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Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Grim numbers

Confirmation that Watch_Dogs has been delayed again on Wii U, and will arrive later than on other platforms, is certainly a hot topic. While debates around the reasons, justification and ramifications for the game's sales will spin around, there are key statistics that highlight just why Ubisoft isn't exactly busting a gut to deliver the Wii U version alongside the others — the numbers simply don't add up.

Ubisoft's financial results press release paints a picture of the degree to which Nintendo's home console has struggled to deliver. Below are percentages of Ubisoft's overall sales that can be attributed to Wii U, along with how those percentages converted to actual figures.

Q3 2013/2014

Wii U delivered 2% of sales — €10.4 million / £8.7 million / $14.2 million out of a total €520 million / £433 million / $710 million

First nine months of 2013/2014

Wii U delivered 4% of sales — €32.5 million / £27.1 million / $44.4 million out of a total €813 million / £677 million / $1110 million

These are clearly low numbers, with the first two quarters including Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and the third quarter including Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Just Dance 2014; Black Flag shifted 10 million units to retailers, and Just Dance 2014 six million units. These are all multi-platform titles — controversially so with Rayman Legends — and the Wii U has contributed little; as a sign of Ubisoft not showing any interest in the 3DS, it's contributed 0% all year according to the same set of figures (it's not much better for Sony's Vita).

For the Wii U, it's the worst performing home console for Q3 and the first nine-months; below are the other main players in Q3.

PlayStation 3 — 28%
Xbox 360 — 27%
PlayStation 4 — 12%
Wii — 11%
PC — 10%
Xbox One — 9%

The big winners are the last-gen systems, with Wii catching the eye courtesy of the continuing impressive sales of Just Dance on the console; it's natural that the new hardware from Microsoft and Sony would be lower due to their launches in November. For the Wii U, a full year on the market hasn't delivered notable numbers.

There's a vicious cycle in that Ubisoft has either delayed Wii U games, made them multi-platform, or excluded features such as online co-op and DLC. They're therefore the lest desirable versions of these games in the eyes of some, which is combined with a comparatively small userbase.

We'll consider these issues in a feature later today but the raw numbers don't lie — the Wii U simply isn't making Ubisoft enough money and is worth less to the company than all other major home systems, including PC. That's why it's the one version of Watch_Dogs delayed once again.


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User Comments (106)



Jazzer94 said:

This is most likely the reason why they are pulling support for the console.



Goginho said:

Well, if the company were actually smart and put some decent effort in the system. I mean, every beginning is hard, but if you persist and stick with it you can achieve greatness in form of status or whatever. So, if this company hadn't have delayed Rayman Legends for starters, consumers wouldn't have been on a grudge about it. Things take time. If they keep thinking, 'oh w/e, nobody will buy it anyway', then nobody will buy it. If you actually sacrifice a bit in the beginning, and put out qualitiy content, no delays, exclusives, then there is no reason for consumers to not buy their games and build a trusting relationship in years time.
Like I said, if they choose to keep doing what they are doing, giving less and less support to Nintendo and believing the others are going to keep them alive, then the situation might backfire in the future. If they show some exclusive love to Nintendo (and to each console for that matter), then they are going suffer in the beginning, but soon enough prosper. Things that take time pay off. They seem to have lost touch with a portion of the gamers out there and therefore their reputation is not the best it could be. This is just my opinion on this subject and I'm probably way off, but I don't really care though for the most part



Gerbwmu said:

Pretty simple really....anyone who needed a game for their new PS4 or XB1 probably grabbed AC4.....anyone who needed a game for the Wii U probably got SMB3D. Overall Wii U games have counted for 4% of their sales for the year and if my math is right Wii U accounts for far less then 4% of consoles. PS4 and XB1 percentages are high in Q3 because they are brand new and game choices were small and from what I heard, AC4 is a really good game.



Gustaf89 said:

well, considering that ubisoft publishes in all the plataforms and the Wii U install base, 2% isn't even that bad



RainbowGazelle said:

Ubisoft haven't done themselves any favours. ZombiU was fine, but then Rayman Legends was delayed and no longer an exclusive, Splinter Cell had no online, and Assassin's Creed 4 was missing its DLC. Nintendo should get some blame as well for not promoting the crap out of the console.



banacheck said:

To be fair to Ubisoft thay did say if the numbers didn't improve over Xmas thay would be pulling there support all depending on Xmas, obviously Xmas didn't deliver.



larry_koopa said:

I know the fanboys hate Ubisoft for what they're doing, but purely from a business standpoint the numbers simply and clearly are not there. If Ubisoft's games don't sell on Nintendo's hardware then you really can't blame them for not focusing on the platform. It's not Ubisoft's job to try and keep Nintendo afloat; they're only concerned with their own bottom line.

It's really an unfortunate reality. I've supported Nintendo my whole life and enjoy my Wii U. Tough times though.



Mahe said:

@Diddy_kong Ubisoft games obviously still sell on the "dying" Wii. But the Wii U with its awkward Gamepad controller is just an unappealing platform.



8bitforever said:

The WiiU is great but should have been made when the PS3 came out not years after. It is too late now and people have moved on to PS4/Xbox One. Sad that the Wii brought in more money because of Just Dance. I bought it for the WiiU and Rayman Legends too. Great games but the truth is I will be buying all future games for my PS3 and soon PS4 because Nintendo doesn't get the DLC stuff. I want some of the DLC and it forces my hand. Nintendo really is done this generation. They will stick around because of Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros., but that is all they really have for 2014 unless they surprise us. On the other hand, Sony and Microsoft have tons of games coming out. I only had Nintendo consoles until 2014 but after playing Last of Us I am moving on. It has been fun Nintendo but it's obvious you don't care about us gamers enough to fix your stupid account system and you bring out great hardware that is years too late. They need to figure something out before it really is too late. My kids play the WiiU now but lately have been playing the PS3 more since we traded in some WiiU games to get the better PS3 versions. We will buy Mario Kart 8 and Smash but that is likely it for this year. I don't invest in VC because of the account system so I got about $100 to invest in 2014, not a reason to stay with Nintendo for sure.



banacheck said:

What your saying is totally true, most of what's going on now is down to Nintendo. That left the WiiU to rot for a fair few months, I can understand them delaying there games. But what about VC a few ports whatever, I'm just not seeing the effort on Nintendo's part. It's all good and well saying thay are going to focus on the Gamepad etc bit when? Nintendo really needs to start showing an effort and just not relaying on the 3DS and there attitude towards 3rd will come back too bit them on the butt.



Kyloctopus said:

@Gerbwmu Splinter Cell had no offline Co-op. Which is fine, because it uses the Gamepad excellently, and just a great game to play.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm sorry, but if Rayman Legends had launched at the beginning of the year when there was more hype it would have sold more than waiting until a bunch of Nintendo titles offered more competition for it.

Anecdotally I would have bought it in Jan-Feb without hesitation based upon the demo and my daughter was keen. Because of the delay I ended up buying New Super Mario Bros. U - a title I was otherwise planning to skip and by the time Rayman Legends did release I had a lot more software that I put a higher priority on and my kid had totally forgotten about it.

Regardless of the BS excuse offered (not splitting the marketing campaign? Obviously not a problem for a Watch Dogs...) losing momentum like that will not help sales. Delaying Rayman Legends was a self-fulfilling prophecy for lost sales. Even with the discount I cannot see a reason to buy that game given Donkey Kong releases this month and pretty well means I'm going to have a saturation of platformers. If I want an action game it's apparently going to be Deus Ex or Bayonetta 2 since Ubisoft once again is saying they don't want my money...



_Octoling_ said:

Not surprising, they earned hatred pretty quickly from Nintenod fans (Rayman and now Watch_Dogs).



citizenerased said:

Insert generic complaint about Ubisoft's lack of effort, even though it's simply a matter of install base and Nintendo fans buying notoriously few 3rd party titles. It's not a matter of those dozens (!) of people boycotting Ubisoft, most people who own the Wii U don't even know about all that drama.

If Rayman had released 6 months earlier, there's no way it would've sold 3 times more. Which it did thanks to its multiplatform release. Not that it sold well.

The install base isn't there, I'd like to thank Ubisoft for giving it a serious shot, though.



DreamOn said:

All the 'not good' of 2013 is now yielding its results and giving us a real idea now of what the future will be like for WiiU owners.

The good is that the WiiU has hit bottom. The gaming-internet can't really flog it anymore than it has. So now the console will just lick its wounds and look forward to any bones it does get thrown from Nintendo that should still justify owning the console for those first party games even at a rate of quarterly release.

I'm still predicting the WiiU to triple its 2013 holiday sales numbers come year end:)



TreesenHauser said:

I'm sorry Ubisoft.
I wish this job market wasn't terrible. That's the biggest reason I haven't been able to buy a lot of games as of lately.



ULTRA-64 said:

So yeah, no surprise here......weird how they seem to make great games but AWFUL pr and fan service, I've loved what I've played of theirs on Wii u ....rayman/zombie u etc, I'm not bothered about dlc too much so I just got black flag and I'm impressed again.....however I can't bring myself to spend money on games missing splinter cell for example. I can't justify giving money to a reward a failed attempt at parity!! I feel others are the same. I heard rayman sold better on Wii u despite the delay, I'd be keen to see how the percentages pan out over each game, ie- did the complete games sell better? By 10/20/30%?? If so on a larger scale we can see if the investment in the game might equal sales on the platform better from the outside. We'll never see this of course so we'll have to speculate, but I feel we have gone to far now to recover, if they have another Wii u flop with watch would we win them back to risk more AND justify a complete game with support??



Spoony_Tech said:

I haven't bought any Ubisoft games yet but i want almost all of them. Problem is i can get all of them used now for far cheaper then new! I want Watch_Dogs day one now that i have a Wii U and it's my only option so ill have to wait i guess!



brokenfang said:

shocker, lol. the wiiu now looks out to the 3rd party gaming devs and...

crickets chirping

-shakes head at the state of the gaming industry-




MikeLove said:

2% of UbiSofts sales come from the Wii-U, yet people STILL want to believe that Watch_Dogs will be released on the console, several months after it hits the others???

Gimme a break



Luke8400 said:

It's true that the numbers don't lie, but I think Ubisoft and other developers knew as they were releasing their games that the Wii U versions would be a harder sell. Why, then, they continue to remove features from the games and make the Wii U versions a footnote in their marketing (rather than highlighting the use of the Game Pad in the game, and demonstrating why the Wii U version is the definitive version of their game in some cases) is beyond me. What did they expect? Why market the PS/XB versions so hard when we know those will sell no matter what?

I commend Ubisoft for sticking with Nintendo for as long as they have, but they've made the same mistakes many other third party devs have in terms of their marketing and advertising. If you want your games to sell on a new platform, you have to show gamers WHY they should want it. There are plenty of reasons, but sadly still a lack of awareness.



ikki5 said:

well... lets see. They kicked us in the face with Rayman Legends. Then they released AC IV without the DLC giving us another kick in the face and a lot less incentive for us the buy it because it had less content than the other versions.... now they delay Watch Dogs for the Wii U only... did anyone ever think that their sales are also reflecting their decisions as well?


It's interesting because people buy 3rd parties but from what Ubisoft has been doing, of course were not going to buy the 3rd party game on the Wii U. Ubisoft is almost forcing us to not buy it on Wii U unless you want to lose content that you can get on other platforms. This chat about Nintendo fans not buying 3rd party because we don't buy is absurd. If developers want us buying more 3rd party, then maybe, just maybe they should not pin us with less content. You can't really pin the blame Nintendo fans for this one when they don't want to deliver the whole package.



Sinister said:

I still think that Rayman would have sold more on WiiU than all sales for the game combined if the game would have been released in February. There was so much hype for this game.



AJWolfTill said:

Was it just me or was Rayman Legends Wii U still the best selling version?
I just checked and it is just behind PS3 and ahead of 360. The Wii U version accounted for over 30% of worldwide sales which seems pretty good to me.
Assasin's Creed 4 Wii U accounted for less than 2% of total sales though... That's a huge shame as I had hoped it was a series which could carve itself a fanbase on Nintendo systems.



ThumperUK said:

Why on earth should Ubisoft support the WiiU. Nintendo have only themselves to blame, they can't be bothered to market their console so why should any third party developer have confidence in the system. It is a complete failure, the system is good but Nintendo has not supported the system so who can blame Ubisoft to have no confidence in it?

Nintendo had a year's head start but sales of PS4 and Bone have blown it out of the water already. People still think it is a lack of games hampering sales but the WiiU has many more games than 4/one. Neither is it the name- lets remember Wii was a dreadful name but didn't harm sales. The sole problem is lack of advertising and a proper (qualified) marketing team - over the Xmas period we all saw dozens of MS & Sony adverts for each Nintendo one. Advertising works, and NIntendo does not understand this basic concept......sadly the WIiU remains doomed until Nintendo spends money on marketing it and getting consumers to WANT one. For third parties, it is probably too late, perhaps now we are beginning to understand EA's dropping of the partnership with NIntendo, Ubi is quickly going the same way.



djcaetano said:

Accordingly to VGChartz (yeah, I know, I know...), Rayman Legends has sold, to date, 280k copies on Wii U. PS3 has sold 300k copies on PS3, 240k copies on XBox360 and 50k copies on PSVita.
On other words, Wii U version has sold exactly the same as PS3 and XB360 with a fraction of their user base. So, when the game is indeed enhanced on Wii U, it does sell better.
Another thing: since Wii U user base is "so small", if they really were commited to help Nintendo, they should release some games on Wii U as a temporary exclusive, and then release it on other platforms... or, at least,release more games with more features on Wii U at first... and update PS3/PS4/XB360/XBOne after. This kind of approach could have generated more interest on Wii U and the situation could be a lot different now.
But noooooooooooo... lets release gimped/delayed ports to the new console! Lets make its games never better than other platforms. Even gamepad support we will mimic on glass and vita all the time... even if no one will use it on PS4 and XBOne, lets add the features (and remove online on Wii U) just to say Wii U version is the worst of them all!



Wolfgabe said:

The problem with this is that the numbers are heavily skewed from a number of factors such as all the different platforms and such



MoonKnight7 said:


I completely agree with you. If Rayman had released when it was supposed to, the Wii U wouldn't be in such a dire situation. Making Rayman multiplatform caused a domino effect with all the third parties.



Spoony_Tech said:

Here's part of the problem. People were ready for the next big thing. Advanced Graphics, AI, and the like! Nintendo fans were ready for the next big thing and we got it. The problem is Nintendo fans are a dying breed. Teens are not playing it and why should they. They can't get their good hd games on Nintendo systems. The only ones introducing kids to Nintendo anymore are the dads and moms that grew up with them and a good deal of them have moved on as well!

I like all kinds of games but still believe Nintendo makes the best games. I'm at a point in my life were if it's not on Nintendo then i don't need to play it. I'm not 20 anymore and can buy all systems to play everything.



bizcuthammer said:

Not my fault Ubi isnt making money on WiiU. At my house we've got ZombiU, Assassin's Creed III, Rayman Legends and Assassin's Creed IV on WiiU, and i'm planning to get Watch Dogs too. I knew the numbers were bad though because people (most anyway) own two systems these days, and if they do own a Ninty console, its just to play the Ninty exclusives, and they get 3rd party games on their other consoles.

I'd love to buy 3rd party games like Tomb Raider Definitive Version, Destiny, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Star Wars Battlefront 3 on my WiiU. But Nintendo once again put their personal preferences ahead of 3rd party devs and gamers, and made a console that once again will be mostly Nintendo only.

Luckily i have a nice gaming laptop that can handle most of whats coming out, but some of those games are console-only like KH3 and FFXV. I cant afford to buy a PS4 right now, so until there's a decent price drop, looks like i'll be scrounging Steam sales for my 3rd party game fixation.



WebHead said:

Yep, this is why we can't have nice things. This is why Nintendo consoles can't have good third party support anymore.



gregrout said:

The numbers don't really translate into much by themselves. We don't know if the issue is a lack of Wii-U consoles sold to date (market penetration), the Wii-U player base skipping over Ubisoft titles, strong sales but a small profit margin (especially if Wii-U titles are more resource intensive / costly to produce), etc.



Wolfgabe said:

@ThumperUK You can't blame Nintendo for all of it. Yes their marketing could have been better but its not really their job to sell third party games usually that responsibility falls on the publisher. Read this it explains everything perfectly. Developers are not building consumer confidence well with crap they pull like this and that translates into poor sales. And Nintendo has been spending more on marketing recently



Darknyht said:

Shocking News!!! Inferior ports sold at same time and same price sell poorly on console that gets inferior port! Publishers too dense to realize most gamers own more than one console and will buy the best version they can! Publishers cry that console not good enough while ignoring their own contribution to the issue!

This is surprising or newsworthy to anyone because?



XFsWorld said:

Damn, Nintendo U SUCK. My faith in Nintendo is going down every month, and the lack of Nintendo Directs isn't helping......



Zach777 said:

There is a sore lack of good Wii U news as of late, and nothing is being done about it from what I can tell. Nintendo ain't got nothin. Period. Full of hot air and lies, that's what they are.



MAN1AC said:

Nintendo supporters are running out of excuses for why these 3rd party games do not sell.



Sean_Aaron said:

@MoonKnight7 I'm actually not too bothered about the exclusivity, but when you have a release date with minimal slippage and release a demo, you really need to produce the goods on that platform or you lose momentum as they did.

I picked up Just Dance 4, but Assassins Creed, Rabbids and Splinter Cell don't interest me. It all comes down to what else is competing for my hard-earned. Waiting to release Rayman until Nintendo published a mass of titles in quick succession was stupid from my perspective because Nintendo software is my priority on this platform.

I buy a lot of software, but I'm not rich and Nintendo is more of a sure thing when it comes to quality than any big software company I've encountered outside of Valve. If Watch Dogs gets good notes and comes out during a relative dry period then I'll check it out; if they put it up against Smash Bros. or Mario Kart it loses, simple.




If I were a developer and I was interested in carving out a niche on Wii U then I would be looking at what type of games we are bringing to the system, and I would ask myself why they aren't selling.

The easier thing to do, and more cost-effective, is just to drop support and not look back. But then again, there is money to be made.





They don't sell because the "supporters" are not receptive to them. Why do they need excuses? If they they're not interested in them, they don't have to buy them.




@gregrout It's the install base not being receptive. The % for PS4 and X1 are higher than Wii U, even though Wii U has the bigger install base.



IronMan28 said:

"There's a vicious cycle in that Ubisoft has either delayed Wii U games, made them multi-platform, or excluded features such as online co-op and DLC. They're therefore the lest desirable versions of these games in the eyes of some, which is combined with a comparatively small userbase."

I think Thomas said it right. Wii U isn't the place for third parties for a few reasons, one is third parties refuse to support the system the way they do other consoles. Another is Nintendo can't seem to sell it to people. The blind hatred for Nintendo consoles has been magnified since the success of the Wii, in all parts of the industry.



Darknyht said:

@MAN1AC Why would anyone buy a gimped version of a game when they can purchase the non-gimped version at the same price on another console or PC?

The Wii U has issues, especially with building a user base, but part of the third parties problems stem from half-hearted efforts to support the console.



SkywardLink98 said:

@Goginho Well, it's not Ubisoft's job to build the console up. I doubt they want to spend millions investing in the Wii U. Considering all the variables (other companies doing the same, sales, Nintendo, etc.) doing what you're saying is quite a risky strategy. That's not to say it wouldn't work, it's just they can't do it on their own.



MoonKnight7 said:


I dig what you're saying. Nintendo's quality massively outweighs any third party. That's a fact. If I see Smash Bros. next to watch_dogs it's a no-brainer as to which one I would buy.

We all love Nintendo's quality. It's just a shame that in order to have a console be a mainstream success you need those third party games, whether they are good or not.



WiiLovePeace said:

I bought AC IV on Wii U so I did my part Though admittedly I still haven't bought Rayman Legends or Splinter Cell: Blacklist on Wii U yet... Whoops! Haha



SecondServing said:

It's hilarious because most of the kids on this website cry and whine about 3rd parties abandoning the Wii U. Ubisoft, the ONLY developer who makes great games and excellent Wii U ports, and the Nintendo fanboys still won't buy their games. I bought AC3 and 4 for my Wii U and Rayman Legends. NEW not used, NEW. I'm trying to support good 3rd party games, but it seems that most people who beg for these games don't actually buy them. Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere in the Nintendo fanbase.



Laxeybobby said:

Guys & Girls, lets face it those of us that bought a WiiU has bought a 'Lemon' (hopefully that has the same meaning in the USA as it does in the UK)
Unfortunately, we can get our money back and we have to rack this one up to experience and think very carefully before investing in another Nintendo Console.

I Purchased ACIII & ACIV and Splintercell all of which I hadn't experienced before on my previous Nintendo consoles.
I had Watchdogs on Pre-order for the same reason it was something unique however now I 100% expect never to have my debit card debited.

I also had pre-ordered: MK8; X; Bayonetta 2; Super Smash Bros; Legend of Zelda HD & Yoshi Yarn. Six games for the foreseable life of the most current Nintendo Console!!
And when I look at this list, I already have five of these games on the Wii with Bayanetta 3 being the exception, as the other five are just a re-hash of what has already been released.

I said on a post in the earlier Ubi Watch Dog announcement that the WiiU is Nintendo's homage to FOX networks Walking Dead - brain dead and abandoned by everyone including Nintendo to wander aimlessly until someone officially puts it out of it miserable existence.

I can't afford to have two or three home consoles in my house. The whole family have their personal 3DS and the WiiU was specifically my vice, so we will make do with future software releases for the 3DS and forego the WiiU to gather dust on a shelf now unless some really amazing 'must have' game comes along, be that a disc release or e-shop.



faint said:

@Diddy_kong so it's fabboyism to not buy games missing features, that are buggy, or that are way delayed? Zombie u sold 660k not including digital because we got a fair shake. Stop throwing fanboy around. Ubi has been a jerk for a while now



Mooj738 said:

Lame results but makes sense, would be great to understand the margins and profit. The next gen versions may have lost them money due to development costs. The Wii U development costs should be minimal with the exception of Rayman legend's.



gregrout said:

What you say makes sense. I've kind of figured as much. It seems that Wii-U owners have perfected the art of whining about a lack of 3rd party titles. When it comes to actually putting their money where their mouths are, they're no where to be found. I've bought a lot of games for Wii-U that I already owned on PC, Black OPS II, Mass Effect 3, Batman AC, AC III & 4, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Walking Dead, Need for Speed, Deus Ex, Splintercell, Unepic, Darksiders, Lego Batman, Bit.trip, Trine 2, Toki, Inferno, Edge, Rush... add up everything together (Nintendo, VC and 3rd party games) and I have about 110 titles for the Wii-U. I've sunk more than enough money into this console and I have to say that I'm done doing any more of this. It's quite clear that the install base is the real problem here. So I think I'm going to stick with Nintendo exclusives and go back to PC gaming. There just no point in throwing good money after bad.



faint said:

@Laxeybobby rehash? You sound like a troll. Why on earth would you buy a nintendo product and it's games if you don't like them?



Yosher said:

If they'd actually not cut features from the Wii U versions they might sell more. But because other systems get all the games Wii U does, often with more features, it's very obvious that the Wii U version will not sell very well. Adding Mario & Luigi costumes in a game like Rayman isn't going to suddenly pull PS3/Xbox360 owners to the Wii U.

I'll keep supporting the system 'til the bitter end, anyway. I love the system, have enjoyed it a whole lot already, and will certainly continue to enjoy it for a long time. Let's just hope we can continue to enjoy 3rd party games as well, because at this rate they all WILL ditch the Wii U (unless Nintendo gives them their IPs to work with outside of just adding costumes/cameo appearances), and Nintendo will have a hard time pulling the Wii U out of the slump and might have a hard time supporting the next coming home console as well.



faint said:

@gregrout I am angry and I am sitting on a pile of 10 third party titles all purchased brand new. So stop with the generalizations



remlapgamer said:

The delay of Rayman Legends always left a sour taste in my mouth and the loss of the exclusivity. I was ready many months in advance to purchase this when there weren't so many Wii U games to choose from. The delay killed the Wii U Rayman Legends total sales numbers because there were too many big titles were surrounding it-Pikmin, WIndwaker, Skylanders.they missed there moment of dominance. Still might pick up the game though because I'm sure it is excellent. maybe things will turn around for Ubisoft and Wii U



Ryno said:

@faint: You may be one of the few that actually buy a lot of 3rd party games for the Wii U. Also, I'm a big Nintendo fan but even I see where @Laxeybobby is coming from. 3rd parties do not sell well on Nintendo consoles and haven't since the Gamecube



bofis said:

That's sad considering how awesome the WiiU version of Rayman Legends was even compared to other use of the gamepad screen imo



Doma said:

@MoonKnight7 “I dig what you're saying. Nintendo's quality massively outweighs any third party. That's a fact.”

LOL, this hasn't been true since the N64 era, and even then the quality was also owed to Rareware and other western made 3rd party exclusives. Nintendo today are a shadow of their former selves when it comes to being superior. Why do you think their seal of quality ceases to exist anymore?

@Sean_Aaron"if they put it up against Smash Bros. or Mario Kart it loses"

Maybe to you it does. But to say WD was delayed (cancelled really) to avoid the 'big hitters' from Nintendo is rather idiotic. The games appeal to different target audiences. People buying either would prioritize one over the other regardless. However, the fact is that WD's potential buyers simply don't exist as a part of the WiiU's userbase.

@Tsuzura Nintendo fanboys are the worst.



Laxeybobby said:

Thanks I'm glad someone understood what I was trying to say.
Maybe rehash is a word that is too strong, maybe I should use recycled?
I assure you i'm no troll. I have remained soley with Nintendo as I admire their imagination & quality with their consoles. Unfortunately having played through the Nintendo Console range over the last 25+ years. I have become bored with the same recycled IP releases. So I don't buy them & that's is why I feel strongly about Nintendo re-imagining some of their older IP's, inventing new IP's and feeling let down when we miss the likes of UbiSoft Watch Dogs



rumple88 said:

Maybe this has already been said but how many people bought just dance Wii for there Wii U because the Wii version was cheaper(over the holidays)? That's what my girlfriend did and I'm pretty sure most people don't care about HD just dance. So yeah allot of those just dance sales are most likely smart Wii U owners.



Captain_Gonru said:

@gregrout Don't forget that AC IV wasn't even available for retail sale at Target, a major U.S. retailer. And, given how prominently it was marketed as a launch title for the XBox 4 (see what I did there?), it shouldn't be surprising that the Wii U didn't sell well. And for those who would point to the now-"last gen" sales numbers, remember that there was the "upgrade later" program available. Just some further color to these stark numbers.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Doma if that's true then I guess releasing it on Wii U is also "idiotic" as would be owning a Wii U and being a fan of such a game, yes?

And I never said that was the reason (reading comprehension - a must on the internet despite what you apparently believe) it was delayed, I said that would make more sense than the lame reasons Ubisoft mouthpieces have given for a notable past delay.



GunstarHero234 said:

@SecondServing Kingdom Hearts 3 in the future? I actually agree and sadden how half of these people trying to damage control the situation and the facts of reality is in their faces 2% to 4% and Just Dance was the only game successfully sold jesus WTF were these people buying besides Nintendo titles?



SecondServing said:

@GunstarHero234 All the people are just buying New Super Mario MILK and New Super Luigi MILK. Oh and maybe The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker MILK. Then they'll buy Just Dance. Keep in mind I love me some Mario and Zelda milk, but I make it a point to buy new things! Nintendo fanboys are truly a plague. I thought Sony fanboys were bad, but Nintendo fanboys are just as bad I figured out.



LoveSugoi said:

No surprise to see the blame game being played once again in these type of articles. This reminds me I had an interesting conversation with a person a few months ago about the Wii U, he asked me what type of games were on it and was generally surprised when I listed titles AC, COD, and Batman among them. He bought a PS4 and had no idea the U was even getting these same titles. It took me back to all the commercials I saw for those games that placed a sole focus on the Xbox and PS versions of the titles and it occurred on me, had I not gotten a sudden interest in Nintendo last summer and started following what's going on with their game line up, I'd have absolutely no idea what was coming out on the Wii U besides Skylanders, Sonic, and the yearly Mario title.

I'm not huge on 3rd parties that aren't SEGA and Capcom myself so it's not a big deal to me, but it does make me sad to see how the combination of factors (spoiled Nintendo fanboys, lack of public awareness, lack of effort on most 3rd party's end, low install base) all come together in some terribly perfect blend to seal the fate of 3rd parties on the system. Nothing is in it's favor and the really sad part is since the blame doesn't just lie with Nintendo, I honestly don't see what they could possibly do to fix it. It seems like their only option now is simply expand their resources and go it completely alone.



FireHorsePrime said:

Had Zombi U been the killer app everybody thought it would be, this wouldn't be a problem. But it was crap, so there you go.



gregrout said:

@Captain_Gonru I think if someone really wanted AC 4 they'd find a way. For myself I downloaded it from eshop. But I do see where you're coming from but I'm not sure if this is a developer, Nintendo or Target chain issue. I think it's important to keep in mind that a number of retailers put up conditions before carrying a product. Walmart for example is notorious for demanding a grossly reduced cost from suppliers before it will carry their product. Maybe Target made a demanded the developer didn't agree with. There's a lot of variables when you focus on the retail market.



jayclayx said:

@Goginho don't complain like a bi!@$tch, ubisoft was one of the very few companies who has been put a lot of effort to the wii U starting with zombie u (an exclusive game) no other third party has been support wii U like ubi did, and companies like them don't sell well on nintendo platforms because of people like you who don't care anything besides zelda mario and pokemon.



james_squared said:

This, again, just reminds us that there are a lot of users out there that see no need to upgrade from a Wii to a Wii U.



gregrout said:

@faint You're not alone when it comes to being upset about these sales numbers. We have supported 3rd party developers but we're the minority here. The generalization you don't like fits the majority of Wii-U owners. The numbers don't lie. Cheaper Wii games accounted for 10% of 3rd quarter earnings while the more expensive Wii-U only accounted for 2% of sales. That's beyond eye opening. Just Dance for Wii outsold everything in Ubisoft's Wii-U catalog five times over. Let that sink in.



ningeek185 said:

You know, this just angers me. Rayman Legends is one of the best third-party games for the Wii U! I say keep it up, Ubisoft! The Wii U is forging it's own unique path to fame!



MoonKnight7 said:


It's true we aren't in the glory days anymore, but I'd like to share another fact...

Pikmin 3 > Any current third party offering.



boynerdrambling said:

Well when you release one game for the system in that quarter, gimp it and mot even bother to advertise it like the hd twins counterparts, its not really a surprise is it



SneakyStyle said:

They gave us nothing but delays delays delays oh and projects missing online mode and other main functions, they expect us to buy the sht after others been playing it for a few weeks to months already.... GTFO Ubi~



Nictendo64 said:

Well when you delay games and give us bad ports with crappy frame rates what do you expect?



unrandomsam said:

@SecondServing Ubisoft don't make great games they never have and they never will. They are more like visual novels than games. (And compared to a real novel or a TV Show / Film they are just not interesting in the slightest). I am on the fence about Southpark but they have consistantly made a mess of anything like that they have tried previously like Flashback.



Doma said:

@MoonKnight7 Nope, that's what's called a baseless (therefore irrelevant) opinion. It sounds like you've never even played any 3rd party games before.



TwilightV said:

Again cue the drivel from people who think Ubisoft is this perfect little company incapable of any wrongdoing. Not that i'll pay attention or anything.



MoonKnight7 said:


Oh ok, I apologize for being baseless. How about this one?

Super Mario 3D World > Any current third party offering.

I can't pay attention to the second half of your comment because it is a "baseless (therefore irrelevant) opinion."



Doma said:

@MoonKnight7 How has your new assertion become any less baseless/irrelevant?

My comment isn't baseless – I deduced that from your fanboy comments.




Well, I've done my part to support Ubisoft (and other 3rd party). I've purchased 5 of their titles on Wii U and was looking forward to Watch Dogs. I don't blame them for delaying the game or for scaling back support for the platform. The blame here belongs to Nintendo (mostly) for not properly naming and promoting their console. Sadly, the rest of the blame belongs to Wii U owners who mainly purchase 1st party. How can we expect to get these AAA 3rd party titles if they just don't sell on Nintendo? I'm sad to admit that I'm going to have to purchase a PS4 much sooner than I had expected.



HappyHappyist said:

well the game was also released on Xbox360 and PS3, current gen consoles that most gamers already own. not nearly as many people own a WiiU or PS4 or Xbox1. look closer, all next gen systems have lower scores, and current gen systems have the highest scores.



MoonKnight7 said:


If you deduced that I'm a fanboy who doesn't play third party games, then you have assumed, and if you assumed, you have then granted an opinion. And according to your comment above that, it is then baseless.



MoonKnight7 said:


I'm sorry, we're digressing so I'd like to get back on point...

But the critics said so didn't they? Maybe not for Pikmin 3, but they did for Mario. Here in the states, many critics recommended buying a Wii U for Christmas because of Mario, I even recall an article on this site about that. Is a critic's opinion also baseless?



Trickbaby14 said:

So.... If I understand this right Ubisoft will continue to make more Wii games then Xboxone. Since more sales were on the Wii.



Goginho said:

@jayclayx Yeah, I guess you're right. You're absolutely right. I'm sorry, it's my fault for "bi!@$tchin'", and so from now on I will spend my hard-earned money on games for the sake of supporting someone who clearly puts so much effort in them ..and. I. will. like. it..
Thanks for opening my eyes, reliable source. You seem to know exactly who started this all -who was the first of these two companies that sparked the relationshop going bad between them. That's why all the delays are justified and what not



Doma said:

@MoonKnight7 Critic recommendations? Well, in that case it goes against your comment, because far more critics recommended GTA V above Mario....



MoonKnight7 said:


That, of course is debatable. I suppose there is no way to prove either side until a few years down the road to see which one holds up better. By the way, are you one of those individuals that always has to have the last word? That's fine if you are, but I feel like we should wrap this up soon, lol.

I enjoyed the debate though, and no, I'm not being sarcastic. Your original comment reflects on what many others feel as well. Therefore, it does matter greatly to the video game community.



ompgsag said:

if they want more sales, they should start releasing better games like no more heroes and red steel 2. rayman legends is good though

lmao watch dogs, i have zero interest in that game

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