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Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Console Are Single Player Only

Posted by Damien McFerran

Going solo

Game Boy Advance games are hitting the North American and European Wii U Virtual Console very soon, and Nintendo has posted some fresh details up on its Japanese site. The biggest news is that all of the launch batch of titles are all listed as being single player only — even those which had multiplayer capability in their original form.

This is perhaps understandable given the fact that GBA titles used a link cable to connect players, but it's a shame that we won't be able to have multiplayer competitions on F-Zero: Maximum Velocity — one of the first GBA games to hit the service — or future offerings. Mario Kart Super Circuit — which boasted four-player link-up using a single cartridge on the original console — is arguably going to be a lot less interesting without the opportunity to take on your friends.

Of course, solo play is only confirmed for this initial batch of games — there's a chance that Nintendo could be working on a mulitplayer solution as we speak and will push out updates to existing GBA titles as and when it is ready — but that's a slim chance, at best.

In other news, Nintendo appears to have scanned the original manuals for the games it is releasing on the Japanese Wii U eShop — it's not known if these will make their way into the digital releases, but it would be highly likely. Hopefully the same courtesy will be extended to the North American and European eShops when the games are launched here.

Does the lack of link-up play in GBA games annoy you? Should Nintendo have worked on a solution where people could pair-up online to play GBA games? Or is it too much to expect the company to spend so much time and effort retrofitting online play to old releases? Share your feelings with a comment.

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Artwark said:

Well anything that's emulated is difficult to make multiplayer for them such as Pokemon so yeah this is obvious.



MrKenta said:

Sad to see that they haven't shown any interest in having VC multiplayer. I really don't see how that wouldn't be a good thing for them, considering how huge the Pokemon franchise is.



MegaAdam said:

They should have at least had local multiplayer. This is, frankly, laziness.



King47 said:

It's very common for Nintendo to do things very half donkeyed, this was obvious but sad news. It makes me not very excited for some if the cube games.



Wolfgabe said:

How is anyone surprised at this link cable play is quite tricky to emulate obviously



rjejr said:

"Or is it too much to expect the company to spend so much time and effort retrofitting online play to old releases?"

Its too much to expect w/ Nintendo. These games would have been a great time to introduce cross buy between 3DS and Wii U as it's my understanding some of these have already been emulated to work on the 3DS w/ the Ambassador program. I don't think people who got the 3DS version free should get the Wii U version free necessarily, but if you buy the Wii U version for $7 or $8 it should be playable on an associated Wii U based on a linked NNID.

I guess once Fusion comes out in 4 years they'll have this figured out.



TruenoGT said:

I'm not surprised at all, but it's a missed opportunity if it was even technically possible. Would have been a great way to showcase the gamepad...



OdnetninAges said:

"Of course, solo play is only confirmed for this initial batch of games — there's a chance that Nintendo could be working on a mulitplayer solution as we speak and will push out updates to existing GBA titles as and when it is ready."

I'm almost positive this is the case. It's what happened with the 3DS VC NES games, and it could very well apply here, too.



Siskan said:

Why would an update only be a slim chance? They did that to the ambassador's program Super Mario Bros on 3DS, didn't they?



komodo182 said:

I think it will be solo for now and then if the idea sells well, will turn into something more.



MagicBox said:

This really makes me appreciate companies like SEGA for going the extra mile on some of their Virtual Console releases and keeping certain features intact.

I guess I understand why Nintendo isn't bothering with it, even if I'm not happy. But still, you'd think that they would care about future-proofing these games now that we're in the digital distribution age. It'd be a waste if all these features were lost forever and these games were always sold as incomplete packages.



Guybrush20X6 said:

Wouldn't be a big stretch to make the games local two player. Put one version on the game pad and the other on the TV with a normal controller. Conceptually at least. Programming wise I'm betting it'd be difficult.



Captain_Toad said:

This can be easily fixed. One player uses the gamepad and another 3 uses the TV. Well everyone has to use a pro controller at this point but still easily doable. Come on Nintendo.



mastermp2 said:

One of the reasons Nintendo is so behind is because they lack workforce. They don't have enough people to work in the Nintendo Network/eshop and games at the same time. They said it themselves, that they were looking into expanding, by mergers or by acquisitions of new studios to work on their franchises



ManateeBlubber said:

If I'm remembering correctly, the NES games on the VC had multiplayer, and the 3DS VC was later updated to include multiplayer. At least, I think.
The reason they're not including it here is that the link cable multiplayer could be difficult to emulate. GameCube had console multiplayer, which is easier to emulate (as long as the pro controller is involved).



WindWakerLink said:

As long as the release Mega Man Battle Network 1 - 6, I'm a happy camper! The lack of multiplayer isn't a surprise or it shouldn't come as one. Now if the whole "dual-gameplay with two gamepads" were happening already & couldn't do multiplayer on it for the GBA VC then that would be surprising. Like someone said above, that can get fix with an update later on.



Vallu said:

I'm so disappointed at the save states returning. They decided to ruin the old games too alongside with their new ones?



SanderEvers said:

Even the PC GBA emulators don't have a steady link cable emulated. This would be quite difficult to achieve on the Wii U.

Also local multiplayer would be out of the question as the Wii U would have to emulate 2, 3 or 4 GBA's to make it work. I think the Wii U is only capable of emulating one. So linking would only work using LAN (connect 2 or more Wii U's to the same local network) or online. The latter of which would be difficult as GBA games aren't designed to be played online (lag, etc).



UnseatingKDawg said:

Eh, it don't bother me too much. The few games I had for multiplayer I had to play with my sister, and she was kinda a sore loser. I'm just hoping that the Sonic Advance trilogy hits the VC, because I missed out on them.



Einherjar said:

You people DO realise that even the long running emulator scene struggled with this for years, do you ? And these people work on regular PCs, which are MUCH more flexible than a console.
In other words: No, its not surprising that it doesnt work, either on the WiiU OR over cross-play with the 3DS.
It COULD work, thats not the point, but i dont think that any developer would put that much time and effort into decade old games sold for 8 bucks.
And the talk about "boo hoo, when mario kart comes out, it wont be as much fun" Do you remember Mario Kart DS ? Or mario Kart 7 ? Or even Mario Kart 8 ? I bet these titles will give you the Markio Kart multiplayer fix you need.
But whatever, you folks will always find something to whine about So go ahead.



gojiguy said:

I'm still disappointed the games have such low gamma. Are they trying to emulate playing on a non-backlit display?



9th_Sage said:

The thing about multiplayer on these titles is that from what I've heard, the link cable is notoriously difficult to emulate (I'm sure some people are like 'DO IT ONLINE' but the strict timings it requires makes this a bad idea). Seems like a lot of work for little benefit (for me at least, I don't think I've played a GBA game in multiplayer even once). It doesn't really have to do with emulating multiple GBAs...I'm sure WiiU could handle a few GBAs at once, it's the extreme flakiness of the link cable that's the actual problem.

I seriously doubt it would ever work on 3DS, because the wireless would add all sorts of latency that would again make it very difficult to do. It seems like a lot of work for very little benefit, and I can't say I blame them for not doing it.



CrazyOtto said:

If the Fusion rumors are true then they'll probably just add multiplayer to these games when the Fusion comes out.



Jazzer94 said:

I've had this discussion on the forums where I recall someone suggesting that Nintendo could easily emulate 4 GBA's simultaneously but it really isn't as simple as a lot of you guys think.



Starwolf_UK said:

This is a lie. Advance Wars has hot seat multiplayer where you pass the system to your other players when it is their turn so should still be players 1-4. Its better than saying all of them lack multi player...

@gojiguy We can still cling to the hope it is an option they've not shown us (did the GB VC one 3DS show any screens of the 1:1 ratio green screens?). Otherwise it is one of their weird ugly things nobody wanted like the motion blur on Game Boy or whatever they did to NES games on Wii U.



Einherjar said:

@TreesenHauser Thanks, but its the sad truth...
Fan favourite Golden Sun amongst the launch line up, better whine about the lack of multiplayer for age old games.
Of course its sad that its not supported, but looking at other forms of emulation, it IS a hassle to do it. No matter what platform.



King47 said:

Well that is true. One thing that baffles me is the wii backward compatibility on the wii u, it feels like an after thought. The fact that it doesn't recognize the Pro controller or the gamepad input for games that support the classic controller is really annoying. That's what's annoying about their services, lit of things are missing and funny make sense.



DiscoDriver43 said:

Understandable, but till disappointed. however, i do question GBA Yoshi's island since it would just have been easy to put the original yoshi's island in the virtual console.

Edit: Hopefully the GBA won't look too terrible. PS1 games on the PS3 look bad in HD, so i imagine GBA games won't look so good



LztheQuack said:

@rjejr Except the "emulator" used on the 3DS actually was a DS emulator that played the GBA games, not a specially designed GBA emulator. This is a bit obvious because it worked just like GBA games did on the DS

So I wouldn't even think of the ambassador games for a possible cross buy hint

@King47 My guess is that the Wii U and Wii OS are too different for the new controllers to work. The Wii mode is a separate OS in the Wii U anyway.



HyperSonicEXE said:

"We're going to drive up interest in the Wii U with half-donkeyed emulation!"

Seriously, at this point, they should just scrap the VC, and do souped-up remakes or add features to past games if they're going to do this mess.

No need for profanity here -Lz



DreamOn said:

No biggie can barely get people to play brand new games multiplayer with me.



SanderEvers said:

@Unca_Lz GBA games on the 3DS aren't emulated. They run directly on the DS hardware that's used for DS mode games in the 3DS. It uses the GBA mode that's built into the DS hardware.

So on the 3DS runs the DS mode which runs the GBA mode




Nintendo Said: WHAT SOMETHING TO DO WITH MORE THEN ONE PEOPLE?? Wait who made this game again? Umm well since they can't be in the same room, well actually they could but that would require too much work. So we'll just pretend it never existed because that would require us to do a deal with the EVIL ONLINE DEVIL!!

What a joke, just when you think they're doing something awesome they say NOPE!! We still gotta MESS THIS UP SOME HOW!!



TreesenHauser said:

@Einherjar Definitely. In a perfect world, maybe, but for now we just gotta be grateful we're getting a really strong boost in Virtual Console support.



Goginho said:

I don't care :/ I'm still bitter about the fact that Wii U is getting, basically, portable VC, and the 3DS isn't.



StarDust4Ever said:

@DiscoDriver43 Yoshi's Island SNES won't work because Nintendo apparently lost the documentation or otherwise can't be donkeyed to get Super FX chip emulation runnings. Nevermind they did DSP1 (MarioKart) and SA-1 (SMRPG) on Wii VC. So presumably for the forseable future all we have is the lower resolution but otherwise equally good GBA port. If they do it right, 160p GBA will scale a pixel perfect 3x integer ratio to the 480p Gamepad. Somehow I know they'll screw it up like how they scale NES games to 4x3 aspect (with horizontal scaling artifacts) instead of 1:1 square pixels on the 3DS. Or they'll probably might run a bilinear filter on it and turn it into a blurry mess...



Dark-Link73 said:

@LunaticPandora I know right! The original games were single player games that required TWO or more GBA handheld to be able to play multiplayer. Unless most people have two Wii U's laying around home (Nintendo can barely get people to buy one, much less two), there's no way people should've expected to be able to play multi on GBA VC games.



NintyMan said:

Is it wrong for me to believe that games like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$, Golden Sun, and Yoshi's Island are great for the early line-up? Because it doesn't feel that way when reading many of these comments.



C7_ said:

We had to wait this long for a frankly pathetic amount of GBA games to be released on VC and they're missing vital features? Are you joking??? And the account system is still incredibly terrible; how can they expect me to drop money on old games that are missing core features on a system that doesn't guarantee I get to keep this purchase on future consoles?

A lot of people may be able to wave it off saying that multiplayer was not the GBÀ's strong point, but not only is that not even a good reason to accept the lack of features, it just isn't true. Every Mario Advance game had a multiplayer mode at least in the form of Mario Bros and racing games practically require it to feel like a complete experience. Not even to mention the missed opportunity to make it online within the emulator to finally have something to brag about on that front. What a joke.



LavaTwilight said:

An update should fix the multiplayer issue! Now we just need to work on those N64 and NGC titles



Rezalack said:

Lol @ People calling Nintendo lazy for this. It's not like you could play multiplayer on a single GBA anyway.

@DestinyMan No, you're not wrong. M&L Superstar Saga is amazing. I haven't had a chance to play the others, but I've heard only good things. Is this Yoshi's Island a remake of the SNES version or a completely different game?



Jampie said:

Wow. Did people really expect multiplayer? Haha... @Einherjar and @9th_Sage Glad some people are actually using their heads instead of quickly bashing Nintendo because they think they know everything and everything is easy to do. :T



SuperCharlie78 said:

The only thing annoying me is the fact I already own most of these games on my 3DS, when I buy something from Sony they allow me to choose the system where I'll play, so Nintendo should really, really stop this crap, not to mention the prices of VC games and the lack of discounts, they are losing customers this way, and they just don't realize it



Warruz said:


But you also need to understand that they are using this GBA and soon DS on the Wii U to just add another reason to purchase it. Right now lots of people have a 3DS and the Wii U needs help. So you entice people to get a Wii U and then down the road introduce them as on the 3DS. Also those emulations on the 3DS are very simple ones, you loose all 3DS overlay as it just takes over.

Now if you want online to actually work on these GBA games you have to not only build the infrastructure but you have to rework the game to accept it . What you guys are expected is more then just emulations, you want remakes.



Luneth said:

1) Most GBA games' multiplayer required personal copies for each player and everyone had different screens. Expecting them to go in and work in essentially another emulator for a second player to popup when you select the multiplayer option is pretty ridiculous. Online play is stupid beyond belief considering the option wasn't even available in the first place, maybe when DS games come along, but not now.
2) GBA games are practically SNES games, this "wahh, they're portable games, it doesn't make sense" nonsense is a load of BS.
3) Blame Ambassadors for GBA games coming to Wii U first.
4) Wii U needs more releases on the eShop to fill out the space between releases for now anyway
5) Pokemon games are never being released on VC, the only GBA Pokemon games that might make it are Mystery Dungeon Red and Pokemon Pinball RS
6) Advance Wars has single-system multiplayer anyway, so who really cares?



TreesenHauser said:

@DestinyMan I completely agree with you. Nintendo could have released more games than this and people would still be complaining about it. I for one am completely excited for these to arrive on my Wii U's eShop, and while everyone else is whining about it I'll be having a blast!



Captain_Toad said:

Huh, I guess that local-multiplayer on a virtual console GBA game is the deciding factor between buying and not buying. Not being bug-free, or control right or perfect emulation or a agreeable price point or which game is available. I never knew that!



Einherjar said:

@Jampie Whining and bashing things is the speciality around here :/ People complain about everything. If they would find a bag on money on the sidewalt, they would STILL find something to complain about. Maybe the bad currency exchange rates, that the bag is slightly dirty etc.
Jokes aside, i was part of the Emulation scene back in the day and i know what a hassle it was to cope with the GBAs link cable shenanigans.
I dont know any details but i know that it was quite complicated to trick the system into thinking a physical link cable connection existed. It was also a big deal that both emulators needed to run exactly the same, every bit of latency would cut the connection.
Say, you want 4 player mario kart on a WiiU: The systems needs to emulate the game 4 times, emulate a link hub and emulating 4 connected systems (if im right, that would make 6 connections between al 4 players) and all of that without any latency. And we all know how well emulation on consoles works in general And now, that it is "just" a GBA games doesnt matter at all.
With anything involving a 3DS, let alone a wi-fi connection, yeah no. Not in the near future i would guess.
@Captain_Toad Exactly Who cares about being able to play one of the best gaming systems ever made when the games dont have multiplayer



DiscoDriver43 said:


Don't forget to mention the image quality. If i'm paying to play old games on my HD TV, they better look servicable There is only so much blurryness that i'm willing to tolerate out of old games on an HD TV. PSN Classics can be a little hard to play because of it



EarthboundBenjy said:

Does anyone remember the Game Gear games included with the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure DX?

They supported multiplayer. They just had two GG screens side-by-side and emulated a link cable between them.
Come on Nintendo! It's obviously possible!



redivgamer90 said:

Well we have to remember the Wii U can only support up to 1 Gamepad at the moment, but who knows what awaits in the future!
I'm happy with the ports of Gameboy games to the Wii U because as a kid I never got the opportunity to play any Gameboy advance game or even own the console. Now that Nintendo will release them on Wii U I feel that is not a bad idea after all because the games can show some good use for the Wii U gamepad, but we all know they will release them on the 3DS people just need more patience ( something that apparently almost no one has...). I'll support Nintendo with this idea (when I can buy a Wii U...).



Dark-Link73 said:

@King47 It's because the Wii Mode on the Wii U is a dual-boot OS, not a traditional "backwards compatible" software. They are two completely different OS. The Wii OS is not forward compatible with the Wii U inputs.



Kifa said:

@Luneth 1) True, they required additional copies, so what? Wii U is perfectly capable of simply running two emulators side by side for something as simple as GBA. Online play is not stupid beyond belief - there is a thing called "tunelling", and it's being done for years now almost everywhere. Finally - with a good emulator setup it would be possible to output one game on the TV, and the second on the bloody gamepad the Wii U has but uses for nothing.

2) GBA is completely different from SNES in terms of hardware, and as for games I've seen plenty of both world not to draw a definitive conclusion like that.

3) And how are we to blame exactly? We bought the console in it's early days, we never asked for what Nintendo gave us to "compensate", so stop your whining on the subject that you simply missed out (because that's how it looks for me).

4) Filling the space is NEVER the solution.

5) That is actually very true. There will NEVER be any major Pokemon games on GBA VC, for reasons obvious to anyone who has minimal understanding on how this brand works.

6) I suppose so, but the thing is with other games which are not turn-based strategies. And those are in majority.



OorWullie said:

This is really poor on Nintendo's part and no matter what others are saying,it can be done.I have a GBA emulator on my phone and I'm able to play multiplayer with my mate at Advance Wars.Obviously it's different technology but if hackers are able to do it,then Nintendo can too!



Luneth said:

1) Why would they go to the trouble of configuring every game for every little multiplayer mode that are all setup in different ways? GBA games aren't just "plug in a controller to controller port 2" you know. Why would they waste servers on something no one would use and something which was never intended for that game to begin with? They release the games to be played as they were on the console, not to whatever features you saw in VBA.
2) They're really similar graphically and in power, plus most of the games don't scream "this was meant for a portable console!" considering the amount of long games and RPGs.
3) Nintendo won't release GBA games on the 3DS because of their commitment to Ambassadors. I really don't care though, I'd much rather play them on my phone if I wanted to play them on the go.
4) Then what do you want them to do? Release nothing on the eShop until Mario Kart releases? The point is that now they can have a clump of games being released each week that keeps the userbase going back to see what's new and potentially buying some to keep them occupied. They could have 1 NES game, 1 SNES game and 1 GBA game per week or cycle between them, whatever; the point is that there's nothing wrong with adding a library onto a console that needs one right now.



bngrybt said:

The lack of GBA on 3DS has nothing to do with commitment to ambassadors. It's because the GBA games on 3DS are an unpolished, unprofessional looking product. It feels like you're running some sort of beta verson of the VC compared to all the other VC releases. As a free bonus, this is fine. For a paid product it doesn't feel acceptable.



Kifa said:

Playing the games "as they were" does not mean stripping the underlying emulator of every single additional function it could have. That's one thing. Second is - you probably wouldn't need to configure every single one of them, just make the emulator perfectly simulate the GameLink behaviour. Timing could be an issue, but not unsolvable. And they wouldn't need to set up any big server clusters for it - Wii U's could host their own games.

How would you rather play GBA games on your phone is beyond me. I never learned to play games on a touchscreen - buttons are the only way to play games requiring precision inputs and I dare you to show me any kind of touchscreen control that matches them.

And how about just focusing on making small, new games instead of just shoving every possible retro game on the eShop in hopes that somebody will buy out of nostalgia? How about being PREPARED to sustain a console on the market in the first place? Nintendo screwed things up, and in my eyes as a long time gamer (it will be like 24 years now since I've started) it only drags them below.

Also: Wii has 64MB of RAM, not GB. Typing failure on my part.



KingofSaiyans said:

This was not surprising to me at all. I feel Nintendo hates online multiplayer. Almost every retro game that came out on X360 or PS3 were redone to include online multiplayer. For shame Nintendo, for shame.



supremii said:

If they were clever they would work on an engine that would easily allow the realisation of multiplayer features such as one player on gamepad one on tv screen. Doing this would result in much more attention and purchases imo.

When they charge 7 euros for a game that was meant to be single player charging the same 7 euros for a game that originally had multiplayer features seems a bit unfair to me. I also think that at such a price one can certainly expect some more than different button configurations and save points, especially since games are still bound to one system instead to an account and cannot be played on mobile devices either.



Shade_Koopa said:

Nice to see the games. If they bring multiplayer to them later, that would be nice. Would to transfer my gold sun save and link up on Mario kart and such.



millarrp said:

It too bad, but considering they haven't got multiplayer working for the game boy 3DS virtual console titles yet I wasn't too surprised.



Laxeybobby said:

I still have my GBA with Advance Wars, Golden Sun and Golden Sun II (Still in the shrink wrap), plus Ecks Vs Sever, Sonic and a number of others, so GBA on the WiiU not important for me unless its something I really want to try.



Senario said:

@DestinyMan Yeeaaaah all this negativity. Golden sun is in the launch lineup. That can't be a bad thing. And if you have never played advance wars that is also a good game.

People are expecting so much out of an emulation where you couldn't play multiplayer on the original without a second system and Link cable.



unrandomsam said:

@Einherjar The Game Gear emulator supports it. (Using two systems but the Wii U has enough horsepower to run two instances). Those are sold for even more. You cannot compare what amateurs without any of the technical docs had to do with what a professional company should be capable of doing.



gamerphil07 said:

I'm a little disappointed, but it was to be expected. Perhaps we'll get an update with this? Maybe Gamepad vs TV?



ultraraichu said:

I'm not surprised, so I'm not disappointed. Personally I rather they focus the effort on modern games and/or remakes then beefing up older games like a 90s analog tv with apps, but you have to try and please everyone these days.



GloryQuestor said:

@Senario It's not that people want to be negative, but they really are doing things half-baked. "Multiplayer support on all VC titles" is a pretty good marketing tool for Nintendo to pitch, even one that might sway a lot more customers their way. "VC crossplay with 3DS" would also serve them pretty well, since you could sell more of both systems that way. Instead, they seem to be rushing this out the gate without giving it time to be refined and making it single player, with no mention of 3DS support.

From an objective, business perspective, it's a bad misstep on their part that won't sell more systems or win more customers. If they can't make these options happen, they need to provide their customers with a solid reason why. Even if it's overly technical, it's still something that customers could at least base an informed opinion on, rather than the constant negative speculations.



Melkac said:

@adamical ....What? Local multiplayer? You would need two GBAs for that, meaning you would need two Wii U consoles anyway.



ProudasaPeacock said:

All I was thinking throughout this whole thing was "Where's the Minish Cap?"
Hopefully It'll be on there by the time I have a Wii U.
The other games look awesome though!



Morpheel said:

It would be kinda complicated to make multiplayer available for ports of protable games on a home console without tacking in online, anyway.



Viagro said:

Getting the Virtual Console right seems like such an easy task. So why do Nintendo continually drop the ball with it?



unrandomsam said:

@Melkac One using the TV / One using the Gamepad - Don't see why that couldn't work. (Or two gamepad's finally sort out that).



vonseux said:

does this really surprise Nintendolife so they put a sad dog face on the news feed?



GalacticMario28 said:

I think the lack of multiplayer will only be significant if Nintendo decides to release a lot of more multiplayer-oriented games in the future. If they mostly release single player games, it shouldn't be too big of an issue. And the way I see it, single player only is still better than no GBA games at all.



King47 said:

I understand that, but my complaint is why didn't they amend it or update it, I know it's possible. The buttons, triggers, and sticks can be matched. And that's why I'm mad, it's half donkeyed.



zool said:

I don't see what these games are doing on the Wii u? These are handheld games and should be put on a hand held device if there is a demand for them.
..and no the Wii u controller is not a handheld device, it is part of the Wii u.

I think that this is a half hearted attempt at 'gap filling' between the few Wii u games that will launch this year and trying to find a use for the Wii u controller.



Sidewaydriver said:

There's only 3 sure things in life. Death, taxes, and Nintendo finding new ways to disappoint with their Virtual Console.



neohopeSTF said:

Meh imo it doesn't really matter for most them Amazing Mirror maybe but still I don't see how people are disappointing by this its kinda obv the gba vc wouldn't have multiplayer.



May_Nyan said:

They always just put the minimum possible effort into virtual console releases meaning that emulation actually gets more features (playing original gameboy games with colours as the gameboy color did for example)



ikki5 said:

I honestly do not see what all the fuss is really. it is a GBA. how many people actually played with friends anyway let alone how many games actually support decent multiplayer? Face it, the GBA is a system where you have ONE person using it. the only multiplayer you could do was with people that were >5 ft away... I am pretty sure most people complaining probably barely used a multiplayer service with the GBA if they have at all. It is probably people complaining for the sake of complaining even though we are getting something awesome and that was highly anticipated.


lol, I disagree with you if you think they are worthless because the GBA games don't have the minimal multiplayer they had. Majority of games were solo games anyway and those where multiplayer was pretty decent, you had to sit there with a few feet to play them with your friends. I am willing to bet that you have never played a GBA or even seen one in real life. You just want to complain and call something worthless when it is the complete opposite.


Curious to know how more games that are great games are pointless on the Wii U...
Please watch the insults — TBD



Einherjar said:

@unrandomsam Also, you cannot compare amateurs JUST focus on that one thing with a company that needs to manage its recources, money and projects, focused on making money with more recent software. Pretty much what i said earlier.
Also, you cant compare one emulated system to another. Just wrap your midn around the fact that the Wii emulator pretty much runs perfect and beyond (turning Wii games into full HD versions of themselfes) while most N64 games STILL barely work. Or the fact that a PSX emulator is WAY less stressful to your system than an NES or even an SNES emulator, but its pretty much the opposite for these emulators on other platforms, like consoles or mobile devices.



umegames said:

@Wolfgabe people are just spewing off about a subject matter that they know little about, thus showing their ignorance, because somehow they understand programming and emulation better than nintendo for their own games.



Dark-Link73 said:

@King47 I don't agree that it is "half donkeyed". If you really look at it, at the core, the Wii U's backward compatibility with the Wii is not much different than the Wii's backward compatibility with the GCN. the Wii's backward compatibility only takes GCN controllers to be able to play GCN games, one cannot use the Wiimote nor the Classic Controller and Pro. People praised Nintendo for their ingenuity in making it possible straight out of the box. Nobody complaint that they could only used "GCN" controllers.

Now, if you look at the GCN games that actually use the Wiimote as input, they are all remakes (Resident Evil 4, Mario Tennis, Pikmin, Metroid Prime, etc.) that took development time in order to map the buttons and other Wii features. So, in reality, you're not asking Nintendo to make the Wii U backward compatible with the Wii, you're are asking Nintendo to REMAKE ALL of the Wii library for the Wii U. That's just ludicrous.

If you feel that Nintendo's backward compatibility effort is so "half donkeyed", why don't we compare it with what Sony and Microsoft are offering on the PS4 and X1 respectively... oh wait, their consoles don't offer any!!!



Game-Over said:

The reality is u don't buy a Wii U to play portable hand held games, the Wii U controller screen is a nice alternative but it's not a truly mobile portable device. For the most part u want to play ur games on a HD TV, whats the point in making the Wii U HD if ur releasing games that are to be played on a small screen.



Blue_Yoshi said:

"Of course, solo play is only confirmed for this initial batch of games — there's a chance that Nintendo could be working on a mulitplayer solution as we speak and will push out updates to existing GBA titles as and when it is ready — but that's a slim chance, at best."

You mean NO CHANCE, you know how Nintendo is. They're never willing to go that extra mile.



DanMan82 said:

Uh oh, get ready for the flood of comments on this article!





SanderEvers said:

@unrandomsam You know you still need to emulate two gba's, or three gba's to make that work. Right? The Wii U is quite a powerhouse on the GPU side of things, but is lacking on CPU power. So this will never be possible.

Even if it was possible, you'll still have some sync problems between the GamePads and the console itself.

And I hear you think, the GameCube could emulate GBA games, why can't the Wii U emulate 2 or 3 GBA consoles? Well guess what, the GameCube doesn't emulate the GBA (the Gameboy player actually holds GBA hardware) same goes for the Ambassador's games on the 3DS. These run on DS hardware in GBA mode.



Ristar42 said:

Hmm, I already have a gamecube and a gameboy player, no additional incentive here to buy a Wii U. Beyond multiplayer, cross buy and accounts are what I think Nintendo really need.

Ive got a feeling that existing fans dont mind the current set up, but I think those elements would add value to their digital services, maybe drawing in some of the 3DS owners with an incentive to own both systems.



Yellowkoopa said:

"Does anyone remember the Game Gear games included with the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure DX?
They supported multiplayer. They just had two GG screens side-by-side and emulated a link cable between them.
Come on Nintendo! It's obviously possible!"

Yep, I still have the game and its cool you can do that. I wish that they would do something like that on the Wii U.



Yellowkoopa said:

I'm not surprised. As long as they put multiplayer on GBA games when they hit 3DS VC, It'll be okay.



CapeSmash said:

Wow. You guys weren't expecting this? I personally don't care if multi-player is absent. Also, most of the VC GBA games are single-player. So honestly, who cares? And I'm pretty sure GBA VC games can only be played on the Gamepad.

Every time there is a Nintendo article about a missing feature, people act like Nintendo is the worst thing in the world.

Nintendrones these days...



Vhyper1985 said:

Who needs friends? I sure don't to enjoy GBA VC titles & I'm glad we're finally getting them in the 1st place along with at least more than 1 title most weeks too... although I'd like to think they would continue this trend going forward I'm somehow doubting it ... but still it's a start! Looking forward to playing through Metroid Fusion again & roll on Mega Man & Bass Mega Man Zero series & titles like Zelda Minish Cap & Metroid Zero Mission



enphos said:

Bummer, I feel like my hopes often get let down by Nintendo of late. But this does makes sense. They probably do not have the online space/man power given that their online is free (aka to be used sparingly) to provide these online multiplayer experiences. I think I would have liked one or two games that had an online experience rather than the whole lot we are getting, but that is just me.



Cinaclov said:

I'd have thought it'd be obvious to have the gamepad be one player and the TV/Wiimote be the other...



JaxonH said:

Did anyone REALLY expect retro games to get online integration all of a sudden? Since WHEN has that ever happened? People would have never said a word about this, but now that an article has been written suggesting Nintendo cut corners, half the fanbase is gonna complain about it. That's how the Nintendo hate hive mind works. Someone suggests a complaint, and everyone else says "yeah, me too". Thanks for inciting even more disdain for Nintendo Mr Author- I was beginning to feel like there was a little too much satisfaction lately...



Aaronzord said:

@gojiguy Yeah, totally. I really don't care if these have multiplayer or not - I just wish there was some way to increase the gamma...they're just really not visually appealing to me.



Sleepingmudkip said:

I really want these games.....and of course ill get them but i really want unified accounts so i dont have to buy VC games 3 times



ogo79 said:

doesnt do me any harm, as i dont have friends to play as a second player anyways, but the most important thing is, no one is allowed in my luxurious game room in the first place.
you might steal something in here if given the chance.
solo player or ZERO player, you decide!



FriedSquid said:

I wouldn't have expected them to implement online multiplayer anyways, so I'm not really disappointed. I also can't think of many great multiplayer GBA games that would take a loss from this (maybe except Pokemon R/S/E) so it's no big deal.



Beau_Skunk said:

Nintendo hasn't updated the Gameboy & GBC games with multiplayer support, so don't count on it. (It's a miracle the NES 3DS games have "download play" at this point, so I was hoping GBA games would follow suit...) It's not impossible, even Sega put multiplayer, and MORE features in the Virtual Console Game Gear & 3D games for 3DS, then Nintendo did their games. (And Sega while a good company is usually the one who rushes/half-bakes their games, but it seems like they're outdoing Nintendo with quality remakes/rereleases.)

When it comes to Virtual Console, Nintendo is really giving me a "they just did not care enough" vibe... Especially, not releasing SMB3 when they promised. (I'm still waiting for "Bubble Bobble," as well, which has been out in Japan for months.)



Beau_Skunk said:

I think the lack of a "link-up" multi-player feature, plus the issue of having more then one "version" of each Pokemon game seems to be why we don't have any Poke'mon games yet.

Nintendo, usually has a policy that only one version of each of their first-party games can be released on each Virtual Console service. (This is why we only have the NES version of "Wario's Woods," and why the 3DS has the Gameboy version of Dr. Mario, instead of the NES one like the Wii/WiiU.) But seeing how "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" made it to Europe, hopefully Nintendo will see past that policy...



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH Didn't expect online. For that price local multiplayer is totally reasonable to expect. (Proves the emulator is accurate as well by its existence).

They should have the best emulator period (They made the systems in the first place so they have all the docs etc). Every feature supported any issues like slowdown fixed (Like e.g 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure was).

The situation is different to the 3DS where the GBA games would be the best games available for me.



nightmaremoon said:

(in response to the whining) it's not feasible to have multiplayer in the gba vc it's pathetic that everyone wants multiplayer in a GBA game... GBA! it's a unnecessary feature to implement in the emulator! stop the whining or don't buy the game.



SnackBox said:

This bugs me me so much. I was looking forward to maybe being able to vs other people on Golden Sun on Wii U and now there's no point, back to my real game boy advance



ecco6t9 said:

So at this point the only thing stopping GBA games from being on the 3DS is that GBA games run in a GBA Mode that turns off StreetPass and SpotPass.

Personally I would take not having those features if it meant my entire Nintendo handheld collection could be on one handheld.



Action51 said:

AT first we couldn't play Wii games on the Gamepad controller, but then suddenly with an update last summer that let us do so.

We don't have totally unified accounts, but we did get a cross platform update that lets us carry credit between Wii U and 3DS platforms.

I can't say if we'll get an update to GBA on VC that allows them to implement local multi-player that WAS NOT ORIGINALLY AN OPTION on these games.

We'll see. Until then I guess the entitlement brigade will find new reasons to be dissatisfied with everything Nintendo does, even when they get precisely what they asked for.



ZachBeacon said:

Not surprised. I don’t really expect multiplayer from games that didn’t originally have it. Plus, without a second gamepad, local multiplayer would be problematic.

I just hope that the future DS posts have better wifi support than the originals.



Pj1 said:

Does anyone know if you can play GBA on the TV?

Also today I thought Super Mario kart for Wii-U VC what time does it become available. I've looked, it's not there



LztheQuack said:

@Pj1 Yes you can play them on the TV

Also, the eShop updates at a certain time (I'm American, so I'm not sure about Europe)



Garios said:

The negativity here is a little confusing to me. Aside from the fact that this isn't much of a surprise, are there really a lot of GBA games that need multiplayer to be fun? Or even offer it for that matter? I'm genuinely curious because from what I remember of the GBA library, it doesn't sound like we're missing out on much except for a few mini-games...



MadAdam81 said:

Nintendo was never going to spend the massive cost and time required for each game with multiplayer for a handful of extra sales.



Action51 said:

@Garios - the multiplayer facet to the these games is through the link cable.

I think we may see an update that allows multiplayer over internet or Wi-fi at some point, but we'll see.



ChessboardMan said:

What I'm still most confused about is why they're popping GBA games onto a home console, and not the 3DS.
The only advantage I could see of this is If they had plans to implement local multiplayer, with the WiiU emulating 2 GBAs at the same time, streaming one to the TV, one to the GamePad. But as many are pointing out, emulating a link cable is Extremely troublesome, so… why? Because let's be honest here, most GBA games were not only designed for the TINY screen, but for portable play, that is, short bursts of play, not long continuous play.
Does anyone know why they're doing this yet? As I think I'd prefer to play these games on my 3DS…



hendie001 said:

Please square enix we need final fantasy 1 to 6! I know 3 was a ds game but did they not say we might get ds games on the U?



Memeboy3 said:

@nightmaremoon Yeah...
Because Making Multiplayer On Tiny Games and Wasting Money is SUCH AN EASY THING TO DO! Sarcasm
I Agree....People are Whining over Nothing...They whould be thankful that Nintendo us even Putting these games on Wii U...
Dem Whiners...



nightmaremoon said:

@Memeboy3 wish that everyone would calm down about the single player thing i never utilized the multiplayer feature (used for ereader and mario bros) i never had any friends who would do multiplayer with me anyways except my brother it doesn't count though.

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