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Rumour: 2015 Sonic Title To Hit Wii U Alongside PS4 and Xbox One

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Is Sega keeping the faith?

While the list of big-name third-party developers and publishers backing the Wii U into this year and beyond seems rather small, they do still exist. We can just about include Ubisoft, while others actively involved in Wii U retail games are Bandai Namco, Tecmo Koie, Atlus and, of course, Sega. Nintendo seems to have a particularly strong partnership with its former hardware rival, even hosting a 'Sega Direct' last year.

Part of that Nintendo Direct was confirmation of Sonic Lost World and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, with a statement that there'd be a three-game partnership with the mascot. We've heard nothing further on a third Sonic exclusive as yet, so it's unclear whether that will happen or whether it will, ultimately, be allowed to slip away quietly. We'll see on that, but there's a glimmer of light in the form of a poster from the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. It was shown by U.S. toymaker Jazwares, which produces licensed merchandise for a number of franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog. An image of this is below.

As well as advertising the two most recent Wii U titles (and 3DS, with Lost World) along with the upcoming arrival of TV show Sonic Boom, it suggests that a new entry in the Sonic franchise will hit Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

Naturally, plenty of salt is required for details from a toy manufacturer that could, ultimately, have had an employee guess some details; yet it is possible that Jazwares has some insight that it's inadvertently leaked. Whatever the case it seems plausible, as Sega's support of Nintendo hardware has been consistent, continuing with the recent 3D Classics range on the 3DS eShop.

Are you looking forward to the inevitable next entry in the Sonic franchise, and are you optimistic that it'll come to the Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.


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FullbringIchigo said:

wasn't the 3ds version of Lost World the third one Lost World on Wii U, Lost World on 3ds and Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Games, that's 3 games right



Artwark said:

I hope it either fixes the issues of what Lost World suffered from or reverts back from Colors and Generations.



Omarsonic9 said:

Let's hope that SEGA doesn't cancel it, and let's hope it's better than Sonic Lost World.



WiiLovePeace said:

I enjoyed Sonic Lost World (Wii U, haven't played the 3DS one), tough to master but has a lot of replayability. I'm looking forward to the next Sonic game.



Linkstrikesback said:

"Sonic Adventure 3" already happened, twice. They called them "Sonic heroes" and then "Sonic the hedgehog" (a.k.a Sonic 06).
They were both horrible games (just like the originals are by todays standards, they aged terribly).

The only sequels sega should be considering even slightly are "Sonic Colours 2" or "Sonic Generations 2".



MrGawain said:

Hurray! Another slightly disappointing, doesn't know if it's a copy of the first three games or copy of a recent popular franchise game that stars Sonic because Sega has given up on using any other IP's!




My taste in sonic games really differs from most. I didn't start playing sonic games until sonic adventure 1, because I only had nintendo consoles back in the day. I liked sonic adventure 1&2, but didn't buy another until sonic and the secret rings, and then black knight, and unleashed, I really liked secret rings and black knight, but felt the werehog stuff ruined unleashed.

And then colours came out and there were some parts of that game I loved and some parts I felt were thrown together, I don't like the feeling of being on rails and just banging the boost button and hoping for the best, seeing a blur that may look cool, but I don't actually have a clue where I'm heading , to me that's not a game. Then we had generations and I loved the classic levels but HATED the modern ones.

And then we come to lost world, which for me, is my favorite sonic of them all, I felt totally in control of sonic and his speed and knew where I was going and where I needed to go, and how to get there, and that is how it should be, not a load stuff whizzing by and arriving at the end with no real clue how you got there, yes, sonic needs to be fast, but not so fast it ruins the gameplay. I felt lost world found that perfect balance.



MAB said:

Whatever it is hopefully it's as awesome as Lost World... I actually enjoy going back and replaying zones in that mofo, whereas with Mario games I play them through once then get bored of the easiness quickly



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Linkstrikesback: Funny, considering Heroes had different gameplay compared to SA1 and SA2, while Sonic 06 was the fifteenth anniversary game meant to try to replicate gameplay from SA1 and SA2, not be a sequel. SEGA already said that Sonic Unleashed was supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3 (which is part of the reason why it's called Sonic World Adventure in Japan), but got changed enough that they changed the title. A Sonic Adventure 3 would need six playable characters and a Chao Garden at the least.

Personally, I'd like to see more Sonic. As long as the Wii U version doesn't get nerfed (which it shouldn't), I don't see much of a problem.



aaronsullivan said:

So I was really sour on the Sonic Lost World demo. How is rating for Sonic fans? The controls to me felt clunky and the gameplay just disjointed and not too fun. I saw that there were many ways to approach the stage but like most Sonic games it has this uncomfortable tension between "go go go!" and "there are secrets slow down and find everything even though it's painful, slow and unfun"

Of course, I only played the demo and one stage.



Wildfire said:

As one of the few people who actually enjoyed Lost World, I'm always ready for more Sonic action! Hopefully SEGA won't abandon the Wii U like other 3rd parties!



retro_player_22 said:


Why would Sega back stab Nintendo, Nintendo had gave them the most respect when it comes to support. Unlike other third party devs out there, Sega are the only one that understood Nintendo the most as they too were once first party as well and trying to win third party supports ain't easy when the company itself is also a hardware manufacturer as well as being developers. Not to mention introducing innovations to gaming were also not easy, Sega and Nintendo had one thing in common, both offers innovations in their game offerings while Sony and Microsoft only copies innovations and focusing more on raw power, specs, and format. You can tell the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega in the old days were all about innovations, new ways of giving consumer different ways to play games, they don't argue which ones had the most raw powers or which one had the better CPU, GPU or whatever those new junks can do. If there's one company that gave Nintendo the most credits it's Sega, probably Sony too if they ever go third party.



readyletsgo said:

So I got lost world for the WiiU hoping that the reviewers were all wrong, its ok but damn, the controls just felt, wrong on the gamepad, can't put my finger on it for some reason and I never went back to it on the WiiU.

Now yesterday I tried the lost world demo on the 3ds and for some reason, the controls, even though they are the same as the gamepad just feel better and I actually enjoyed the demo, went onto Amazon and have it in my basket right now (along with sonic generations) but just not too sure.

What are people's opinion of Lost World on the 3ds (and generations while I'm asking)? Worth my time and money?

PS. I tried sonic racer transformer demo on the 3ds too, WiiU version is insanely better.



JaxonH said:


Um, Sonic has always come to other systems. In fact, games like Generations hit Xbox and PS but not Nintendo's home console (though the 3DS did get a version). Just because we get exclusive Sonic games from time to time doesn't mean Sonic will stay exclusive to Nintendo forever. We did get our 3 games in 2013. Sonic Lost World 3DS was a separate title (same name), with different level design and developed by a different studio.



JaxonH said:


Generations is solid. You can't go too wrong with that one. As for the Lost World 3DS version, well, it's similar to the Wii U version. Reviewers docked the handheld version more than Wii U, but I've heard a few people say they liked the 3DS version more. I bought both, but still haven't popped in the 3DS version (too many games, not enough time). Idk, I'd say go for Generations, and if you liked what you played of Lost World on 3DS, well hey, go for it. I did like the sidescrolling portions I saw of Lost World 3DS- that's why I bought it.



readyletsgo said:

@JaxonH cool thanks for that. Generations is going cheap on Amazon at the moment so gonna go for it with lost world. It is the sidescrolling platforming that looks great in LW, same with Gen.

Off to my basket with me



AJWolfTill said:

Makes sense, the Sonic games have sold well on Wii U in spite of the install base, wasn't the Wii U version of All Star Racing the most successful?



PokeTune said:

Not surprised if true. Sonic titles generally resonate well with the Nintendo fanbase.



rjejr said:

It's Feb 2nd 2014, there are about 3 retail Wii U games for 2014 w/ actual dates - DCKTF, Lego Movie, Lego Hobbit - MK8 doesn't count as "May" is a filler until I see a number - so I really can't be thinking about what will happen on the Wii U until 2015 until I feel confident there will even be a Wii U in 2015.

I mean it's nice to see another game listed as coming to Wii U, but Sonic in 2015 doesn't make me do a happy dance.

For all his talking last week Iwata didn't spend a whole lot of time saying "this is how we are going to make the Wii U succeed" it was more about Nintendo and it's IPs and QOL devices and smartphones. He did say a price cut wouldn't help sales. That's not reassuring when you are admitting your device is so unwanted that even dropping the price wont get anybody to buy it, and that's all he really said about the Wii U.

2015? This is what think about the Wii U and 2015.



TheFatLucario said:

Inb4 it gets negative reviews. I call it! But it seems all Sonic Games gets these days is negative reviews, Which to be honest...Really bugs me, I feel like Sonic Lost World is one of those underrated games.



element187 said:

@FullbringIchigo yes, that's what I believe.... In that direct it only said Sega and Nintendo would partnership for three games. I don't recall Iwata saying three Wii U games, but only 3 games exclusive to Nintendo.



NintyMan said:

I'm okay with it being multiplatform as long as the Wii U version isn't washed-out compared to the other versions. Assuming this is true, this Sonic game could be anything and not just another platformer.





There are 3 kinds of sonic fan

1) Wants a good sonic game
2) Wants a Good 2D sonic game
3) Wants to smash buttons and go as fast as possible

Number 3 is what those reviewers at IGN and gamespot were. The 3D levels in sonic generations were absolutely terrible, worse than sonic 06 and the only thing they got right was going fast, so sonic fan No.3 loved it.

Sonic lost world is a good game, it was just different and had a bit of a learning curve, so peoples heads started to hurt and they branded it rubbish.

Go watch the IGN review

The guy playing it RUNS off the level and says the game has cheap deaths !?

And then he just stands there while the ground beneath sonic's feet is breaking !?

EDIT: The good thing about this new sonic game coming to the Wii U, is that dimps will probably be handling the Wii U version, And I'm cool with that because these dudes do decent work when it comes to sonic. These are the same guys that did all the DS(regarded by many as the best sonic games since megadrive) and 3DS sonic games and sonic unleashed (had some of the best sonic levels to date)



CharleSketch said:

Huh. All of Nintendo's relatively solid third party support is from fellow Japanese developers and publishers.



goonow said:

I sure hope they make a ps4 version that is seperate from the wii u version. Not just port a wii u version to ps4.



daveh30 said:

OR.... Nintendo could acquire Sega, cancel the Xbone/PS4 versions, and redirect development towards making a kick-butt game for the U. Seems like an ideal solution!



Chabbox said:




WaveGhoul said:

3D Sonic games are the equivalent of hopping on a roller coaster only to come to a complete halt every 5-10 seconds. The 2D Sonic 'Rush' series are the equivalent of watching somebody on a roller coaster ride. Either way, they feel broken.

Sonic & the Secret Rings is the only Sonic game you'll ever need to play. zoink!



FilmerNgameR said:

It just has to be Sonic Adventure 3 b/c the last multi platform Sonic game was Sonic Generations but that one was an anniversary game and Sonic Unleashed was suppose to be SA3 but it didn't so this might be Sonic Team's opportunity to make SA3 happen so they have to take their time on this one and make it as good as Sonic Generations or even better. A good sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog would be awesome too!.



Knuckles said:

It seems everyone forgot it is Hedgehogs Day, the day where SEGA commonly leaks info on Sonic games. And then there's the 20th Anniversary of Knuckles the Echidna, no big deal...



atomicjuicer said:

They should re-release sonic generations on wii u or ps4. I loved generations but found the framerate a bit slow at times.



baba_944 said:

Maybe it's "Sonic Heroes 2" since it has, technically, the same platforms two generations ago.



kamifox1 said:

@Linkstrikesback Actually, the "Sonic Adventure 3"s were Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic '06, Sonic Heroes was meant as a complete spin off.

On another note, I'm slightly confused by the fact this new game's multi-platform like everyone else here. I also thought it was supposed to be 3 Nintendo exclusives... I'm hoping they'll announce another game that is exclusive.



TwilightAngel said:

wow sega is really backstabbing nintendo i think they already did that with there new alien game thats coming out this year for every system except the wiiu well that game is going to fail and the new sonic game too why cant they just go back to making good sonic games what happen to those i miss them.



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy Not true. You just need to learn to play them properly. (Effort that most people are not willing to put in). What you said happens at first which is much better than a game that there is never any reason to get better at. (Or replay). Always room for improvement until you can handle the whole level with boost held down.



tovare said:

I spent 30+ hours playing sonic all stars racing transformed on the wii u this week, awesome game. Hope to see more SEGA games on the wii u.



WaveGhoul said:


I beat Sonic 1 & 2 back on the genesis during the 90's, rented Sonic & Knuckles, had the first Sonic on Game Gear(which was infuriating), beat both Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 on Dreamcast(Sonic & Shadow levels played well!) along with Rush on the DS(ugh...). Dipped into Sonic 06'(broken) and beat Sonic 4 Episode 1(Worst 2D sonic yet).....I've had a pretty good taste of the numerous sequels sega has churned out for their little blue speedy mascot and most of which never left a good impression.

Sega injected a cocky grin and fast blazing gameplay as a 'cool' gimmick in order to combat Mario during those days, the end result is game play that often feels like a mixed broken bag where that high octain speed is practically uncontrollable.

Nobody can seem to find a winning combination with the little blue hedeghog these days. All of my past negative Sonic experiences wont stop me from playing Colors & Lost Worlds though. Sonic 3 is probably the best traditional Sonic experience out there, even then it just isn't my cop of hot cowabunga cocoa

On-Rails sonic is more my speed. Sonic & the Secret Rings + Colors For life toots!



brandonbwii said:

After Sonic Lost World was announced they said there was still one more Sonic themed game in the works so no the 3DS version doesn't count (I think it will be another racing game as that saw the most success at Wii U launch).

Also am I the only one who like Sonic Lost World better than Colors. It was flawed, yes but it came closest to bringing back the quality of the original Genesis trilogy.



kamifox1 said:

@brandonbwii No, you aren't. I actually fully enjoyed Lost World, much moreso than Colours. I honestly don't understand all the hate surrounding it, from so-called Sonic fans, no less. No offense to any of you but I personally feel very let down and betrayed by you fellow Sonic fans. It seems like SEGA can never win with you. They release decent games constantly yet all you do is moan, just enjoy them for what they are or stop claiming you're a fan of the series, simple. Just be grateful they're still making Sonic games, they could've abandoned them years ago.

Trust me, this is coming from someone who's had a lot of their favourite series either end prematurely or go very bad, much worse than Sonic ever has (for more than one or two games, I mean).



Vriess said:

Meh... Lost my interest in Sonic a loooong time ago. The only 2015 news I'm on the lookout for is the next Zelda game and hopefully a new Metroid.



CapeSmash said:

For crying out loud people! Sonic Lost World (3DS) and Super Smash Bros. 4 are NOT the third games in the Sega & Nintendo partnership. SEGA said that Smash 4 wasn't the third game, and that the third game "hasn't been done before".



AugustusOxy said:

God, please don't let it be slow like Lost World. Game had great level design and concept but the slowness really killed it for me.

Honestly there was NOTHING wrong with the adventure engine, they need to bring it back.



unrandomsam said:

@XD375 I have both and the Gamecube version is significantly better. (Framerate is totally solid and the controls are better). Worth the hassle of using it.



kamifox1 said:

@unrandomsam Same, that's why I brought the glitches up. I've found at least twice the glitches in the newest ports compared to the Gamecube ones, mostly visual.
I've got them on Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS3 and PC (via Steam), the PS3 and Steam versions are by far the worst.



HollowGrapeJ said:

Dear god Sega. Please at least give us a game that is as good as the Adventure series. The past games were good, but not great. Anyways, can't wait to see what it is.



URAmk2 said:

lost world was horrible. especially compared to colors (good) & generations (great).



kamifox1 said:

I kinda hope it's a new Sonic the Fighters with every Sonic game character in existence, current and old (and forgotten) in it and much better mechanics actually. I mean, the WiiU should be able to handle that if it can handle Tekken Tag Tournament 2.



unrandomsam said:

I like Generations and I still play it. (Still not mastered it there is always bits I could do better). I have had more out of it than basically every recent Mario game. (And prior to playing it I would have said I was more of a Mario guy than a Sonic guy).



fluggy said:

Give up on Sonic! The Sega team have completly ruined their legacy with all the crap Sonic games after umpteen attempts!!! The team must be exceptionally incompetent to not even make improvements!!!



Bolt_Strike said:

I think the third exclusive will be a spinoff, like Tails Adventure 2 or something. This is probably the next main game, basically the Unleashed/Generations of 8th gen.



hcfwesker said:

Just be prepared when this gets dropped from releasing on the WiiU for insert 3rd party dev excuse here



JeffreyG said:

I don't see why everyone wants Sonic Adventure 3, that name wouldn't guarantee a good game. I hope they continue the gameplaystyle of Generations and mix it a bit with Colours.



ULTRA-64 said:

@electrolite77 I thought it was 3 Wii u I looked for the official quote....."The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are ideal platforms to showcase Sonic and we are looking forward to working with Nintendo on these three exciting adventures." maybe I was wrong and the games are done already =(
I played the lost world demo and thought is was the full game better or was it a poor demo anybody????



Kuksenkov said:

Well they annouced they'll be releasing 7 games on Wii U this year, more than any other console besides PS3 with 7 games as well.

They'll release more stuff, I don't know why people are concerned about SEGA "Backstabing" Nintendo, SEGA has been there since the Gamecube's day ONE, they were there for Wii's DAY ONE and once again they were there for Wii U's DAY ONE. I don't think the trend will change.



audiobrainiac said:

Sounds great, i'm excited to see what it'll be! Sonic Lost World is great on both systems, what is wrong with people?



AntiGuy said:

@audiobrainiac Guess it's too challenging for people. The game was an amazing rollercoaster from start to end. I'm still wondering though, how did SPOILER Eggman survived falling from the Lost Hex all the way to the ground..?



WaveGhoul said:

Sonic Generations looks pretty awesome, but i hear it's only running in 30fps,
Too bad they're not porting it over to the Wii U!



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy The 2D parts are in 60fps for the console versions (3D parts are in 30fps). The PC version is 60fps but it isn't a very good port. (Ok with an SSD but could be a hell of a lot better).



WaveGhoul said:


A Sonic Adventure 3 would guarantee more lame playable characters with more garbage stage filler. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 were pretty good once you were actually playing as either Sonic or Shadow. Knuckles, Big cat, Amy(ect) drowned down both games big time.



Ichiban said:

ok this must be said: The Sonic Adventure games are some of the worst platformers I've ever played!! (Sonic Adventure 2 especially....ugh) The controls are so touchy, you only have to look at the control stick and Sonic will go screaming in the that direction! And the camera angles are horrid, its almost unplayable!
And now Ive got others saying the best parts of Generations were the 3D sections, I nearly spat my coffee all over my keyboard after that! 2D Sonic is where its at, with none of this enemy lock-on nonsense. And yes, I would pay full price for that, just as we all will be doing for the new DKC game later in the month. So don't go there!



FilmerNgameR said:

@JeffreyG Sonic Adventure 3 with Sonic Generations game play and without annoying Big The Cat levels would be amazing. I think Sonic Team might just fix the game play for other characters like Knuckles, Tails, etc. and make them more fun to be play as. It's just easy as that.



JeffreyG said:

@FilmerNgameR They definitely can, none of their recent games were broken or bad programmed, though I think that many fans of the Adventure series would be disappointed if SA3 would have the Generations gameplay instead of the Adventure gameplay. I personally prefer Generations though



TJGamer said:

Guys, Sega has confirmed that this info is incorrect, go look at Sonic Stadium's Update. I knew Sega won't betray Nintendo, beside Nintendo is allowing a Zelda and Yoshi DLC for Lost World



PrincessEevee9 said:

@JaxonH Totally missed my point but knew people would since my wording was a little off. I mean they'll always be subpar unless released on a Nintendo console.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@umegames Oh hey cool nice to see that there's an article for what I already knew. Nintendo just knows how to help Sega make a quality Sonic game that tries to match the original series.



electrolite77 said:


They announced an alliance for 3 Nintendo exclusives. Not Wii U. The next game could be 3DS or because there were Lost world versions for 3DS and Wii U the deal could be over. Unless you can provide a link that says differently.

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