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Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

A 3D 3D fighter, if you see what we mean

It may be celebrating its twentieth anniversary in November this year, but Sega’s classic 3D fighter is a game that’s arguably showing little sign of age. A technical marvel in the '90s both in arcades and at home on the Saturn, the passage of time has done nothing to this game other than prove that it always had the gameplay to back up the visual splendour.

So why would anyone want to play a Virtua Fighter that’s two decades and at least three major releases behind today’s standards? It’s simple – Virtua Fighter 2 is to polygonal fighting what Street Fighter II is to pixel-warriors – a game so refined and so well crafted that everything since looks more like an optional extra than a much needed upgrade.

Virtua Fighter 2’s cast of just eleven characters may look a bit thin but the depth and diversity on display is still tough to beat – you could easily spend months dedicating yourself to just one fighter and still find plenty of new tricks and techniques to try out at the end of it. There’s someone for everyone in this line up no matter your preference for highly technical play, grapplers or lightning fast strikes, and the wealth of moves available allows you to further tailor your chosen favourite to your own style.

So, why would a headline grabbing '90s arcade game be a good choice for a modern handheld remake? The game’s format makes it perfect pick-up-and-play material, with two rounds out the way in a few minutes at the most, so you wouldn’t have to book time off work just to get somewhere with it; yet if you did find yourself with a lazy weekend ahead, AM2’s superior talent ensures that there’s more than enough meat on those beautiful bones to keep anyone occupied until the low battery light comes on. That’s before you bring a friend around or hop online to test out the skills you’ve been practising on your lunch break. The game also only needs three buttons to play - Guard, Punch, and Kick - so nobody would need to play Twister with their fingers just to get a decent grip on the controls.

Sega is obviously doing well out of Nintendo’s Virtual Console userbase – it's hardly releasing all these Mega Drive, Game Gear and arcade ports with painstakingly researched fancy extras just to pass the time, after all; on 3DS Virtua Fighter could find a new lease of life as long-time fans and total newcomers get to look at the game with a fresh set of 3D-equipped eyes.

It wouldn’t be the most straightforward port it’d ever do, but M2 could probably get dogs and cats to put aside their differences if they set their minds to it, and surely nothing deserves a true 3D remake like a game that remains an icon of 3D gaming techinal prowess.

Would you like to see Virtua Fighter 2 in the palm of your hand? Do you have fond memories of the game or is it something you’ve never tried? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Peach64 said:

Would rather have Virtua Fighter 6! I've got the XBLA port of VF2 and I don't find it's one of those series where I want to go back to old versions.



Vriess said:

I've never played the arcade version but I remember the Saturn version so well



MAB said:

Virtua Fighter was more about skill and strategy whereas Tekken is just a button bash fest of lameness



Spoony_Tech said:

Much rather play Tekken any day of the week over this. Virtual Fighter never did anything for me.



Fragarach said:

I can definitely get behind this as an idea. Love most of what was on the arcades in the late 90's and Sega had arguably the best catalog in the industry. Let M2 have at these, please!



Varoennauraa said:

I would make a request for all kinds of arcade games for VC, and pressure Nintendo to release several big chuncks of VC games along the year, when ever there are dry weeks.



Rawk_Hawk said:

I would skip a VF 2 remake and go right into remaking Fighter's Megamix because it would have the VF2 roster along with Fighting Vipers and they could add tons of zany Sega cameos.



GuruOfGreatness said:


You beat me to it lol That was my favourite of all the Virtua Fighter games. Not to take anything away from Virtua Fighter 2 though, as I loved that too. Whilst we're at it though, bring back Virtua Fighter Kids Loved that game.



SphericalCrusher said:

Huge huge fan of this game. I still play it from time to time on my Sega Saturn. I would love to see this, Virtua Fighter 1, and Fighters Megamix on some kind of collection disc.



Technosphile said:

I dunno about a "remake", but seeing VF2 get the M2 Sega 3D classics treatment on 3DS would be swell. Why does everything always have to be "remade"? Can you not enjoy and appreciate the real game, with its limitations? If that's the case, why do you want it at all? And yes, this has technically already happened--VF2 saw a PS2 Sega Ages release, with the Shun Di river float stage finally available on a home console version.

Kudos also to those showing some Fighters Megamix admiration in this thread. One of my favorite games of all time. I'd sell my liver for Fighters Megamix 2. I'd even buy an Xbone for that.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I would definitely buy another Sega console if they ever tried again. Their games were so much better when they had their own hardware.



retro_player_22 said:

If Sega could remake Virtua Fighter 1, VF Animation, VF Kids, VF2, Fighter's Megamix, and VF3tb in the style of VF5 then I'll gladly snatch em up. I got tons of memories playing those back in the days especially VF1 on 32X, VF2 & Fighter's Megamix on Saturn, VF3tb on Dreamcast, and VF Animation on Game Gear.



Caryslan said:

I love Virtua Fighter 2, but its really dated compared to later VF games like VF4 and VF5 that refined the mechanics that VF2 helped create. Don't get me wrong, VF2 is still a fun game, and I downloaded the port that came out for the PS3, but it feels really dated at this point.

It was a technical marvel for its time, but later VF games have surpassed 2 in almost every way. I would rather see them port VF 4 to the 3DS and focus the rest of their efforts on making VF6. A remake of VF2 with only the 11 original characters, but with modern mechanics seems pointless. If you want to use VF2 characters, but with modern gameplay just pick up VF5 Final Showdown off PSN and Xbox Live. It pretty much builds off VF2's gameplay And improves on the flaws that VF2 had.

Now, the only way I might be open to a VF2 remake is if they add all the new characters from VF3, VF4, and VF5 to the roster like they did with VF1 10th Anniversary Edition.

In other words, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown's Roster with the gameplay mechanics and stages of Virtua Fighter 2. Now that, would be worth looking into.



MJKOP said:

Haven't a clue how it's aged, but I used to love Fighting Vipers! Virtua On was another great SEGA game



Superryanworld said:

@MAB Tekken is anything but a button smasher.I would love to see any fighters from Namco or capcom on nintendo's platforms.Hey Namco how about a wii u hd version of soul calibur 2 ?



Kirk said:

I rate Virtua Fighter 2 as one of thee best fighters out there*. For whatever reason I enjoy it more than the recent Virtua Fighter games. Maybe they've just added too much or lost some of the charm or whatever. Either way, I'd love to see this particular game "remade" for 3DS.

*For me it's basically Street Fighter II (probably Turbo or The New Challengers) and Virtua Fighter 2 that top my list of best fighters.



flojomojo said:

I would love a portable version of this game, or maybe one of its many sequels. Tekken and Street Fighter are already on everything, why not VF? It's criminal that this hasn't happened already.

Until then, Dead or Alive is a decent substitute, some technical fighting with a clean control system. The old Saturn version was great. The current iteration of Dead or Alive is brilliant on Vita and not too shabby on 3DS.

While we're asking, how come Dead or Alive and Tekken aren't digital downloads on the eShop in North America? I'd buy them again ...



WWammy said:

Sega are sitting on their 32bit catalogue right now and not much of their Dreamcast library came out either.
I understand they want to sell games that people will buy based on nostalgia but people would also buy based on the fact they didn't experience them growing up.
I would love to play Virtua Fighter 2 on the Wii-U virtual console Sega has some excellent games on the Sega Saturn that should be re-released.



WaveGhoul said:

I can't stand Tekken. I hate it's stiff, wooden and robotic flow. I had VF back on the saturn, but i lost interest in the series after VF2. Nowadays the franchise is way too technical, serious and overly complicated than what it used to be...It's rather off putting, and far too time consuming to learn the zillions of chain combos that aren't even satisfying or fun to pull off.

These days, it's Smash Bros with a splash of street fighter for this little wavey.



Ichiban said:

I'd like to see a Sega arcade classics collection disc for consoles. VF, house of the dead, daytona, sega rally, virtua cop, virtua tennis etc on one disc would be a done deal!



Gonzo1 said:

Loved VF2 on Saturn, but didn't really like VF3tb on Dreamcast.
I would love to see Sega start making some new Arcade gems and bring them to WiiU as quite frankly Arcade was what Sega did best. We definitely need a new up to date House of the Dead game and Virtua Cop would be nice too as light gun style games worked quite well on Wii, HOTD Overkill was only let down slightly by lack of power.
Sega Rally and Daytona are most certainly well overdue too.



Big_Al1 said:

I'd love having it in portable form. Also, isn't it time Square did the same thing with Tobal? Tobal 3D needs to happen.



TruenoGT said:

This era of Sega arcade games was so legendary. I'd definitely pick up VF2, but to be honest, I'd rather see Virtua Racing, Daytona or Sega Rally! C'mon Sega make a "Virtua Console"!



Bass_X0 said:

Knowing Sega, they'll probably port the Genesis version as a 3D Classic...



TheRealThanos said:

To me it feels like a lot of people are not getting this. It is NOT about getting the best or the prettiest version of Virtua Fighter but about retro gaming seeing as the article is directing itself to M2 with the request and it's about games that made history, and Virtua Fighter 2 just happens to be one of them.
None of the later parts made any kind of history whatsoever. And like @Waveboy already said, the newer games are too time consuming if you truly want to learn all the ridiculously large chains of overcomplicated combos that to me as well are indeed way less satisfying than the original's meaty punches and kicks that made opponents fly back into the screen.
It is so much more about the technical side of fighting now, which can of course be interesting if you are into that, but Virtua Fighter was an Arcade game, and never meant to be complicated; it should be pick up and play (not to be confused with a button smasher), and fun in short bouts. Like any 3D fighter should, really.
One of the reasons why I still like to play it and the second best in 3D fighters to me is Dead or Alive. I quite like the newer Street Fighter as well, although that is more 2.5D. The 16 bit ones are still great fun to me too.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Virtua Fighter is my best recollection of the SEGA Saturn. Saturn would be awesome on Wii U VC. I missed quite some of its gems. I only played Saturn long past it's tenure, borrowed from a friend, after experiencing far better graphics on the Nintendo 64 and the Dreamcast, Saturn designated successor. I found the "blocky cubes" graphics quite cute. I didn't know much about these technicalities, just enjoyed the games.



Excep7ional said:

@TheRealThanos Fighting games are hard. That's a pretty big reason why the genre have such a small community. In order to really enjoy them you have to practice at least a little bit to even stand your ground. I'm apart of the few who actually likes to stay in the training room for an hour or two to get better then go online to apply what I have learned to win. It's understandable why the majority hates that though, because sometimes it feels like work.



Genesaur said:

@Peach64 Dude, for real. I'm happy with Final Showdown, and all, but I'd be really excited to see the next entry in the series.

I don't think there's much purpose in remaking VF2, since everything that came after only added to the formula. Never was anything taken away, really. I simply adore the VF series.



WaveGhoul said:

"Fighting games are hard. That's a pretty big reason why the genre have such a small community"

these days, YES, back in the early to mid 90's? No.
Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Pif Fighter(ugh), Virtua Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, Fatal fury, Samurai Showdown, King of Monsters(ect) were all the rage back then. They didn't swarm and overwhelm you with a thousand button chain combos.

Each character had about 5 special moves which were pulled off in various ways 'street fighter' style. Fighters have become niche, along with arcades in general. Shooters Have taken over, sadly.

But yeah, fighters don't NEED all of these combo's/moves, it's the way that you use them, not how much buttons you can tap in order to pull of some clunky unsatisfying combo that feels extremely akward. I've always prefered street fighters play style based on how you fire hadoukens and what have you. However, i'm a big smash bros fan. And Melee requires quite a bit of skill based on acrobatics, deflecting, dodging, air dodging ect ect. it's easy to get into and to master the basic moves which anybody can pull off with ease, but it's how you use them. No noob can even touch me in that game.



TheRealThanos said:

@Excep7ional Personally I don't hate/dislike modern fighting games (I already mentioned some in my previous comment and because I forgot it, I like to add Soul Calibur to it as well) And fighting games were hard in the eighties and nineties too, except they made you master simple combos and focused more on timing and reflexes, I would say like in real life, besides the obviously far from realistic graphics. Mortal Kombat partially being the exception because of the fatalities, but I say partially, because it didn't complicate the fighting in itself; it just ruined your perfect score if you couldn't pull off a fatality. But the thing that is most important, and which I also mentioned in my previous comment, is that they were first and foremost Arcade games, that arrived on home consoles at a much later stage in most cases. In the Arcade, you wouldn't have needed to spend ages on learning today's games move lists. Arcade games then were simpler and more plug and play. And that is also what most of us wanted: instant gratification; not a fighting school seminar that you had to pay for with your own pocket money. Of course there were several move sets/lists, but by today's standard, they were quite humble, nothing like having barely 3 seconds to pull off "left, left, down, right, left, A, B, B, B, A, left, B and up at the same time" perfectly...
You could also exemplify the intentions or purpose of an arcade by pointing out the fact that most games, so not just fighters/beat em ups, were quick pick up & play games. Besides maybe in some Asian Arcades you'd be hard pressed to find a strategy or role playing game in the Arcade because they are too complicated and time consuming and are therefore more geared towards home use. (not to mention you would have to spend too much money to keep it going... )
@WaveBoy makes me think of even when you DID manage to master a special move in the old days (especially Street Fighter and later Mortal Kombat) the computer was still faster doing them. Hated those Ryu fireballs...



Excep7ional said:

@TheRealThanos @WaveBoy Honestly, fighting games are a lot easier to get into when compared to the old days. The hardest thing about fighting games is the mental aspect, not the combps/specials. Being able to think on the fly about what moves to use in certain situations, what to do and what not to do along with the pressure of being able to pull off your moves is what put people off. So, your reflexes and timing are still being tested. The reason why I say fighting games are easier today is because developers are a lot more lenient when it comes to timing on the input presses. They make it more accessible so pulling off combos aren't that hard. Still, you need a huge amount of skill to play fighters, both old and new.



PachterStation said:

VF2 was far, far better than VF, but VF3 was terrible. The 2 VF4 games on the PS2 brought back the series (more so VF4 Evolution). VF5 on the PS3 was a top game, but the Xbox 360 version looked and played better, even SEGA admitted it was more polished with extras. SEGA releasing VF5 Final Showdown via PSN and XBL was a bad idea (never got to play it). VF6 on the PS4 and One is a probable yes.

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