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SEGA Splits Index Into Two Companies, Secures Continued Atlus Game Development

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Moving forward

Last year, after much speculation, Sega Sammy acquired Atlus via its parent company, Index, after the latter had endured financial problems. Once the acquisition was complete Atlus stated that it was continuing its development projects as normal, though Sega has now confirmed how it will restructure the acquired business — the positive is that Atlus will, as promised, maintain development activities.

Index will be split into two companies:

  • Atlus will be so-named and will have 121 employees focused on game development.
  • Index Corporation will deal with logistical matters such as distribution and advertising, and will employ 166 people.

While the original Index is being split up, it simply seems to be a managerial decision to maximise the abilities in both camps. These changes are due to take effect on 1st April.

With Atlus responsible for some key brands, including Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey, Nintendo gamers are sure to hope that the ownership of Sega Sammy will, if anything, strengthen the studio's output and distribution in Japan and the West. With Sega and Nintendo having a solid relationship, there will also be optimism that the Shin Megami X Fire Emblem Wii U project teased last year will continue to move forward.


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AlexSora89 said:

For a moment I feared we'd never see the classic SEGA logo again. Good thing I didn't understand anything as usual.

(Off-topic, but... what about last week's Smash Bros. screenshots? I thought yesterday we'd see the usual recap.)



GoombaJMR said:

I'd love a new Etrian Odyssey in development and for release by the end of 2014...though that is a tight thing with the amount of people they have with them now.



Spoony_Tech said:

@GoombaJMR As would I but I think its far to soon. Afterall we were spoiled last year with 2 of them. If we get another it will probably be late 2015 or even early 2016 if we're lucky!

Atlus is now the most valuable company within the Sega division, Imho!



MadAdam81 said:

I wonder if Sega will end up selling the Index part, or just reduce the size of it if their other logistical divisions can handle all or most of the extra work from the purchase of Atlus.



Heiki said:

My only fear is how this will affect Atlus USA. Are they going to keep localizing their own games? If we are in the hands of Sega we will see fewer and fewer games coming to the west...
Atlus is by far my favorite game company.



Squashy said:

@AJWolfTill Wow that's a brilliant idea! It could be some of the best 'asymmetrical multiplayer' we've seen yet! Motionplus would be perfect for it as well.



GunstarHero234 said:

All I give a damn about right now is Sega localize Yakuza Ishin AND Yakuza 5 over here so Sega get your butt in gear and take my freaking money.......PLEASE.



Dauntless said:

The best thing about Sega Sammy owning Atlus is that they're free to publish on any platform.



Squashy said:

@vnminh1999 Break a Motionplus do you mean? I wouldn't worry, Wii Remotes and Motionpluses have always seemed pretty robust to me and besides, you can just keep the jacket on. I always use the jacket because I really like the texture of them!

@unrandomsam Yeah that's a nice idea the 3DS would work very well with the Gamepad, in fact you could have a game that uses up to four 3DS's (like Pac-Man VS did with GBA's as you said) and the Gamepad. Imagine The Legend Of Zelda Five Swords Adventures!



vnminh1999 said:

@Squashy Nah, I (accidentally) broke windows with the MotionPlus a few times, so I know it's durable. Never tossed a GamePad, though...



Kolzig said:

Here's hoping some Atlus games actually get released some day in Europe.

Sega, show the magic and release the games.

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