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Grab an Exclusive Year of Luigi E3 Coin in our Treasure Hunt

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Find-a me-a!

We're going Luigi crazy on Nintendo Life today, marking the end of the Year of Luigi. Nintendo UK has kindly donated four special Year of Luigi coins (pictured below) that our UK readers can win. You may remember that Nintendo offered some Year of Luigi coins via Club Nintendo, however those that we have up for grabs are slightly different and were only available to attendees at E3 2013.

How to win

If you're logged in to your Nintendo Life account, and you're in the United Kingdom, we've hidden some special Luigi coins around the website; if you spot one hiding on a page, make sure you click it!

Once you've found a coin you'll need to answer three Luigi-themed questions in succession to win one of our coins; if you get an answer wrong you'll have to start all over again and find another coin. Once all four coins are allocated the treasure hunt will be over, so don't wait too long to trawl through pages where you think we may have hidden these Luigi-themed treats.

Good luck!

Update: All our coins have now been found! Congratulations to Alienjesus88, Bulbousaur, PaRappa and TheHaydenator who each will receive one of the coins! Thanks for taking part.


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Alienjesus88 said:

I think I got one, but the site freaked out on me for second and now I'm not sure if it went through :S



Meuz said:

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for. I'll just enter the official Nintendo UK competition instead.



PaRappa said:

As a help to those looking for the elusive last coin... the one I found was peeking out of the side of an article.



antdickens said:

The database tells me there is still one more slot, they appear randomly but on specific pages! Keep looking!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@antdickens Is it random like randomly selecting an allowed IP address, or random as in if you keep clicking on the same article (one of the 'correct' ones of course) it will randomly appear?



ottospooky said:

Make that four And yeah, I agree someone should say whether they're on a specific category of page, or whatever



PaRappa said:

Ok guys, here's a helping hand! They're probably all on Luigi based pages! Mine was in the Dr.Luigi review...



skyluigi2 said:

That's what I thought, but I'm still not finding any. I'll look for just a bit longer.



DrJoson said:

Where did you find it out of curiosity? I've been searching for it for the last hour with my partner xD



NintendoLee said:

Well that was laborious. Least you should have some increased ad revenue with all the pages I was checking.



TheHaydenator said:

I've been going through Luigi pages, but Dr. Luigi was where it was. It appeared on the left hand side, and when I scrolled over it the rolled out to show the full coin



antdickens said:

The coins were on the four games we reviewed as part of the Year of Luigi I've updated the article with the winners.



Alienjesus88 said:

Oh phew, It did go through!

For what it;s worth, I found my coin on the Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon review.



NintendoLee said:

I did enjoy the traipsing about one. Even read the terms and conditions of the site. I missed the obvious clue!

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