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Nintendo Publishes a "New to Wii U?" Guide

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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With Nintendo preparing to push the Wii U throughout 2014, promising major releases, system updates and features to boost the role of the GamePad, it's only natural that newcomers will seek out some advice and tips for making the most of the system. Nintendo of Europe is doing its part with a new guide article to point readers towards all of the official information they can handle.

It can perhaps be easy for those of us immersed in active Nintendo communities to forget, but the Wii U is a substantial change from the Wii in terms of its online functionality, in particular. It also has over a year of game releases and updated features to take in, so there's plenty for new Wii U owners to try and understand. The "New to Wii U? Learn more about your new console!" page has been packed with links to official information and support pages on topics such as connecting online, linking to Club Nintendo, accessing free demos and showing off games already available and on the way. There are also links to explain more about backward compatibility, transferring Wii data and setting up Parental Controls, so the article certainly aims to cover most bases.

Do you know any new or prospective Wii U owners that may need a little help getting used to their new systems?


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Nintenjoe64 said:

It's not likely to be a popular idea on here but I would quite like Nintendo to give up trying to explain Wii U, admit defeat in finding a large audience and give the fans who own it some love by doing all gamecube sequels and hd online remakes. People with Wii Us actually having something to shout about would be better marketing than another lengthy explanation that gets shot down by internet critics.

In 2012, everyone who played Mario Chase with me, instantly knew what the Wii U was about. In 2011 this advert showed me what Wii U could do: It shouldn't be that hard for Nintendo to make an advert that explains the benefits of the Wii U.



DreamOn said:

Why not, I guess. It's bound to educate somebody. Nintendo and the Wii U are so far having a very quiet new year. Perhaps a direct will be in order just before the release of DK



rjejr said:

@Nintenjoe64 - That video is almost 3 years old - still no baseball game, or Zelda game even being talked about really, and the video chatting gets advertised less than TVii. So less info, more delivering what was promised 3 years ago would be nice. Too bad when Zelda is finally unveiled it may look less like that 3 yr. old demo and more like Windwaker judging from comments coming out of Nintendo the last year.

I am happy that when you click to that info page it lists Bayonetta 2 after DKCTF and MK8 as "on the way", but sad that there's still nothing after that.

Nintendo must be saving everything for E3 this year, b/c they just have to be working on something else.



shigulicious said:

The best advertising is word of mouth. Maybe a refer a friend program to earn some eshop credit?



ThumperUK said:

Only one year too late, well done Nintendo! Perhaps they should stop wasting time with youtube campaigns and just advertise the system properly, on TELEVISION. Perhaps even read A Dummy book on basic sales and marketing. Otherwise sales will remain pitiful even when MarioKart arrives.



DarkKirby said:

Is Nintendo delusional and actually believes the reason the casual audience they are targeting doesn't buy the Wii U is because they don't know what it is or how to use it? Or is this some ploy to make it look like they are doing something to sell the Wii U to increase their stock value?

Because the reason the casual audience stopped caring about the Wii and doesn't care about the Wii U is because they don't care about gaming consoles in general. It's all about smartphone and (actual) tablet games for them.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@rjejr my fear is that Zelda will be something really cheap cleverly shoehorned into a great new gameplay concept but maybe they'll surprise us by making the 2014 equivalent of Ocarina of time. The N64 had OoT when it was selling below expectations and the Gamecube and Wii got TP despite Nintendo also being on the ropes in the home console market.
I think they may be conscious of previous sales figures with their design choices so we may well end up with a game more in the vein of OoT and TP than something with an experimental art style but then again, Nintendo love doing the opposite of what people expect.

@ThumperUK The mindless Nintendo zealot optimist in me still partly believes that they knew they had no games ready, they knew they would never be able to get any momentum so they've stopped advertising until Mario Kart. They advertised the Wii and DS absolutely loads compared to Wii U so they must be saving their marketing budget for something. Either that or they employed idiots who have spent a similar amount of money and achieved nothing.



King47 said:

I'm getting a my Wii U in a few days, but I have a question to those who have it. Sorry if this is not the place.
Some Wii games I like can use the GameCube controller. I was wondering if I can use an adapter that connects the GameCube controller to the Wii U and play the wii games with the GC controller? If that doesn't work, do you know if the Wii U pro controller can be used as a substitute for the GC controller. Or if there is any other workaround aside from buying a Wii.



electrolite77 said:


Not officially no, though I believe you can get third party adaptors that provide a workaround. I couldn't vouch for how well they work though.



unrandomsam said:

@King47 The mayflash convertor that plugs into the Wiimote emulates a classic controller. So it will work for games that support the classic controller but not ones that only support the Gamecube one. (e.g none Jap versions of Metal Slug Anthology). There is possibly the odd exception.



King47 said:

@electrolite77 I was expecting something unofficial, I was just wondering if anyone has tried it. Thanks.

Thanks. I will have to see what's up with that. I did not like the classic controller. But I will read more before buying.



TheAdrock said:

Weak sauce.
I still have no idea what the Miiverse it, how to use it, or why I would want to.
Remember when Nintendo used to advertise, on TV and stuff?



ogo79 said:

i thought the wiii u was a controller for the wii, theres a new wii out?



Darknyht said:

@Nintenjoe64 It would have been better had all those things shown actually appeared sooner than the two plus years it has taken so far. Granted Baseball is probably on it's way, but Zelda was far enough off that they felt the need to re-release Wind Waker.

Also I am so glad that the light gun attachment never materialized, although the sniper scope view was interesting.



Uberchu said:

@BossBattles Llike Xbox ONE is a good name, or PS4... uninformed people will remain uninformed. If somebody started talked to me about the new XB1 I'd assume there talking about the original xbox if I didn't know what the XB1 is, would say the same for the PS4, and would be like "huh? they changed the number now?"

See where I'm getting at?



rjejr said:

@Nintenjoe64 - I saw a DKCTF commercial on actual tv last night. 8:15 Eastern time on the Cartoon Network. I think it was the highlight of my Nintendo week. I like indies but I tend not to get overly excited about them.

I had a vision - at E3 Nintendo starts showing that japanese bird garden demo again. Then near the end they show a horse walk over to the pond and dip his head down to take a drink. Then his ears perk up while he's drinking. And then you hear a whistle. Then the camera pans to a boy standing nearby on a hillside. Then the camera swoops in on his face while the boy gives a quick Link smile and orchestral Zelda music blasts and the screen says "Zelda 2015" in big green letters.



TheRealThanos said:

Aw, shucks... late night and dry contacts made me mistakenly read the headline as "Nintendo Publishes a New Wii U" which for a second made me go "Woah!" and then my vision cleared and I saw that it was only an online version of "Wii U for dummies"...



bmprsvz777 said:

"New to Wii U?" Guide:
1. don't expect strong CPU
2. don't expect strong GPU
3. don't expect third party support
4. don't expect more than one first party game per 6 months
5. don't expect any discount or price cut
6. expect a lot of cancellations, delays, apologies and promises...



blastergun said:

"New to Wii U?" Guide:
1. Fun and great games that no other consoles have
2. convenient second screen off tv play and tablet functionality that no other consoles have
3. No many 3rd parties on the console but when there is a game from the 3rd party and it is available on multi platform. Wii u version have the best in term of functionality and game play experience.
4. Fantastic games coming out like zelda hyrule warrior, Smash, donkey kong, zelda, monster hunt, digital games from DS, super nes, nes, likely to have pokemon as secret weapon for wii u recovery.
5. Very cheap prices with backward compatibility which other consoles dont have.
6. Free online/internet gaming.
7.Wii U games prices are very affordable.

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