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Zoink Games Has "Great News" On The Way for Wii U Owners

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tweeted with a typo, admittedly

While the Wii U may have taken some knocks recently, there's a steady stream of download developers, in particular, with games on the way or alternatively teasing future announcements. Zoink Games now falls into the latter category, having engaged in some tweeting with a fan and confirmed that it has news on the way for Nintendo's home console.

Zoink does have some limited previous experience on Nintendo hardware — the peculiar WeeWaa Plushtoy game on Wii, for one — but in recent times has perhaps been best known for the Ripstone-published Stick It To The Man, which earned an 8/10 for its PSN release over on our sister-site Push Square. As Ripstone has published Knytt Underground on the Wii U eShop, with Pure Chess on the way to both eShop stores, that seems like a reasonable bet; the publisher previously told us that it's been planning Wii U versions for multiple games.

We'll keep an eye out for further details. In the meantime below are trailers for Stick it to the Man, as well as a portfolio presentation from the official Zoink Games website.

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SkywardCrowbar said:

More indie games!

I feel like it's important for Wii U owners and Nintendo fans to take a step back from the worrying about financials and just appreciate how GREAT the software for Wii U is right now and how bright the future of game releases on Wii U looks.



shigulicious said:

The quality of indie games coming to the WiiU is overlooked. It's more about big budget, highly advertised games to most gamers. But if people took notice, the WiiU is certainly shaping up to be a great home for these independent titles.



whodatninja said:

I've never heard of this studio, but i am glad that more indie games are coming for the Wii U! It's a perfect console for indie!!!



ACK said:

Definitely interested in what they have in store. Aren't these the Kore Gang guys? Pretty interesting 3D platformer in it's own way.

EDIT: Just pulled out my copy to confirm that these guys were involved with The Kore Gang on Wii. Not a bad legacy, despite floundering in development for a long cycle.



Mattiator said:

@PvtOttobot I think what was meant was "If you fail to get support from a publisher". It's awkwardly worded, but I think the writer meant "Failing to get a publisher, you should publish on the eShop."



ricklongo said:

@SkywardCrowbar Very well said.

Never had any experience with Zoink games, but their portfolio has me impressed. Their games seem to ooze style and, sometimes, true innovation.



luke88 said:

I read on Nintendo enthusiast that "weewaa" never actually got released? They speculated that perhaps this teaser was in some way related to that game coming to wii u in some capacity.



xxAcesHighxx said:


If it is indeed Stick it to the Man that's headed to the eShop, then that's great news for us Wii U owners. I grabbed it for my Vita a month or two back, and I'm glad to say that it's a fabulously old-skool-flavoured adventure. But Wii U is my 'main' console and 'system of choice', and as such, I'll be only too happy to engage in a spot of double-dipping!



sleepinglion said:

@SkywardCrowbar Agreed! Though, man, the 3DS eShop seems to accumulate a lot of shovelware. Not sure how the Wii U has escaped this problem, but I'm glad it has. I love the eShop Indie games.



Marshi said:

@SkywardCrowbar Thats just it though,the futuse dosnt look very rosy at all right now. Take away the indy games and we have dk tropical freeze in feb...and then thats it till mario kart or smash turns up. Im a current owner and fan of the wiiu,but only the most hardcore of nintendo fans can say 3 games this year means the futures looking bright!



Shambo said:

@SkywardCrowbar Exactly, over 25 retail games in my collection and if Nintendo doesn't offer folders like they did for 3ds home menu soon... Let's say my Wii U home menu has a couple o' pages filled already.

Stick it to the man looks awesome, and if it'd come to Wii U, that would be great news indeed! It looks like something that could benefit from minor touch controls and that 'handheld feel'.



Henmii said:

From what I have seen "Stick it to the man" looks pretty cool! So, appreciated if it comes to Wii u!

Oh, and by the way: So Weewaa was released after all! I thought it got cancelled!

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