same crew that brought you the modern Fire Emblem games. There's a campaign, a bunch of battle maps, stuff to unlock in the in-game shops. and lots of replayability. I found it pretty addictive and more forgiving then Fire Emblem. If you like strategy games, go for it...if you don't like strategy games avoid it altogether.

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