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Weirdness: This Mario Golf Bag Could Help You Hit the Links in Style

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hole in one

Mario Golf: World Tour arrives on 2nd May in North America and Europe, ending a fairly long wait for the latest entry in the popular series. With Mii integration, customisation and online tournaments and communities on the way, it's looking like a promising prospect for a below par — in a good way — score.

Nintendo's clearly keen to push the brand, in Japan at least, with the rather bright and cheerful golf bag and accessories pictured above and below. The company has stated that it'll be ramping up its licensing activities, and seems to be getting into the swing of things with this bag. It couldn't be much more Mario, with logos liberally scattered throughout and star coins as zips.

This will certainly be eye-catching at any golf club, and we'll see whether pricey products like this make it to the West; the bag will set golfers back 48,500 Yen (roughly $473 / £284 / €345) excluding tax. Ouch.

Price aside, would you like to stroll onto your local course with this bag?


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5ony said:

Admittedly, it'd look pretty ridiculous to see someone stroll into a golf club with this... well, ridiculous for the other golfers. I think it'd be totally rad, if not embarrassment inducing.



Whopper744 said:

I golf, and I've been a huge Mario fan for as long as I can remember, but somehow I think I'd feel a little silly walking around with this..



Nassov said:

Why would you think, as a golfer (or not), you'd look ridiculous/silly in this? All golfers look ridiculous. Heck, golf is ridiculous!



SphericalCrusher said:

I don't golf, although I've always wanted to try it. That bag is amazing... I would take it to the Putt Putt course =P I would wear that hat though!



rjejr said:

Looks like Rodney Dangerfields bag from Caddy shack. I cant believe its real, I thouhht it was an in game extra for your Mii.



MikeLove said:

Who exactly is this marketed to? Adults won't buy it, and if a kid has enough cash to pick it up, they would likely buy something more professional looking that they could use for years to come.

Even if it's a high quality bag, it looks too corny for more than a handful of people to want to own/use.



sillygostly said:

Wow. This actually makes me want to become a golfer.

Why let pride get in the way of a good time?



Barbiegurl777 said:

If I golfed alot I would pick one up. I use to golf more when I was younger at the mini golf courses but still had a pretty fun time lol.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



WiiLovePeace said:

Wowzers! That's awesome! Too bad I don't golf at all in real life, I'd gladly take the hat though



sugarshack said:

I could do without the hat but that bag is completely sweet. could p*** off some older folks on the course, at least get their attention.



GuSolarFlare said:

wish they'd make a Mario tennis racket bag.... and sell it all around the world. tennis is popular everywhere!



Goginho said:

I'd be proudly rockin' dat if I played golf
..really wish we'd get much more official, licensed stuff like this; bags, shoes, tennis rackets, hoodies...etc..EVERYTHING, cause sadly I'm no golf fan (maybe just mini golf for me ).



Goginho said:

Man, looking at those screens, I gotta say -the new Mario Golf game for the 3DS looks gorgeous with its crisply bright and vibrant visuals. It makes me wish it wasn't restricted to just golfing, cause I badly wanna run around in those fields and forests chasing rabbits, on those courses. I just wouldn't want to meet that humongous Goomba though

I kinda now wish we'd have a little eShop game where you can ride a sort of vehicle, such as a golf cart, an ATV or even a dirt bike through and across those fields, hills and meadows. Clearly with little objectives, perhaps even a full out campaign. Oh, and you could also go on foot, meaning you could get in and out of vehicles, kinda like a mini, Mario GTA ..equipped with online mode and everything, where you can create your own group and make up missions and do w/e lol jks



unrandomsam said:

Most Golf courses are not Links courses. (At least in the UK a very small proportion are that is all).



JaxonH said:

I don't even golf and I want that bag lol!

I bet it would feel nice playing Wii Sports Club Golf with that bag beside me...



TwilightOniAngel said:

woah this is real i thought it was the mario golf game this is awesome i want that bag know, i wonder what people will say if they see it when you play golf.



joshmail81 said:

@5ony yea, I golf too and could see some laughing and some pining over it, I think it's definitely stylish and looks well made. The Star emblems on the zipper are awesome, too.



Platypus101 said:

@5ony seriously?! Have you seen other golfers? They're just missing pocket protectors... Trust me, the way they dress, they won't be judging anyone, anytime soon



Platypus101 said:

@JohnRedcorn hence the high price and limited availability.... And as a side note I love golf (virtual or real) and I would buy this bag. It would be an excellent icebreaker... Golfers are not the serious lot they show on TV



Kolzig said:

Well, now we know what Reggie is doing while not at office or playing with his 3DS.

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