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Aztez Is MadWorld Meets Empire-Building Strategy, And It's Coming To Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Monochrome madness

Team Colorblind has announced at this year's GDC that its brawler and strategy hybrid Aztez is coming to the Wii U eShop, as well as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.

Aztez is described as a game of "conquest and brutality" which combines empire expansion with side-scrolling action sequences. The entire package reminds us of gory Wii title MadWorld, which is most definitely a good thing. The developer has also compared the game's action sections to Devil May Cry and Capcom's arcade interpretation of Aliens Vs. Predator — again, that fills us with nothing but positive feelings.

You can view a gameplay trailer below — let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Sean_Aaron said:

Nice art design so I'll be curious to see more. I don't have any RTS games on Wii U unless you count Pikmin 3, so there's certainly a gap to be filled there!



CaPPa said:

It looks like it could be a bit like Actraiser in that there appears to be a world map and you'll conquer parts of it by completing the side scrolling levels.



BigH88 said:

I say its a mix of Madworld and Murumasa and that says instant buy to me!



Anguspuss said:

cool yet again the e shop is going to show up third party devs & nintendo.

Why the hell they dont release a special edition wii u with hdd is beyond me. Also an official external hdd as well. Make it red with mario sticker and it will sell.



ricklongo said:

Well, Civilization is my favorite non-Nintendo franchise of all time, I'm definitely interested in the "Empire Building strategy" aspect.



ULTRA-64 said:

Not sure what to think about this , Love the concept, love the art style.....watched the trailer and it looks like all beat em up, no strategy......I'm confused!!! 0_o



3MonthBeef said:

1) Not a Wii U exclusive
2) No sign of the "strategy" element
3) Another black & white game (devs we're onto you; its a cheap dev trick)



sevex said:

The style reminds me of MadWorld. I'm interested to know what the strategy part is though.



MrV4ltor said:

1) More games, more fun, no?
2) Just because you haven't seen it yet doesn't mean that it isn't there.
3) It's called art-style, not cheap dev trick.



element187 said:

1) Who cares if its not exclusive
2) wait until we see the final product before passing judgement
3) A break from "everything must look 8bit in an indie game" craze is a good thing.



Action51 said:

Looks nice. I enjoyed Madworld, but the action reminds me of Muramasa, old school Strider, and Wonderful 101.

One to keep an eye on.



linkzero65 said:

(off topic) anyone wants to list what he or she wants to be revealed at E3 2014 mine is:
1)_zelda wii u
3)_miyamoto's new Ip
4)_new starfox (developed by platinum)
5)_new metroid



FriedSquid said:

It looks pretty good, the art style reminds me some of Okami, too. I think I'll keep an eye on this one, at least after some more footage.



Farmboy74 said:

I hope the black and white graphics don't mess with my eyes like Madworld did. Think I will wait for a review



Dark-Link73 said:

@Sean_Aaron That's exactly what I was thinking. This game looks awesome but just to think how Madworld screwed with my eyes and head (it caused me more headaches than the VB did), I'm hesitant about it.

@Farmboy74 A Star Fox game made by PG? ONLY if they stay faithful to the Starfox classic formula (SNES/N64 versions). NO ON FOOT MISSIONS and most definitely NO crazy over the top anime music and gameplay (W101/Bayoneta). If PG goes the latter, it'll be another "Other M" fiasco.

@linkzero65 Pikmin is an RTS whereas this game, I don't see why this might be an RTS, looks just like a "beat them up" game alas Double Dragon.



dumedum said:

Now I want to play MadWorld again. What a game. The pinnacle of motion controls.



Shambo said:

Looks great, I'm quite interested. Still waiting for any news of a Madworld sequel... And NMH 3. Just got a PS Vita, and I'll import Muramasa for it soon, to replay it on the go (still have it on Wii). Wii simply has an awesome library, still don't get all the 'Wii has no games' BS... Hope Wii U gets some more daring physical hidden gems too...



AugustusOxy said:

Looks like it plays like senran kagura, or any good 2.5 d action game. I'll be getting this, no doubt.



nf_2 said:

The combat part looks really good, like Muramasa as others have mentioned, but I'm curious about the empire building aspects. I can't really tell much from the screens.



Agent721 said:

This sounds awesome! I love Civ, SimCity & Tropico...I like side scrolling action. I hope they make good use of the gamepad & give the Wii U version the edge!



JaxonH said:

This game looks straight sick! Wow, the indies are really bringing their A-game to Wii U this year. You already know this is a day one purchase.



B3ND3R said:

I'm certainly interested. Kinda want to see how the Empire Building aspect works though..



readyletsgo said:

Cool, I just got a copy of Madworld this week and on the look out for a cheap copy of Murumasa too. I'll keep an eye on this game too!

Anyone notice that Wii games are starting to creep up in value lately?



SomeoneDifferent said:

Because something is black and white, you won't even attempt to play it? Does that mean you don't watch some of the best movies of all time, either?




CDBz said:

I'm a bit on the fence on this one to be honest. The strategy part of this game will either make it or break it for me.

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