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Ubisoft To Release New Wii U Title ''Know Your Friends'' - Actually, Probably Not

Posted by Conor McMahon

More multiplayer goodness on the way?


This game was actually spotted last year, so the question now reverts to "will this game be released?". Possibly not, it seems.

Original Article:

A few scares and bumps in the road aside, Ubisoft has been a strong third-party ally for Nintendo. It's a prolific company with a varied catalogue of titles under its belt, and a recent ESRB rating seems to bring some good news for Wii U owners.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board - to indulge it with its full name - has just given details on a Ubisoft title yet to be officially announced by the company itself. According to its website it's called Know Your Friends, and is described as follows:

A multiplayer trivia game in which players form teams to answer questions about their friends' personalities. Questions are presented in multiple-choice format, as players attempt to guess teammates' answers.

Definitely a multiplayer party game then, and interestingly enough it has been allocated a T for Teen rating, which should spice up proceedings a little. The summary goes on to warn of references to sexual themes, alcohol and tobacco, and even some partial nudity. Sample questions go so far as to ask “Which part of the female anatomy do people look at first?”, so while it would make for some awkward family nights in, it would fill a space in the market for a party game with real teeth.

At the time of writing the only platform listed is Wii U, but as with all good news that may be subject to change. Regardless, it's possibly a fun one to keep an eye on and may offer an adult alternative to some of Wii Party U's fun trivia games.

Have you been craving an experience like this on Wii U? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Diz93 said:

It may sound like shovelware, but honstly this could be fun instead of playing a board game or something with friends. But most importantly, Ubisoft is still being supportive even after the talk of them dropping the Wii U during E3 last year



K-Gamer said:

Eh, I love Ubisoft and all, but they've made stupid games like this before.



unrandomsam said:

Shovelware its the same whether Ubisoft or anybody else does it. They should release Southpark on the Wii U.



AceDefective said:

Oh boy guys! It's shovel ware!
Look, we get it Ubisoft. Your games aren't selling well on Wii U (or are they? I wouldn't know), but that is no reason to give us crap and expect it to sell! Give us your A-game effort and advertise the crap out of it and maybe you'll end up with a huge seller.



gloom said:

Even though it sounds like this isn't what everyone on here is wanting, at least someTHING by a third party is being released. I just don't understand why people are complaining when the Wii U desperately needs anything it can get... not every reveal is going to be your precious F-Zero reboot wish or epic game of the century so just accept it and move on



JaxonH said:

Ubisoft, the Wii era is over. No one wants this stuff anymore. I'm sorry, but they don't. I thank you for ZombiU. I thank you for Rayman Legends. I thank you for Splinter Cell Blacklist. I thank you for Assassin's Creed 3 and 4. And I thank you for Child of Light, as well as Watch Dogs. But this? Take this back to the slums of shovelware city where it belongs. Do a late Wii release if you have to. But stop tainting our precious Wii U library...



TwilightAngel said:

let me guess this straight there working on this then making a sequel to zombiu well ubisoft sometimes you annoy me with stunts like this assassins creed 4 for the wiiu didn't get dlc splinter cell blacklist online was never fixed and now this i really hope watch dogs is great on the wiiu not some lazy half done port on the wiiu like the other third party support developers has done last year not all though some.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH I am not sure the Wii era is over. In the UK - Asda who made a big deal out of stopping selling the Wii U completely has an entire rack of this type of stuff for the Wii. No Wii U whatsoever. Another shelf 50/50 3DS and DS. If it wasn't selling they would have got rid of all that Wii stuff at the same time. (Just how they have always worked it).



JaxonH said:


Hmmm... Well, there is no white and black. It's always a grey area. It's not that this stuff isn't selling at all, it's that it is selling relatively weak on any console other than the Wii. Which is why I said they should've done a late Wii release.

I know 3rd parties (and even Nintendo themselves) banked on Wii U continuing the trend of cornering that market, but it's just not happening. It could still happen in the future, although I don't believe it will personally. Mario Kart Wii sold over a million copies last year. So people are still buying into the Wii and what it stood for- pick up and play fun.

But I think most people who are buying a Wii U are buying it for a more "game-like" experience, if you know what I mean. Not saying they're all hardcore gamers like us, but they're at the very least interested in traditional games, like New Super Mario Bros U. There are people who play Call of Duty casually, and people who play Super Mario 3D World hardcore, and then there are people who just want party motion games on Wii.

I don't think we'll continue to see these types of releases beyond the next year or so, because I think most consumers who buy into Wii U will want something more in-depth, like a Mario game or Sonic Racing or something. If Trivia games are what they want, there are thousands of those types of games to choose from on Wii, which most people already own, or can obtain for a hundred bucks nowadays. That's my theory anyways... Of course I could be way off. Guess we'll find out.



HollowGrapeJ said:

How about no? Where's AC Liberation HD? AC4 DLC? The Division? Ghost Recon? You make me sick Ubisoft. I bet Watch Dogs DLC isn't coming either.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH I think those releases will continue indefinitely because they are so cheap to make. The costs of the actual physical disks is next to nothing and you only need one really successful one for it to pay off.

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