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You'll Want To Check Out These New Senran Kagura 2 Screenshots

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bursting out all over

As we all know, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is coming to the 3DS in Japan later this year, and promises to bring more of the same schoolgirl-on-schoolgirl combat action which made Senran Kagura Burst so appealing.

The screens show off the game's new locations and characters, as well as the full-3D boss battles. Oh, and there are some large-chested ladies — something of a hallmark for the series.

Senran Kagura Burst got a North American release last year, but hasn't hit Europe as yet. Despite being saddled with an ropey framerate and some repetitive missions, we thought it was "a lovely, lighthearted brawler that's well worth a round".

There's no word on whether or not this sequel will be making the jump to the west, but the moment we hear anything, we'll let you know.

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Blast said:

I'm all for more fanservice games. Can we please get a physical release this time???? The digital only release for the first game was NOT cool!!!



Spoony_Tech said:

@GuitarAnthony Yeah if it was really that big it would be the biggest 3ds game ever! It would be a pretty big Wii U game as well!

As for this game.....good thing their boobs don't get in the way geez!!



placidcasual said:

@GuitarAnthony Seriously? I was considering this but I get a fair few downloads on my 3ds and my 32gig card is already more than half full.If its that big a file size I might have to pass which is a shame.



Solid_Stannis said:

I don't know whether I should be impressed or horrified by the fact that Japan seems to create a new lowest common denominator every few months or so.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This is gonna be awesome! The changes seems small, but still good. I'm looking forward to this - a lot!

@Barsteward1 You don't even know what you're saying.



CharleSketch said:

Yeah, SKBurst takes even more space than ALBW. And here I was thinking I would be okay with the 4gb sd card included for a while. Nonetheless, it's a fun game. Hopefully the sequel will make it to the west as well.



jkvasn said:

But will it run at 15 frames per second in 2d only with stiff animations and broken mechanics like the first?



TheGZeus said:

"You'll Want To Check Out These New Senran Kagura 2 Screenshots"
Not really.
I'm a grown man. If I wanted to see gratutous and unrealistic depictions of women... I'm already on the internet.



TheGZeus said:

Three words:
Grand Theft Auto.

America is no worse or better, the way what problems are exhibited are different is all.

For every "Conception II" there's a "Call of Juarez".
What's disturbing to me is that games that I found unsettling in Japan are becoming popular here (dating sims, excuses for 'fan service', etc). I don't get it... I don't want to go into all the details of that right now (and I don't want to make you read some term paper level blathering).



KarateKid1234 said:

Holy doodoopoopoo. Dem Virtual Girls, drop your 3ds like it's hot.
"Bursting out all over".
Those Graphics.

edit 1: it's why we need a sequel to the anime that's based off of this sequel.
edit 2: i got a japanese 3ds so its cool



unrandomsam said:

"more of the same schoolgirl-on-schoolgirl combat action" that was what made the original not appealing to me. (For the same reason stuff like Variable Geo isn't regardless of the actual quality of the games).



SpookyMeths said:

Shame for people who are put off by the fanservice. Beneath all of the cleavage and wardrobe malfunctions, there's a crazy fun, addictive beat-em-up game. I had a blast playing SKB.



Nintendude789 said:

So the game is about 13,000 blocks? If so, it's just a 1GB and a half. It's really not that big, comparing to Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which is about 2.5GB, and Resident Evil: Revelations, which is about 5GB!



bigtig said:

hd wii u version please! or 3ds tv? or 3ds single screen on gamepad? or full games in same format on wii u? can i please get 3ds games on a wii u somehow? it seems so obvious... large look only screen above, smaller touchscreen below... im too old for a handheld but immature enough to like virtual boobs...



Spoony_Tech said:

@bigtig To old for a handheld???? I'm 40 and love my 3ds. I also know quite a few players both older and just under my age that also love their 3ds and take it with them everywhere and play it anywhere!

@Nintendude789 You're closer with your gigs but still off a bit. Resident Evil was closer to 4 gigs and I believe just under 4 and DKCR 3d was just a hair over 2gigs. I want to say 8000 blocks is close to a gig and RE:R was about 24000



Gioku said:

@bigtig Games are games, dude. If you're not too old to play console games you're not too old to play handheld games. And you're never too old to play video games.



mamp said:

Just watched the video =_=
the commentator freaks out because a girl shoved a scroll in between her boobies. Could you imagine how much he'd freak out if something worse happened?



Arminillo said:

The worst part of Senran Kagura was when it played the cutscenes for Crimson Homura's attacks...holy cow it wasn't even watchable the framerate was so bad.



shaneoh said:

skb needs to come to europe & aus first before I consider purchasing the sequal



DualWielding said:

Senran Kagura Burst was amazing, one of the most underrated 3DS games in my opninion. my only worry for this sequel is that it may end up being light in content compared to burst which was basically two full games in one...... the $30 price tag was pretty reasonable for Burst amount of content but I wouldn't pay the same for something with only half the content.....



rjejr said:

I wish Squarenix would incorporate the dildo in the cleavage clothes removing power-up into the FF 13 never ending series of games.

I don't speak any japanese, but those 2 guys were hilarious around 1:00 - 1:15.




I've seen enough...

Unfortunately for these guys, I care about my social life, and don't feel like sitting off to a corner to play this. I'll just buy a different game and let rule 34 handle this series.



Manaphy2007 said:

im barely on ch 2 of the good guy story side thing cuz i;ve been getting all a's and the other thing for all characters and i've been playing other games so its why i havent progressed much. its still a great beat-em-up games, next to code of princess

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