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You'll Be Able To Customise Your Mii In Mario Golf: World Tour's Swanky Castle Club

Posted by Liam Doolan

Make sure you're a member when the game launches on May 2nd

Die-hard Mario Golf fans will be pleased to know the latest Nintendo Direct today provided new information regarding the single-player mode in the upcoming Mario Golf: World Tour.

In addition to previously announced multiplayer features, the game will also include a section called the Castle Club. This area is a clubhouse hub where players can access golf courses, tournaments, training areas, shops, locker rooms and even a cafe.

The clubhouse will not only let players hone various aspects of their game, but also allow them to customise their Mii characters with items from the shop - in a similar fashion to the Mario Tennis Open club room.

Customisation options available include clubs, golf balls, and of course, clothing. Like Mario Tennis Open’s clothing customisation, different combinations of gear will affect player performance.

Mario Golf: World Tour is due to launch in North America and Europe on May 2nd.

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NintyMan said:

I like the customization, and while it's expected that the game has it after Mario Tennis Open, this looks much more like the portable RPG experience of old. The game also looks and plays great, and it better after all the time Camelot gave itself.



mcusc5435 said:

I can't wait for this game!!! The GameCube Mario Golf was so fun and this one looks to be just as good



Peach64 said:

Day 1 purchase for me. Golf games work so well on a handheld, and it's been ten whole years since the last one on GBA. Shame it's missing the Easter holiday but no biggie.



Dyl_73 said:

Really looking forward to this game. I love the mario golf games and have missed having a portable golf to play since everybody's golf on the psp. The eshop golf game (lets golf?) was very forgettable.



XFsWorld said:

The last golf game I had was Fun Fun Minigolf Touch, I can't wait to get this, I like playing golf games on portables only.



Yosher said:

I'm kind of disappointed with this news if I have to be honest. Mario Golf should focus on Mario characters if you ask me, not the Miis. So long as they won't be overly broken as in Mario Tennis though, I won't complain.



Emaan said:

I don't know if I can look forward to this after Mario Tennis Open.



XFsWorld said:

I didn't realize this was coming out the same day as Kirby, this should have been a summer release-June.



efaulk84 said:

With the motion controls of the Wii and the Wii U it baffles me that Nintendo would not release this on the Wii U. It seems like it would be a no brainier to make a Mario Golf game with Motion Controls.



MikeLove said:

One of my most anticipated games!

But I'm not a fan of the customizing your gear to boost stats. I don't want to have to wear a goofy yellow banana hat or something like that to boost a stat that I desire.



SDDMN said:

Definitely the best part of today's ND for me besides Little Mac being confirmed for SSB Wii U and 3DS. I'll have the game fully paid off before May 2nd even passes.



unrandomsam said:

@Yosher Metal Mario was perfect in Mario Tennis. (For what I wanted anyway - closest to what I wanted - good for playing against maximum spin which always seemed to happen online).



hiddenstampede said:

As a consumer who enjoys mii, I would like to see mine react with Nintendo's characters. Otherwise, I hate to see my avatars feeling 'lonely.'



Whopper744 said:

Oddly enough, I'm liking that Donkey Kong hat... Maybe it would help my Mii actually look like he is not in the 5th grade anymore. Kind of has an older guy look to it (though I'm only in my mid 20's)



XCWarrior said:

Picking this up for sure. For people who dont want the Mii customization, dont use it. Its one mode of the game. May 2 might be my first new game purchase of the year.



Humphries90 said:

Not sure I care for the Mii inclusion and to be honest, I'm worried it's going to be closer to Mario Tennis Open than I initially believed. That game was such an horrific let down. I'd rather have levelling up based on experience rather than buying clothing and they didn't show anything off to suggest it would be RPG-like.



electrolite77 said:

I'd be surprised if this isn't great. Very little interest in RPG stuff here and I've been playing Everybody's Golf on the Vita for 18 months on and off. Bring it on.



retro_player_22 said:

Yay, now get back to work on the sequel to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn already Camelot, it's taken forever now.



unrandomsam said:

@Humphries90 I would rather have just all the Mario characters balanced so they are as good as each other. (Maybe the hardest ones to use can be slightly better).



Alpha2797 said:

I just want to make sure but there's no RPG elements such as leveling up a la Mario Golf GBA, correct?



Windy said:

Just when I was worried this wasn't coming. Can't wait! I hope the online play is fun. Nintendo still keeps its secrets about its online capabilities by not even mentioning or making online the focus of their titles. Let's see what happens here



TySoN_F said:

Where were these RPG elements in Mario Tennis Open? (Don't have the game, so I may be mistaken).

I love this but personally not a fan of Golf itself.

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