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Video: This Bravely Default Story Trailer Goes For An Epic Approach

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Dat music

Ahead of its release in the region on 7th February, Nintendo of America continues to publish videos to build hype for Bravely Default on 3DS. We've already had a jobs trailer that outlines the different character classes and roles, but it's now getting down to the nitty gritty.

The latest video, below, introduces the main cast and provides a teasing glimpse of the game's story. There are apocalyptic scenes, and important things that have to be retrieved to save the world — all that good stuff. It also takes the chance to show a few more environments and enemies, emphasizing the title's attractive presentation on the handheld.

We awarded this 9/10 in our review of the European release last December. Is this on many of your wishlists in North America?

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Tsurii said:

Love that "only on" tag
It's always like they want people to complain about Nintendo's exclusives ^^
Please watch the insults and profanity — TBD



unrandomsam said:

It isn't that good. (Certainy nowhere near as good as I was expecting from what reviews etc seem to imply.)



AlbertoC said:

I heard about it last year and i wasn't interested. Played the demo (with extra content and transferable items) and now I will buy it on launch day.

That's a good marketing / sales strategy and management, EA. Take note.



GalacticMario28 said:

This is looking pretty good. I'll have to make sure I have some money to spare once February 7th comes around.



Falchion said:

Not only does it look amazing but it is being released in a game drought. Its been a while since I have played a sqaure RPG and i can't wait to get my hands on this one!



AyeHaley said:

I would've bought this if I didn't dislike the world map music and bland story...Such a shame, I was looking forward to it.
I want to play an awesome JRPG but I can't handle another 4 warriors of light crystals blabla story. And it looks like the game wasn't made with the 3DS XL in mind, everything looked so fuzzy in the demo.



t1redmonkey said:

It's a very good JRPG, though the way the developers have squeezed an extra 15-20 hours of gameplay out of it is very lazy imo. You guys will know what I mean once you play through it!



letsplay said:

LOL. Complain about not having games and when they do come out complain it isn't good enough. Looks good to me.



Cinaclov said:

@AyeHaley I disagree with you about the music, the soundtrack is one of the main reasons I was so excited about the game, but that's opinion so I can't argue that. The story however, whilst you're right that the main outline is as cliche as these things come, doesn't feel like a re-do as you play through it. One of the things I wasn't expecting but which works well is that the 'anti-crystal' group you're up against isn't set-up like in other RPGs where there's just one small group with lots of underlings. There's a hierarchy, regional power structures, clashes of ideology within that and different factions. Within that standard 'purifying crystals' outline is alot of interesting stuff.

Basically, what I'm saying is I don't discount the whole game because what you've heard of the overarching story is cliche. Because there's more to the game than just plot, and even if it turns out that it isn't your thing the battles and environments might still make the game worth it.



Tractavus said:

This game looks amazing! I played the demo and loved it, and Ive pre ordered my collecteors edition already! cant wait!



Emblem said:

@unrandomsam I agree somewhat. The combat,systems, artwork, towns, character's (bad guys in particular) and the technical side of the game were near flawless. The story delivery,script and character development/establishment (With a few exceptions) are very bad imo.

Overall i really enjoyed playing it but i can safely say the bad points were so bad that i won't be picking up the sequel unless i hear they have drastically improved.



unrandomsam said:

From you would expect it to be as good as say Radiant Historia however it just isn't.

Dragon Quest V
Chrono Trigger (Everyone has probably played it though).
Radiant Historia
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest IX
Final Fantasy IV (Think the SNES (None easytype) or PSP versions are better).
Bravely Default
Tales of the Abyss

The pay to win is also a bad thing.

More than likely get Dragon Quest VI (Which is miles cheaper than it should be) and two others for the same price.

The review makes it seem great but even compared to pretty recent other JRPG's its middle of the road.



LordGeovanni said:

As a HUGE fan of Dragon Quest(/Warrior), I actually agree a bit with you. We (Na and EU) have been shafted on about 7 DQ games now... But, I am not opposed to this because it is more like a true Final Fantasy instead of the MMORPGs and the "Movies". Even 12 was sad after I got all the gambits and just walked around...

...And I recently complained to SE about the lack of DQ games. Their reply? Too Bad.
...I got further with Nintendo when I commented that they should pressure SE into allowing Nintendo to publish like they did DQ IX...



Thulfram said:

Nice list. I've played a lot of the DQ on PS2, loved DQIX on DS, Solatorobo is a forgotten gem. I need to look at Radiant Historia again. I really want more new RPGs to come out for the 3DS. I played through the demo of Bravely Default but it seemed too easy. I want something like Ni No Kuni but there isn't anything else like that. Any other recommendations?



rjejr said:

It's on my Wii U wish list, along w/ any other JRPG. I forgot to buy Tales of Xillia for $10 on PSN this/last week. Wii finally got the 3 JRPGs at the end of it's life, I hope the Wii U doesn't have to wait that long. Is there a Wii U JRPG I'm forgetting? Besides X. Bayonetta 2 doesn't count. I don't count Monster Hunter either, not enough story for me. I try to count Zelda but it isn't really either.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Thulfram Have you tried any of the 3ds Atlus games? Wonderful games in my book. All are RPG heaven! How about Fire Emblem Awakening? There's a few eshop games as well!



kupo said:

Aauuggh, this comes out at the same time (almost) as Lightning Returns...too many RPGs to play all at once...



Marshi said:

@AyeHaley Trust me,give it a go. Its actually not that bland,its a superb jrpg and its like a spiritual sequel to ff ix,im about 20 hours in and its one of my fave rpgs ive played in a long time



Zhenya said:

@Thulfram Monster Hunter is Amazing if you get into the gameplay, I get friken emotional when I hear music while battling with my teammates and when we have actual teamwork, you don't need story heavy games to get into a great games... but it's just me.



AyeHaley said:

@Cinaclov Ah ok that might change my mind! Thanks for letting me know
If its a nice enough story I don't mind grinding that much. It's just hard to get excited after playing so many RPGs that are pretty much the same. Even though I love RPGs there's always a point where I feel like I'm playing against my own will in a way...
I've been craving an epic RPG for a while now and I want my next one to be of amazing quality or not play one at all. I am afraid one more "bad" JRPG experience will kill my interest in the genre altogether. If a story grabs me like Chrono Trigger or Golden Sun I'm hooked on it like a crackhead. I need something like that in my life right now haha.
I still have plenty of imported PS2 RPG's but I want something on Wii U or 3DS.

@Marshi I hope you guys are right! I can only buy 1 game this month and I want it to suck up all my time. There aren't any super annoying characters like Hope in FF13, right? And enough plot-twists? love those! (and FF tactics advance is one of my all-time favorites so I love having loads of jobs to choose from)



Marshi said:

@AyeHaley well without giving too much away,the story involves 4 characters,each with their own subplot. One character in particular is a womaniser with amnesia,and a book that tells the future of whats going to happen. Theres alot of hate towards one character and her believes in the game,with a mystery surrounding why that is. So yeah theres a fair few twists and turns. As for gameplay,im happy to say im addicted "like a crackhead"! Yes there are only four characters,but there are around 25 job classes that change everything from moves to general appearance. It has the best use of streetpass ive seen in a game as each streetpass adds another villager to a town you can rebuild,aswell as acting like summons in battle for you. The battles themselves can be paused and allow you to attack the enemy,this can only be done if you put your 3ds in sleep mode. So even when your not playing the game you feel like you are! Oh and its one of the prettiest games ive seen...on ANY system,and I have a ps4! Standing still in an area,only to have to game zoom out to show the whole area/city you're in is amazing,especially in 3d.

So I hope that helps. Seriously its a stunning jrpg



Nico85 said:

Bravely Default is a very good game, the art is beautiful and the job system is deep and entertaining, the story could be better in some ways but it's no where near as bad as its detractors want to make you think. I have no idea why some people here are saying the music is bad because it's actually really good, although it's definitely a matter of taste . My advice would be to buy this game because it has many excellent aspects and it'll surely entertain you for many hours. Is it the best JRPG you'll ever play? Probably not , but at the moment it is the strongest jrpg on 3DS imo.



Nico85 said:

@unrandomsam I've been playing bravely default for 40 hours now and i have yet to use the bravely second feature. It's so marginal i even forget it's there, although i guess i could have used it several times since i leave the 3ds on sleep mode to rebuild Norende... but i definitely don't see the point of scaring people out of buying the game because it has a pay to win feature...



Spoony_Tech said:

@Thulfram For starters the eshop has Denpa Men one and 2! Both have demos but if you play the second one first there's really no need to play the first. Also give Crimson Shroud a go as a lot of people liked that one. Its a table top rpg. As far as Atlus goes you can't go wrong with just about any of them. The top of the line though to the bottom imo goes like this. SMT IV, Etrian Oddysse IV, SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, Etrian Oddysse Untold, (remake of the first with added story), and Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers which is an update of an older game. Both the Etrian games also have demos but what good about both of those is its actuall the first part of the game so if you like them the data transfers over to the main game which ever you choose digital or physical!



twadezelda3dsxl said:

I bought this but I have only put 15 minutes into it as I have been playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate recently. I hope to get round to this soon as my friend had it for Christmas and he said it was awesome.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Ralizah I didn't quite forget it, just forgot to add it at the end of Devil Summoner. Thanks though as the full name escaped me.



Thulfram said:

@Marshi This does help a lot. The demo doesn't really have a story and I need a story to keep playing an RPG. I'll definitely give it a try, and it's nice to know that the StreetPass is good for this. It certainly was amazing for Animal Crossing and that Mii-whatever shooter. THANKS!



Thulfram said:

@Spoony_Tech I get the impression that Etrian Odyssey Untold has a bit more story built in, so I might give that a try. I just read somewhere that Level 5 has registered a name in the US for a RPG. I want another game as good as DQIX or Ni No Kuni. Thanks for answering. This board is really full of Nintendo-smart people!



LoveFireEmblem said:

Wow as if I didn't have enough RPGs to finish already!
Will I ever catch up with all these awesome games?



AcornHead said:

I hope this game is only the first in a new series of turn based RPG!

I love taking my time to decide on my next move and Bravely Default blows all other turn based RPGs out of the water with the simple mechanic of adding BP (number of turns you can take in a row) without messing up everything else that makes turn based RPG so epic...

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