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High Voltage Software Developing 3DS Version of Amazing Spider-Man 2

Posted by Jowi Meli

Best known for its work on two Wii first-person shooters

Nintendo's official page for the 3DS version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reveals that the developer of the title will be Illinois, US-based High Voltage Software, and not Beenox as previously thought.

Perhaps best known by Nintendo fans for its work on the 2009 Wii FPS titles The Conduit and its sequel, it seems the last few years have seen High Voltage returning to contract work, including Ben 10 Omniverse 2 and PC / PS4 ports of Injustice: Gods Among Us. It's not necessarily a bad omen to have a relatively high-profile developer on board for what might otherwise be demoted to a bargain-bin movie tie-in.

Does the presence of High Voltage give you the urge to try this one out? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to swing to Nintendo 3DS on 29th April in North America and 2nd May in Europe.


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TromboneGamer said:

From what I've heard there's nothing wrong with their ports of injustice and they displayed the conduit running on 3DS before the console's release. It could have some decent looks maybe. As for how it plays.. well this studio is inconsistent in that area.




I loved the conduit games, and would LOVE to see them do a 3rd one for the Wii U. In fact I have just started playing through the conduit 2 campaign and am really enjoying it again.

They should finish the grinder and get it on the eshop.

C'mon HVS make it happen



Diz93 said:

I hope they use these opportunities to really get to know the Wii U hardware and eventually make their own game that really pushes the Wii U graphic power like they did with the Conduit. Would love to see a 3rd Conduit, those games were really fun, first one was my favorite tho.



Kirk said:

Well this is going to be decidedly average then.

I guess that's pretty normal for a movie tie-in.



JtotheY said:

Nintendo buy High Voltage Software! Let them make infinite amounts of Conduit!!

No but seriously, Wii U could use a good Conduit



memoryman3 said:

It's great knowing that the system with a high install base is getting great third party support through contact work and outsourcing!




Galvanic_Arcvn said:

Wait, HVS? I thought they were dead, obviously not.

Seriously they should just sell the Counduit IP to someone who is capable of delivering the goods, unlike themselves.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Where's THE GRINDER!?!?!? Just give me city-wide web slinging on-the-go and I'll be happy . . . . .



PinkSpider said:

@WhiteTrashGuy Agreed I was well excited for the grinder, hate it when a company gives you no reason for a game to dissapear they were on ign and gamespot demonstrating it a few years back
it looked quite fun



audiobrainiac said:

Conduit conduit conduit, yes yes it was great, but thats over now. As far as this title goes, i'm glad to see that they're working on it and it does make me want to play it more Getting it!



Knuckles said:

Not excited, I've seen names that should mean quality, but they haven't for movie cash ins. I hope that this isn't true and that this is a great game, but tie ins have an awful rep.



Midayle said:

I remember the hype around the Conduit. There were many post of forms which thought that High Voltage Software was going to become the next Rare. It would be nice if this Spider man game turned out well, and without Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon this game will not have unrealistically high expectations.

On a side note, I am overcome by memories of fondly looking forward to The Grinder (which was announced before the release of the Conduit). I suppose now it is probably safe to say that the Grinder will never see the light of day.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@Midayle Matt Cassamasina is one of my favorite reviewers of all time. Bozon, not so much. I think their love of HVS came from the fact that they were a studio trying to build a game engine from the ground up that pushed the capabilities of the Wii. A lot of Nintendo hate was going around back then. (still is)



TDS_Computer said:

Big fan of both Conduit games. I still have the itch to replay them again. They should do a good job on the spidey game. Who is doing the Wii U version?



TwilightAngel said:

i love this but where is the conduit 3 game if they do make it better than the terrible sequel it had a long time ago.



yotambonehbait said:

From the beenox interview on Pure Nintendo Magazine: "They're focused on making a side scrolling action-adventure game that is designed from the ground up for the platform."

Supposedly they're making something more akin to the DS spiderman games (which were consistently better than their console counterparts) hopefully they will deliver the goods. Inconsistent is probably the best word for their portfolio, though they did make one of my favourite games and the only game I feel actual nostalgia for... Ben 10: Protector of earth



Azikira said:

I'm more interested in seeing "Conduit 3D" as was teased a few years back. And just so everyone knows, Conduit 2 was actually a really fun (albeit highly unpolished) game. >:1



JimLad said:

The Conduit games were such let downs. Ambitious ideas (and great controls) but the game underneath was truely lackluster. And it wasn't limited by the hardware, just compare it to any of the TimeSplitters games.



memoryman3 said:

"They're focused on making a side scrolling action-adventure game that is designed from the ground up for the platform."

I thought we moved away from the 2D handheld movie spinoff!



Dark-Link73 said:

The Conduit. Such a personal example of how a voiced character can either make or break a game. One off the things I loved about the game was Michel Ford's voice acting. His voice matched his role as a secret service agent. It seemed believable. The Conduit 2 however, agent Ford was voice by the same actor from the Duke Nukem series, so instead of sounding like a Secret Service agent, he sounds like rugged cowboy who just got off the house and has a severe case of hemorrhoids.

I couldn't get over that. It was so annoying I didn't even finish the first mission. I was disappointed because I really wanted to play the game. I think since I had just finished replaying the Conduit in anticipation of the second game, I couldn't get over the drastic change in voice actors.

That's why when I read comments from people begging to have the LoZ voiced I say "No!" I think voicing Zelda, Ganondorf, and Link in particular; would tarnish the series as we know it.



Galactus said:

I'm sure it will be finished in 2 hours and have horrible graphics, but I will still get it. I grew up on bad movie and comic side scrollers so I love these DS Spider-Man games. Nothing will top Ultimate Spider-Man though. Who could have guessed that one of these could actually be legitimately good?



Bizzyb said:

@Midayle well, the Grinder did actually come out for the PS3 and 360. Unfortunately it was NOTHING like the WII title. It was a 4 player isometric 3rd person beat'em/shoot'em up. It was mediocre at best

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