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Super Mario Bros. Stop Motion Pixel Art Kickstarter Campaign Hops Over Its Target

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Funding goal passed with weeks of funding remaining

Nintendo's titles, particularly of the retro variety, inspire many fan projects in the form of music albums and, of course, videos. One example we highlighted in the past was an impressive stop motion video featuring the original Donkey Kong, which was remarkably produced with beads. That was the work of popular YouTube personality guizdp, who clearly went the extra mile.

His next project is a stop motion pixel recreation — using beads once again — of NES classic Super Mario Bros. This time around the animator has utilised Kickstarter, and has done so with notable success. At the time of writing the crowdfunding project has easily surpassed its initial $300CAD target, sitting on over $650CAD with 28 days remaining. The original target was to recreate stage 1-1, but stretch goals have been added for the whole of World One, with the pipe in level 1-1 already added.

Considering the painstaking process for putting these videos together, it's of little surprise that fans have put up some money; it may help that backer rewards include some rather attractive pixel art goodies.

Check out the pitch video below and let us know what you think.


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Phantom_R said:

Oh man, perler bead pixel art is some beautiful stuff. I wouldn't mind sticking one of those into every corner of the house. A new weekend project appears!



Nictendo64 said:

I do this all the time with the beads. I'm not sure why he needs a kickstarter for it. You can buy these beads in bulk for a few bucks.



OliverAdam said:

Wouldn't this technically be copyright infringement? Making money off of somebody elses franchise.



Cinaclov said:

@Nictendo64 And the time he invests in making it is worthless? I don't know the creator in any capacity so I could be wrong but it's entirely possible he's a freelance animator. If that is the case then the Kickstarter would basically be so he could focus on this without having to worry about living costs, other jobs, etc. It turns the project from a side show that gets worked on whenever he's free into a full time thing, meaning it'll be be finished quicker and have a much higher level of focus paid to it throughout its creation (hopefully resulting in a better final video).

That's all assumption, but as an animator that's what makes most sense to me.



Henmii said:

So now Kickstarter is also used to fund youtube movies?! I am not really sure if that's a good idea!

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