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Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Screens - Issue Twenty Seven

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Diddy! Dedenne! Fox! More things!

Monday can often be a tough day, but we always have a new batch of Super Smash Bros. screens to bring some happiness to another week, along with the knowledge that the dual release is creeping ever closer.

Masahiro Sakurai's daily despatches bucked the trend of the previous two weeks by not revealing any new challengers. We're not that disappointed, however, as the Super Smash Bros. Director's Room still served up some rather nice screens at which to gawk. Reveals last week focus on mechanics, stages and assist trophies, with poor old Waluigi being an assist trophy once again — that surely rules out a Year of Waluigi, then. Despite the awesomeness on display some 3DS fans may be disappointed, however, as all of last week's screens showed off the Wii U version.

Last week's screens from Sakurai-san are once again below for you to enjoy; you can click on the date heading to visit the Miiverse posts in question and give them a Yeah.

24th February

25th February

26th February

27th February

28th February

There are some fun screens this week, so let us know what you think in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (353 votes)

Diddy brings the barrel power


Mario and Bowser prepare for a Championship bout


Fox kicks into action against Samus


Luigi and Mario look on at a Waluigi cameo


Dedenne makes its entrance in some style


Um, I can't decide


To be honest, I don't like any of them


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User Comments (58)



B-Squared said:

Nice to see Waluigi back! Fans might be disappointed but hey, maybe if he gets a bigger role in another game there's hope some years down the line!



NintyMan said:

I voted for Waluigi. I expected him to be an assist trophy anyway, so I was just fine with the confirmation. He looks really detailed too.



sinalefa said:

I voted for Dedenne. Anything but Waluigi. Even Mario is hiding from him in that pic.



EarthboundBenjy said:

There's always a Pikachu ripoff in every new gen.

I kind of wish that Dedenne evolved or had a Mega form or anything else to make it more interesting. Even Emolga from Gen 5 was at least a bit more prominent and notable than Dedenne, I feel.



2Sang said:

Dededene is cool, but I gotta go with Waluigi. Glad he's back and not as a character.



Chubblings said:

I like Dedenne (obviously not competitively speaking). As others have said, it would have been nice if he had gotten an evolution. I'm pretty sure he was the only Electric-Fairy (I may be wrong), and that typing has potential.



erv said:

That comment is more valuable than the screens. No more consecutive standard spam for fox, or any other character.



Warbeard said:

First time I chose 'none of them' - sorry, but no interest in Waluigi whatsoever.



LtAldoRaine said:

I wonder when the Pikachu ripoffs will end.

The Fox and Samus image grabs my attention. Does that mean there isn't more of those attacks that you just keep doing until you release A,like Fox kicking endlessly,or Kirby's punches?



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Guys. GUYS.

It says that it's a transition move. That doesn't mean there won't consecutive moves. It means that's how they finish.



GalacticMario28 said:

I noticed that Dedenne's attack has an X shape; I wonder if there'll be another sixth gen Pokémon with a Y-shaped attack.



Williaint said:

@B-Squared I always envisioned Wario and Waluigi as weight-lifters. I mean, everyone already knows Wario is Some Kinda strong-man. I'd like to see a Wario Land game where Waluigi can be tossed around and where Waluigi can toss Wario Around... I mean, the co-op could be really fun; adversely, the competition could be fun as well...



Ricube said:

I like all of them. Are we going to know the release date at E3?
OT: were are the eshop offers for this week in Europe? Can't find them anywere...



jjmesa16 said:

Technically there were 6 pictures this week with the Punch Out stadium in the comments.



ModernMARVEL said:

@GalacticMario28 Good looking out! That's an interesting tidbit.

Unless you're a newer fan of Pokémon, shouldn't you all realize the there's a new member to the Pikachu family every generation.
Gen 2: Pichu, (Marrill might count)
Gen 3: Plusle, Minun
Gen 4: Pachirisu
Gen 5: Emolga
Gen 6: Dedenne



yokokazuo said:

Has anyone noticed that Waluigi is a lot like Luigi in many ways? Including being forgotten all the time and always in the shadow of Wario. Luigi at least has his own games though.



ChuJelly said:

Gotta go with Diddy here. The effects they added to his barrel are looking pretty sweet, and it's awesome to hear his rocketbarrel attack will be more practical to use now. Diddy's face and the blown away figures of Villager and Mac are priceless.



ApolloJustice said:

I'll be honest, none of them stand out, though if I had to choose one, I'll be fine with Waluigi Time, though I do look forward to seeing some more Pokemon like Dedenne.



DreamOn said:

Hoped for some more 3DS. As I'm not really into Smash it's the version I'll be getting for the novelty of it



WaveGhoul said:


I hope this isn't Little Mac's stage....Doesn't seem to borrow much from the NES & Wii sequel/reboot. We need a visable rauring audience, a super colorful ring and a mario referee to pummel!



KingDunsparce said:

@WaveBoy Actually, that isn't Little Mac's stage. It's possible to switch between the two stages (not sure how yet though). This article just forgot to put in the second picture, showing the Little Mac version:



IceClimbers said:

There's a "leaked" list for Smash Bros 4. A fair amount has been right so far, though it comes from neogaf so take it with a grain of salt.

If the list is real, then King K Rool, Ridley, Chrom, Palutena, Pac Man, some Zelda character, and Miis are newcomers, while Mewtwo, Snake, ROB, Mr Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, Meta Knight, Falco, Wolf, Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer, Ness, Lucas, Wario, Yoshi, Ganondorf, and Captain Falcon are returning veterans.

Would make for one pretty good lineup.



WaveGhoul said:


Hmmm, well i guess it's alright. Would of been awesome if a Mario referee(from the NES original) quickly popped and said 'fight' before the match, i also would made the arena Blue. But i guess i'm just being overly nostalgic and picky.




IceClimbers said:

If the list is real, then the final roster will be:

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Rosalina, Link, Toon Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, some Zelda newcomer, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong/Dixie Kong, King K Rool, Samus, Ridley, Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Pikachu, Lucario, Pokemon Trainer, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Pit, Palutena, Marth, Chrom, Ike, Ness, Lucas, Olimar, Villager, Captain Falcon, ROB, Mr Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, Wii Fit Trainer, Yoshi, Wario, Little Mac, Sonic, Mega Man, Snake, and Pac-Man.

That's one massive lineup of 47 (might have miscounted) playable characters, not counting Sheik and Dixie Kong. Brawl had 35 playable characters (not counting Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, etc).

If this is real, then this will officially be the best Smash Bros ever.



LavaTwilight said:

I think anyone relying on that list too heavily is setting themselves up for disappointment. It'd be kool to have Dixie interchangeable with Diddy though, especially if we throw in Cranky too, similar to how the Pokemon Trainer was in Brawl.
I really don't see Snake making a return though, especially since we have Megaman as a third-party character.
It's not too late for Pacman though and there are several others I'm hoping for too

But not Wario...

Never Wario...



BAGBOY said:

@IceClimbers I saw that list days ago on another website and it seems pretty legit and awesome, but I really doubt ALL of brawl characters will make a comeback since sakurai stated that certain characters won't make the cut. I believe characters like Ike, ROB, Ice climbers or Snake won't make it since that'll be way too many characters for a smash roster and there are characters that already replaced them, but hey, everything can happen.



SupahDude said:

I choose the Fox picture Samus looks way more detailed and I like the colors coming off Samus.

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