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Feature: What We Want to See in SNES Remix

Posted by Darren Calvert

Because it must be on the cards...

Following on from this week's Nintendo Direct where NES Remix 2 was revealed, our hopes were raised for a SNES Remix to be announced in the near future. It's got to only be a matter of time, right?

With this in mind we devised a likely list of candidates for a 16-bit remix mash-up. These are all Nintendo-published games which have seen a release on the Wii Virtual Console (in some cases also the Wii U eShop); no Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, then.

So here we go, 12 games that will surely play a role in a future SNES Remix, with one challenge idea for each; these would likely be some of the tougher tasks.

  • Super Mario World - Grab the cape and fly through a stage; Nintendo could even get its own back by having you fly between pipes Flappy Bird style.
  • F-Zero - Come first in a lap around Mute City with reversed controls.
  • Pilotwings - Get a perfect score in the rocket belt bonus stage.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Survive a 20 second Cucco attack.
  • Super Mario Kart - Complete a lap of Rainbow Road without skidding on one of the many banana skins scattered all over the track.
  • Star Fox - Do a barrel roll, heck do LOTS of barrel rolls.
  • Vegas Stakes - Lose $10,000 in one minute and go broke Brewster's Millions style.
  • Super Metroid - Escape from the exploding ship while locked in Morph Ball form - use that bomb jump!
  • Super Punch-Out!! - Defeat Bob Charlie in a Dance Dance Revolution style dance-off.
  • Kirby's Dream Course - Get a hole-in-one on a fiendishly fluffy course.
  • Donkey Kong Country - Complete the first stage in under 30 seconds while riding Rambi.
  • Mario's Super Picross - Erm, solve a picross puzzle.

Of course it would be an even more exciting SNES line-up if Nintendo could get the likes of Capcom and Konami on board. Who would object to a Shoryuken challenge or a test of how well you can tickle-whip skeletons to death in Super Castlevania IV?

Let us know which games you would like to see in a SNES Remix below, and which is your favourite out of our choices in the poll.

Which is your favourite SNES Remix game choice? (347 votes)

Super Mario World






The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Super Mario Kart


Star Fox


Vegas Stakes


Super Metroid


Super Punch-Out!!


Kirby's Dream Course


Donkey Kong Country


Mario's Super Picross


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UnknownNico said:

I thought Kirby Super Star would have been obvious. The Gourmet Race was practically made for this type of thing. Wait... Is this a joke?!



bizcuthammer said:

What i'd really love to see is an N64 Remix. Doubt it'll ever happen cause it'd require more than a week to make, which means it wouldnt be a quick cash in like the NES ones, but i can dream. Its about as likely as Nintendo putting Gamecube games on VC.



Tsurii said:

I voted for Star Fox...because I NEVER got to play one of those games and I'd really like to see how it is (I'm already pretty sure it's as good as everyone says, but I want to know how it "feels")



unrandomsam said:

I want games I haven't played to death in something like this.

Pilotwings / Super Soccer / Wrecking Crew '98 / Kirby's Avalanche / Yoshi's Safari / Mario Paint / Super Scope games.



SushiGummy said:

Now that it's actually on the Virtual Console, it's gotta be EarthBound.

"Take $64 from the ATM and buy a new bat!"
"Order a pizza!"
"Defeat the Kraken!"

Super Mario RPG would be pretty cool too.



KillerGBH said:

vegas stakes , ugh? u guys must be kidding lol i dont wanna play card game in snes remix pls god roflmao. i wanna see The Lost Viking II or rock n roll racing . i wish blizzard release those game on WII U VC soon cause they are both AWESOME.



SetupDisk said:

Following the example of NES remix the games will have to be on the Wii U vc to be able to increase sales of the VC title. Urban Champion in Remix for example. Do people not even read a story before commenting? Swear word!



sinalefa said:

How are you gonna beat Bob Charlie by dancing? These remix games break some rules, but they don't swap genres. I also don't see
Mario Super Picross as that one is not popular enough, being localized so recently and not even making it to the US.

I loved the first NES Remix and I am really looking forward to the next one. SNES Remix would really take a while.



Gerbwmu said:

Obviously there are some ownership issues with games made by Rare.....would this be a way to get around some of those issues?



shigulicious said:

As soon as I saw the announcement of NES Remix 2, I felt that this "remix" series could be the WiiU's savior.



bofis said:

I REALLY hope Nintendo will make the additional challenges and games available as DLC to the original NES Remix so we can have them all in one place, one icon, one game, like they did for New Super Luigi Bros U within NSMBU, since I already bought the first and feel it would only benefit from being totally integrated with future updates.



unrandomsam said:

@Gerbwmu There is a Warioware one that is sort of the same. (Looks to be done deliberately as badly as possible which makes it fun).



tom_q said:

Nes remix 2 should definitely be dlc and not a separate game. I must add that I do love the first one.



kevkeepsplaying said:

@unrandomsam WarioWare had five second minigames that could be replicated easily to mimic the game, it didn't have to be the whole thing. NES Remix developers obviously rebuild the entire game from scratch, since NES Remix relies solely on the games themselves for their timed minigames. It saves them time to rebuild the entire game, especially with the Remix minigames, but that's the thing, they'd have to rebuild the engines for these huge SNES games (Starfox comes to mind as the one to give the most trouble), which doesn't seem like it'd be worth their time, considering the time they'd have to put into it. They're an independent studio, unlike the creators of WarioWare.



theberrage said:

I like the list, but as always, I'd like to see more games that have not been released on Wii VC. That said, I'm surprised Earthbound didn't make your cut .



unrandomsam said:

@CrabGats Warioware has a pretty long Starfox based boss (Think it is the Wii version). Probably depends whether they can get the essence of the games just using the sprites.



kevkeepsplaying said:

@unrandomsam Again, NES Remix has a small independent studio working on it, WarioWare had a big studio working inside Nintendo making it. Not to mention the Starfox boss in Smooth Moves is obviously sloppily put together. It works for what it is, but it is not faithful to the original visually whatsoever. The appeal of NES Remix is that it feels authentic, legitimate.



kevkeepsplaying said:

@unrandomsam That's the thing, I doubt it would be worth their time and money. You have to realize how easily an NES game is replicated due to how simple it is, SNES uses much larger, more detailed sprites and backgrounds in it's game, as well as more complicated and precise physics, especially in stuff like Pilotwings and Starfox, which navigate in a 3D enviroment.



MEKsLP said:

With as much Mega Man cross-promotion there is with SSB they should be including those in the NES remixes.



NintyMan said:

Donkey Kong Country would be so cool and I would get this ASAP if it ever comes to fruition.



Weedy said:

If you want to play F-Zero with the controls reversed try holding the controller upside down!



JaxonH said:

Just NAILED it with the picks for SNES Remix. Absolutely nailed it....



JaxonH said:


Pretty sure they will, but in due time of course. We still have NES Remix Vol 2 coming in April. Given that release basically starts up the engine for regular Wii U releases this year, I'm not ruling out the possibility of seeing a SNES Remix before the year is over. But even if it's not until next year, that's ok too. As long as it comes at some point.

Personally, I think they should do this for every system as they work their way through the VC releases. For example, they're wrapping up NES and we're seeing 2 volumes of NES Remix. Whenever they get all the SNES games on VC, they could release 2 Volumes of SNES Remix. Same for N64. All in due time of course

But (and I'm hesitant even to utter these words), what if, and this is a big if, but bear with me... what if, before the end of this generation, we saw a Gamecube Remix. Think about that.



IceClimbers said:

@JaxonH There's still the Final Fantasy games and the original Contra to be released. The Wii U is also missing some of the NES games that have been released on the 3DS VC, such as Summer Carnival '92 RECCA.



SammytheSaiyan said:

I would love an SNES Remix after NES Remix 2 is finished. I'd also like to see a Game Boy Remix for 3DS (which can also include GBC titles) and a Nintendo 64 Remix for Wii U after SNES Remix is made. I don't want to rush Nintendo, though.



IceClimbers said:

Wouldn't mind a GameBoy Remix at some point on the 3DS. Also, since the first NES Remix was used to increase sales of the VC games, does that mean North America is getting Super Mario Bros 3 at some point before April 25th when NES Remix 2 comes out?



StephenYap3 said:

Super Mario World. Some of the original Zelda's stages in NES Remix 1 were barely challenges at all. I hope Zelda II doesn't suffer the same fate.



IceClimbers said:

@StephenYap3 It'd be somewhat difficult to make Zelda II challenges easy . That Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels remix stage with Link in it looks interesting.



StephenYap3 said:


What I mean is that some of the NES Remix stages in Zelda 1 weren't "literally" challenges. They were just merely the simplest of tasks that shouldn't be considered being in NES Remix at all, such as "Collect enough Rupees and buy an item", which depends on luck as enemies randomly drop Rupees than skill. I was expecting something like "Kill 5 Keese with only the Boomerang" or "Kill 5 Wallmasters without getting grabbed by one of them". Now, I don't hate Zelda 1's stages in NES Remix in general, I just hate some of those challenges that don't involve skill.

...and Zelda II Link is playable in The Lost Levels of NES Remix II!? I'M IN!!



Boxmonkey said:

That's just what us! Nintendo fans need, is another reminder of how good nintendo used to be!

I've been a fan for 20+ years but I would like something new



OGGamer said:

Forget the remixes and do collections starting with N64 then DS then Dreamcast and so on . Even with remixes I feel like I'm buying games that I already have . Why don't you remix your VC nintendo .



IceClimbers said:

@StephenYap3 I think the point of that particular stage was to get you to use the bomb on one of the secret spots where you get Rupees rather than from enemies. I do get your point though.



2Sang said:

No super mario rpg, earthbound, or chrono trigger? Certainly you could mix those 3.



retro_player_22 said:

Imagine if they include all the levels in the Donkey Kong Country Competition cart in the SNES remix and you had to beat them in under 5 minutes. That would truly be a challenge to me, then we can record our highest score, send it to Nintendo, earn some Nintendo Club points and used them to purchase the real game on Wii U VC.



Artwark said:

Why is everyone having faith about this coming really soon from Nintendo? They are probably not into making SNES remix at all and we don't even know whether Nintendo is planning it or not.



skywake said:

Super Mario Kart: Send a Red shell into orbit around a dormant P2 in battle mode

Remix stage: Samus vs Bowser in the final battle of Super Mario World



KingMike said:

That Super Mario World challenge isn't a dream, it's a nightmare brought to us already by many a Japanese ROM hacker!



ToxieDogg said:

Even if this game did get made, would it have any Donkey Kong Country content in it? There seems to be no explanation from Nintendo as to why the DKC trilogy were silently removed from the Wii Virtual Console...whatever Nintendo say about having 100% the rights to it (as opposed to some sort of co-ownership with Rare), why would they do that? And why did Donkey Kong 64 never appear on VC?



Porky said:

Starfox did not see a release on Wii Virtual Console despite what the article says.



James1993 said:

Since the poll vote was to choose ONLY one Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, I chose Super Mario World, only because Super Mario All - Stars + Super Mario World was the first game my brother got, so it was the first game I played.

Personally, My Super Nintendo Entertainment System Remix would have to be:

Super Mario All - Stars + Super Mario World

Super Mario Kart

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat II

Killer Instinct

James Pond`s Crazy Sports

Alien 3

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy`s Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong`s Double Trouble

of course I would add more titles but maybe 12 will be released. If and when there will be a SNES Remix (which will be likely indeed). There are so many wonderful possibilities.

I hope Nintendo re-release Super Mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island.



Dazza said:

Just to response to some of the comments:

  • Yup Star Fox never did see a VC release, that's our bad! It was Star Fox 64 of course. We'd still hope it could find a way into a SNES remix somehow though.
  • DKC is a strange one, even though Rare developed it, Nintendo do own the rights to this game. We may see it on the Wii U eShop one day.
  • I admit, Kirby's Dream Course, Vegas Stakes and Mario's Picross were slightly oddball choices. We just didn't want too many platformers in the remix. We felt a bit of variety was needed.

It's been great reading all your comments, some really good suggestions here. Let's hope Nintendo are paying attention



Cia said:

If the word cash-in never hand any meaning... looks at NES Remix and such.



RedDevilAde said:

Bart's Nightmare would be a good one for the remix treatment, the individual bits of the games were good but the whole thing never tied together well. Breaking it up into mini games would make it play a lot nicer



James1993 said:

It would be epic if Sega, Sony and SNK would create a "Remix" title for their greatest titles of past systems. As I have said before there are so many wonderful possibilities.



James1993 said:

@TruenoGT Also Super Mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island needs to be re-released, as well as Stunt Race FX, and don`t forget that not only could Nintendo have released Star Fox on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console but, Nintendo`s perfect opportunity to release Star Fox 2 was when the service began.



James1993 said:

This is my list I have thought up for SNES Remix 2.

2 more fighting games, 5 more racing games and five more RPG to balance these hugely three hugely popular genres out:

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Weapon Lord


F-Zero BS

F-Zero BS 2

Street Racer

Stunt Race FX



Secret of Evermore

Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy

Who has a slightly different list?



Deathgaze said:

Lol @ People asking for a N64 Remix. Problem is the system has a handful of good games. Hope you like 2nd rate sport games if they do N64 remix.



LittleIrves said:

I am here to defend Vega's Stakes's honor. That's a HAL Laboratory game, folks, presided over by Mr. Iwata. The man gets what he wants. And it's the most fun casino game I've ever played.



allav866 said:

Too many Mode7/Super FX games on this list. It's probably because I never grew up with a Super NES, but I can never play those games that are supposed to be 3D when the ground is a flat plane. It doesn't give you enough to help you perceive depth. Star Fox at least had buildings, but Pilotwings and F-ZERO are the bane of my existence.



TruenoGT said:

@James1993 Don't get me all hot and bothered about Star Fox 2 and Stunt Race FX! I'll admit I gave up on Nintendo doing Super FX chip games on Virtual Console late last year and finally bought the actual carts for Star Fox and Stunt Race FX (man, I love that game), but if they finally brought these to VC (and unreleased SF2 OMG) I'd absolutely buy them again. Maybe the Wii U can finally emulate Super FX to Nintendo's satisfaction...



James1993 said:

@TruenoGT Starwing I also own it, I do not own Stunt Race FX or the original version of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island, although I have the Nintendo Game Boy Advance port, the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console service has so much untapped potential.



TonyBoySP said:

I want to see that if you get all the rainbow stars in any series challenges (for example, Star Fox), then you can go to the eShop and buy the Virtual Console game with a discount.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'd really like a big 16-bit remix with 16 SNES and 16 Genesis games split down the middle each with "console war" style challenges that cross-over into the other system's games. Like imagine a Sonic challenge where you have to run over Mario in a spindash, or a Shinobi 3 challenge where the boss transforms into an Arwing.

A 16-bit Remix like that would be awesome.



BassLostie said:

Mr. Hayashida has done a great work on NES REMIX. NES REMIX 2, looks much better with all the real remixes shown on this last Nintendo Direct (like Samus destroying bricks on a Mario Stage, or Link fighting in Bowser's Castle). So I think it's very likely they would develop SNES Remix.

I think most of Nintendo true fans (including myself) where mostly enchanted by Nintendo games on the SNES era. So, Nintendo needs to make this happen.

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