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Rumour: Disney Infinity 2 Coming To Wii U, But Not Wii

Posted by Damien McFerran

Job listing appears to confirm sequel is on the way

Last year, we saw Disney Infinity hit multiple formats and impress with both its toy-based gameplay and commercial performance. Unsurprisingly for such a high-profile, family-friendly franchise, it would appear that Disney is keen to turn the series into a yearly event; a new job listing seems to indicate that development is going to ramp up again this year, just in time for the all-important holiday season.

The listing is a for a play tester for Avalanche Software, the company behind the Disney Infinity franchise. Interestingly, it mentions that experience of "Xbox 360, XbOne, PS4, PS3, Wii U a plus", but neglects to mention the Wii — which could suggest that Nintendo's older home console isn't going to get the sequel. The 3DS also isn't mentioned, but there's a good chance that's because the testing of the portable versions will be handled by another team.

Are you looking forward to some more Disney Infinity fun this year? Are you disappointed to hear that there may not be a Wii edition of the game? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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User Comments (52)



Ony said:

Good, the Wii had her happy years, time for Wii U now.



unrandomsam said:

Strange that they would do this. (Just Dance / Skylanders certainly will still support the Wii).

Was the Wii one not done by somebody else last time also ?



MKCustodial said:

As long as the figures work for the sequel and it includes Marvel/Star Wars, I'm happy. Because there was something in IGN yesterday about Disney developing separate Infinity editions for Marvel and Star Wars, and that would NOT be nice.



GamerZack87 said:

@MKCustodial I'm sure you'd still be able to mix together everything in the Toy Box.

And I'd also like to see Marvel and Star Wars in the franchise.



Shiryu said:

Looks like Marvel and Star Wars figurines are on the way tot he sequel, but I will stand my ground: No TRON figurines, no buy!



Randomname19 said:

@FishieFish People actually wasted their time typing those complaints instead of watching for a few seconds the cover of the game to read that it was for 3DS?



StarDust4Ever said:

@FishieFish LOL, silly n00bs that don't know how to read the packaging before buying the product. The packaging is even color coded, so easy to tell.



NintyMan said:

Disney did say they would be making yearly sequels, so this comes as no surprise. The Wall Street Journal also claims Disney is working on Marvel and Star Wars figurines, so maybe if that's true they would be for this sequel?



MrGawain said:

This has to happen to move the generation forward. I wouldn't be surprised if Skylanders does the same thing. Another year and publishers will start to leave the PS3 and 360 behind.



CrazyOtto said:

This is good, in fact, the only Wii upcoming release listed on GameFAQs for North America right now is a dual pack of two already released games so even Disney, Dreamworks, etc are moving on to the Wii U.



Kolzig said:

Still wondering why Infinity and Skylanders don't use the built in NFC of the gamepad on Wii U? Is it really just done so they (Activision and Disney) can grab some extra money with sales of those dumb launchpads where the characters are positioned to transfer those into the games.

Or do they use some different code system like QR codes on Angry Birds Go and Angry Birds Star Wars II on Android and iOS?



Dave24 said:

Wasn't it like some time ago that they stated Infinity will go on for 5 years and will support it by making more figurines?



Pod said:

Which is why they're only now hiring to start work on the sequel.

The Skylanders games are deep in development before the the previous game is even released.



Kamalisk said:

Only releasing for the WiiU will overall be good. Now when parents try to get it for the WiiU, they will realise they need to upgrade to a WiiU, ps4, xboxOne, and obviously one of them is the cheapest



TreonsRealm said:

It could go either way but I would be very surprised considering the Wii version was the highest selling version of the game. Same thing with Skylanders which still sells best on the original Wii. Disney would risk loosing a BIG chuck of the sales base for the game and I don't think they could afford to do that when the series is so young.

Of course, they could try and team up with Nintendo and help sell the Wii U by advertising the Wii U version as the lead platform for the game (essentially drive that Wii userbase over to the Wii U). They could do this by featuring playable Wii U units in their store with the game, create a Wii U Disney Infinity bundle similar to Skylanders and even offer Wii U exclusives. Just a thought.



unrandomsam said:

@DestinyMan Be surprised if it was Star Wars. (Fairly sure exclusive rights to that was given to EA). Maybe they could anyway but I don't think it is likely.



goonow said:

I am surprised they made a wii version. I know there are a 100 million wiis but i cant image very many of them are buying games for it still.



unrandomsam said:

@goonow Funnily enough Asda who stopped stocking the Wii U have an entire full shelf dedicated to the Wii and other full shelf half DS half 3DS. (Must still be selling or they would have offloaded the lot like they did for the Wii U).



TreonsRealm said:

@goonow - Both Disney Inifinity and every version of Skylanders (including Swap Force) have sold the most on the original Wii. Same for Just Dance, I have a feeling we will see Wii versions of all three through 2014 (it's even possible for 2015 if the sales remain highest on Wii).



Spleetal said:

Seems right, the wii version was watered down compared to the other ones so this doesn't shock me. I've been enjoying Disney Infinity a ton so I'm looking forward to Disney Infinity 2 a ton



unrandomsam said:

@Dave24 They might have meant the engine and investment etc. (I know they always said extra playsets would be for a new game not the original).



paburrows said:

I have to say that the main reason that I got a Wii U this Christmas was because Lego Marvel wasn't on the Wii, so hopefully this move if true will spur more people to upgrade and support the Wii U.



UnseatingKDawg said:

This doesn't surprise me. Kinda time to move on and promote the Wii U, and if I recall a number of people disliked the Wii version for some reason.

If they do what they did before with Wii U (especially Off-TV Play) and iron out some bugs and fix the lag in Co-Op (which I think was in all versions, anyway), I'll go for it.



Daruncic said:

"They seriously need a pokemon game of this nature for Wii U." There is one. Rumble U. It was a mess.



Gold_Ranger said:

Star Wars and Marvel will be seperate from Infinity...
It'll be

  • Disney Infinity
  • Disney Infinity 2
    Disney Infinity: Star Wars
    Disney Infinity: Marvel
  • or
    Disney Infinity Marvel/Disney


SCAR said:

So, even the Disney workers are calling the Xbox One an "XbOne".



TenEighty said:

@goonow We bought it for the Wii and will still buy games for the Wii. All our VC games are on the Wii and we still enjoy it.



Gold said:

The 360 and the PS3 should be out, too. The first game shouldn't even of gotten on the Wii. Wii U needs 3rd party support. I also thought the first game was going to be revived by those figure things every time a new set is released.



JaxonH said:

Good news for Wii U, since Wii was highest selling version. Naturally, Wii U should take its place as the next most-desirable console for the game.



jrob23 said:

@TreonsRealm maybe they were nudged to do this by Nintendo. It'd be about time Nintendo tried to work with 3rd parties to gain favors of this type. They need the Wii U to be successful. They know Star Wars and Marvel are not far behind. If they can get kids to invest in a Wii U to play Infinity maybe it can result in lots of consoles being sold. The Wii U will still be able to do the older wii versions so this will only push those kids to have to get a Wii U to play the new ones. Genius and two years too late...but better late than never.



jrob23 said:

@Daruncic you know, maybe this is part of their new push to be more accommodating. Does anyone know if they'd allow them to make an Infinity style Pokeman game? Because Iwata did intimate that they were going to outsource some 1st party games so they could focus their internal teams on getting the others up to speed.



Daruncic said:

@jrob23 here's hoping. I'd love a more toy based rumble u 2 with more dungeon crawl gameplay. with pokebank integration ( each random toy gives 1 lvl 1 of that pokemon to your bank)



Nico07 said:

It'll be interesting to see what they do with the franchise. My daughter, son and I all enjoy this game and the toybox mode now that we have nearly 100% completion of the game. After we beat it we ended up picking up Skylanders Swap Force for the first time and have enjoyed that one as well. They are both unique enough that each has a reason to exist. As for it skipping the Wii, it was bound to happen. The Lego franchise has already skipped on it this last round of games and the hardware isn't being produced any longer so it should be expected. The Wii had a good run while it lasted.

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