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Sega's New Shining Game Is Rather Different From What You Might Have Been Expecting

Posted by Damien McFerran

Turn-based action is replaced by 2D fighting

Sega's Shining series is one of gaming's most beloved franchises, but for the past few years western fans haven't been able to join the party, as all of the recent instalments have been strictly Japan only. However, that doesn't mean that we haven't been keeping a keen eye on upcoming entries, largely in the hope that we'll get the Shining Force sequel we've been holding out for since the Sega Saturn days.

However, Sega has thrown us a real curveball this time — Blade Arcus from Shining is a 2D fighting game which stars characters from recent entries in the series. Hands up if you were expecting that.

2D fighters have enjoyed something of a resurgence of late, with the likes of BlazBlue and Aquapazza getting releases in the west. Blade Arcus from Shining hasn't been confirmed for anything but the arcade market at the time of writing, but if it did receive a console port, would you be interested in picking it up? Let us know with a comment.

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User Comments (49)



Jayvir said:

I'd get it if it came to Wii U. I love a good fighter, so long as it doesn't involve super crazy combos like MvC.



Rezalack said:

I knew not to expect anything too interesting from him the minute he said it wasn't an RPG. I'm not a huge fighting game fan, so the announcement didn't do much for me. I'd possibly consider it if it came to the Wii U for the right price and had online play.



unrandomsam said:

I don't want a console version if it is not Arcade perfect.

(More likely to get it if plays more like KOF than Streetfighter though).

It would be best on Windows 8 (Windows Store App). That is what Sega's modern stuff uses (Windows Embedded 8) and it could more than likely just be released as is almost.



Artwark said:

I didn't know SEGA kept Shining force alive.....

that leaves Ristar, Phantasy Star, Shenmue etc etc etc...........



sinalefa said:

If it plays like Blazblue I am not interested.

In the case it makes it out of Japan, mind you.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

As long as it has a gatling-combo system (like Arc System Works' fighters), I'm so in! Do it, SEGA!



ricklongo said:

I'd definitely be interested in something like this for the Wii U. I'm not a fan of Tekken and definitely not into superheroes, so I basically lack a way to scratch my 2-D fighting itch on the console right now.



Mr-X9000 said:

a shining game thats a fighter? this will turn out worse than shining wisdom on the saturn



Emblem said:

Like all the other recent Shining Force games it's unlikely to leave Japan unless its a massive breakout commercial success, and even then we may not get it.

What i really want is someone to create a new fighting system like Smash, Tech Romancer and more recently the awesome Naruto burst series.

The only new fighter i'm looking forward to right now is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle on the PS3, i played the Japanese version and its awesome, hopefully the translation shouldn't be to much longer now.



SpookyMeths said:

Sega stopped caring about this IP so fast that it didn't even bother porting the rest of Shining Force 3 to the west.



Rafie said:

@Kyloctopus LOL Right! It does look that way. I have Persona 4 Arena on the 360 and LOVE it! Unfortunately if this came to the Wii U, I wouldn't purchase it. Wii U's online is too shoddy. Almost unplayable for fighting game enthusiasts as myself.

If it came to other consoles, then I would definitely pick it up. I have Blazblu on the PS3.

Nintendo please fix the online and I will play more games online with a Nintendo console versus others.



ECMIM said:

@xj0462 Whoa, whoa, hold up: Shining Wisdom is not, by any stretch, a bad game, and it certainly shouldn't be even whispered as "bad" when the more recent, PSP, games are far, far worse on every level.



Phil_Kavadias said:

@Rafie What's the matter with your online? My Wii U is faster than my PS3 when it comes to downloading software, and I've never had a single moment of lag or being cut off whilst playing Monster Hunter 3U. Could it be the way your network is optimized?



LoveSugoi said:

Yes I'd buy it. On the simple account of it'd be a SEGA game that actually made it out of Japan.



Rafie said:

@Phil_Kavadias Really?! That's the first time I've ever heard something like that. I live in America. My internet provider is Comcast (XFinity). I have the 2nd to the best service they provide. Meaning my internet download and upload speeds are at business levels. Wii U online, in my opinion, is right under PS3/360's online. 360 of course is a bit better. I'm not the only one that says this. Take a look around on the internet. LOTS of people say the same thing. It's good that it's free, but it's not all that stable.



LetsGoRetro said:

There's still an "arcade market"? Where? Cuz I've been missing arcades since i was about 14 or 15 and they all shut down.



retro_player_22 said:

So are they going to include characters from every Shining games (including the SMS, Genesis, Saturn, GBA, DS, and PS2 games), or just the strategy ones? I know there are different Shining series.



Phil_Kavadias said:

@Rafie I've heard people saying that too, but it seems to be down to individual games as opposed to the console. Some are lousy whereas others are perfect. If devs haven't spent the time ensuring that their games are online ready, then I don't see how it's the console's fault. People have been having problems online with plenty of games on other systems too. But again, we can hardly blame the system for that.



FX29 said:

The series is a shadow of it's former self. Shining Force needs to return to it's tactical RPG roots, a Shining Force 4 for the 3DS would be perfect.



LoveSugoi said:


In Japan it's still surviving though obviously more niche than it was years ago but strong enough that Japanese gaming companies still bother to make arcade versions of new games. There's also Pachinko machines which are (from what I can tell) more popular though that's probably because they're used for both the arcade and gambling community. I remember reading somewhere that this is actually where SEGA-Sammy gets a lot of their money from.



CanisWolfred said:

Wha-wha-wha-what?! That is...Sega, just put it in the ground already. It's getting weird seeing you guys dancing with a corpse...



B3ND3R said:

Now, it would be REALLY cool if they kept it where you moved characters strategically on a grid, and when you attack an enemy it allows you to fight them for a few seconds...



audiobrainiac said:

Man there aren't enough of these types of fighting games out there. I welcome them all. Had a blast with Bleach on my DS!



audiobrainiac said:

Hell i wish someone would let me design some characters for a game like this That would be so fun.



Kolzig said:

Shining Force III to Wii U VC. That is all I would want.

If only Sega could give that.



Hamguar said:

Blessed bovine, and I thought the Metroid Series going FPS was a hellova stretch.

Edit:Then again, Ehrgeiz and Dissida



Rafie said:

@Phil_Kavadias This is still more so on the Nintendo netcode. It is the console, not always the IP. There are more reports of Nintendo's online that are negative than positive. I mean stable connections, if it connects at all at times. I don't have that problem with any of my other consoles at all.

That's why I say they need to fix the online infrastructure BEFORE MK8 comes out. Even most Nintendo fans have complained about the online. We need this up to par before MK8 and Smash Bros release. Those 2 games alone will see thee most heaviest online traffic of any other game, including MHU3. I have many games I've played on my Wii U online and I'm telling you it's shoddy at best. It's not the worst (Wii), but it certainly isn't the best either. I mean it's worse than the PS3's. Which isn't bad, but that's last gen. The Wii U is current gen and the online should be better than the last gen. It's expected now.



Phil_Kavadias said:

@Rafie I'm sorry but I don't see how my Wii U runs beautifully online, and yet yours does not. As the hardware is identical, I can only assume it is the differences in our network set-up. But you point blank refuse to welcome that as a possibility and seem focused on blaming the console. Then again, maybe your console is faulty. Have you considered that? You say there are more negative reports of Nintendo's online, than positive. I only have your word to go on there. And even then, the extreme minority that have something to shout about, shout loudest. So even if you read complaints from fifty different people, the six million Wii U owners, the silent majority, have no problems with it at all. So seriously, consider your network the problem, or a hardware fault. But don't narrow-mindedly blame the Nintendo Network as the sole problem without any technical evidence to back up that accusation.



Rafie said:

@Phil_Kavadias Okay it seems you're not comprehending me when I say it's Nintendo's online netcode, not the console. So I decided to give you some insight from others.

Forget the other crap it says and just go straight to the online part.

The patch made downloads faster and such, but the "stability" is still shoddy.

This may help your argument, but it still supports mine!

I won't bother to post the gamers from NeoGaf, VGChartz, GameSpot, etc from forums because that would be too many. Now you seem to be getting upset and I'm not trying to upset anyone. You think that I'm saying the Wii U's online is unplayable. I NEVER said that. I said it's shoddy. Meaning it's aight. Sorry about that....Alright at best. All I want is for NINTENDO to release a patch to make the online that much better than the PS3/360...not lower than them. Wii U is close at best, but not better than them.

My console isn't faulty. I've never had a problem with it. At all. Nintendo's consoles are mostly built better than anyone's. However, Nintendo (and there's plenty of reports of this) doesn't seem to get online right. You mentioned almost 6 million install base of people having no problem right. Well what about the 100 million folks who bought a Wii and wanted to play MK Wii and SSB Brawl online?! Right.... Please don't make me pull those articles. It's just too many.

Try playing Tekken Tag 2 online and see what happens. Can't say it's the servers because I have both on the PS3 and 360 and match making is damn near perfect.

Now while I can say that I "could have" admit that it may be network problems, but how do you explain that when my other consoles networks are grand? Oh and yes I can blame Nintendo's network as it's known that their network isn't the best. If I had to compare the Wii U's network, I would say that it's like the PS3's at launch. Narrow mindedness isn't a problem I have, Phil.



Phil_Kavadias said:

Sorry, it was late when I posted my last comment and I was very tired. So excuse my irritability. But when I said that I thought you were being narrow-minded, it was because you wouldn't consider any alternative beyond your own experience and a few whiny gamers. As I said the extreme minority of complainers shout loudest. Even if it was 1000 people complaining, it would still be an extreme minority. And even if there were that many examples, there would still be the likelihood that there were other factors involved in their online issues. This always has to considered when it comes to the internet. Hardware faults, server issues, traffic, even the way a network is optimized. And as I said, it could also be that that version of the game you're playing, has not been adequately optimized for online function on that system. As I said, you can't blame one single thing as the issue, especially as the vast majority are having no problems with it. Even if your other consoles are just fine online, that's not an indicator that the NN is the problem. It might just be a hardware fault, the games you're playing, maybe interference, maybe you need to adjust its network settings, maybe your network isn't suited to the system. The same goes to all those other people with problems. Again, how can the NN be the problem if the vast majority have no problems with it. How can it be the NN, when myself, and everybody I play with online (approximately 20), have never had an issue with the online functionality of their Wii U. As for the Wii, again, I don't recall hearing 100 million complaints about online. I never had any issues when playing MarioKart or Smash, but on the other hand Tenkaichi 3 was a disaster. But that was because the online functionality of the game hadn't been developed properly. This came up in every review. This is a fine example of how broken online can be down to poor software development.



Phil_Kavadias said:

@Rafie And those sort of hate articles aren't ideal in this situation. The first finds nothing good to say, and the second brings up that tired argument about the day one patch. Funny how the Wii U having a day one patch equates to a disaster and yet nobody bats an eyelid about the PS4 and XB1's. Double standards among gamers much. These sort of articles damage the industry. They do nothing to support it.



Rafie said:

@Phil_Kavadias Well the PS4 and XB1 didn't have online problems. So how can they be called out on it? Also, you're saying people (like you) aren't having problems...that's good. However, there are far more people who has had problems online. You're not admitting either that it can be Nintendo's fault and that it's automatically the person's service provider. That's double standard, right?

The article I posted wasn't to showcase how bad the Wii U is or was. I never pay attention to stuff like that. I just wanted you to see what they were saying about online. The Wii U is a great system, that's why I purchased one at launch and still play. However, I'm not turning a blind eye like most Nintendo fans on this site to what can be improved. Again, you never heard me say it's unplayable, did you? No! I said I want the stability of online to be better. It's not all that stable and that's that.

Oh and if you want, I can post the thousand links on here saying how bad the Wii's connection was and please don't tell me that people weren't complaining about it. You had every major gaming site in existence complaining about the Wii's horrid....(yes HORRID) online connectivity. You're talking to a person who adores SMB and MK and wanted the online, but it was literally unplayable. Please I invite to look it up on the internet. It won't be difficult at all to find it. It's eveywhere. That's why there are articles saying how the Wii U's online is a huge improvement over the Wii's. People can actually play it. While I agree with those sentiments, I just question the stability. My internet never had a problem with games from others before. Just Nintendo.

You have to stop looking at my post as if I'm saying the Wii U's online is terrible. It's not. Just the stability is. Nothing a patch won't fix.

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