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Club Nintendo Adds Some Awesome Premium Mario Playing Cards in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Deal us in

While some aspects of Nintendo are universal regardless of territory, the Club Nintendo promotions and catalogues do vary depending on where you live. That can be for better or worse, but can also be the source of some friendly rivalry between fans around the globe.

While the coins system and monthly download treats in North America are undoubtedly attractive, occasionally the European and Australian equivalents have some neat collectibles to boast about (Update: these cards were previously a 2012 Platinum reward for Club Nintendo in North America, thanks for the comments!). Recently added in what us old people call the 'PAL region' are Premium Mario Playing Cards, which have the following description and slightly amusing warning.

These super-shiny playing cards, decorated with images of your favourite Mario characters and power-ups, are sure to make any card game special! Pack includes 54 semi-transparent plastic playing cards (52 cards, plus two Jokers). Measures approx. 6 x 9 cm

(Note: Due to the production process, some reflective material may remain on the outer edges of the cards, which may be transferred to hands after prolonged use.)

You can see images above and below. In Europe these cards will set you back 3000 stars, while in Australia they're a good amount less at 2000 stars. Are you tempted to grab these?

A big thanks to Mark for the tip.


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sinalefa said:

As a matter of fact, these cards were one of the available rewards for the Platinum category in the NA Club Nintendo in 2012. They are beautiful.



Leonn said:

America had that for the 2012 premium award. And I know, I got it lol



SLiM said:

I think I have played only once with these cards since I got them. I need to give them some more love.



RedYoshi999 said:

Nice! A simultaneous Europe/Australia Club Nintendo release! Unfortunately for me, I've recently gone broke on stars after a certain Mario Hat, Hanafuda Cards and Luigi's Mansion diorama hit. And with the software drought, there's not much of a chance for me to hit 2000 stars before these inevitably disappear.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm a bit worried all the glitter would come off, it does warn you in the description

Measurements are probably 58mm*89mm as other playing cards Nintendo makes are that.

I'd say I'm a maybe on buying them. I do have stars expiring so this would give me another year without expiring.



Maelstrom said:

Have them from 2012 platinum. Great cards, haven't used them much, but the wear is unnoticable



YouSeemFRAZZLED said:

I think this, the GamePad informative pictures, and Super Mario 3D World confirm that the 2D art-style's officially BACK!!



smikey said:

I already own various packs of Nintendo playing cards (some more official than others) and 3000 stars is way too much (so is 2000 in aus in my opinion)
Saving my stars for the next limited edition statue which will end up on there eventually (probably after i get bored and spend them on something else)



Ninhau said:

hm... have 4200 stars right now... dont think that these cards are worth 3000, though. been looking at the MG1 OST though



Dark-Link73 said:

I was so busy back in 2012 trying to revived my ill-fated Nintendo website that I completely forgot to claim my platinum reward that year. Needless to say I was pissed. Thanks for reminding me what I missed a year and a half ago Club Nintendo of Europe!!!



kuribo4 said:

I would love to get these, but since Kid Icarus had the AR cards I thought that maybe Smash will have something similar. What do you guys think?



Phantom_R said:

Beware: the cards have glitter on them, and it will get everywhere. Glitter may be the greatest good in the universe, but it is also the purest evil.



Neptune said:

I never got the cards from the 2012 NA Platinum award. Nintendo sent them to me twice yet both seemed to somehow get lost in the mail. I was very disappointed...



Eight-Bit-Yoshi said:

Ordered thanks for the heads up! I been looking for something to use my points up on. I can never forgive them for expiring my hard earned points that time



WiiLovePeace said:

Yay! We got these on the Club Nintendo Australia website too. Although, I would get these but I'm saving up for the Mario hat instead.



Dauntless said:

Very similar to the NA 2012 platinum reward. From what I can tell the cards are identical except for the stars. The platinum version doesn't have the circle border around the stars. The box for the platinum version is also red and gold, not black and gold. Other than that, the platinum version is labeled "Platinum Playing Cards", not "Premium Mario Playing Cards". There isn't much reason for club members who already got the platinum cards to get this. For everyone else this is one of the nicest card decks I have seen.



RealPoketendoNL said:

I'm seriously considering getting them, but I just can't take the step to actually order them. Guess I'm just gonna wait for the next new item then...



DrMonk said:

Just ordered. Need a new pack of playing cards and it still leaves me with 3800 stars. It's great the club Nintendo is finally seeing some love in Aus (Hanafuda cards, Luigi Diorama, and now this).



rjejr said:

Sitting on the shelf next to our deck of Mario Party playing cards that make a big poster from 2008. I do like this new black box better than our read one. I couldn't find any glitter on ours either. We never play w/ either deck, these are super slick, can't imagine trying to hold them while playing. They are really cool looking though. We occasionally make the picture w/ the Mario Party deck, it's a big puzzle.



Mk_II said:

@Dauntless European Club Nintendo has no platinum or gold rewards. this is the frst time these cards are available here in Euroland.



LoveSugoi said:

Those are sweet... but since I neither have 3000 stars or live in Europe, I shall consult my ol' friend ebay.



SilentHunter382 said:

Arg Nintendo. I just register a lot of code I build up and added them. You know I have 3100 star as you showed me the amount when I kept added stars.

Why is it that I only have 350 stars (the amount I had before I added the codes) when I want to buy the cards. I am not happy. I bet they will be sold out by the time it gets sorted. :/

EDIT: Fixed now. Had to log out.



Anguspuss said:

IF any one would like some eu club nintendo points i have following
Mass effect 3
deus ex
steel diver
wii sports resort



J-Manix98 said:

Already have them from 2012 Although mine are "Platinum playing cards" They're exactly the same though, except the box is red.



Jakeman said:

Yes, I picked up these cards this morning.
After having so many stars on the Australian site for so long, I am now down to just a few hundred of them. I recently picked up the hanafuda cards, the Luigi diorama, the Mario hat and now these cards.
Now I am actually hoping that they don't update the catalog for some time. I never thought I would be thinking that! Nintendo sure does know how to surprise you.



Jakeman said:

@Nintenjoe64 Unless you are in Australia, own a 3DS and download all your games. In Australia we get 200 stars for each game plus 200 extra stars for downloading them (so 400 for each game). Which means you only have to purchase 5 games to get 2000 stars (which is the asking amount for the cards). Not too bad.



luke88 said:

Yay! As soon as I saw them I went straight to my club Nintendo account, frantically registered a few products as fast as I could, was worried there might be a mad dash on them for some reason, and now they're en route; thank you so much for the tip Tom/NL. Literally can't wait to turn up at the pub with them, my friends may well laugh but I don't even care.



luke88 said:

@123akis I've got a couple codes spare if you want them? I wont need them, they're for games bought in the U.K though, which I imagine would be no good unless you live in the U.K. Let me know and I'll email them to you.



CaPPa said:

I wish the North American Club Nintendo would offer other regions past Platinum gifts too.



BlackStar9000 said:

@sinalefa Yes, i got these for christmas 2yrs ago while i was still in Korea, it was LITERALLY the only thing i got for christmas.....AND THEY ARE THE BEST DAMN LOOKING PLAYING CARDS EVER! Tough plastic and see through, you can tell the card making roots in these, Nintendo, put these on the market so I can get some for my family and friends, otherwise I'm not letting another soul come near mines! Now i just gotta find those hanafuda cards.....



BlackStar9000 said:

I realize Im now finally starting to collect Nintendo items, i have the Luigi Mansion statue, these cards, the ganon statue from WWHD, and soon two figures from another website of Link and Samus.



MadAdam81 said:

I got the Hanafuda cards and I don't think I can scrounge up 2000 points. I would be happy to trade the Hanafuda cards for this.



MrGuinea said:

Got these for the platinum reward 2 years ago. They are wonderful and shiny and I refuse to play with them in order to keep them in all their shinyness!



Neptune said:

I wanted to call them again, but at that point I didn't want to give Club Nintendo the impression that I was lying, so I just accepted my loss.



RedYoshi999 said:

You mean meanwhile in North America, 2012 platinum reward says hello!

That would be impossible since Europe/Australia has no platinum rewards system. Not sure about Japan (but since when does anyone get any of their cool stuff?)

Yeah, when I remembered the double stars bonus I got excited again because I only need to buy Yoshi (guess that's the tipping point for me buying it) and 2 other games to make it back to 2000 stars. I've been wanting to convert the early 3DS carts I bought into digital copies for a while too so this is an incentive to actually do it.



Mario_maniac said:

Having looked at an unboxing video, they're undeniably pretty. But I'm not spending 2000 stars on them when Nintendo Australia has been kinda promising with CN lately, and I already have the Mario Party 8 playing cards. I'm still annoyed that I got the Paper Mario notepads before the Luigi statue was announced.



123akis said:

@luke88 I do live in the UK, email the codes to my email address: [NOTE: As this comment has been here for some time I have edited out my email address]



Radbot42 said:

I got the deck as a platinum reward last year. The cards are nice but the way they are designed are a bit distracting and hard to play with. They make a nice addition to my deck collection though.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I got them back as the 2012 reward, and I think they're really cool. They look nicer in person than most pictures, though I don't really plan on using them to play with.



Kolzig said:

Does anyone know when did Club Nintendo start? And has it ever actually been expanded in Europe or always just been for the few countries it is now?



Starwolf_UK said:

@Kolzig In about 6 European countries it started with the Gamecube launch and was called Nintendo VIP 24:7 then (it had an achievements system on the profile...oh and free stars for daily visits but they seriously lacked things to actually buy as whenever anything went up it sold out quickly). I think end of 2007 they re-branded to Club Nintendo. Some countries like Australia and Russia got it far more recently.

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