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GameChops releases Club Kong: A Modern Jazz Remix of Donkey Kong Music

Posted by Samantha Sofka

Sit back, relax and enjoy

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country, video game remix record label GameChops has released a six track remix of music from the game. The album, aptly named Club Kong, is best described as a Donkey Kong electronic jazz club infusion; it comes at a perfect time as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is due to release on 21st February.

Club Kong is produced by Drew Wheeler, also known as Halc, best known for his work with OverClocked Remix. Halc is the founder of 9-bit Records, and has contributed to an amazing 13 albums since 2007. The album is given an introduction by YouTube comedian Brentalfloss and is mastered by Dj CUTMAN, the founder of GameChops.

The original Donkey Kong Country soundtrack entitled DK Jamz was composed by David Wise and is described as atmospheric "jungle" music. Club Kong takes inspiration from the original album but puts a modern jazz spin on it; its sound is likened to stepping into a electronic Donkey Kong jazz club.

Check out the video for a preview of the album and let us know in the comments below whether or not you will be jiving to it sometime in the future.

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raith said:

oh I like this. It definitely amps up the hype for Tropical Freeze.



DerpSandwich said:

I really like this. I'll have to keep in in mind for when I get some spending money.

Though I have to say, I must not quite know what "jazz" means anymore...



ueI said:

I normally don't like Jazz, but I think it would be a good fit for Donkey Kong Country.



DjCUTMAN said:

I'd call it more "Electronic Jazz Fusion", but that's getting technical ;D Thanks for posting!



gefflt said:

Sounds awesome.

There can never be too many Donkey Kong remixes out there.



Henmii said:

Reads jazz, starts video: This is dubstep and electronic! Does the nintendolife crew recognize jazz at all! I mean, the difference is pretty big here!



Kosmo said:

Can't say I'm hooked. And those electrical sounds remind me of the old Sonic musics... DOn't make me start up my Genesis again! Too late...

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