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A Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL Bundle is Reportedly on the Way

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So says a UK retailer and IGN, the mock-up image less so

Rumours are swirling around the web that a 3DS XL Yoshi's New Island bundle is on the way. It began with a listing on, which has been up since yesterday but, on its own, is rather doubtful. Why? Because the image it's using is a relatively old mock-up. Hm.

Despite this, IGN has stated that it's "verified the legitimacy of this bundle in North America"; it's entirely possible that Base has simply jumped the gun and grabbed the first image available — in the absence of official assets — when putting its page together. The price given on the UK-based website is £199.99, the same cost as the Link Between Worlds hardware bundle of last year; despite the absence of product details it'd likely include a 4GB SD card and a download code for the game.

Yoshi's New Island arrives in Europe and North America on 14th March, and we'll keep an eye out for any official confirmation of a 3DS XL bundle arriving at the same time. If this bundle does get release, with a non fan-mock-up design, would you be interested?


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RetroJosh said:

Happy with my 3DS xl, no reason to buy another one. Great bundle for first owners though!



Humphries90 said:

If this is true, I'm hoping it means Yoshi's New Island isn't as mediocre as it first appears. I doubt they'd bundle in a naff game, it could alienate new customers.



SecondServing said:

I won't be participating in the latest Yoshi's Island milk. I'm waiting for Kirby Triple Deluxe yo!



JadedGamer said:

I got the Mario and Luigi bundle back in December. I couldn't be happier. A yoshi bundle should be a system seller though. Maybe Nintendo does a dk bundle with a banana yellow game pad! That would be awesome...Better that than mk8..



Tsurii said:

If that's gonna happen, then it's decided what 3DS I'll get.

Love me some Yoshi's Island (aka the best game series in existence )



Kirk said:

I've yet to be convinced by this game.

The original is a total and utter masterpiece. One of the very best platform games EVER made.

This just looks a bit...



JaxonH said:

I like most everything Nintendo makes. All their franchises are fun. So while I haven't yet played a Yoshi's Island game for more than an hour or so, I'm stoked for this game. It really does look fun, and leagues better than past Yoshi's Island games.

Looks like I'll be getting another 3DS XL to display next to the Zelda LBW and M&L editions. Jet black XL is for personal use. Nabbed a pink/white XL at K-Mart last week brand new for $34.99 during a pricing error nation wide. Gave it to my buddy at work for $50 (tax and gas expenses added in) to go alonside his Wii U, which he knew nothing about before meeting me. Told him to buy Fire Emblem Awakening and Fractured Soul, which he did. So nice to open others' eyes to great games.



WaveGhoul said:

Yoshi's New Island is suffering from the New Super Mario Bros syndrome, but it seems far worse. This has got to be one of the most uninspired, playing it safe and most visually unappealing nintendo sequel i've seen to date...The art direction is kind of basic & cruddy compared to the charming & beautiful original and there doesn't really seem to be anything exciting or new going on.

It just seems like an uneeded pointless 'passive' and waste of a sequel. I'd rather spend the money and put it towards getting a CIB copy of the SNES orgiinal.



sinalefa said:

Don't care for either the game or its XL. Maybe if we saw more than a made up image....

And maybe if we see decent reviews for the game.....



Kirk said:


It's also an order of magnitude more frustrating when you see exactly what Nintendo's designers and artists can do with a stunning 3DS game like Kirby: Triple Delux.



Morpheel said:


I thought they only existed in legends!

Oh wait, it's just a fake image....



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Kirk absolutely agreed!
I'm even wondering what made them think this... visual direction would be better than the good-old doodle-style visuals. They could've done so many new things with the original Yoshi's Island visuals to make this one even more vibrant than its predecessor.

Also, if I recall correctly, Miyamoto came up with this style in protest when Nintendo wanted visual style like Donkey Kong for Yoshi's Island. Isn't this kinda denying the games' origin?



unrandomsam said:

It is all about the level design and framerate nothing else matters. (If it is 30fps there are bound to be parts that just are not quite right like in NSMB2).



MJKOP said:

I'm really hoping this game surprises us all and lives up to the original, one of my alltime favourites



Goginho said:

Looks nice though. Can't wait to get this beaut of a game
Btw, is that what the bottom screen looks like? I can imagine that's legit, and would be pretty practical if it were like that.



Yosher said:

I will DEFINITELY get a Yoshi's Island 3DS system if one comes out! Make it so, Nintendo!



WaveGhoul said:

Yeah, Kirby Triple Delux looks drop dead gorgeous, HAL outdid themselves and i absolutely love the Map/stage selection screens. Maybe if HAL, Nintendo or GoodFeel took on Yoshi's New Island we would of seen something special, but as is...Arzest was the wrong team for the job. This game looks hallow and lifeless.



WaveGhoul said:

NSMB2 ran in 30fps?....uh oh. That's a big NO NO for sidescrollers. As evident by Giena Sisters, castle of illusion remake and trine 2 which all look like absolute Goomba A** in motion.



unrandomsam said:

@Goginho Anything that involves grabbing on to stuff and wall kicks you have to do before you hit it. (Which is something that is totally intuitive in the Wii version at 60fps). Or the ice levels. It can be worked around by playing much more slowly and not taking risks (That would always work out previously) but its less fun.



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy Castle of Illusion I didn't mind too much (Cartoons run at 30fps and it was on a 2ms monitor. It plays better at 60fps now it got updated for me but it looks less cartoon like). Gianna Sisters I want to play like Rocket Knight Adventure but even though it has all the moves I think it is impossible for me to be able to do it. Everything first party on the 3DS other than Mario Kart 7 and A Link Between Worlds is 30fps afaik.



WaveGhoul said:

The 30fps wouldn't bother me so much if HDTV's didn't suffer from having that terrible frame doubling effect, that's my issue here. Playing 30fps games on an SDTV tube tv doesn't have this problem whatsoever.



Goginho said:

@unrandomsam I'm afraid I'm not quite following. What I understand you're implying is that grabbing on to stuff, like vines and ropes I'm guessing, and wall kicks aren't fluid or intuitive enough due to the 30 fps in NSMB2, but work better and are much more fun in NSMB Wii because that's in 60 fps? And ice levels belong in that catagory too I'm assuming - Wii better than 2?

I don't know, I really enjoy the flow of NSMB2. But then again, apparently I don't have a 'gaming TV', as I found out a bit late. I never knew there was a difference, but my Philips has quite some lag or response time or w/e you call it. Basically, it takes quite a substantial (arguably unacceptable) amount of milliseconds before actions take place after pressing buttons. I noticed that back when playing NSMB Wii, and I thought at first it was like that so I got through the game no problem. I set up all the gaming settings in the options and what not. Overall, it didn't bother me that much and I got through all my games without trouble (NSMB Wii was the most noticeable though), but I researched a bit and apparently my TV is not ideally recommended for gaming, especially the more hardcore/precision games. I read Sharp Aquos are the best for gaming and have the fastest response time. I noticed a difference after playing NSMB2, where the response time seemed normal, as it naturally happens instantaneously. It's a shame really, my Philips TV has great picture quality, but I'm gonna have to upgrade when I get my Wii U eventually (man I need money :/ lol).
If anyone on here has suggestions on what TVs are best for home consoles, lemme know ..much appreciated lol



Anguspuss said:

So many cool 3ds xl being released. Is it me or are they looking just to have the xl & 2ds.



SphericalCrusher said:

Looks pretty rad! If they made something like it, I may get it for my son. If I haven't swapped from my blue XL by now, I don't think I ever will. haha



unrandomsam said:

@Goginho With the wrong TV it could see even worse. But e.g in a Castle when you have the mesh that you climb on with the Wii version if it is on the way down I never had a problem hopping on and off before it went into the lava but no matter how much I practice I cannot do the same thing on the 3DS 30fps. It is all to do with how quickly from when you press something the game can respond and there is different things that add latency. The fastest there can be any change in the game is the next frame which is at 30fps is twice the length of time. It is possible that the end result could be worse if the TV adds loads of latency. My TV apparently can do 30ms over HDMI but if I get a Wii U then the gamepad adds another 16ms. so I cannot see how that can work. (2 frames or less is ok which is about 32ms at 60fps). But how it works is gamepad latency + tv latency = total latency. The framerate that can be noticed is less than 60fps but the problem is with an LCD panel you want to use the same as the panel uses otherwise you get tearing and other problems. What I want is something that feels the same as a SNES connected to a CRT. (Sony was working on something but axed it and it was the only thing they were doing I was bothered about). What is desirable for watching a film is different to playing a game. (I wish I knew more about it I am reluctant to spend loads of money and end up with loads more large items to find out. I know a <16ms Digital Signage monitor with the Wii U should be below 2 frames but I don't know anything else). Hard for me to explain because I don't know as much about it as I would like to. (Other than knowing straight away). Do you not notice any difference with a Link Between Worlds or Jett Rocket 2 ?



Goginho said:

@unrandomsam Hmm ..I see now. Interesting.
Yeah, Jett Rocket 2 does appear somewhat sluggish imo, but maybe that's just how the structure of the game is intended to be. It's not bad though.
Link Between Worlds on the other hand is smoother than smooth. It seems to have a faster reaction time than me lol, as if Link already knows what action I intend him to do i.e. what button I'm gonna press
On my first playthrough, despite naturally struggling a bit due to overall difficulty and the inevitable learning curve and surprise factor new and unkown territory/events present, I surprisingly had absolutely no trouble with the dead man's volley phase, which seem fast-paced, tense and ferocious this time 'round. In most previous Zelda games, I'd at least take some damage on dead man's volley, missing my timing occasionally, such as with [Phantom] Ganon(dorf) and what not, but here on my first playthrough, it went flawlessly and didn't hit me once. That says a lot, and I truly praise the devs for an amazing job in going all out and polishing up an already ought-to-be masterpiece.



unrandomsam said:

@Goginho Have you installed the update for Jett Rocket 2 ? (Made it significantly better for me). But they could make it faster or whatever just by a small change.

A Link Between World is what I think console games should all be like. If I fall of or miss something due to timing I always know its my fault.

(Scale whatever you need to back until you can get it like that).

All the NES games are 60fps (And ignoring slowdown that affects some of them) you can make the jumps by pressing the button at the very last moment.



ningeek185 said:

L-A-M-E. How many exclusive 3DS XL bundles do you have to make, Nintendo? Just let the poor people worry about buying the @#$& game in the first place!



WYLD-WOO said:

They should get a child to draw a picture of yoshi on there for the real design. Then it will fit in with the art work for this game.



WaveGhoul said:

No prob! I've got my eye on this years Vizio P series, which is the step down model from the reference R series which is supposed to offer outstanding picture quality. I've never been a fan of LED/LCD because of the terrible motion blur(main reason), inferior black levels & viewing angles compared to plasma but now that 'back light scanning' is paving the way(even though it reduces brightness) i've now become interested. Plus, higher end sets will deliver deep inky blacks.

I might end up selling my current 60" S60 1080p plasma and make the upgrade IF the vizio P series delivers and then some . I don't need or want 4k, but the 4k sets will have the best PQ regardless. Plasma is practically dead now, which is a shame. Last years Samsung 8500 plasma had LED-like brightness which is groundbreaking for plasma technology....I would of thrown down the cash for that puppy if the input lag hadn't been so bad. 53ms? no thanks.



SeVok said:

I'm not a fan of 3DS XL editions that take a black or a white 3DS XL and slap a shiny cover on it. They should be like the Zelda 3DSXL edition, different all around from the regular 3DS XL's.



Goginho said:

@unrandomsam Yea I installed the Jett Rocket update, it just made him move a bit faster (which should have been done in the first place) as well as getting hit doesn't make you go uncontrollably flying like a bouncy ball for a few seconds (still not as ideal as it could be, but they made it an improvement nonetheless).

Don't even get me started on Between Worlds. That game is the benchmark of what other games should strive for, doesn't matter if you don't have Zelda in the title.



Goginho said:

@WaveBoy Dang yo, you seem pretty well informed about these things
I never knew it mattered so much when I was upgrading from my old CRT TV to a HD when it comes to gaming. I thought the overall quality stands generally for everything, so I looked at the Philips 9000 series and it appealed to me (and it was within my budget). There were very positive reviews about it, and the picture quality looks gorgeous. However, I find myself watching less and less TV, so I'm a definitely gonna consider researching more on the gaming aspect of TVs next time 'round, as I want my console games to play like my handheld games (at least as closely as possible).



whodatninja said:


If i had to get one 3DS it would be the Zelda one! (Matches my Zelda Wii U and Wiimote )



zool said:

Who are these bundles aimed at?
Is anyone really going to buy a second 3ds just to have little green blobs or Yoshi's on the cover?
Trade in a 3ds for the same reason?
Is anyone without a 3ds going to buy one to play Yoshi, who would have not bought a 3ds and Yoshi game not bundled ?
Amazon have the 3ds xl at £150 and Yoshi Island for £29.99 = £179.99. £20 seems a lot to have to pay to have little Yoshi's on the cover. : 0



3dcaleb said:

ive had my regular 3ds for a long time now and the memory is comletely full. i cant for the life of me find a pikachu 3dsxl locally, which is what i really want but they are like 300 bucks at least used on ebay. and in who knows what kind of condition. i think the yoshi one would be awesome. i would get one for sure. plus i'm going to get the yoshi game for sure anyway.



Joygame51 said:

Sorry to say I'm not all that Jazzed! Yoshi is cute and all but heck I have my 3DS, YUP YUP YUP.... me happy!



Glamazon96 said:

I really hope the official Yoshi 3dsXL with Yoshi on it and the white back comes to North America. I've been putting off purchasing a 3ds since they came out but this has made my mind up I want it lol

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