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ZaciSa's Last Stand Developer Provides an Update on Progress

Posted by Samantha Sofka

Possible release date and new game mode announced

In a recent update ZeNfA developer Greg Wiggleton has stated that his upcoming tower defence game ZaciSa's Last Stand is slated for a North American Wii U eShop release in late February for $2.99. The game was originally set for release in December or January 2014, but there were some issues with the initial submission to Nintendo; it's now been resubmitted.

Luckily the problems with the first submission were quick fixes and allowed Wiggleton a second chance to fix and improve a few things. He was also able to add in a brand new game mode.

This new game mode is called “Endless Mode.” It is similar to the other main modes in the game, except this one features no levels and a never-ending supply of enemy ships. With no levels, each enemy ship is just slightly stronger than the one before it. This also means that each enemy, when destroyed, will reward a slightly higher score and money amount. With no break in-between levels, since there are none now, as well as no bonuses, you will have to stay on your toes after each enemy ship is destroyed. With the slight change to gameplay, you will need to think of new clever ways to stay alive.

He also mentioned that he has another title in the works:

I don’t have too much to share right now, but I can say that I am currently working on a simple physics-based puzzle game with a launch aim of May or June.

After ZaciSa Last Stand is launched, Wiggleton plans on getting the game rated in Europe and later in Australia, as well as releasing free patches that add new functions and maps to the game.

Take a look at the newest trailer below and let us know if it is something you are looking forward to picking up.

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Uberchu said:

December or January?

Wow so first quarter of the year or last quarter... lol



sadsack777 said:

come on Nintendo when will we see some good 2d space shooters like( nemesis Guardian r type



XCWarrior said:

Going to have to wait on a review for this. Concept looks good, sounds fun, but man the graphics bug me and I'm not one usually to be bothered by that. But it has online leaderboards, so I'm willing to try it if Nintendo Life thinks highly of it.

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