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Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth Soundtrack and 3DS XL Announced

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

More goodies for Atlus fans

We've looked at Atlus' upcoming dungeon crawler Persona Q a few times before, and once again the publisher has released a pair of videos, this time for the lead characters of Persona 3 and 4. Normally that would be all, but with the Japanese release oh-so-slowly drawing near it's also let slip that customers who get their orders in quick can look forward to a limited edition arrange soundtrack, and for the hardcore Atlus fans and 3DS collectors there's a limited edition 3DS XL on the way; there aren't any images available of it yet. We will, of course, let you know as soon as something surfaces.

Are you tempted by the thought of a Persona Q branded 3DS, or are you just itching to get your hands on the game in the West? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ichiban said:

Looking fantastic I must say. As for the themed XL console, it should be a Chie themed violet console. Chie is da bomb!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Meguro is one of my personal favourite game composers! You really can't go wrong with his masterpieces!



KingEidilleg said:

Very nice but I'm not holding my breath... We're still waiting for Shin Megami Tensei IV in Europe ;-(



Faustek said:

@KingEidilleg Atlus recently self published on PSN, Persona 3 Fes. If this is due being able to use the same code and thus sparing dev costs or if Sammy finally made Sega give Atlus some office space is still a mystery.

The ultimate fangame :/ Does nothing for me:(



Spoony_Tech said:

@KingEidilleg True but with the resent news that that Atlus localizing Conception 2 then you might have hopes for this yet. All be it eshop only as the risk is much lower. I just hope if they do choose that route that they price it fair for you guys!

This and Conception 2 will be my next big rpg fix after Bravely Default. What a wonderful system for rpgs the 3ds is becoming!



Expa0 said:

The fact that you can actually change the personas beyond just the main character makes this a whole lot interesting for me, but there's still the silly high school stuff and comedy routine that I'm not a big fan of.

I'll get this for sure if it comes to europe, BUT I'D RATHER HAVE SMT4, preferably both.



Bender said:

@FishieFish Japanese RPG Dungeon Crawler with Social features (becoming closer friends with other characters to improve your team in-battle).
I already know it's coming to the West, just gotta wait for the eventual announced release date... Probably to be revealed at E3.



GN004Nadleeh said:

can't wait for the game. just finished soul hackers is devil survivor overclocked any good? or should i just go for smt4



SecondServing said:

I'm really surprised this game didn't come to Vita, seeing as Persona was on PS. I'm glad I own Nintendo consoles though! I can't wait for this game!



Bender said:

@SecondServing I guess I should like to point out that it's a Shin Megami game..... Which started on Nintendo consoles... Persona isn't exclusive to Sony, they just happened to put it on there. Like Kingdom Hearts.



edcomics said:

I'm getting to the point where 3D graphics just aren't doing it for me. In a game like this, those little blasts of crisp 2D artwork are the most appealing part of the presentation. The 3D stuff just isn't doing it for me. I know it's the 3DS, but somehow it seems like we're stuck in PS1 land when it comes to the visuals.



Spoony_Tech said:

@GN004Nadleeh It's not's great imo! The perfect blend of Fire Emblem meets SMT. Great story along with good gameplay and the voice work is excellent! Don't wait for SMT 4 get Overclocked!



Bender said:

@MAN1AC the typical amount of time it takes for these games to be localized is about four months... Wouldn't doubt it if they're already working on localization



AceDefective said:

@B3ND3R It's being developed Etrian Odyssey team, so I think they may just be using an engine similar to it (from what I've seen). So it makes sense it's on 3DS.



Bender said:

@ZeroZX_Dev ....... Why are you telling me this? I've been following this game since the announcement in Japan... I haven't asked any questions or said anything that should have compelled you to give me this already known info xD Not trying to sound like a jerk, just don't see why you posted that...

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