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VBlank Entertainment Planning Free Retro City Rampage DX Update, Bug Fix To Be Submitted on Monday

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't hit "RESET TO DEFAULTS" in the settings


Vblank Entertainment's Brian Provinciano has kindly given us some further detail on the issue that he's aiming to fix, as well as the happy news that he plans more free updates in the future.

For clarification, what's happening is that the RESET TO DEFAULTS sets the video mode to 1:1 instead of zoomed 2:1. Sadly, this setting is changed in the save game and there's no way to set it back to the correct video mode. The save data will be fine once the update comes which simply switches it back to the correct video mode. However, as updates must go back through certification, it might be a little bit before it's live. In the meantime, the only solution is to delete the save games then exit the game completely to clear the setting. However, if players have a lot of progress and want to continue playing without losing it, they can always back up their current save game, and delete it on their system, then start a new game. Once the update goes live, they can copy their previous save back over and continue where they left off.

For the curious, players wanting see just how crazy small the sprites are in non-zoomed mode, they can hit the RESET TO DEFAULTS button, but they should back up their save first.

And breaking news: I plan to continue updating the 3DS version even after this first update!

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Retro City Rampage DX only hit the 3DS eShop recently in North America — it arrives in Europe on 20th February — but developer Vblank Entertainment is already busy with updates for the title. Some updates will be fun, while another fixes an issue that can damage save data.

To begin with the latter, it seems that selecting "RESET TO DEFAULTS" in the settings can corrupt save data, causing the screen to distort. If the save data does become corrupted through this fault the only solution is to delete all saves and start again; the developer has created an update to fix the issue that will be submitted to Nintendo on Monday, with a rough estimate of a week to go through checks.

In happier news for those that haven't triggered that issue, a free update is in the works to add some features. Confirmed so far is an option to add waypoints to the map, as well as an "animated Dysentruck".

It's a game that'll keep on giving a little more, it seems. You can read our wholehearted recommendation in our Retro City Rampage DX review.

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IceClimbers said:

Retro City Rampage DX is seriously one of the funnest indie games I've ever played. Chock full of references to 80's and 90's video games and pop culture.
Absolutely recommend it.



Undead_terror said:

Lots of people are asking for multiplayer and if that happens, I asked for a survival mode you could play solo or co-op, either if it's zombies or armed men.



IceClimbers said:

Just found a Bionic Commando reference and a Choose Your Own Adventure book reference.



Undead_terror said:

I was talking to the dev and this is what has been said:
Me: "also on a side note, a thing that could be added in the game if it's not already in the game is a survival mode, either it's zombies or men with guns, how about you try to survive as many waves as possible, buying guns with earned money, co-op if the game gets multiplayer, many people enjoy survival modes!"

The dev: "Survival Mode's actually been on the top of the list for a while but didn't make it into the initial release as I want it to be well designed rather than quickly thrown together. I actually had the whole waves thing implemented in early 2010, but ended up reworking it to the Death Cam VHS, etc. missions and making the specific arcade challenges. Going back to doing a fleshed out version is a to-do. No plans for zombies though.

Multiplayer's pretty out of the realm of possibility though, as I'm just one guy. It would take minimum 6, probably 12 months to do, between tech/server/client stuff, level design, platform requirements, testing and certification. It would be the work of a new game, not something I can take on right now."



Gioku said:

Luckily, I heard about the glitch before I ever tried to hit 'rest to defaults', and it's good to hear they're right on top of things! Also great to hear they're planning more stuff, to boot!



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man! I want RCR DX to hurry up & turn up on the Aussie eShop so I can reset to defaults & play it for a bit on 1:1 mode haha.



sleepinglion said:

I love the zoom mode, I wish it were available as an update for the versions on other consoles. I'm catching so many more visual gags I couldn't see before thanks to this awesome zoomed mode.



B3ND3R said:

Good thing I'm getting it tomorrow it's always awesome when things get fixed and improved the day you get something! XD



Gen0neD said:

Have this game, like this game... but i thought it was in 3D. I didn't wait for the review where they revealed that there wasn't 3D. Sadly, that was my main draw.
8-bit in 3D. Dammit. Still good though.



BinaryFragger said:


To get a tank, go on a rampage until your "wanted" level is maxed out and the military starts going after you in tanks. Then all you have to do is steal one.



Giygas_95 said:

@Gen0neD I was disappointed by the lack of 3D too. I mean you could even turn on the Virtual Boy screen filter and it'd look somewhat like a VB game, but it's still really enjoyable anyway.

Glad I didn't run into this issue. I'll stay away from the reset to default option for now.



WaxxyOne said:

Nobody tested hitting a menu option before certifying the game for release? Come on, guys....



WaxxyOne said:

@CrabGats I'm not talking about the indie developer that made the game. He's awesome. But you can't tell me Nintendo doesn't at least do a cursory QA pass before putting the game on their service. If it were something obscure I could understand, but not even selecting a menu option just shows this either wasn't tested or they didn't care.

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