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Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle With Two Extra Games On Sale for $269.99

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Be quick

We've seen some attractive Wii U deals since the Holiday season, in various territories, and the latest to emerge is from the eBay outlet of Newegg. It's offering the only limited edition Wii U hardware design available to date, along with two games, for just $269.99USD.

The bundle on offer includes the following:

This is only available in limited quantities but is still on sale at the time of writing, and Newegg has a seller approval rating of 99.2%; it's also U.S. only.

Are you interesting in picking this up?

Thanks to Max Criden for the tip.


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King47 said:

This will push me to buy the bundle. But I'm not ready yet.
This is very tempting.



Rezalack said:

If you're on the fence about getting a Wii U.. nows the time to get off and buy it. This is a great deal and Wonderful 101 is one of it's best games.



sub12 said:

Seriously, if you have been thinking about getting a Wii U, jump on this right now!! Thats a pretty awesome deal.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Airola Amazing, there are multiple units selling every minute. I'd love to know how many units they actually have.



King47 said:

@Airola I'm one of those people.

Just bought it. My plan was to buy the Wii U when I moved out of my parent's house in May for work. But this deal is pretty awesome.

Thanks Thomas.



Gerbwmu said:

Sales spike? Seriously that's a great deal. Kinda wish I had waited until now to make my purchase but the last 7 months of Wii U has been great.



Airola said:

I really hope these people will all get their systems.

It's nearly 1100 more lucky WiiU owners in the world then
(1084 to be exact, at the moment)



cookiex said:

Any deal that keeps Wonderful 101 selling is good. That game needs to be in more Wii U owners' homes.



mystman12 said:

Well, this is very tempting. My brother has a Wii U, but when he leaves the house, he's taking it with him, so I'm going to have to get a Wii U at some point.



Airola said:

1105 sold..

Don't worry, I'm not here to bring these updates every 5 minutes Just thought to check it out until it's over 1100



Shworange said:

Just get it guys. The system really is great. There's a lot of games out now. I have no regrets on buying the system.



Shworange said:

Just get it guys. The system really is great. There's a lot of games out now. I have no regrets on buying the system.



unrandomsam said:

@Airola Newegg is absolutely massive. It won't be a problem for them at all. Look at all the stuff the normal website has in stock.



Turnip said:

Just cancelled my refurbished Wii U order from Nintendo's store and bought this instead.



Gerbwmu said:

Almost 1200 sold in a few hours...........that's crazy numbers......this is a great deal....has me thinking about buying it for the nephews and niece.......wish it was the Mario bundle cause I don't think they would be as interested in Zelda, W101 and Ninja Gaiden as much as they would the Mario bundle with a Lego game and Rayman?



bizcuthammer said:

For those of you that like Nintendo games and don't own a WiiU yet, this is a great deal. 3 games, a 32GB WiiU and a digital copy of Hyrule Historia for $270? Thats a good deal. I'd do it if i didnt already have a WiiU and two of those games. Wind Waker HD is a better version of the GCN game, which is one of the highest praised games of that era, and W101 is a very creative, challenging game that while imperfect, is still very fun to play. If you arent strapped for cash and dont yet have a WiiU, i highly doubt you'll get a better deal than this anytime soon.



Ralizah said:

Sometimes I hate being a poor college student.

Oh well. Maybe they'll have a nice bundle this Christmas.



rjejr said:

It's a great deal if you want the WW HD console - which I did - and W101 - which I played and it was fun - but I seriously honestly think other Wii U deals will come by this summer, so if you miss this, it's not the end of the world. I do think the WW HD bundle will be gone, but W101 will be $20 and the console really needs to drop to $249 and you can have 2 Mario games. WW HD will probably be $50 forever though which what makes this a good deal. But nobody should sweat missing it, deals are only just beginning for Wii U.

And Newegg has been around for years, they're legit, and no tax, which helps on a $270 purchase if you are fortunate enough to grab this.



retro_player_22 said:

I would get this if the Wind Waker game isn't a digital copy as I prefer the physical one with the bundle.



babyguess said:

Sales tax applies to CA, NJ and TN only!
Seller charges sales tax for items shipped to: CA(7.5%), NJ*(7.0%), TN*(9.25%).

  • Tax applies to subtotal + S&H for these states only


sketchturner said:

I saw this a few hours ago and was very tempted to pull the trigger, but I'm gonna' hold out to see Nintendo's E3 this year before I commit to this system.



element187 said:

With how fast these are selling, maybe Iwata is wrong and the Wii U could use another aggressive price cut



LoveSugoi said:

Cuss word, cuss word, cuss word.

MAN I wish I had some money now! In case anyone is still in doubt of newegg's credibility: I got my 3DS XL from them through their ebay store. No problems at all and they shipped fast so definitely would recommend shopping with them to take advantage of this deal.



rumple88 said:

Man, how many of these do they have? With 1,426 units sold in a matter of hours they have to be running out soon. I had a hard time finding my WW HD bundle months ago guess I should of checked newegg.



ZyroXZ2 said:

"Gamepad Accessory Kid"!?!? I mean, I love the Wii U, but I'm not planning on having any kids. Good deal, though, for someone who wants a Wii U and a family!



McGruber said:

This is the deal that got me to buy a Wii U. How are they even making a profit at that price? They do know this is the same Limited Edition console that is likely to sell for above MSRP in a year or so?



Shambo said:

Amazing deal, I already own all those since day one for each item individually, and recently here where I live there was a 'stock clearing' of Wii U Premium systems without games for €99, in just one store, which had about 70 of them I believe. People literally stormed the store.



FabioSMASH said:

If I didn't already own a Wii U, I'd be $269 poorer today.

It breaks my heart that no one is giving this amazing system a second chance.



McGruber said:

This deal made me repurchase a Wii U and it has me thinking...Nintendo can't afford to lower the price and said they wont, but why the hell don't they just throw some more games in there for $299??! They need to fix a lot of things with Wii U going forward, but right now they can make moves to sell systems.



Uberchu said:

LMFAO gamepad accessory kid.

I want one of those, what the price for it regularly?

If you mean kit then NTY.



LoveSugoi said:

Even with a sweet deal like this.... it's kind of impressive that a single source sold over 1700 of these in less than half a day... I'm just imaging what sales would be like if it been multiple retailers. o.O



seronja said:

wow now that's a steal price! 3 very great games, cleaning kit & cheap, now that's how Nintendo should sell all their consoles!



Arakune616 said:

I had a discussion with a friend regarding Wii U bundles the other day. Would love to see a GOTY/Best in test bundle with the Zelda limited + Mario 3D World + perhaps pikmin 3 or wonderful 101 at retailers. If they'd make these kind of great offers I bet atleast some people would regain their faith in nintendo's financial situation. Maybe we'll see it for DKC Tropical Freeze or Super Smash Bros



bmprsvz777 said:

1780 new Wii U units sold in one place in one day!!! Which means just one thing: Wii U is absolutely overpriced and there should have been a price cut looong time ago, especially after all those negative numbers from last weeks. But noooo, Satoru Iwata says company has no plans to reduce price... As I said many times before, if "Nintendon't" can't do it, market can do it (You can't stop market by ignoring it). There are just two things that can save Wii U: correct price and decent games.



JaxonH said:


Congrats! That Wonderful 101 is fantastic, and Ninja Gaiden 3 is also much better than people give it credit for. Now that you've joined the club, allow me to recommend a few of my personal favorites you might be interested in...

Super Mario 3D World: This one's a no brainer. If you have a Wii U, get this game.

Pikmin 3: A wonderful game, both unique and addictive. This game exemplifies everything we love about Nintendo, and is different than anything you've played before.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: One of the funnest video games ever made. The game doesn't do the best job capturing your attention at first, but if you remain patient through the tutorial phase, you'll find redemption in what is one of the best video games I've ever played.

Wii Sports Club: While Tennis and Bowling are pretty much HD, online versions of previous games (not that that's a bad thing), the Golf is something spectacular. The added use of the Gamepad with the Wiimote makes this more of a golfing sim than anything I've every experienced. Really fun with friends.

New Super Mario Bros U: Forget what you heard- this is an amazing game. By far the most inventive and unique of the New series, this game should not be casually dismissed.

Zelda Windwaker HD: What can I say? It's a great Zelda game, and the fine tuning is much appreciated.

Rayman Legends: A great game, make no mistake. Yes it's multiplat, but the Gamepad integration, by far, makes the Wii U version the one to get



King47 said:

Thanks a lot. W101 was totally on my list of games that I would get when I get a Wii U, it wasn't high on the list though. So this is good. Ninja Gaiden is plus.
Mario is on my list, but I'm so burned out on Platformers, especially Mario. But I will definitely get it.

I will get Pickmin 3, it's in the same boat as W101.

I will consider MH3, but I didn't feel very interested in I tried it. I will see to it if I get a chance. I just got Xenoblade Chronicles, used but mint condition, so I'm guessing that will take my time. I heard nothing but praise for this game. I'll use it as a warm up for my only anticipated Wii U game, X.

I'll probably Skip Mario U and Wii Sport, but thanks for the suggestions.

Ahh, Wind Waker. My favorite 3D Zelda, and one of my favorite games ever. I can't wait till I try it again.

As I said, I need sometimes away from platformers so Rayman will wait, unless I see a good sale.

Of course, I am waiting for some Direct announcements. For me, Wind Waker is enough worth the purchase.

Thanks for the suggestions.



JaxonH said:


Ya no prob. MH3U is a game that may not impress initially, but if you stick it out for a little bit you'll be amazed at what's underneath the surface. I bought it at launch and played for an hour or so, got bored, and set it down. Until last August, when my friend bought a Wii U and kept telling me he just wanted to play some Monster Hunter. I was curious to know what was so exciting about it to him.

So we played online for a few sessions, hunted some monsters (out of our league, of course), and he showed me the ropes. I saw his slick armor set and wanted to make my own. And, well, the rest is history. 600 hours later lol...

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