Weirdness: When Publicity Pictures Aren't Worth It - Aaron Paul With Wii Fit U

Wii Fit U, B****

Aaron Paul is all the rage right now. Although an actor with a highly respectable career over a number of years, he's shot to prominence in recent times due to his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad; he's now appearing in the lead role of the upcoming Need for Speed movie, for better or worse.

So he's hot stuff, winning awards and generally being very popular, so Nintendo took the chance to nab him for an opportunistic picture in its special area at the Sundance Festival, which is basically used to encourage famous people to play games and smile. Yet whether he's supposed to be incorporating his most popular character, or whether he's just really unimpressed with Wii Fit U, below is what Nintendo of America has posted on Twitter.

At the time of writing this is the only official picture of a celebrity playing Wii U from the Sundance Festival. It's, well, not the best...