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Dead Pixel Entertainment Announces Sync, A Wii U Exclusive FPS Inspired By Metroid Prime

Posted by Damien McFerran

"How can we innovate an otherwise dull genre?"

Indie studio Dead Pixel Entertainment has lifted the lid on Sync, a first person shooter for the Wii U eShop which aims to channel the spirit of Metroid Prime and provide a AAA experience at a budget price.

Speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast, Dead Pixel shared some details on this new title, as well as its other project, Starbeast. Sync is set in a sterile world dominated by robots, and won't hand-hold the player too much — Dead Pixel is keen to allow players to find their own way in this immersive environment.

Here are some more details, straight from the horse's mouth:

Sync is a Sci Fi First Person Adventure similar to the Metroid Prime series. We, at Dead Pixel, believe anyone who loves the Prime series will love Sync for it’s open world gameplay and unique item collection. Players are thrown into a mechanical world where robots have become the dominant species. Players are tasked with locating data stations and uploading a deadly virus to destroy Sync, a computer system, from the inside. Given orders from an unknown group that calls itself Gensys. The player must focus his/her efforts on finding these terminals with little direction to complete their mission.

The screenshot shown above is the result of just two weeks work, and shows that the game already has a distinctive art style. The team expects the game to launch on the Wii U eShop later this year at a price point that will "surprise" gamers.

Starbeast is Dead Pixel's other major project, and is a horizontal shooter with lofty production values.

The team clearly has some grand ideas for its games:

The types of games we plan to make are very artistic in design, also very innovation in mechanics. With Sync (Starbeast and our other games planned) we asked ourselves a very important question: How can we innovate an otherwise dull genre? After finding an answer to that question, we build upon our ideas until we find something unique and fresh then move into production. When it comes to designing games, a lot of people in the industry try and follow trends… we are aiming to create them.

When quizzed on why the studio had decided on the Wii U as its platform of choice, the response was overwhelmingly positive:

We chose the Wii U for that reason exactly. The visuals are fantastic. Control options are limitless. It has the Nintendo Seal of Quality. We believe our games will benefit from the Wii U more so than they will from the PS4 or the XB-ONE.

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User Comments (64)



Peach64 said:

Sounds promising, but most studios are going to big up their ambitions when pitching. Can't wait to see how it actually turns out.



Warbeard said:

Looks too sterile right now for my tastes, but any Wii U exclusive is welcome



ajcismo said:

I'll keep it on the radar. Haven't thought about a FPS in years, but I'm happy to support the indie devs who put in the effort.



Sean_Aaron said:

Hopefully they will also utilise the superior control scheme of Metroid Prime on the Wii. Reminds me of Portal and that's a good thing; I love 2D shooters so win and win!



2Sang said:

actually looks intradesting. Maybe we'll hear more in the next direct.



Xilef said:

Sounds really cool. What other games has the devs worked on, if any?



alLabouTandroiD said:

It reads to good to be true and with a graphical style like that you better have the overall atmosphere match up.
Like @Sean_Aaron i'd like them to implement Wii Remote maybe Wii Remote Plus controls. GamePad scanning should not be overused since i don't think it'd be too great to hold it up to your TV every two minutes or so. It should feel special, not like a chore.
Can't wait to hear more about this and Starbeast.



Tsurii said:

Sounds interesting, looks cool. I'd love to a trailer first, but it seems to be very promissing.



WaveGhoul said:

for first and 3rd persons 'whatevers' it's wii remote/pointer controls or nothing for me. Although, ZombiU has been an exception to the rule since it's a huge innovative showcase based on what the Gamepad can actually do. Otherwise, i want a metroid prime 3-like expereince, none of this silly twin stick shinanigans.

Not only is the first person genre itself becoming extremely dull, but it's also typically backed up by a dull control scheme. Metroid Prime 3, Golden Eye 007(Wii) and Red Steel 2 are the cream of the FPS controlling crop.



Mahemoth said:

Bring it on! 2 weeks of work? Not bad, but it sounds a bit too ambitious for it to release at the end of the year.



Spoony_Tech said:

I've given up on seeing another Prime. Goodluck to ya on this one. Will wait for a review or actual footage before ill get even remotely excited!



Spoony_Tech said:

@WaveBoy Totally agree! Pointer controls or it better be like no less then a 9 out of 10 for me. However the frist 2 primes did the controls right for the Cube!



CharlieLoneWolf said:

I love the enthusiam this team has, and the game itself sounds really interesting and fun. I'll be checking this out for sure!



allav866 said:

As long as it's actually inspired by Metroid and not a shameful carbon copy of it like ReVeN, then I may buy it.



Kilroy said:

Definitely keeping my eye on this developer. Both games sound pretty intriguing!



dumedum said:

"We believe our games will benefit from the Wii U more so than they will from the PS4 or the XB-ONE." - that's the spirit!



evanescent_hero said:

Anyone who actually paid any attention to ReVeN's development on Kickstarter knows it's more than a simple Metroid clone. Yeah, it's got a lot of Metroid's elements, but they also add a lot of their own ideas.



sketchturner said:

Any game that takes inspiration from Metroid Prime is a game I'm going to follow closely. It'd be nice if the game suports Wiimote+nunchuk controls.



cbkummer said:

Um, YES!!! If Nintendo won't give us a new Metroid game, I think Dead Pixel DEFINITELY should!!



RancidVomit86 said:

FPS announced on another console - who cares? I hate FPS games.

FPS announced on Wii U - This looks so awesome! I can't wait to play it!

...oh Nintendo fan sites..



Dark-Link73 said:

To me it seems like a blend between Metroid, and P.N.03. While I do agree it looks rather sterile, it looks promising as well. (in chancellor Palpatine's voice) I'll be watching the development of this game with great interest.



VvVLuffyM2 said:

all i want is a conduit 3. when i heard of a new fps exclusive to the wii u i got my hopes up to high and no i'm a litle depressed. why do you hate us conduit fans nintendo and high volatge? you left us with such a cliffhanger ending at the end of the second one that screamed sequel. why wont you deliver on it. the multiplayer was probably the best fps multiplayer on wii with actual host migration and very little lag with little hacks since the game actually got updated. thanks fro crushing my dreams once again nintendo. guess i have to wait till e3 to see if there is even a glint of hope for a conduit 3. but for now i've lost all faith



VvVLuffyM2 said:

@WaveBoy you forget about the best fps on the wii: Conduit 2. Multiplayer was nearly perfect with little lag and also was one of the funnest games i ever played on the wii. when i heard of a new fps exclusive to wii u i was severely disappointed that it wasn't a conduit 3



Melkac said:

Nintendo, give this team some help. How many WiiU eShop exclusives are there, really?
And by "some help" I don't mean "a trailer on your Youtube channel".



JaxonH said:


Normally I wouldn't respond, but I'm seeing way too many people blame Nintendo for things that they have absolutely nothing to do with. There's plenty blame at Nintendo's feet as is- the last thing they need is to be blamed for things they aren't even involved with. 3rd party games, such as The Conduit, are exactly that- 3rd party games. Nintendo does not hate you. Nintendo did not crush your dreams. The Conduit is not Nintendo's game. The Conduit was developed by High Voltage and published by Sega. If you're gonna throw rocks, just be sure you're throwing them at the right persons...



JaxonH said:

Is there a tree these indie games are growing on or something? Every day I come to this site, I read about more indie games coming to Wii U. Surely not all of them will be good, but at this rate it doesn't matter. Just the sheer numbers will ensure we get plenty of great games. Even if 3-5% of these indies are worthwhile, I think we'll be set.

When folks said indies would take the place of 3rd parties, I was skeptical. But more and more I'm beginning to agree... these indies aren't just your ordinary 8-bit throwbacks. Some are, but many are very well developed, high production value games. Keep em coming!



ChrisT99 said:

It looks awesome, and I love the fact that it's a Wii U exclusive. Make it awesome, then take my money.



3MonthBeef said:

I get the feeling this game will be cancelled down the road. But here's to good fortune. Also, from reading about this in NintendoEverything seems like it will be more Portal with the open worldness of Metroid Prime (basically any FPS that incorporates non-linear exploration).

Portal had defined enemy (obstacles really) patterns and it sounds this game will have a similar threat of enemies. Maybe they'll add more complex enemy AI types but if they want to release it this year, don't bet on it.



Gorlokk said:

I'll be keeping an eye on this. The clean white visuals look pretty neat imo, but I'm interested in seeing more.



LoveSugoi said:

Not my type of game but hope the venture pays off for them. They're already on the right track taking inspiration from Prime especially with all the Ninty fanboys clamoring for another Metroid.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Sounds interesting. The Wii U could use a good T rated FPS, and if I get stuck, there's always GameFAQs.



CDBz said:

I like the fact that Nintendo finally have an exclusive fps for the Wii U but this although looks like it could be promising is not what I was looking for. I was hoping for something that isn't made on a budget and has some of that Nintendo charm. What about Mario Paintball?



bellaprime said:

Wouldn't get your hopes up and why do people keep writing articles for this "company" they have promised games for the last 5 years, yea thats right, 5 and haven't delivered a single one. They are a bunch of students hoping to get onto nintendo and have never actually made a single game. Do your research before producing articles like this please you just get people's hopes up for nothing.
They have changed their company name many times and are all talk.
another article on them

and you'll see on their website a bunch of other titles they've never made

pixel entertainment, dead pixel entertainment, now they are just dead pixel lol.

Until i've actually seen a bunch of gameplay footage of it actually on the console, wouldn't get your hopes up on this at all. just a waste of time

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