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Stick It To The Man Confirmed For Spring Release on Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's like they were reading our minds

UK publisher Ripstone has already worked with download game developers such as Nifflas to bring us Knytt Underground on Wii U, while Pure Chess is on the way to both Wii U and 3DS. The publisher is continuing to target the home console's store, however, with confirmation today that Zoink's Stick It To The Man is coming to the Wii U eShop this Spring.

This is a title that has certainly caught the eye on Steam and PSN before now, with its charming paper-based aesthetic and a comedic, wacky storyline. An adventure with point-and-click inspiration that also has elements of platforming and stealth, it aims to entertain as well as challenge — with its humorous art-style and the writing talent of Ryan North (who works on the Adventure Time comic) it may deliver just that. It's also confirmed that there'll be features unique to Wii U, with the mind-reading mechanic appearing through a separate view on the GamePad screen.

Below is a launch trailer from last year to give you a taste of what the game will offer, and we'll publish an interview with both Ripstone and Zoink this coming weekend.

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JadedGamer said:

I've heard this compared to the cave.I'm in..Glad this is comin to the wiiu...this year is shaping out to become the year of indie...



rjejr said:

It's a 2D Pyschonauts w/ some Costume Quest. Looks like Doublefine made it. Much better than Stacking. Great music too. I'm in. Wait, this is on PS? Really? Must be the weird title made me miss it, I and thought it was 1 of those stick-figure games.

Is NL live streaming the ND today? Only 5 hours and no post for it?

Does the Wii U eShop or web browser have live stream capabilities? My kids are home from school today - snow day again - and I'ld rather we watch it on the 52" screen than the 19" screen. Though in a pinch I suppose I could hook up the laptop.



PorllM said:

@rjejr You can watch the Direct in the eShop or on the Nintendo site in the Wii U browser just fine

They never usually post the article with the live stream link until an hour or even 30 minutes before anyway.



DRL said:

Great game. Played the PS3 version and couldn't put it down. Absolutely hilarious from start to finish.



rjejr said:

@PorllM - Thanks. I always watch it in the eShop after the fact but I've never tried it live on the Wii U. I guess you're right about the 1 hour, I forgot I usually wake up an hour before its own



Rezalack said:

I'll probably check this out, never heard of it until now and it looks pretty good.



edhe said:

I didn't see that coming - I thought it was a Playstation exclusive.

Sure, it's stylish, but I hadn't really had my eye on it on account of it being on the PS4.



chiptoon said:

dammit - just bought it on Vita. Didn't know it was coming to Wii U, which I would rather play it on.

Only played about 45min of it, but its pretty great so far.



Luke8400 said:

Stopped reading at "writing talent of Ryan North." And decided that I'll be getting this game. His "choose your own adventure" Hamlet is a hilarious and fun read. This game looks like an equally good time.



Phil_Kavadias said:

I am currently playing this on my Vita. The dark humour, catchy tunes and stylish visuals make for a unique and interesting game. I recommend you all give it a try when it lands on Wii U.

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