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These Mario Figures Are All Kinds of Awesome

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

He has that 'cheeky chappy' grin

We do like collectibles here at Nintendo Life, and figurines can be a nice way to decorate our homes with our favourite heroes. While Link is no stranger to gorgeous figurines, Mario's presence is often in the form of plushies, so it's pleasing to find some figures that, while lacking the complexity of Figma offerings we've seen in the past, give the moustachioed mascot a slightly more dynamic presence.

As you can see in the image above, Mario now has some movable arms and legs for recreating those famous platforming poses, and can be imported for around $25. The image below shows the hero accompanied by two optional sets, which cost roughly $20 each, which give you pipes, blocks, a green shell and a Goomba to play around with. For a total outlay of around $65 you could have an attractive little setup.

It's a bit fancier than that plushie you won at the local Fair, anyway...


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Goginho said:

I don't know why, but I really want to see a Goomba smiling. A happy Goomba



unrandomsam said:

I dunno why anyone would choose to have more stuff lying around that needs cleaning without a purpose.



Rect_Pola said:

Yes. OH YES! It's so... BEAUTIFUL!
I doubt we're going to see any of the powered forms (most of them would need a separate figure) but can I hope for the items themselves? With that in mind, the only sad thing is that he doesn't appear to be made for a face swap.



ChessboardMan said:

I recommend AmiAmi myself, for importing toys and model kits. I have the figure and the pipes accessories on preorder already…
I can see much… potential in the pipes… indeed…



Trikeboy said:

I preordered Mario and the two add on sets from amiami, my normal first stop for things like this.



unrandomsam said:

@thesilverbrick I don't think so. Useless inanimate objects are not equivalent. I see the point in children having toys (Or adults even if they actually play with them) but stuff like this (Or ornaments) I really don't see the point in.



Tuurtledove said:

I have to say,
It's appears to be a gorgeous looking model for the affordable price they're setting it at. I've found myself paying far more for far less within past spending excursions. So I may well keep this one my radar for a little while



eLarkos said:

@unrandomsam are you serious? You cant think as to why people like decorating their house?? Ok go live in your white house with white curtains, white bed with white sheets, white walls and no lamp shades.



ChessboardMan said:

@Rect_Pola you've given me an idea for a special edition version of this toy that isn't entirely impossible in the future, a clear plastic version, with a flashing LED inside, invinicbility! Just needs the same parts as this toy cast in clear, or clear coloured, plastic, something that is frequently seen for special edition versions of articulated figures like this…



MJKOP said:

Well they'll hardly be a patch on these but I think the Mario Happy Meal is now available, I saw some McDonald's rubbish today with Mario on the box. I'll hopefully make a trip this week, see what they're like!



Mommar said:

@unrandomsam It's something you can redecorate over and over. Thus, it's something to toy with, both a decoration and a toy. If you don't like purchasing collectibles that's fine but I'm not sure what it is you're trying to go on about.



Trikeboy said:

I kinda wish one of the add on sets gave a Koopa Troopa since the other one gives a Goomba.



antipop621 said:

I've been on a real figure binge lately. I'll probably get Mario but I don't need the expansions. Hope they do DK next!!



ChessboardMan said:

@Retro_on_theGo @CaptainSquid I think this is actually a "D-Arts" figure, a line made by Bandai, which already includes characters from Megaman, Digimon, Persona (Mostly actual Personas) and Pokemon. They're similar to Figma in that they have great articulation and plentiful accessories, but their joints/designs are very different.



unrandomsam said:

@Mommar Just want to try and understand what the attraction to this type of stuff is. (I see at a certain age children want dolls or action figures but after that not so much).



Mommar said:

@unrandomsam How is it any different from owning a painting or statue? You like the aesthetic, you buy it to enjoy it. Just so happens in this case because it moves you can tweak it's look every so often.

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