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Weirdness: Puzzle & Dragons Z Yogurt Will Unlock A Scrumptious Special Dungeon

Posted by Conor McMahon

Part of a balanced breakfast

You may have seen our recent coverage on the 3DS sensation Puzzle & Dragons Z here at Nintendo Life, a game which hopefully see the light of day in the West at some point this year. What you haven't seen is a delicious new way to unlock some bonus content for the game — and we do mean delicious.

After crossovers with everything from Batman to Angry Birds, the smash hit puzzler is now aiming to invade the untapped market of dairy products with an incentive for buying their own flavour of Yoplait yogurt. The wonderfully named Meiji Yoplait Gurt! Syrup Discovery! Heart Drop Peach Flavour will come with a drop code that unlocks a brand new dungeon for anyone who already owns the game.

Not only that, but if you collect two barcodes then you can enter into a contest to win further prizes, including a copy of the game itself, a themed 3DS LL and (this is real) a super rare yogurt chimera.

'Gurt', as he is called, is a level 70 water-type monster who will come to the assistance of only 1,000 very lucky entrants. Puzzle fans and avid collectors are encouraged to get eating if you want a complete collection, though it's still not possible to say if we'll see a chance to nab the beast as DLC in one way or another over in the West.

Japan will also be able to visit 7-Eleven stores to unlock yet another new dungeon, this time filled with tasty snacks and fast food. Two new dragons named King Seven and King Eleven will also be on offer through the month of January, so there's quite a bit of culinary content to be had.

Do you hope to see some of this distributed to the West when the game releases? Let us know if you're feeling hungry for puzzles in the comment section below.


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Undead_terror said:

Oh my........why? content you can only get by buying limited edition stuff or taking place in a event, what about this DLC when the game comes over here? will we have to buy our kind of yogurt?



Lunapplebloom said:

Reading the title only, this makes me think of it being @ToastyYogurt's type of post.

But interesting concept, but I doubt it would translate here the same. All speculation for now though.



Tsurii said:

That's actually not that unusual in Japan.
The fact, that I read "King Steven" is pretty unusual though D:



plunkettmonster said:

I want this title to be released in the states very soon it would be a great boredom kill during the winter season. who doesn't think about these things when releasing games? yogurt yum



mikeymaster2001 said:

"Special offer from Wal-Mart! Buy a twelve pack of Twinkies, and get a chance to get a Level 90 diabetic type monster by the name of Deathstrike! Clog those arteries today! 3DS hardware and Puzzle Dragons game cartridge sold separately."



ToastyYogurt said:

/me rushes into the room.
Ohai, @Lunapplebloom. You're right, I totally dig this. Haven't heard of this game before (How? I tried not to miss an article since early last year....), but it's hooked me on cuteness alone, and the idea that I could unlock something by eating yogurt.



Lunapplebloom said:

@ToastyYogurt lol Glad you could make it. Well, getting stuff by eating yogurt does seem enticing. I'm sure there must be a few companies that could provide it possibly, but still all speculation. One can dream though...

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